Juliet Ruin – Dark Water EP

Dark Water EP Cover Art

Juliet Ruin – Dark Water EP
Release Date: 26/03/2021
Running Time: 18:06
Review by Beth Jones

I’ve been in the mood for something on the heavier side recently. So, when I saw ‘For fans of Killswitch Engage’, who I bloody love, on the EPK for the new EP from Juliet Ruin, my ears pricked up. They were a name that I’d not come across before, but I decided to give it a listen, hoping and praying that it would appease the alternative cravings. Well, my friends, appease them it did, and then some!

The “Dark Water” EP is billed as ‘A step into a heavier domain for the band.’ It’s full of downtuned guitars, and some epically perfected screams and super clean vocals from Jess Fleming. And, as it’s only 4 tracks, and I’m in a wordy kind of mood, I’m going to give you the blow-by-blow for each!

Opening with the title track, we’re greeted with pacey and staccato guitar, joined swiftly by bass, and drums, to build into the song. A mixture of floating clean vocals and guttural screams deliver the melody, along with the technical crunching guitars. It’s dark and edgy, and instantly made me listen.

‘Cosmic Vertigo’ crashes in next. If anything, this track has more of a frantic feel to it, and Jess’s twisted vocals add to this. This needs to be listened to loud. The one thing I will say is that, no matter how tortured the sound, this track has a hell of a catchy hook, and never loses the sense of melody. That can actually be said for the whole EP, though.

‘Fake Stigmata’ is driven by bass licks. Clean verses are followed by guttural pre choruses, and then soring choruses, where the riffs and instrumentation reach their fullest. The kick drum in this song takes on a machine-gun like property, which is echoed in the staccato rhythm guitar. It also builds from stripped out single-toned sounds, to expansiveness at each chorus, making it pleasingly worrying!

The final track, ‘Might,’ is more of a lilting tune, with a change of rhythm to 6/8 in the verses. This gives it a slightly softer feel at first. But the chorus soon puts pay to that! And those damn screams fill your ears in the chorus too. I’m pretty jealous to be fair. They’re awesome. I wish I could scream like that, and then drop back into perfectly clean, sweet vocals! Towards the end of this track, there’s a section that almost sounds like the accompaniment to a modern Western – a duelling guitars piece almost. It shouldn’t work, given the style that everything else has taken, but it does.

What a cracking little EP this is. I was totally surprised by it. The best way I can describe it is Killswitch meets Chasing Dragons (god I miss those guys so much. So sad they’re not still making music) which really ticks all the boxes for me. I love surprises like this. Now I’m ready for more. Note for my dearly beloved, our editor Mr Tilley – I’m bagsying their next album, whenever it comes out! It will be mine! What a cracking way to brighten may day this has been! So, to sum up. Bloody love it! One of the best EPs I’ve heard this year so far.

‘Dark Water’ (Lyric Video)

01. Dark Water
02. Cosmic Vertigo
03. Fake Stigmata
04. Might

Jess Fleming – Vocals
Kent Geislinger – Guitar
Wesley Rands – Guitar
Cody Reid – Bass
Jesse Bauman – Drums


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