Force of Mortality – New Dark World

New Dark World Album Cover Art

Force of Mortality – New Dark World
Release Date: 23/10/2020
Running Time: 56:09
Review by Mark Pritchard

Well folks, I’m now 5G ready! I had my 1st vaccine shot! So here I am, sitting back in my chair, with my headphones on, waiting to be contacted by Bill Gates and listening to one of the UK’s own Heavy Metal bands, in the shape of Force of Mortality, and their most recent album “New Dark World”. I’ll be honest, I can’t do much with the pain I have from the vaccine! But, this new album has been a pick me up, which I’ve definitely needed to ignore the pain in the arm. So, I would like to take a moment to share my thoughts about the album.

Force of Mortality hail from the city of Oxford, in the UK, and formed back in 2016. They bring with them the Heavy Metal sounds of old. In 2017 they released their first EP “Reincarnate The Immortal”, then instantly started work on this album. With “New Dark World”, they roll back the years in terms of their sound, which has a similar sound to bands that I enjoyed listening to on the radio as a young lad, and still enjoy to this day.

As I listened to “New Dark World” I couldn’t help thinking that it has a similar sound to Metallica of old, and a bit of the Sex Pistols too. This is definitely not a shabby album. It brings intensity with guitar solos at the start of some songs, and then the instrumentals combine into controlled chaos with their sound. The vocals allow for the lyrics to be clear so, if listened to it enough, you could easily learn the words and try to sing along with the lead singer. And it almost goes without saying that air guitar is a must when listening to Force of Mortality. I’ll put money on the fact that you’ll start doing it without even realising.

“New Dark World” has been an absolute blast to listen to, with so many awesome songs on the album that have stood out to me in different ways, but the standout song for me is none other than opener, ‘The Fall’. This song is beyond awesome. The slow guitar solo at the start is really top notch, and isn’t just a great start to a song, but also the album as a whole. The instrumentals for the song are perfect, and the vocals are some of the best I have had the chance to hear. I thoroughly recommend this album to anyone who appreciates some good old Heavy Metal.

01. The Fall
02. Divided Nation
03. Driver
04. Eponymous
05. Hades
06. King of Kings
07. My Serenity
08. Born To Fire
09. Even Badder

Andrew ‘Mazza’ Marriott – Vocals/Guitar
Colin ‘The Doctor’ Lewis – Bass/Rhythm Guitar
Danny ‘dB’ Bhatt – Drums


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