Arachnes – A New Day (10th Anniversary Edition)

A New Day Album Cover Art

Arachnes – A New Day (10th Anniversary Edition)
Music For The Masses Records
Release Date: 07/05/2021
Running Time: 52:41
Review by Simon Black

This record was originally only available as a digital release back in 2011, when the concept was quite new and bands naively thought that not having all that pesky plastic to ship around the world was going to cut costs before realising that that’s the only real source of revenue for the actual recorded music. Cut to ten years later and a re-release with a physical version is long overdue, especially as for some, writing, recording and touring are well and truly out of the window for the time being. This Italian four piece originally started life as a Hard Rock outfit under a different moniker and the Arachnes project is more about fusing those Hard Rock melodic sentiments with some rabble rousing Power Metal delivery and some classically influenced Progressive interplay.

The Progressive elements rarely dominate – which is no bad thing, so what you get are songs that average around the four minute mark, occasionally dipping their toes into something more overtly technical and showy when the middle eight or the solo appear and even then they don’t over-indulge. The keyboard and guitar are equal contenders for your ear, and although there is a bit of the kind of solo interplay that you might get elsewhere, it’s not allowed to dominate – although the playing is top notch from both. I suspect in part this is driven from the fact that lead vocals and keyboards all originate from founder Enzo Caruso which might be different if he wasn’t wearing two hats. That means a record that flows well and retains a broadly commercial Power edge to it. Refreshingly as well, this is nowhere near the Neo-Classical / Operatic domain that the Rhapsody group of bands have set as the house sound for many of this wonderful country’s sound. The record starts well, but for me struggles to maintain pace and may have benefitted from a shorter and more focussed selection of tracks, to give the energy a chance to come to the fore.

This is solid Melodic Power Metal, with enough touches of the Progressive to earn interest but without kicking down any doors. It hints more about possibilities rather than actual delivery. I suspect this may be down to that fourth album lethargy that hits many bands after they’ve been at this a while. It’s solid, it’s well delivered, but it’s not got any outstanding songs on there that are going to garner wider appeal.

‘”A New Day” (Album Promo)

01. Psychedelic Trip (Intro)
02. I Know The Darkness
03. Big Hearth
04. I’m Sorry
05. Into The Fog
06. Magic World
07. My Face Is Hard
08. Running In An Old Town
09. Take Your Life
10. Parallel Worlds (Orchestral Version)
11. The Reason Of The Things
12. Your Death
13. Fireball (Deep Purple Cover)
14. First Of All (Bonus Track)

Gabry Baroni – Bass, Backing Vocals
Stefano Caironi – Drums, Timpani
Frank Caruso – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Enzo Caruso – Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Hammond, Piano


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