Stheno – Wardance

Wardance Album Cover Art

Stheno – Wardance
7 Degrees Records/Chaos & Hell Productions
Release Date: 08/10/2021
Running Time: 24:12
Review By Victor Augusto

I don’t know the daily mood of those who listen to Heavy Metal and read the amazing Ever Metal reviews (except my reviews because all parents are afraid to have their kids scared by what I write), but my mind is a bit complicated to understand sometimes. Some say that I am the kind of person who must have an installation CD and manual together to understand how I work. I totally agree with them. One example of how confused I am could be illustrated when I pick up albums from different genres to review just because I am in a strange mood that day. Stheno was one of those victims on a day that I really wanted to whip myself. For sure, the mood doesn’t represent the band or the album.

What made me interested in their album was the description of them being a mix of Grindcore and Black Metal. Yes, I love Grindcore, despite the fact I don’t often review bands that play it. Nevertheless, I am not a huge fan of all Black Metal bands I hear. For my miserable luck, it is something between Extreme Noise Terror being played by Marduk. Guess what? I love those two bands, so I was relieved when I heard Stheno for this review.

The kick ass way the album opens withBestial Battalion’ was enough to make me enjoy the album. This brief song finishes ad the next ‘RPG’ starts. You will see this pattern for the entire 24 minutes of listening. Fast and short songs that suddenly finish without a breath and then another insane track kicks in, just as brutal as the song before. On every track, you get strong and fast riffs shot in your face at the speed of a bullet and the blast beats provide the same sensation. However, the main achievement is how the band combined this wall of music with heavy arrangements and still managed to get a crystal-clear sound from it.

It is very hard to describe them. Stheno provide short and extremely brutal songs for the listeners. Everything is extremely fast and almost too brief. The sudden way that all the songs finish, is impressive after all the demolition from the previous 2-3 minutes. Probably, it shows what they want to give to their fans. The sensation of a band that doesn’t care about anything.

Yes, this exact sensation. A band who doesn’t care about anything, but don’t confuse that with a band who has bad songs or lame compositions. No, it is quite the opposite. The fast riffs allied with incredible breakdowns on the drums, e.g., on the intro to Dishonored Bodybag’, shows how incredible they are. Maybe the best definition is how they are not chained to the musical industry patterns and just want to offer a killer set of fast and devastating songs!

Well, they certainly achieved that. “Wardance” is incredibly brutal, fast and brief. All songs have the same structure, but everything is hugely well recorded and played, which offers a paradox about the sensation for what to expect from a dirty Grind/Black crossover. Is it Grind? Yes, It is! Is it Black? Not so Black as Grind, but it still is! Is it good? Yes, it is extremely good, as it is brutal! So, please enjoy this short piece of violence from this Greek three-piece band!

“Wardance” (Full Album Audio)

01. Bestial Battalion
02. RPG
03. Deadly Camouflage
04. Fire!
05. Snake Eater
06. Zulu Time
07. Snafu (This time…we die!!)
08. Dishonored Bodybag
09. Military Discharge
10. Bite the Bullet
11. Bellum Internecinum

Leonidas D. – Guitars, Bass
Christian Chaco – Vocals
Vaggelis – Drums


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