Doomsday Outlaw – Hard Times

Hard Times Cover

Doomsday Outlaw – Hard Times
Frontiers Music
Running time: 57:00
Released Date 11/05/2018
Review by Vikkie Richmond

Northern five piece rockers Doomsday Outlaw are gaining a hard and fast reputation as a band to be reckoned with, as well as a proper solid fan base across the country and beyond…

“Hard Times” is their second album and quite simply, it’s a bit of a banger. The opening title track has a familiar, memorable lick to open with and the guitars and percussion are solid all the way through. Phil Poole’s vocals are wide ranging, but not strained and it definitely isn’t one to sit still to.

I particularly like the repetitive chorus of ‘Spirit That Made Me’ and the way the instrumental builds up around it to finish on a funky fade out. Talking of funky, ‘Bring It On Home’ couldn’t get much more groovy if it tried; I just love the harmonies on the chorus and the infectious riff running through the song.

Other favourite tracks are the soulful, toned down, ‘Will You Wait’, which is a little bit of a ballad, but also has a big, rocking instrumental mid-section and some nicely picked guitar chords; the very southern sounding ‘Break Through’ (although I wasn’t a massive fan of the vocals) and the raunchy ‘Too Far Left To Fall’.

I’m also a sucker for a band that can do a good ballad; if you’re a soft and fluffy ‘all the feels’ type, then check out ‘Into The Light’, a simple, stunning affair that had me transfixed for the duration. Great vocals and great instrumental.

The production is a little muffled in places, but overall, this album is a cracker; certainly if you’re looking for a harder southern edge than some of the tamer bands that are around at the moment, Doomsday Outlaw have it by the bucket load. Is it ground-breaking? Well probably not, but it’ll get you up and moving and it’s the sort of album that will kick start any party. I really liked it and I’m getting notoriously harder to please with each year that passes. Triumphant!

01 Hard Times
02 Over And Over
03 Spirit That Made Me
04 Into The Light
05 Bring It On Home
06 Days Since I Saw The Sun
07 Will You Wait
08 Break You
09 Come My Way
10 Were You Ever Mine
11 Too Far Left To Fall



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Unto The Wolves -Year Two

Year Two Cover

Unto The Wolves -Year Two
Running Time: 1:04:55
Release Date: 01/12/2018
Review by Tsarina Wilson

Unto The Wolves gives the expression “one-man band” a whole new concept as John “Gage” Sifuentes performs and records all instrumentation and vocals and is the solo writer too. There is nothing this guy doesn’t do!

“Year Two” is reference to the second year of work being released through Patreon, where the songs are released on a monthly schedule, exclusively for patrons, and then once a full year of content is completed, it’s put together as a full-length album. And I think we can all be thankful for this, as this hard-hitting album is gritty with a heavy edge to it.

The songs are inspired by everyday life with people needing to accept others no matter what their race, culture or background. Hard hitting drums are so prominent throughout, the guitar riffs will leave you breathless, and Gage’s gritty gruffness to his voice makes for some good listening.

‘Doomsday’ starts off like an express train, with no letting up, and references the so-called end of the world but to be honest, with violence and frustration, was it our own doomsday?

Lines like “A time to love, and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace” in the track ‘Conflict Resolution’ certainly bring a few things home in this day and age. Throughout all the tracks, there are certainly underlying questions and feelings all brought together within this hard-hitting album, but at the end of it all we are buried alike and are equal in death.

Each track has its own hidden story and you can see in your own everyday life how these effect people. The album deals with everything, from war to poverty to race wars and more, things I’m sure we have all seen at some point in our lives. Gage certainly gets a message across in this album.

In addition, the track ‘The Catacombs’ features Daniel Graves.

“Year Two” has so much going for it. It’s ballsy, it’s gritty and it’s hard hitting. It questions things and makes you think, and this is all within a hard-hitting metal shell made for our enjoyment. This album isn’t for everyone, but it is such good listening. If this is “Year Two” then here’s to year three!

