ForeignWolf – Your Weapons, Your Words EP

Your Weapons, Your Words EP Cover Art

ForeignWolf – Your Weapons, Your Words EP
Release Date: 14/05/2021
Running Time: 18:03
Review by Beth Jones

Heavy Alt Rock is a genre that’s all encompassing for anything that doesn’t quite fit into the Metal bracket, but is just a little too heavy for Pop Rock, AOR, and general mainstream. That means it throws up a fairly broad spectrum of sounds. Some of it is utter detritus, but a lot of it is very good, and certainly in the last few years, the calibre of new Alt Rock bands has seen a significant bar raise! Thankfully, my dear readers, today’s subjects fall into the latter category, which makes my job a hell of a lot easier, as I really don’t like criticising musicians for trying.

Hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland, ForeignWolf are a fairly new name to the scene, having released their debut EP in the heady days of 2019, before the world went completely insane. This new EP, “Your Weapons, Your Words” is billed as a deeply personal EP, taking a journey through the emotions and mental health. It’s only a short EP, but every track certainly does have something different to offer, both in its tone, and lyrically, however the sound in its simplest form, is driven by heavy riffs, gruff vocals, and steady rhythms, giving it a ‘Grunge with a modern twist’ feel.

The first track, ‘Alone’, sets a fast-paced tone, and throws out a catchy chorus melody. It has some great breaks in it, too – going from everything to silence quickly. They’re a big risk in any song, because when it comes to playing it live, it can all go horribly wrong and sound horrific, but done well, I think they really enhance tunes. They’re certainly done well on the recording here, although you do still get a bit of ring from the snare drum, which is pretty hard to avoid, but still irked me slightly (yes, I’m a fussy bugger, sorry, not sorry).

This fast-paced punchiness continues through the next track, ‘Afterthought’, too. But we get a change in pace in ‘No Limit’, and here the sound reminds me of Deftones, combined with 30 Seconds To Mars. There are some synth strings in this track too, which add a different depth to the sound.

The thing I like about this EP is its melancholy undertones – it’s certainly emotionally charged and passionately connected, which is something I always desire from a band. I want to feel it, not just feel them going through the motions. The rough vocal style of Gerard McCann gives it a rawness, which always seems to express passion and pain more effectively. The final track, ‘Gradual Destruction’ is my favourite. Call me maudlin and angsty if you like, but sometimes there is nothing better than a stripped back song, written in a minor key, with low rumbling bass, and depressing lyrics, because, you know, life’s not always a bed of roses and it’s nice to feel connected, whatever emotion you’re experiencing.

And on that happy note, I’ll shut up! Another very well created EP from a talented young band, who I’m, sure we’ll see a lot more of in the coming years.

‘No Limit’ (Official Video)

01. Alone
02. Afterthought
03. No Limit
04. Gradual Destruction

Gerard McCann – Vocals/Guitar
Dave Brady – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Justin Lee Jamison – Bass
Mick Teague – Drums


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