Against Evil – End Of The Line

End Of The Line Album Cover Art

Against Evil – End Of The Line
Doc Gator Records
Release Date: 14/05/2021
Running Time: 37:19
Review by Simon Black

You don’t seem to come across too many Metal bands from India here in Europe, or at least I have not so far to date. I guess there’s a bunch of historical reasons for that. Clearly part of the problem is the dominance of European and American acts, particularly with regard to major labels. We had the same problem a few decades ago in South America until Sepultura broke the walls down, now it’s on an almost equal footing in terms of recognition. For a while I have also thought that despite the hugely populous nature of India, Western music seemed a comparatively niche interest from my limited travel over there and Metal doubly so. Then on a business trip over there not too long ago my friend, former colleague and devout Metalhead Manish indicated that this was all changing. These days the Metal scene is very new, very vibrant and very happening, with a vibe reminiscent of the NWOBHM movement in the UK in the early 1980’s – it’s just we don’t see too many acts from India over here yet or visibility of what’s happening over there. Let’s all do our bit to change that, shall we?

Starting with a skull-pounding drum introduction, the aptly named ‘The Sound Of Violence’ gets this record off to a damned fine start. It’s heavy and thundering rhythms set the tone for the whole album, with a good solid Traditional Metal song structure and sound. Such is the bass level on the recording that my desk is positively rumbling from the vibrato from that rhythm section. This really keeps going throughout, with bass player Siri and rhythm guitarist Sravan taking turns on the vocal duties although it’s not clear whose playing on which track without sleeve notes). One has a more guttural, almost Thrash voice and delivery style, the other a cleaner and higher range so they can run an effective gamut of styles whilst that thundering delivery remains a consistent house sound. For Power Metal lovers there’s a couple of anthemic field-rousers, of which ‘Metal Or Nothin’ is probably the strongest track and summarises what this band are hungry for – the chance to get their music out in the big wide world.

The whole album flows very quickly, as the band have opted to keep a punchy running time and focus on cracking songs that have a solid impact, although one of the tracks is a re-recording ‘War Hero’ – a melodic belter of anthemic Power Metal from their first EP back in 2015. I’ve referred to the rhythm section already and overall the production is rather good, although personally I would have preferred the guitars to have as deep and crunchy a feel as the drums and bass do, but overall it doesn’t impact how well this album goes down. This is a remarkably rich and well-polished delivery from this young bunch, whose sophomore album really does deliver the goods and deserves a much wider audience. So go on, click that Bandcamp link below and let’s get them an audience over here.

‘The Sound Of Violence’ (Official Video)

01. The Sound Of Violence
02. Speed Demon
03. Out For Blood
04. Call To War
05. End Of The Line
06. Sword Of Power
07. Metal Or Nothin’
08. Fearless
09. War Hero (Re-Recorded Version)

Siri – Vocals/Bass Guitar
Sravan – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Shasank – Rhythm/Lead Guitar
Noble John – Drums


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