01-Validate The Pain
02- The Written Word
03-Immune To The Cold
04-A Will Of Servitude
05-Symptom Of Loyalty
07-Conflct Resolution
08-The Catacombs (Featuring Daniel Graves)
09-Judge And Jury
11-The Gray Of Duality
12-Reprieve From Reality
13-Close My Eyes Forever (Bonus Track)



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Scarlet Aura – Hot ‘n’ Heavy

Hot_n_Heavy Cover

Scarlet Aura – Hot ‘n’ Heavy
Silver City Records
Running Time: 54:45
Release Date: 22/03/2019
Review by Tsarina Wilson

Romanian female fronted band, Scarlet Aura, are due to release their new album “Hot ‘n’ Heavy” in March of this year via their own label Silver City Records.

The first single released, ‘Hail to You’ is a fast, punchy song with very strong vocals from Aura Danciulescu, a lady who sounds like you don’t wanna mess with, and is all about a metaphorical war. It’s an introduction to an album that leads you into a false sense of security because, before you know it, you are soon swept away in a breath-taking wave of fast guitar riffs, and crazy drumming and this is proved in the track ‘In The Name Of My Pain.’

With Aura Danciulescu on vocals, Mihai Danciulescu on lead guitar and vocals, Rene Nistor on bass guitar and vocals and Sorin Ristea on drums, this band pack a mighty punch. The band are from Bucharest in Romania and are not scared to be different with their unique sound and powerful tracks.

“Hot ‘n’ Heavy” has so much to give. It is metal through and through but strangely seductive with Aura’s vocals almost having a gravel base to them. This lady has many strings to her bow as not only does she have such a hypnotic voice, she has also written the accompanying “The Book of Scarlet” – the first book in a trilogy. In here you will find the lyrics to the songs along with the amazing story of Scarlet, which gives you an insight into the world of Scarlet Aura, and personally I can’t wait to check it out.

Although this is a very metal album, it’s also a great combination of sounds which hooks you quickly and keeps you listening. It’s chaotic yet compulsive all at the same time. You get a little bit of everything from amazing guitar riffs, to crazy drums to a hint of synths, all encased with amazing vocals.

There are tracks like ‘Hate is Evanescent, Violence Is Forever’, a song which, with its synth background and almost snarling vocals, would makes one heck of a track for a film score (think Sci-Fi war film or epic action film.)

You can’t help but get caught up with this album. It almost tells a story and you’re scared to not listen to the next track in case you miss something. For those of you who grew up in the 80’s, listening to the likes of Maiden, the track ‘Silver City’ is almost classic of that style and should appeal to you.

I don’t think there is a track on this album that I can honestly say I wasn’t too sure on. The one thing I can recommend is that you start the album and then hold on for one hellava ride. I’m not saying its hard metal from start to finish because there are some softer tracks to give you a bit of a breather but don’t be fooled. It is just leading you into a false sense of security as it will be followed with more ace guitars, Aura’s vocals and some amazing harmonies. The energy of this album is crazy from beginning to end and the track ‘Let’s Go Fucking Wild’ sums up the whole experience. What you see is what you get! Simply, just pure talent!

What more can I say? Just AWESOME!

1-The Future Becomes Are Past
2- Hail To You
3-In The Name Of My Pain
4-Hot ‘n’ Heavy
5-Fallin To Pieces
6-Glimpse In The Mirror
7-You Bite Me I’ll Bite You Back
8-Hate Is Evanescent, Violence is Forever
9-Silver City
10-Light Be My Guide
11- Lets Go Fucking Wild
12 To New Horizons



by Miluta Flueras

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Magoth – Zeitgeist : Dystopia

Zeitgeist - Dystopia Cover

Magoth – Zeitgeist : Dystopia
shagnART Music
Running Time: 61:01
Release Date: 09/11/2018
Review by Mark Pritchard

Roughly two weeks ago to the day I was surprisingly approached by the head of promotion for the company MetalMessage where METAL is the message and the message is LOUD! about the possibility of reviewing one of the bands under the promotion and the band that I decided on the opportunity of reviewing is the Black Metal band ‘Magoth’ who are based in Germany and the album I am reviewing is called ‘Zeitgeist : Dystopia’, in all honesty as bad as it sounds I actually have never heard of these guys and so when I was given this opportunity to review them I was entering the complete unknown, like visiting a new city for the first time and not knowing what to expect but at the same time I was excited to experience a new band which is why I agreed to review ‘Magoth’.

