Skyhammer – The Skyhammer EP

The Skyhammer EP Cover Art

Skyhammer – The Skyhammer EP
Release Date: 12/02/2021
Running Time: 26:01
Review by Simon Black

Adelaide-based Metallers Skyhammer have been around in one form or another for a decade, but this rebranded and renamed release is effectively a fresh start – at least under this moniker. Although they brand themselves as Traditional Metal, there’s a little more to it than that. For a start it’s got a quite modern and heavy sound mix and the technical skills of the players have more than a little nod in the direction of the more European Progressive and Power camps, but without being intrusively showy. It’s definitely more down-tuned than most of these genres usually deliver (at least in Europe) and that brings with it a hell of a lot of atmosphere. One of the big clichés in Power or Prog is the instrumental intro track, usually there for the benefit of giving the guys time to get on stage, and in this instance placed as an interlude mid-way on the disk before the thunderingly heavy title track, appropriately enough for something called ‘The Skyhammer’. It’s also the track with the most instrumentally overt progressive sounds, duration, time changes and chord progressions and again is another high point of the release.

There’s a good energy and cohesion with this band, which feels like a fully functioning unit with no-one player given too much focus in the mix, and a wonderfully heavy and relentless feeling to that mix which really suits the band’s name. I also find myself quite impressed with Steve Labadi’s vocals, as although for the most part he stays in the gruffer rougher end of the range and follows the riff melody lines, he also has the ability to jump up a few octaves with some sustained and effective screaming – for example ‘It Rises’, which is probably the strongest track on this EP. Also tucked onto the end of the EP is the obligatory cover, in this case Kenny Logan’s ‘Danger Zone’ (if you haven’t seen Top Gun, this will mean nothing to you), which is sound wise the most up-beat and almost major key sounding track, but again it showcases them well. Definitely a promising start.

‘Beyond The Walls’ (Visualizer)

01. Beyond The Walls
02. It Rises
03. Chains Of Life
04. Into The Chamber
05. The Skyhammer
06. Danger Zone (Cover)

Steve Labadi – Lead Vocals
Andrew Cutting – Guitar
Rory Amoy – Drums
Matthew Zipeto – Guitar & Backing Vocals
Rich Booth – Bass & Backing Vocals


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