All Consumed – Rise Of The Godless

Rise Of The Godless Album Cover Art

All Consumed – Rise Of The Godless
Release Date: 18/06/2021
Running Time: 37:18
Review by Rick Eaglestone

Preston’s All Consumed return with a new album, serving up a diabolical delight for the death metal palette.

“Rise Of The Godless” begins with an introduction worthy of a movie score ‘Retribution’ is the combination of Beethoven & Gangs of New York that evokes a feeling that something ominous is about to happen, and just like a sneak attack from Jason Vorhees himself, first single release ‘Through Violence Worship’ pummels into your skull.

The drums throughout ‘Fall Of The Gods’ are just sublime which seem to only make the riffs even more powerful, and the bass on ‘Limbless’ combined with Skeech’s guttural vocals blend in so well with the guitar parts. This is easily one of my highlight tracks as there are so many elements that I love – especially the air raid siren!

‘Dishonour Killings’ is , for me, their equivalent of Cannibal Corpse’s ‘Surround, Kill, Devour’. I can see this being a huge live favourite. Following this is “Shapeless Existence” which, somehow, complements the previous track perfectly.

‘Crucifixion’ and ‘Bathe In Blood’ are absolutely maniacal in their delivery and final track ‘Suicide Of The Soul” closes the album with the listener wanting and needing more.

‘Through Violence Worship’ (Official Video)

01. Retribution (intro)
02. Through Violence Worship
03. Fall Of The Gods
04. Limbless
05. Dishonour Killings
06. Shapeless Existence
07. Darkest End
08. Crucifixion
09. Bathe In Blood
10. Suicide Of The Soul

Michael Skeech – Vocals
Darren McGillivray – Guitar
Richard Galbraith – Bass
Dave Kenyon – Drums


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