Harkane – Fallen King Simulacrum

Fallen King Simulacrum Cover Art

Harkane – Fallen King Simulacrum
Release Date: 20/11/2020
Running Time: 47:27
Review by Tammy Lomax

Harkane formed in 2014 and come from Italy, ‘Fallen King Simulacrum’ was finally released in November 2020, five years on from their previous EP “Extensus”.

Harkane play Black/Death metal, but over the years together they have progressed adding layers of orchestration and “Fallen King Simulacrum” is successfully more advanced and symphonic overall!

‘Requiem For A Heretic’ is the first track on the album and it is a powerful way to get your attention. There are definitely some similarities to this and the band Rotting Christ, a haunting aspiration with plenty of variations between the orchestration and the rest of the instruments, slightly death metal on occasions but typically black metal.

I’m going to be totally honest though, the more I listened I got a little bored. At first, I was extremely impressed with tracks ‘Caligula’ and ‘Dajjal’ which follow ‘Requiem For A Heretic’ but then I realised that the tracks were a bit ‘samey’.

Harkane have used similar patterns in every single one of their songs, their build ups are done in the same way, over and over again. I hoped that there would have been some advancement as the album developed but this didn’t really happen, not even with title track ‘Fallen King Simulacrum’.

Now I am not going to be a complete negative head, there is a clean, highly polished production which respects the overall sound as a whole especially with the, aforementioned, title track. The vocals throughout are also worthy of mention…deep and intense, decidedly death metal on occasion, a grand job indeed. There are also some real good slow grooves and great tones.

About half-way through the album, after the track ‘La Fraude Des Siècles’, the album does go off in a slightly different direction. There’s definitely a moodier and eerie feel and chunkier bass sounds that slot beautifully together with the overall doomy atmosphere.

Overall, Harkane have done an ok job, it may not be anything to really worry the bigger black metal band’s, but it’s a good effort and there is, and will always be, an audience for this genre of music.

However, what I would like to see with the next album is for some girth in the writing? Push the boundaries and excel to create something that’s original and not predictable.

‘Fallen King Simulacrum’ (Lyric Video)

01. Requiem For A Heretic
02. Caligula
03. Dajjal
04. Hidden Amongst The Ruins Of Ur
05. La Fraude Des Siècles
06. Fallen King Simulacrum
07. Dakhma
08. Nemontemi
09. Howler In Darkness

Palmon – Vocals/Guitars/Keyboards
Kvarn – Guitars/Vocals
Ayssela – Bass/Piano/Vocals
Damned – Drums


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