Brunno Mariante: Heal Or Kill – 15th Year Anniversary Tour

15th Year Anniversary Tour Cover

Brunno Mariante: Heal Or Kill – 15th Year Anniversary Tour
Release Date: 14/04/2021
Running Time: 57:31
Review by Victor Augusto

I guess I sometimes have the spirit of an old man, even though my body is not as old as I think it is and let me repeat the thing I always say in the intros of my reviews. Yes, my nightmare intros. I will constantly say how much I admire musicians or bands that work really hard to share and spread their music. For sure, Brunno Mariante is a good example of a professional that has a mind a little ahead from regular Brazilian bands. I had always heard about him, even though I’ve never stopped to pay close attention to his work before. Nevertheless, as I always say, we are like radio frequencies and have a connection with people who are on the same wavelength, and who have the same spirit and passion for the cause. Walking in this path I was lucky to be introduced to Brunno thanks to a friend, who is also one of the best Brazilian reviewers, my friend Mauro Antunes.

As the album title suggests, Brunno has been on the road for a long time and this material is put together mainly from his solo career with the addition of a few songs from Vindicta, the band he is a part of. Despite this, he has worked in other bands and projects alongside important Brazilian names. He reached a certain point in his career and decided to focus on his solo band and his studio solo album “Heal or Kill”. This album had important Brazilian guests such as Vitor Rodrigues (Torture Squad/VoodooPriest) and Val Santos (Viper). Even Blaze Bayley joined him on this record, which shows how much Brunno is respected as a musician. So, let us delve deeper into this live material that travels along his musical journey.

I can mention two different stages from this concert. First, a more traditional style that embraces songs from Brunno’s solo career like ‘Ascension’ and ‘Holocaust’, also heavier parts like ‘Onslaught’. These songs are just three from all the new, and still unreleased, music that appears here and let’s talk about them. It is possible to see a trademark from Brunno’s sonority. What came to my attention most is how guitarist Paulo Bertoni sounds and feels so free on stage, even commanding the solos of these tracks. I must tell you that Paulo is a guest musician here, but if I hadn’t known him from his great Brazilian band Kadabra and nobody had mentioned him as a guest, all listeners would think he was a long-time member of the band, all because of his synergy with the team.

For the already released songs, guitarist Andreas Dehn is the main guy on solos, like in ‘Shadows Remain’. I have to highlight him on ‘Alone’ because he also does a small section of vocals, exploring medium range notes that reminded me somewhat of Warrel Dane. It is interesting how he puts in a good vocal performance on a song that also has Isabela Pereira’s beautiful voice. She is another guest who shares lead vocals with Brunno. Her participation is amazing especially with the harmonies from them both on the chorus. Continuing with the ‘older songs’, I did enjoy ‘No Time To Waste’ because of the energy that it brings to the listener. Even Punk Rock is present here on ‘Rage Hurricane’ .The ballad ‘Winter Fiends’ appears at a good moment with Michel Turim on acoustic guitar alongside Rafael Leoni on keys and backing vocals. Great choice before everything turns heavier.

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Now the second part! So far, I have talked about songs that Brunno released as a solo artist and Traditional Heavy Metal is a good way to describe it. However, this album also showcases heavier material from his band Vindicta, which brings something doomier and also delves into the realms of Death Metal, such as on ‘Realm Of Darkness’, which offers a good dynamic on the album. For me, there is a highlight here, not just from the Vindicta tracks, but of the entire album and that is ‘New Holy Fire’ with its keyboards and the beautiful intro riff which is Deep Purple in style. Again, the special guest of Isabela with her strong voice gives new life to the ‘old’ Holy Fire*. Probably my favourite of the album.

It is a really complete live/DVD album which navigates through a huge part of Brunno’s career. I liked how drummer Leonora Mölka offers amazing versatility on her drum parts and bassist Rick Posi rescues the spirit of 80’s rock/metal in his performance. If you prefer watching the video of this offering, you will see a small, but professional stage with all band members really showing the energy of a live concert. The audio is also amazing and believe me, I hear even great mainstream bands committing mistakes on live material/albums with regards to quality, but here everything is amazing.

Sorry to extend my review, but with amazing material that tries to cover 15 years existence of an artist, it is natural to have many things to say. Therefore, my last words to describe it is that you are free to grab a beer or whatever you like to drink and enjoy this album. It is undeniable that everyone involved put a 100% of their hearts into producing it.

*The original song is called ‘Holy Fire’ and this new version received the name ‘New Holy Fire’.

Brunno Mariante – 15th Year Anniversary Tour (Full Concert)

01. Clockwork
02. Ascension
03. Holocaust
04. Shadows Remain
05. Onslaught
06. Alone
07. Ready To Die
08. New Holy Fire
09. Winter Fiends
10. Realm of Darkness
11. No Time To Waste
12. Lost Station
13. Rage Hurricane
14. Heal Or Kill
15. River Of Sorrow

Brunno Mariante – Vocals
Andreas Dehn – Guitars
Rick Posi – Bass, Backing Vocals
Leonora Mölka – Drums

Special Guests:
Paulo Bertoni – Guitars
Michel Turim – Acoustic Guitars
Rafael Leoni – Keyboards / Backing Vocals
Isabela Pereira – Vocals


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