Amy Angel And The HellRaisers – Do It Again

Do It Again Album Cover Art

Amy Angel And The HellRaisers – Do It Again
Die Laughing Records
Release Date 20/11/2020
Running Time: 29:24
Review by Tsarina Wilson

San Francisco based Amy Angel And The HellRaisers certainly deliver something new to me. A combination of country, and psychobilly, with a hint of punk, they’re definitely not a band to be ignored.

The band’s history stemmed from, of all things, a simple phone call between two friends, Don Lamb, who’s responsible for the lyrics, and Tony Louenco, for the music. Tony and his wife, Amy, then set about getting the band together, which consists of Amy on vocals, Tony (Sinsinatty) on guitar, Don Lamb and Arron Marsden sharing bass, and Mario Arelas on drums. They all have long musical histories, with a range of influences and experiences under their belts! For this new album, as well as vocal duties, Amy also plays guitar and keyboards, and Tony adds in extra vocals.

The first part of “Do It Again” has a cool, crisp country sound, very laid back with Amy’s clear vocals, and that typical old country drum beat to it. It’s almost like being on a train. You could picture, ‘Yesterday’s High’ being sung and played in an old-world saloon bar. Despite its cool country start, you know this isn’t just your run of the mill album, there is something very different about it. It takes a while to get into it as you’re not really sure what’s coming next. Is it going to bang into a rock track or stay country? It does keep you on your toes.

The album starts to come alive a bit more after ‘Yesterday’s High’, with a change of beat and tempo. Amy’s orotund vocals certainly suit the country genre, she sings with a lot of passion and depth. In many of the tracks Amy goes from singing to talking, then back again, which isn’t unusual, but it’s done so regularly that it can be a little off-putting. That said, it does add to the album’s variation from the norm, so there is merit in that.

I think “Do It Again” is certainly refreshing in today’s music world of many identikit bands, although it is definitely a Marmite album, you will either love it or hate it. I would just say, if you’re one of the ones who doesn’t like it, give it a few listens, because you may find it grows on you.

01. Walking in the City
02. Who’s That Girl?
03. Yesterday’s High
04. I’d Do It Again
05. Lite One Up
06. She Likes It Fast
07. Party Night Across the USA
08. White Witch
09. Never Too Late
10. That Punk Rocker’s Me

Amy Angel – Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar
Tony Sinsinatty – Guitars, Vocals
Danny Dangerous – Drums
Osgood Cain III – Bass
Donny Midnite – Bass


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