IN Veil – Lunatic EP

Lunatic EP Cover Art

IN Veil – Lunatic EP
Release Date: 06/08/2021
Running Time: 20:27
Review by Dark Juan

Greetings from a subdued Dark Juan, ladies and germs. I am subdued for several reasons – absinthe consumption has left me in doubt of my own sanity, Air Vice Marshal Sir Zeusington Zeus VC, KCVG, MM, DFC and Bar has been shitting through the eye of a needle (generally indoors) for two weeks, on the hour, every hour (it is a running joke in my household that Zeus periodically has the “70 quid shit” and then is reet for another 4 months), Mrs. Dark Juan continues to scare the living shit out of me and any visitors to Dark Juan Terrace with her creations (although she has been to chosen to EXHIBIT the damned things at the North Lincolnshire Museum in October with a commendable (or shocking, depending on your point of view) lack of foresight or restraint from the authorities there) and the wipers on the Mighty Gothikpanzer have packed up so I have to drive it when it’s dry. If you have ever experienced a British summer, you’ll immediately understand why this is somewhat annoying. Especially as I am running out of alcohol. However, in a classic case of swings and roundabouts, I found Cluedo for £2.50 and Mrs. Dark Juan has been conveyed to IKEA in Leeds with her daughter, so I am at liberty to bring to you my thoughts about the considerably unhinged In Veil, and their EP, “Lunatic”.

A preamble under three hundred words. Magnificent. Which is also a term perfectly suited to describe the madness of In Veil, being a duo composed of a Transylvanian and a Cuban, who met in the underbelly of Toronto, Canada and subsequently married. One can only imagine the devastation at the reception. Synth-heavy gothic industrial rock is the order of the day here, and you’ll notice that the previous sentence contained two of my favourite genres, so In Veil had better be worth my time, because I am feeling rather misanthropic and am likely to be quite rude if I don’t like them. “Lunatic” is In Veil’s debut EP…

…And rather splendid it is too! Opening tune “Salome” sets the tone for an album that is equal parts Zombie Girl, KMFDM, Rob Zombie and Snake River Conspiracy. Haysi Veil’s vocal performance reminds this half-drunk Northern herbert of a very engaging mix of ZG’s Renee Cooper and Tobey Torres, being seductive tones wedded to blank-eyed little girl squeals and the kind of random nonsense you’d imagine Harley Quinn babbling while she bashed your brains out. If you could imagine the sense of humour of Dead Coyote, Zombie Girl and Talking Heads with a rather more dangerous, gothic edge you’re getting the idea of just what kind of beautiful monster I’m trying to describe.

The whole record has a palpable, throbbing sense of brightly lit, technicolour peril running through it. It’s a carnival of brightly coloured tents with smiling, beautiful faces inviting you to come inside. As you pass them, you see the greying, diseased skin beneath the greasepaint and makeup, and the grins take on a slightly vulpine aspect and you glimpse sharpened incisors as the wildly gyrating lights and overpoweringly loud and speedy calliopes playing carnival music entice you further within. Within, to a hall of mirrors surrounding a chamber of horrors of eviscerated townspeople, grinning, clown-faced lunatics, whirling blades, spraying arterial blood and severed limbs with a soundtrack of screaming, giggling and carnival music. In short, fucking ideal party music for the more extreme music fan.

In Veil are not going to win any awards for power, speed or heaviness, rather more relying on that rarest of things to convey themselves – atmosphere. ‘Daddy’ is particularly schizophrenic, crunchy guitars underpinning simple piano lines that change into swirly gothic keyboards and merry go round music and a vocal that switches from school girlishly excited to ominous warning several times in the same song. ‘Slow Lane’ carries an obvious hip-hop vibe throughout the whole song, but somehow, mixing an almost-rap vocal style with Rob Zombie-lite music just fucking WORKS and I have no idea how Haysi and Ady have made this happen. All I can say is that this album is pretty much the soundtrack to what the inside of my head looks like – all grimdark, bleak horror, depersonalisation and dismemberment but easily distracted by multi-coloured neon and flashing lights and suffused with the kind of peculiar joy that only comes from discovering something wonderful.

In Veil are something wonderful. Again (and I appear to say this a lot these days), purists are going to fucking hate them, but the combination of deranged electronic fuckery, heavy metal guitars, dark lyrics and the kind of madness that normally earns you a lifelong stay at Rampton Hospital makes for a super fun listening experience. Album closer ‘Spider’ is the standout tune on the album – keyboards that would normally underpin a scene of a brave (or foolhardy) adventurer entering a mad bastard’s laboratory are ably assisted by growling bass, serrated guitar and Haysi singing about you getting in her bed and her cutting off your head while simultaneously chanting “Chick-a chick chick, chicka-chicka boom boom!” in a very strange register indeed. I’d still get in her bed though.

Did I actually say that out loud? Clearly decapitation holds no fear for me and dangerous, and possibly homicidal girls make life interesting.

There is a massive problem with this record though. And that is that it is only six songs long and that is entirely unacceptable considering how much of a rabid In Veil fan I have become over the past twenty-odd minutes or so. I am unhappy about this. It needs three more songs to slake my thirst!

I am ready to render my judgement using The Patented Dark Juan Blood Splat Rating System. It’s a full on 10/10. It’s fucking claret everywhere. It’s ten-foot-tall displays of arterial spray on the walls of a killing room. It’s pools of congealing blood around raggedly detached limbs. Cheered me right up, that record has. I fucking love In Veil!

‘Lunatic’ feat. Sam Astaroth (Official Video)

01. Salome
02. Lunatic (featuring Sam Astaroth)
03. Daddy
04. Slow Lane
05. Whatcha Got I Want
06. Spider

Haysi Veil – Vocals
Ady Cernea – Instruments


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