Stonetrip – Stonetrip EP

Stonetrip EP Cover Art

Stonetrip – Stonetrip EP
Golden Robot Records
Release Date: 10/12/21
Running Time: 20:15
Review by Simon Black

This is one of the freshest and heart-warming bits of good old fashioned Hard Rock that I’ve heard in a while. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Stonetrip have not really been seen out of their native territory yet. The music is solid Hard Rock, of the category that I firmly categorise as ‘driving music’, which means crank it up, wind down the windows, sing along at top volume and try not to swallow too much rain (hey, I live in South Wales)…

Influence wise you can take your pick. The USA classic style is clearly a big factor here, but frankly this is good solid anthemic Rock of the type that never goes out of fashion and can always find a market anywhere in the world, and it’s got a freshness and energy that many older hands should take note of, because these chaps are likely to be encroaching on their rear view mirrors quite soon. None of the five tracks on here lets the band down, and even the slightly obvious ballad ‘My Angel’ works really well, because the band has one of the most soulful and charismatic singers in Mark Ritchie that I’ve heard in a while (think of the swagger of Jack Russell from Great White with the gutsy edge of Spike from The Quireboys and you can’t go too far wrong). What takes you by surprise is that these guys are all quite young, sounding way more mature and grizzled than the years would imply.

The guys are clearly ramping up for bigger things with this five track EP, as they’ve a couple of singles under their belt and hopefully a full length album to follow. I really hope it’s soon…

‘Runaway’ Official Video

01. Sideways
02. Runaway
03. Nightmare
04. My Angel
05. Wild Hearted Son

Mark Ritchie – Vocals
Mick Malusa – Guitars
Con Batz – Drums
Sebastian Barahona – Bass
Bruce Mountjoy – Guitars


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