Icon Of Sin – Icon Of Sin

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Icon Of Sin – Icon Of Sin
Frontiers Music srl
Release Date: 16/04/2021
Running Time: 01:05:03
Review by Simon Black

Frontiers, bless their socks, do come up with some interesting projects. This one centres around Brazilian singer Raphael Mendes, who if you have not heard of him, has made his name as a YouTuber who tries to answer the question of what other bands music would have sounded like if they sang like Bruce Dickinson, for whom he is an eerie dead ringer for. And I mean spot on, to the point where I thought I was listening to one of the Maiden man’s solo albums. His range, his intonation and his delivery all sound very much like a slightly younger Dickinson in the days where his chords had a bit more resilience in them, but then Mendes is much, much younger and hasn’t had a tumour removed from his mouth. A quick look online reveals many Maiden covers, plus some interesting experiments with him doing a Brucie for Dream Theater, Dio, G’n’R, Megadeth and many others. The aim of this project then, is to push beyond that envelope, but I’m not sure it quite succeeds.

The title of the band, album and lead song clearly suggest someone who also used to play Doom II back in the day, as this was the name of one of the boss monsters and makes a, just about, right side of trademark appearance on the cover, in case you missed the reference in the title. It’s a lively enough Metal belter and sets the tone of what’s to come nicely, which is good up-tempo Traditional Metal with a healthy dollop of Speed. ‘Road Rage’ is no exception, being typically Metal driving fodder. Most of the songs follow this template of fast and furious harmonised delivery, although the inevitable slower tracks like ‘Night Breed’ break the pace up a little. Mid-way through we also get the longer and more epic Batman inspired ‘Clouds Over Gotham’, whose gentle introduction doesn’t stay at that pace for long, returning to the more frenetic tempo we hear throughout but slows, builds and takes us to an epic crescendo, like the best of Steve Harris’s conceptual opuses. To be fair the longer duration gives a welcome break from the more formulaic structure elsewhere and it’s by far the best written song on the record.

The sound is crisp and clear, with Mendes loud, front and centre and some more than competent twin harmonised guitar delivery, but it really does sound like it’s a Maiden-esque vehicle for him, rather than a band per se. Nonetheless, it is an entertaining and robust introduction to Mendes’s talents, although I would be interested to hear what happens when he finds the confidence to write and sing as himself, rather than as Bruce.

‘Night Breed’ (Official Video)

01. Icon Of Sin
02. Road Rage
03. Shadow Dancer
04. Unholy Battleground
05. Night Breed
06. Virtual Empire
07. Pandemic Euphoria
08. Clouds Over Gotham
09. Arcade Generation
10. Hagakure (Intro)
11. The Last Samurai
12. The Howling
13. Survival Instinct

Raphael Mendes – Vocals
Caio Vidal – Bass
Sol Perez – Guitar
Mateus Cantaleãno – Guitar
CJ Dubiella – Drums


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