Dark The Suns – Suru Raivosi Sydämeni Pimeydessä

Suru Raivosi Sydämeni Pimeydessä Album Cover Art

Dark The Suns – Suru Raivosi Sydämeni Pimeydessä
Inverse Records
Release Date: 09/04/2021
Running Time: 44:17
Review by Beth Jones

Finland has always looked like a fascinating place to me. Situated in the frozen north, on the Baltic Sea, with rugged countryside full of forests and lakes, steeped in folklore, myth, and legend. Given its powerful natural beauty, it’s not surprising that so much great music emanates form it’s shores, and Melodic genres are a firm favourite. Dark The Suns, the subject of my musings here today, are a Finnish duo, who like to dabble in the Melodic Metal genre, but with a very blackened, gothic edge, and their 4th studio album, “Suru Raivosi Sydämeni Pimeydessä,” has recently been released.

Musically, this melancholy duo fuse sweeping strings and synth with heavy guitars, haunting piano melodies, and more death/black vocals that you may expect from the opening few bars of the album. It’s a very expansive sound, that encapsulates that feeling of lore and legend I associate with their geography.

The opening track, ‘Spirit In The Dark,’ is pacey and begins with a cacophony of discordant melodies and harmonies, giving it a real sense of frantic movement. It makes me visualise a witch’s coven, deep within a forest, preparing for their next ritual. The dark vocals, which have a lot of effects piled on them, add to this vision. It’s certainly a fiery start to an album, and it does make you sit up and listen.

The album continues in this vein, with intricate piano melodies and accompaniments woven throughout. Being a pianist, this pleases me, as keys often play second fiddle to the guitars. However here, they sit nicely forward in the mix and play a huge part in the overall sound.

These two are obviously very talented musicians and they make a great sound. But it’s at this point that I kind of run out of things to say about the album. It might just be me, but I’m finding the whole thing a little bit ‘samey’ throughout. Every song has pretty much the same rhythm, regardless of pace, and they don’t really explore outside of the minor key. There’s some choral accompaniment to a few choruses, but that’s really where the exploration stops. It’s left me feeling a little flat. Annoyingly. My other irk is the snare drum sound. For me, it’s too ringy, has too much reverb, and is way too far forward in the mix, which makes it stick out like a sore thumb.

Apart from that, I can’t really knock this album, so if you can get past those things, and love a bit of dark melodic metal, then this is for you.

‘The Secrets Of Time’ (Official Video)

01. Spirit In The Dark
02. Everywhere
03. Suru Raivosi Sydämeni Pimeydessä
04. Hope in Our Hands
05. The Secrets Of Time
06. Seeker
07. Storm Of Fire
08. Taivas Itki Tulta
09. Shadows In The Void
10. Enkelsiipi

Mikko Ojala – Vocals, Guitars, Drums
Inka Ojala – Bass, Keyboards


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