This Is Turin – T.U.R.I.N. EP

T.U.R.I.N. EP Cover Art

This Is Turin – T.U.R.I.N. EP
Release Date: 15/02/2021
Running Time: 13:23
Review by Beth Jones

Now, I have been known, on occasion, to really rather like a bit of technical blackened death metal! I know what you’re thinking – “Good lord, Beth, the prog/power/symphonic metal fan, stepping over to the dark side?!” Yes, it does occasionally happen. And one band that are high up on my ‘I need to listen to something aggressive’ list, are Cheshire, UK based Technical Death Metal band, This Is Turin. So, when their imminent EP release dropped in our inbox, I snaffled it away before anyone else could get their hands on it!

Now, this is only a very short EP, at a little over 13 minutes. But in that time, it explores total inner misery, failed absolution, darkness reigning over the light, losing faith, letting go to save your soul, and then the freedom of Excommunication, finding the light in the darkness. So…erm… yeah, I’ll just let that sink in for a minute!

‘Misery’ begins the EP, with guest vocals from CJ McMahon, vocalist of Thy Art Is Murder. It starts off with some eerie samples, and then launches in to a chunky, crunchy, riff-laden cacophony of torturous despair. The guttural screams and growls of CJ sit on top of the tumult, displaying the terrifying feeling of internal despair. Towards the end of the track, the mixing goes all fuzzy. For me this, is the effect of that deafening to the world that total misery can invoke. I have to say, while CJ’s vocals are good, I much prefer Darryl’s vocal style.

Track 2, ‘Absolution’ is an absolute banger, that not only melts your face, but gets to work on melting your internal organs, too. This is anger meeting hopelessness. Sections with incredibly fast paced drumming, and technical guitar work, give way to sections designed for pure filthy head banging! Darryl’s vocals are superb here, too. He has a very versatile voice, that fit so well with the overall band sound. The whole thing makes for a beautifully terrifying listen!

Bringing things to a close in ‘Excommunicate’. This starts with a quick dual guitar riff, then launches into a bit of blast beating and a scream that would chill even the coldest soul. Then it settles into a more comfortable, but no less tortured rhythm. Again, it’s an extreme wall of sound that rips out your still beating heart and uses it as a glove. And the screams!!! The screams are just epic!! There’s so much going on in this track! The technicality is brilliant, and we even get a frenetic guitar solo in the later part of the track. This signals the start of the build-up to the end! And then, as quickly as it started, it stops. “And there it was, gone” as they say here in the Wales!

All in all, I love this EP. And, if you’re a fan of technical, death, blackened death, or deathcore, then you will too! The cover art it also pretty insanely dark, as well, and it really fits with the themes explored here. My biggest criticism is I just wanted more of it. I need a new album now! Get cracking on it lads!

01. Misery (Ft. CJ McMahon)
02. Absolution
03. Excommunicate

Darryl “Daz” Jones – Vocals
Anthony Hayden – Guitar
Davey Langford – Guitar
James Kinnear – Bass
Ben Adcroft – Drums


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