ElisaDay – Auftakt EP

Auftakt Album Cover Art

ElisaDay – Auftakt EP
Release Date: 15/10/21
Running Time: 24:38
Review by Simon Black

Rising from the ashes of Symphonic Metal outfit Lanewin, this is the third EP from Russian five piece, ElisaDay. The four tracks on here are pure Symphonic Metal, with very heavy, almost cinematic orchestrations, containing movements that evoke hints of Russian Folk, along with almost Middle-Eastern touches in the mix, just because they can. Also, deep down in the structure is a strong love of classical Progressive Rock, with Dmitry Popov clearly channelling his inner Division Bell era David Gilmore slide guitar, on ‘Fire Or Ice’.

I know this might not work for everyone, but as someone whose musical background was hugely influenced by Classical music, I’m always appreciative of acts that can meld the two successfully. This they spectacularly do, most notable on the epic ten minute closer, ‘Hear Me’, which gives the band a chance to really build and craft a complex, but flowingly beautiful piece of music. Many acts churn out lengthy songs which in reality are a pot pourri of bits of songs spliced together to show how clever they are, but this one doesn’t have that feel. Not only that but there is an uncredited male voice added to the mix, initially with some occasional bursts of more Extreme vocal style, keeping it fresh, energetic, and fundamentally a Metal piece, before that voice slows down, takes a clean turn, and delivers a blistering duet with Lubov Antropova that is quite simply fantastic. Although the first three tracks are fine in and of themselves, ‘Hear Me’ rules the release and is worthy of attention in and of itself. Time for a full album I think.

01. Inner War
02. Fire Or Ice
03. Poison Ring
04. Hear Me

Denis Geit – Bass
Dmitry Popov – Guitars
Ivan Kaiser – Keyboards
Lubov Antropova – Vocals
Igor Borodin  – Drums


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