Before anything else I will say that this album is amazing to listen to, from start to finish this album is in your face, in my mind these guys are the literal meaning of intense, I have listened to a lot of albums that are intense but the intensity of these guys and this album brings it to a whole new level for me, this album is unrelenting throughout and after each song it doesn’t give you the chance to prepare for the next song and these songs aren’t just ‘oh yeah it’s a good headbanger’ this album makes you headbang, the first time I listened through the album I had no idea that I was headbanging so when I got a headache I was questioning why but since that first time the headaches are worth it because this album can’t be listened to without headbanging.

I will say that after each song with how intense these guys play I am amazed how they still have their arms intact because I don’t think any bands I have listened to have been as top notch and intense at playing than these but within the intensity you hear the screaming vocals which sound as if the Vocalist Heergott is right next to you and screaming it right down your ear, I enjoy listening to this album a lot and in this album of in your face songs there are a few that stand out to me but the one song that stands out the most and is my favourite from of the album is ‘The Fates Of Resurrection’, in previous reviews I have told how I like a little bit of a slow start to songs and this song gives me that for just a moment and then comes out at you non-stop, this song shows me that not only can they go all out but also at moments slow down even just for a little bit.

This album tells me that these guys didn’t just put the work in but that they went above and beyond it which makes me absolutely appreciate what they have done with this album, the guys in this band from left to right of the band picture are Shagnar on Lead Guitar, Heergott on Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Widrir on drums and Havoc on Bass Guitar. Now it comes to my rating(s), I will be straight up and say that my rating for the album as a whole is going to be a respectable 8 out of 10 but separate to that my rating for the stand out song ‘The Fates Of Resurrection’ is 10 out of 10, I would suggest to anyone who loves black metal and metal altogether to hit these guys up, this is an amazing album and you won’t regret the chance of listening to this awesome group of guys. Below will be a few links for the band.

01. Rise
02. Once Ylem Began
03. Sinister Forces Arose
04. Above The Sacred Lands
05. Zenith
06. Beneath All Venom And Void
07. The Fates Of Resurrection
08. Summoning The Apocalypse
09. Decay
10. When Tyrants Shall Fall
11. Solidified Ashes Awake
12. The Nemesis Of A Blaze
13. Infinity


Promo Pic1

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Callus – Hogpocalypse

Hogpocalypse Cover

Callus – Hogpocalypse
Running Time: 49:00
Release Date: 27/01/2019
Review by Rick Tilley

If you have been following Ever Metal regularly for the last year, then there is a 96.7% chance you have heard us mention Lancaster based Metal band Callus, at least once. Having seen/met them, for the first time at Hammerfest 2018, and being utterly blown away by not only the quality of their music but by how awesome they are as people, Beth and I went on to watch their progress through the Mammothfest Battle Of the Bands competition, which culminated in them winning their regional final, interviewed them twice, managed to get them on the bill at Wrexfest, reviewed their debut EP, wrote multiple gig reviews, watched their joy as they were asked to play The Jägermeister Stage at Bloodstock 2018 (where they went down an absolute storm), did a ‘Callus Day’ on the Ever Metal pages (where we exclusively premiered a trailer for the debut album) and also attended Vocalist/Guitarist Louis Clarke’s wedding, to the lovely Jennie, where Beth was asked to be official photographer. It’s fair to say we have, not only championed them as a superbly talented band that need to be on your radar, but have become firm and good friends with them!

Debut album “Hogpocalypse” has been a long time coming and with everything I’ve written above, whatever the outcome, this review was always going to be a tough one to write. On the one hand, if the album didn’t live up to expectations, how was I going to tell them how I felt and on the other, if it was good, how was I going to write it without you, dear readers, thinking I was just blowing smoke up their backsides? Well I’ve had a good long think and the only thing I can do is tell the truth, as I see it, and hope that everyone who reads this believes my integrity because “Hogpocalypse” is a triumph!

