Parrilla – Femme Fatale: Ensnared By Venus EP

Femme Fatale: Ensnared By Venus EP Cover Art

Parrilla – Femme Fatale: Ensnared By Venus EP
Release Date: 31/07/2021
Running Time: 27:04
Review by Wallace Magri

According to the press release: “Ensnared by Venus is the first part of the Femme Fatale trilogy of EP’s from Parrilla – an industrial metal force of nature, unafraid to detonate reckless sonic devices beneath the boundaries of the genre and dance amongst the wreckage”.

I don’t usually copy any of the press release, because I am here to give MY impressions on the albums, not THE BAND’S ONE, with all due respect. But that one line helped me with the introduction paragraph this time, especially because I loved the expression ‘dance amongst the wreckage’, that represents exactly what I think about Industrial Metal Music!

It is funny, because I was chatting with a friend of mine, Claudio Borges, a Brazilian DJ, record store owner that also co-host of the Youtube Heavy Metal Channel, called Resenhando Rock (check it out!), and, as we were talking about Nine Inch Nails’ influence on Metal Music in the 90’s, he introduced me to a Danzig album that I had never heard before (“Danzig 4”), and that is a hell of a album, with a good taste of goth and industrial elements within.

To me It felt pretty similar to what I heard on “Feme Fatale: Ensnared by Venus”, which is very aggressive – thanks to the heavy and dirty guitar riffs heard on ‘Law Of Texas’ and ‘Bleed, Cry, Pray, Die’, for instance – and it is danceable as well. The first song captures a Ministry vibe, while the second one is a little more Dark-Gothic influenced.

‘Show Me’, the first single taken from the EP (released on 31st of July), is a Dark-Electro piece of dystopic dance and I really enjoyed Dani Messmer vocals – as I enjoyed Danzig’s vocals on the aforementioned album, “Danzig 4” – because it is spooky and a little melodic sometimes. Highlights are the great programming and keyboards that stand out with gloomy ambience, giving the song a nice Harsh Industrial element.

All six songs on the EP are worth listening to. ‘Mannequin Complex’ is halfway between Gothic Rock and Neue Deutsche Harte, that reminded me of Eisbrecher with New Metal screaming vocal lines in the arrangement, which is unusual, at least for that kind of musical style. ‘Desire’ goes in that same direction, with, maybe, a little more of a Rammstein-like approach, with a bit of post-punk to reinforce the heavy conduction of the song.

This excellent EP’s last song, ‘Femme Fatale’ proves that Parrilla got it right in the press release description of their musical style because, even though it was possible for me to realize all the musical references that I have mentioned in this review, the band has its own identity, which is “an industrial metal force of nature, unafraid to detonate reckless sonic devices beneath the boundaries of the genre and dance amongst the wreckage”, indeed.

So, enjoy it Industrial Metalheads because it doesn’t get better than this!

‘Show Me’ (Lyric Video)

01. The Law Of Texas
02. Bleed, Cry, Pray, Die
03. Show Me
04. Mannequin Complex
05. Desire
06. Femme Fatale

Dani Messmer – Vocals & Guitars
Luke Megran – Guitars & Backing Vocals
Chris Howell – Bass & Backing Vocals
David Page – Drums


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