Thy Dispraise – Lost Era

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Thy Dispraise – Lost Era
Ghost Label Inc
Release Date: 20/02/2021
Running Time: 35:12
Review by Beth Jones

Music, as we all know, is the only truly universal language. It doesn’t matter where you’re from in the world, everyone can understand a sad song because of its minor key, or an uplifting song because of its pace. So, if you’re at a gig, and you and your neighbour don’t speak the same language, it’s still possible to feel connected to them through the shared understanding of the music you’re hearing. This works across every genre of music and should really be embraced worldwide for the magical thing that it is. However, in a good few countries, our wonderful genres of Rock and Metal, and indeed western culture, are frowned upon at best, and at worst are outlawed for being blasphemous and satanic. Iran is one of those countries. So, it’s not often that you get an Iranian band popping into your album review pile. It’s also one of the countries that we at Ever Metal are yet to get any hits from on our website, along with a few other countries, such as North Korea, for much the same reason.

But today, metal fans, I’m hoping that might change. Thy Dispraise, the subject of my musings here, are a Groove/Metalcore band from Iran, founded by Abtin Zahed, in 2012. Officially, they have released two singles, a self-titled EP, and this full-length album. And not only are they challenging the authoritarian rule of their country by simply existing, but they’re also pushing the boundaries even further, as they have a female vocalist as well. That is extraordinary bravery for their art, and before I even get onto the music, I’ll note that they have my absolute and utmost respect for their passion to fight against oppression.

So, onto the music. With the knowledge of their location, it’s not a surprise that, lyrically, their music is philosophical and socio-political at its core, but they do also include fiction and conceptual ideas. Musically, it’s crunching and full of progressive elements, and the vocal style is angry and brutal!! There’s also some really clever melody patterns and cadences that introduce the sounds of traditional ethnic, folk-based music, but It’s definitely full of groove too, in a very pleasing way.

The album starts with an instrumental soundscape, full of melancholic guitars, that doesn’t really give away many clues about what is to come. Then, as a complete opposite to the first track, ‘The Unknown’ comes along to punch you in the face, with crunching riffs, pacey rhythms, and harsh, growling vocals.

There are some fantastic and unexpected clean vocals dotted about too, ‘Wrong Core’ has a good example of this, which adds an extra depth to the song. I think this is one of my standout tracks of the album actually. It’s fast, groovy, and has some great soloing on the guitar.

But my favourite track on the album has to be the final track, ‘All Is Lost’. This brings everything back to the sounds of the opening track. It’s more of a mournful classic hard rock ballad, with beautiful clean vocals, exquisite vocal harmonies, and soaring guitar solos. However, it still has the punch of groove and more Modern Metal subtly planted in it. Stunning track.

My one criticism is I would like the bass to be more rumbly than it is. I think music with this much grit is really enhanced with some hellishly powerful bass, but it does tend to get lost behind the guitars. However, given the heritage of the band, and the circumstances which I’m guessing this album has been recorded, mixed, and mastered in, really who am I to criticize a single damn thing? This is a great album, from a band with immense courage, pushing boundaries and striving for equality, and any band doing that will always have my full respect and support. Peace.

‘Post-Ending Life’ (Official Lyric Video)

01. Stardust
02. The Unknown
03. Freefall
04. The Game
05. Outflow
06. Wrong Core (Tribute to Lamb of God)
07. Deceitful
08. Post-Ending Life
09. All Is Lost

Abtin Zahed – Guitars
Sheyda Mohamadi – Vocals
Alireza Shafiei – Vocals
Mohammadreza Rezaei – Guitars
Mohammad Mirboland – Guest Drummer


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