If you’ve not heard Callus before then the first thing you need to know is that they don’t sound like anyone else. They combine a whole host of genres together in a unique way so one minute you are listening to a down-tuned, Doom-laden, Sludge filled, Punky edged riff reminiscent of the Melvins and the next you’re listening to killer Thrash akin to Megadeth or Overkill. Round that out with snippets of Traditional Metal, all quite often in the same song, and their sound is a breath of fresh air. Next up is the fact that this all comes out of three people. Founding members, the aforementioned Vocalist/Guitarist Louis Clarke and Vocalist/Bassist Ben Wormwell plus Drummer Ryan Ormerod make unholy and thunderously heavy music (on album and live) that sounds more like six or seven people, however, everything is incredibly catchy and you cannot stop yourself from moving to the music…try keeping still, I guarantee you won’t be able to do it!

Callus don’t play particularly complicated music or fill it with blazing guitar solos but they hypnotise you with quality riffs and rhythmic playing. It’s all about how vocals, guitar, bass and drums work together to bring power, precision and HEAVY to the table. Every track from the opening, stonking, riff of ‘Boar’ to the closing refrains of ‘Zygote’ are mesmerising and will have your neck snapping in so many different directions that you better hope the local hospital has beds available!

Everything presented here is eerie and horror filled, it’s crusty, rat infested and thick with evil but it’s also beautiful to behold and proof that space in the music is sometimes just as important as filling that space. “Hogpocalypse” is the soundtrack to an H. P. Lovecraft Book/Film where you don’t know if you’ll ever come out on the other side with your sanity intact but you jump right in anyway because the journey is too good to miss. Once you’ve heard tracks such as ‘Leg Slice’, ‘Skunk’, ‘The Dunwich Horror’, ‘The Primordial’ or ‘Where Savage Things Grow’ you’ll want to do that too!

Louis, Ben and Ryan are all young, but very accomplished, musicians and kudos must also be given to Ryan’s beautiful production and mixing which was done at his home studio. This is a complete do-it-yourself album with everything being self-recorded and to have a product of this quality must make the three of them incredibly proud because it puts many ‘more expensive’ albums to shame!

“Hogpocalypse” is everything I wanted and so much more so all I can say is huge congratulations to Callus for their hard work and dedication to get to this point. If they have the guts to keep going then it will be a travesty if they aren’t justly rewarded! Miss them at your peril!

01. Boar
02. Infinite Beef Machine
03. Under The Waste
04. Skunk
05. Leg Slice
06. The Primordial
07. The Dunwich Horror
08. Where Savage Things Grow
09. Dreameater
10. Zygote


Promo by Beth Jones

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All photos courtesy of Beth Jones and PhotograBee Images

Date From Hell – Indie Horror Film

Date From Hell Poster

Date From Hell
Indie Horror Film
Release Date: 2019
Running Time: 11:36
Review by Rick Tilley

Two years ago, Dawn and I teamed up to bring Ever Metal to a wider audience in the hope that we could promote some of the smaller bands, labels and PR companies and get a few more of you to realise that there is a whole world of fantastic Metal & Rock music out there that deserve serious attention. If you had told me back then that I would be sitting at my desk with three independent short horror films to review (all with a metal music connection) I would have laughed at you, but I have!

First up is “Date From Hell” the directorial debut of award winning, Texas Heavy Metal vocalist Ven Scott (Runescarred, ex Dead Earth Politics). Not only am I a fan of both those bands but I’m a Horror/Sci-Fi book & film nutcase and have been for about 40 years.

There has always been a strong link between Metal and Horror/Fantasy/Sci-Fi so to receive these to watch and review is something of an honour and a bit of a no-brainer!

“Date From Hell” runs at just under twelve minutes and has the following synopsis; “Bobby and Susie find themselves on the worst date ever, pursued by a lone drifter with murder on his mind. The drifter is unrelenting, relishing the hunt and claiming his victims.”

