Video Interview with GRANADA

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Video Interview with GRANADA
By Victor Augusto

Hello all, It’s Victor!

If someone asks me why South American bands, perhaps, have a kind of unique aggressiveness in their way of playing or in how they express themselves with their music, I would say it is the consequence of all the crap we have to live with in a continent full of cultural richness, but that, at the same time, is also full of misfortune. Despite the good things, all South American countries are “cursed” by poverty, corruption and violence. Obviously, all of this suffering reflects in our society and, consequently, in the music that emerges from here.

Recently, I took some time out with Guille Estévez and Marcos Edward, of Argentine Metal band GRANADA, to talk about their last release “Amarre”, that is composed of five tracks, and which reports a view of who witnesses and experiences the suffering of living in a dysfunctional family. All the tracks have videos on the band’s YouTube Channel, illustrating the themes in the lyrics, along with the laws that criminalize the particular abuse that is the subject of each song, as well as the phone numbers to report those crimes in Argentina.

I would like to thank Guille and Marcos very much for their time and for talking about these issues!

GRANADA Video Interview by Victor Augusto

I also send thanks to DJ Joker (James Jones) from Metal Messiah Radio and Raphael Olmos, singer/guitarist of Brazilian Thrash Metal band Kamala for joining us as special guests.

I hope you all enjoy it.


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  1. Great interview concerning bigger problems we have nowadays, found it awesome because art ‘s been much consumed at this time people are at their homes . “Sometido” really caught me at it’s description because you’ll never understand the motives that someone had committed it. Hope you all search for help e be safe!

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