All Wasted – Burn With Me

Burn With Me Album Cover Art

All Wasted – Burn With Me
Release Date: 04/06/2021
Running Time: 46:16
Review by Steven Hooke

With members rooted in Sweden’s ever-fruitful underground music scene, All Wasted are a punk-laced death metal group whose sole intention seems to be “have a bloody good time”. The five-piece possesses a sound definitely inspired by UK legends Motörhead, as they throw down a cavalcade of riffs with the melodies of classic rock & roll.

Whilst their intentions are pure and the heroes are of the highest order, “Burn With Me” does actually take a little while to really get into a solid groove. Openers ‘Passion Of Crime’ and ‘Behind Broken Glass’ do have their moments in the sun, the latter – the faster of the two – has an incredible energy to it to really psyche you up for what’s about to come, with the formidable tandem of vocalist Patrik Johansson and backing vocalist/guitarist Emil Sjöstrand making the vocal portions of the album an absolute treat. Johansson alone sits on such a fantastic middle ground of hardcore and death metal that makes you want to run round your front room and get all sweaty.

And maybe it’s just a personal taste thing of whilst those songs may be “good”, they’re not quite “great”, or maybe they were just eclipsed by the cataclysmic units of follow-up couplet ‘Towards The End’ and ‘Sense Of Weakness’. Any time I put this album on, these were the songs that made me stop and say “phwoar!” before making unflattering gurning faces. ‘Towards The End’ opens with a steady barrage of riffs, quite fittingly sitting somewhere between The Offspring’s ‘The Kids Aren’t Alright’ and In Flames’ ‘Bullet Ride’, as we gallop towards the monstrous chorus that has a touch of latter-day Children of Bodom/Bodom After Midnight (minus the keys).

They are then able to top themselves almost immediately with ‘Sense Of Weakness’ and largely, it’s because of all the same reasons why it’s predecessor was so good as well. Grooving riffs, a stunning vocal performance, and that chorus! The addition of a simple vocal harmony to give it some depth and theatre, and some top of the line drum work from H-Can, who is also simplifying his role, but in a way that still gives the song enough punch to make sure the energy levels don’t drop off completely.

From there, the album does keep a fairly high level throughout, and while it may largely do one thing, it does that one thing exceptionally well. ‘Dawn Will Rise No More’ does tap into more melodeath territory with searing melodies over the chorus, the title-track goes into a Cancer Bats-esque hardcore epiphany, and ‘Rotten To The Core’ and ‘This Means War’ do God’s work in keeping the energy levels and the quality up to the final note.

In regard to issues with the release, outside of the slow start, there’s not really much to complain about. As I said previously, “Burn With Me” largely does one thing, and does it well, so it’s not an album that you can dissect and say, “that hammer-on in track 6 didn’t work for me”. This ain’t exactly your dad’s 70’s prog that he won’t stop going on about. Arguably, because it stays in this realm throughout its entire duration, the sound does drag a little after a while, and it’s not even that long of an album, clocking in at just over 46 minutes. Compare that to some of the bigger punk/metal releases of the past few years, Capra’s debut went for 32 minutes, Svalbard’s post-metal-tinged “When I Die, Will I Get Better?” clocks in at 38 mins, Entombed A.D.’s “Bowels Of Earth” raged for 36 mins, even Napalm Death in their new age experimentations on “Throes Of Joy…” had a runtime of 42 mins. In a live setting, I imagine it’d be a non-factor, but whilst vibing around the house? It’s like sharing a flat with the Ultimate Warrior.

All Wasted’s debut album is tonnes of fun. I love a chorus that packs melodies into the aural energy of getting punched in the head, and this has that by the bucket full. The fun and energy of punk rock with the power and aggression of death metal will always be a winning combination in my mind!

‘Fading Out Of Line (Official Video)

01. Passion Of Crime
02. Behind Broken Glass
03. Towards The End
04. Sense Of Weakness
05. The Rise
06. Burn With Me
07. I Am The Pain
08. Fading Out Of Line
09. Dawn Will Rise No More
10. Out Of This Grave
11. Rotten To The Core
12. Time To Burn
13. This Means War

Patrik Johansson – Vocals
Emil Sjöstrand – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Eric Rydén – Guitars
Jimmy Malmenlid – Bass
H-Can – Drums


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