Keys Of Orthanc – Of The Lineage Of Kings

Of The Lineage Of Kings Album Cover Art

Keys Of Orthanc – Of The Lineage Of Kings
Naturmacht Productions
Release Date: 05/02/2021
Running Time: 53:22
Review by Rick Eaglestone

What would happen if there was an edition of the Lord of The Rings where the soundtrack was just black metal encased with dungeon synth? What would it sound like? Well, Orcs, Hobbits & Wizards let me introduce you to the new album from Canada’s Keys of Orthanc – “Of The Lineage Of Kings”.

For the last few years Keys of Orthanc have been producing Lord of the Rings themed albums, their previous album “Unfinished Conquests” the band’s first full dungeon synth album was only released 7 months ago and was made whilst working on this new album.

The title track ‘Of The Lineage Of Kings’ starts off very much as the previous release – dungeon synth with an ominous film score feel before ‘Shards Of Narcil’ erupts, wielding a longsword ready to battle. Next track ‘Her Mighty Heart’ feels very much like an extension of Shards but in particular I enjoyed the spoken cries to battle as it really tells the story of the album.

A short interlude is provided by ‘To The Paths Of The Dead’ before, for me, the highlight track ‘The Last Alliance’ takes shape. There are so many things that make this track stand out – the black metal parts, especially, make me feel that I’m taking the haunted path through the white mountains…

This is followed up by the equally powerful ‘King Of The Reunited Kingdom’ the cries of “Hold your guard!!” are still with me. Then the album moves in an entirely different direction with ‘I’ve Seen The Dragons Fly’ before arriving at the final, mind blowingly ambitious, 15-minute Caladan Brood cover track ‘Book Of The Fallen’, which is done so well that I immediately had to put on that bands 2013 album “Echoes Of Battle”.

“Of The Lineage Of Kings” has engulfed me like a whisper from Wormtongue and it is just as difficult not to play this as it is to break his spell.

‘Her Mighty Heart’ (Audio)

01. Of The Lineage Of Kings
02. Shards Of Narcil
03. Her Mighty Heart
04. To The Paths Of The Dead
05. The Last Alliance
06. King Of The Reunited Kingdom
07. I’ve Seen The Dragons Fly
08. Book Of The Fallen (Caladan Brood Cover. On CD & Tape as a hidden track)

Dorgul – Compositions, Guitars, Fretless Bass, Piano, Synths
Harslingoth – Vocals
Sarah Kitteringham – Additional Vocals on ‘Her Mighty Heart’
Dominic Nucciarone – Drums


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