Crypta – Echoes Of The Soul

Echoes Of The Soul Album Cover Art

Crypta – Echoes Of The Soul
Napalm Records
Release Date: 11/06/2021
Running Time: 41:40
Review by Victor Augusto

What makes a band famous? Well…If you find the answer, then quit your job and enjoy all the money you will probably make after discovering it. Maybe, what isn’t a secret, is to have any kind of fame or minimal attention from fans around the world, is just reality and truth which means you must work like hell to get anywhere. If you are in an Extreme Death Metal band, take this work and dedication and double the effort. Of course, you will suffer many frustrations and misfortunes along the way. Who said it would be easy? Nevertheless, it is the strength and desire to keep going that will make you stronger. Is anything that I have said, so far, related to the history of Crypta? Maybe, you could tell me the answer.

If you look into Crypta’s birth and their short career, you will know that part of the band could easily have quit from everything music related after what has happened in their lives, but we are not here to talk about the past. The only thing that I will mention, about the rupture of Nervosa, is how it has allowed this band to finally see the light of the day and I must congratulate everyone, in both camps, for how everything was handled. No fights or drama was made public to the fans. Just two sides that separated kept walking in different directions. So, now I’m going to talk about the present and the future of the amazing band, Crypta?

“Echoes Of The Soul”! What a title. What an album! What a debut! If we expected a sound more connected to Death Metal, after what we heard from Fernanda Lira and Luana Dametto on their last album with Nervosa, then our expectations have been surpassed with something darker and heavier. They have brought the spirit we had already seen from them both but with the addition and incredible technique from two amazingly talented guitarists; Sonia Anubis and Tainá Bergamaschi. As a result, this is a very organic Brutal Metal that is incredibly well worked out with great melody and astonishing solos.

Solos!!! Yes, we have to talk about them! Sonia and Tainá must get a special mention for all the work they have put in on this album. If you love the chemistry among guitar teams such as Smith/Murray, Tipton/Downing or even Hanneman/King, you will be delighted with partners in crime Anubis/Bergamaschi. They have created something special. You can expect melodies and technique from classic Heavy Metal bands and also the aggressiveness from the great names of Death Metal. For me, the solos are the thing that most caught my attention.

Organic drums! I already knew Luana was an incredible drummer, but she has exceeded my expectations on this material. It is a lesson of brutality and versatility. She has mixed incredible blast beats with many tempo changes. The production gives the drums a very organic sound, it’s amazing how they have extracted a natural sonority.

Riffs and bass! Of course, we have remarkable riffs, but don’t you think that the wall of guitars hides Fernanda’s bass. Her sound is very clear and strong here. I also have to mention how her vocal lines work so much better in this band. They are a little different from her previous work. It sounds like Chuck Schuldiner singing in a more Black Metal style.

It is hard to find a highlight in an album so entirely amazing. Probably, I would just elucidate things like the nice lead on ‘Possessed’ and the dense atmosphere where Luana keeps on with blast beats while the main rhythms stop, letting just calm guitars play in the background. The solo on ‘Death Arcana’ is probably my favourite one and the solos on ‘Kali’ show more of a Morbid Angel inspiration. ‘Blood Stained’ brings a more Thrash Metal spirit and this track even has good work on the toms. There is a beautiful and dark intro for ‘Dark Night Of The Soul’, as well as the ending with its clean guitars.

Now it’s time for Victor’s confusing thought. The intro song of the album, ‘Awakening’ is repeated at the end of the final track ‘From The Ashes’, it creates a cycle that connects the end and the beginning of the album. Now, look at the words “from the ashes”. Could it be related to a rebirth? The end of something is always connected to a new beginning! Could it represent life as a constant cycle of renewals? Is it related to the rebirth that partners in crime, Fernanda and Luana, have had after their departure from their old band, which resulted in the birth of this one? What do you think?

What I can say 100% is congratulations for such an incredible album. It sounds like a mix of the aggression from 90’s Tampa, Florida bands, together with the production care and melody from the bands that appeared in Sweden. It amazing how it has an organic production but also a clean production. As I said before hard work, passion and dedication are the basic things to enable a good response from the fans, but when you have a team like this, full of incredible musicians, things become easier. The result couldn’t be more different. A brand new band that can be already considered huge and mature! I hope to see them on tour in a near future!

‘Starvation’ (Official Lyric Video)

01. Awakening
02. Starvation
03. Possessed
04. Death Arcana
05. Shadow Within
06. Under The Black Wings
07. Kali
08. Blood Stained Heritage
09. Dark Night Of The Soul
10. From The Ashes

Fernanda Lira – Vocals & Bass
Luana Dametto – Drums
Sonia Anubis – Lead Guitars
Tainá Bergamaschi – Guitars


Crypta Promo Shot - credit Renan Facciolo
Picture by Renan Facciolo

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