My initial thought was “yeah okay, it’s been done a thousand times before” but, almost immediately, two things happened which made me forget my reservations about the plotline. Firstly, it is very apparent, that the two lead actors Ava L’Amoreaux (Susie) and Samuel Brett Howard (Bobby) have great on-screen chemistry and, considering the short running time and low budget of the film, it is also apparent that Ven Scott is extremely assured behind the camera. This all looks and feels a lot more polished and expensive than it should do.

I then found myself smiling, not because it’s funny, but because I was being pulled into the story. There is a definite homage to 80’s horror/slasher movies on the screen and by the three-minute mark I was hooked and sat back in my chair perfectly willing to accept a ‘seen it before plot’ because of the performances and directing.

I started to get the feeling there was going to be a twist and, in that respect, I was correct… BUT when it arrives, bearing in mind I’ve watched thousands of horror and slasher films over the years, it is a refreshing and unexpected one that makes you look at the lead characters in a completely different light! On top of that the make-up, special effects and lighting are very good!

Currently being submitted to Film Festivals in the U.S., Canada and beyond, Scott hopes to make the film available for public viewing late in 2019 and I very much hope that anyone who has a love of horror/slasher films gets a chance to see it because “Date From Hell” is well worth twelve minutes of your time!

Runescarred are currently writing a new album but believe me when I say that Ven Scott certainly has a future career as a film director if he wishes to continue down this path!

Check out the trailer to “Date From Hell” below:

Further Links:

Powergame – Masquerade

Masquerade Cover

Powergame – Masquerade
Iron Shield Records
Running Time: 48:16
Release Date: 18/01/2019
Review by Lotty Whittingham

It’s no secret that Germany is home to some household names in Heavy Metal, Doro, Scorpions and Accept to name a few. Could newcomers Powergame join this growing list of legends? Judging from their latest release “Masquerade” it shows the band have the potential to do so.

Powergame went through some major line-up changes before they released their first demo entitled “Raw Heavy Metal” in 2013. This was followed by their self-released record “Beast On The Attack” in 2015. “Masquerade” is the latest to hit shelves and there is clear evidence of energy and enthusiasm within their sound.

First impressions of “Masquerade”? There is no questioning the band’s talent, dedication and energy. There are Iron Maiden-esque vocals, sharp riffs and solos on the guitars and pounding rhythms from the bass and drums. These are the key ingredients of the band.

All these promising elements are evident on opening track ‘Legion Of The Dead’.

The production of the album is very crisp and well put together, it gives the album the vibe that these songs should be showcased in larger venues to huge crowds, you feel like you should be in a stadium. For instance, the track ‘Final Warning’ contains a marching rhythm, some air guitar worthy solos and riffs, not to mention those dominant vocals would sit well within a stadium setting.

Even though the production of the album gives the songs a certain stadium vibe, the content within each track, at the moment, is fairly average. As much as one tried to get into the album and give it a chance, it’s not attention grabbing enough, but at the same time, you are curious to see where their sound could go. Given the production which makes their material sound huge and dominant, imagine what their sound would be like after some fine tuning. Bearing in mind, it is only their second release so there is still plenty of room to grow.

“Masquerade does have its stand out tracks though. The chorus of ‘For Those Who Died’ is memorable, it’s one of the tracks you listen to and remember instantly when you hear it again. The guitar work and vocals are two key ingredients that help make this happen. ‘Baptized In Fire And Steel’ has a ‘Run To The Hills’ vibe about it with its rapid guitar work and mosh pit worthy beat. There is no doubt that this track will go down well in a live environment.

Overall, there is unquestionable talent, dedication and hard work where the band are concerned. With these elements, the band can go far. “Masquerade” might be an acquired taste from many fans of the modern metal community. For some it can be an album they can crank up to the max or one they simply have on in the background whilst carrying on with daily tasks. That’s the listener’s decision.

01 Legion Of The Dead
02 Lucid Dreams
03 Puppets On A String
04 Powergame
05 Final Warning
06 The Chase Of The Falcon
07 For Those Who Died
08 Baptized In Fire And Steel
09 Masquerade
10 Ghost Town
11 Blackout (Scorpions Cover)



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