Rhapsody Of Fire – Glory For Salvation

Glory For Salvation Album Cover Art

Rhapsody Of Fire – Glory For Salvation
AFM Records
Release Date: 26/11/2021
Running Time: 66:00
Review by Chris Galea

Few things are more cathartic and more immersive than an album from Rhapsody Of Fire. With fantasy concepts spanning multiple albums, and cinematically bombast soundscapes, my expectations are always going to be high where these Italians are concerned.

Before I delve into this album, a bit of context…the 2nd part of a trilogy of albums which started with “The Eighth Mountain” (2019), “Glory For Salvation” explores themes such as regret, sorrow and atonement in an alternate world. The band line-up changed once again before this album was laid down when, without much fanfare, Paolo Marchesich replaced Manuel Lotter behind the drum-kit. Other than that, the band’s approach doesn’t seem to have changed.

I get the impression that, with “Glory For Salvation”, Rhapsody Of Fire have endeavoured to create a multi-faceted album, without compromising the quality of their own musicianship. Yes, the album is good. Very good. Lead vocalist Giacomo Voli has outdone himself – his singing gave me goosebumps in songs such as ‘Un Ode Per L’Eroe’ (‘Ode For The Hero’), or even the title track. On guitars, Roby De Micheli showcases the range of his skills, from the blazing solos on ‘Maid Of The Secret Sand’ to the heavy riffs of ‘Abyss Of Pain II’.

The style of Alex Staropoli’s keyboard playing remains an essential element of the band’s sound, and wrenches all the emotive content out of the album’s music, sometimes punctuating it with some great keyboard riffs.

I hinted at the album’s layers….’Terial The Hawk’ is a galloping song with some Abba-style choir vocals. ‘Eternal Snow’ is an English-language narration that’s very clearly done by an Italian….it doesn’t possess the drama of, say, Christopher Lee’s narrations….but I’m willing to turn a blind eye on that. ‘Magic Signs’ is an incredibly well-written power ballad, containing some great acoustic guitar. And all the time the music keeps reflecting the concept’s evolving storyline.

‘Magic Signs’, ‘Un’Ode Per L’Eroe’ and ‘La Esencia De Un Rey’ are the same song but with, respectively, English, Italian and Spanish lyrics. So, Giacomo’s not just a great singer but a polyglot too!

As far as I’m concerned “Glory For Salvation” is an album of breathtaking proportions.

‘Chains of Destiny’ video:

01. Son Of Vengeance
02. The Kingdom Of Ice
03. Glory For Salvation
04. Eternal Snow
05. Terial The Hawk
06. Maid Of The Secret Sand
07. Abyss Of Pain II
08. Infinitae Gloriae
09. Magic Signs
10. I’ll Be Your Hero
11. Chains Of Destiny
12. Un’Ode Per L’Eroe
13. La Esencia De Un Rey

Giacomo Voli – Vocals
Alex Staropoli – Keyboards
Roby De Micheli – Guitars
Alessandro Sala – Bass
Paolo Marchesich – Drums


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