Skinflick – We Could Have Reached…

We Could Have Reached... Album Cover Art

Skinflick – We Could Have Reached For The Stars But We Reached For Our Dicks
Release Date: 31/10/2021
Running Time: 34:29
Review by Beth Jones

Greetings again music lovers, from a somewhat frosty North Wales! It’s Monday morning and we’re on day 6 of the youngest having the Rona, so technically I don’t need to be up yet, seeing as none of us are going anywhere. But I am, so what better way to spend my 8am than with a quick review! This is one I was aiming to get written by the end of October, but, as always, things didn’t go quite to plan!

Now, as you know, I’m a wholesome girl who likes wholesome things… mostly… usually… ok sometimes… it’s beside the point – but I do love a bit of depravity in my life every now and again. And what better way is there to get that than in the form of the new album from my favourite musical alchemist for the perverse, Skinflick. His latest offering, “We Could Have Reached For The Stars But We Reached For Our Dicks”, is suitably lodged in the realms of debauchery for this time on a Monday, and I love it.

It’s sleazy Industrial EDM, with all the allure of an ether-fueled experience on stained mattress wedged against the big bins in a red-light district alley. It’s dirty, it’s grimy, it’s smutty, and it’s desolate… It is very nearly perfection!

Starting out with the title track, this album takes us through 35 ish minutes of pure synth porn, with heavy beats, distorted whispered vocals, and ambience that would chill any soul. It’s full of delights such as ‘Urinal Cake’, ‘Cum Tsunami’, and ‘Moist’, all of which are suitably depraved lyrically, and musically.

My only criticism, and it really is nit-picking, is that a couple of the songs sound a bit samey… But, if I was off my tits on Whiskey and drugs, that wouldn’t even cross my mind! Alas, it isn’t beer o’clock yet…

If you’re looking for something to spin at your Granny’s church coffee morning, this probably isn’t the record for you… But if you desire a soundtrack to illustrate the hellish dystopian nightmare of human existence, then step right in and devour this baby. Another great offering.

01. We Could Have Reached…
02. Slung Low
03. Spluregenfest
04. Urinal Cake
05. The Chaos Theory
06. Cum Tsunami
07. Moist
08. Moon Money Shot


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