Rock Goddess – It’s More Than Rock and Roll EP

It's More Than Rock And Roll EP Cover

Rock Goddess – It’s More Than Rock And Roll EP

Running Time: 13:27

Release Date: 19/05/2017

Bite You To Death Records

Review by Beth Jones



Here’s where I make some of you feel old! Rock Goddess where originally formed in 1977, two years before I was born, and had success in the 80’s as part of the NWOBHM movement. Hailing from London, sisters Jodie and Julie Turner, and their friend Tracey Lamb, became a three piece with a good cult following. The band had a decade of success, before life got in the way and they disbanded. They gave it a couple more shots in the 90’s and 2000’s, but it didn’t amount to much, however the fans were desperate for them to all come back together as the original line up, which finally happened in 2013. Since then, fans have been waiting with bated breath for the appearance of their new album.

Well… they haven’t quite got that far yet, but in March 2017 they did give us this 3 track EP! It’s a start!

Now, the press release for this says, ‘If you are nestling down for a comfortable trip into the borough of Nostalgia, South London, then you had better prepare to have that notion scrambled’, however, I couldn’t disagree more. If you are a fan of classic 80’s nostalgic Rock, then this is the EP for you! If music was an outfit, this would have more tassels, leather, and spandex than Alice Cooper’s wardrobe!! It is laden with solid, chunky, headbanging riffs, tonnes of overdrive, and classic Rock vocal harmonies, which makes it straightforward listening – there are no hidden meanings, no interesting little twiddles that you weren’t expecting – just good, salt of the earth, meat and two veg, ROCK! And for me, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and to be brutally honest, making it ‘current’ would have totally missed the point and spoiled it in my eyes! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

The EP kicks off with ‘It’s More Than Rock And Roll’. Maybe it is if you look at is symbolically, on a Tuesday, whilst leaning slightly to one side, and eating blue Smarties, but to me it isn’t anything more than Rock & Roll! A catchy repetitive hook draws the song along, with a very distinct Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Middle 8, Solo, Chorus X2 formula which means you can toe-tap and sing along instantly, and it doesn’t outstay its welcome. My biggest criticism of this track is the production – things don’t seem to sit right in it for me – the guitar and vocals are too far back, the bass guitar and snare too far forwards and it’s all a bit muddy. I have listened to it on a couple of different devices and have still drawn the same conclusion. Maybe this is how the band wanted it to sound, maybe I am missing some deep symbolic meaning signifying the struggle through the mud of the music industry, and life, and how sometimes things can’t always be at the forefront of our minds……But for me it just sounds not quite as balanced as I would have liked. I am a simple girl, with simple tastes and this track didn’t entirely wet my appetite.

The second track, ‘Back Off’, is better. Crisper, cleaner sounding, and in general a better song, whilst still just being straightforward. The vocals are more raw (or roarrr!!, whichever way you want to look at it!) but it works – it still has the trademark harmonies, and over-driven guitar riffs, however the solo is more impressive than the first track, and the rhythm changes and use of more dynamics make it a bit more exciting. It is more lyrically substantial than the first track, which makes a big difference. For me, the best of the three tracks by a good margin.

Track three, ‘We’re All Metal’, is back to the classic rock solid anthem. Chunky, down-tuned and dare I say a bit predictable – nothing wrong with that – it does exactly what it says on the tin. The fact it fades out at the end (which you will soon come to learn is one of my biggest bug bears) ​is a disappointment and takes away from what is a pretty good song and leaves you a bit non-plus– it’s just lazy – please for the love of music, work out a way to finish the song!

All in all, this EP is…..OK. It is a bit like your comfy knickers – when you wear them, you know exactly what to expect, and they make you feel secure, but you wouldn’t wear them on a hot date! If you prefer comfy knickers to a crotchless thong, then you will feel safe with this EP! I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it, because I did, but it didn’t blow me away. However, it is nice to see the ladies back and still kicking it like the good old days!



It’s More Than Rock And Roll
Back Off
We’re All Metal


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Kings Will Fall – Thrash Force. One

Thrash Force.One Cover



Running time: 31.55

Independent / MetalMessage Global PR

Review by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King

7 out of 10


After reviewing a lot of power metal and NWOBHM bands I thought I would try something a little bit different and what better than “one of the most playful, lively and explosive new thrash metal bands,” Kings Will Fall.

Formed in South Tyrol in Italy by Daniel Vanza (bass) and Lukas Gross (drums) in 2013, the two were eventually joined by guitarist Rene Thaler and vocalist Fabian Jung, completing the line up that is still valid today.

The band released their demo EP “Death Comes Early” is 2015 and it was a well-received precursor to Thrash Force. One, their debut full length album that was released on February 11th 2017 and was recorded in Bucket Hill Studios.

The album opens with the atmospheric, In Dead and Mud and Misery, and is a sample-laced disturbing vision of war, a theme that continues throughout the rest of the album, the whole concept being historical World War 2.

Its not until the second track Toxic War kicks in that you really find out what this band is about. I hadn’t heard the original EP so I had no idea what to expect from these guys and was pleasantly surprised by the opening hard-hitting riffs, as I like a bit of thrash!

What I wasn’t expecting were the death metal vocals that had been thrown in, amongst the thrash screams, and although I am not a big death metal fan, I can appreciate it as a genre of metal and so not completely disregard it.

So, think of a mix of old school thrash metal, such as the likes of Exodus and Slayer, with a touch of death metal vocals (which are intermingled with typical thrash vocals and screams) and you pretty much have this band summed up!

Right from the opening bars of that second track, the album is a thrash attack of a brutally savage nature and hurtles along at break neck speed from start to finish, never once giving the listener a break.

The hard-hitting guitar riffs and venomous vocals mix well with the powerhouse that is the drum and bass and there is a raw energy throughout.

If I was to have listened to this album just as a general listener, I probably would have turned it off after the first few songs (maybe not even giving it that long!) but, being a reviewer, I have to listen to it with a different pair of ears.

Technically and musically, I love this band. It has everything a great thrash band should have, galloping riffs, pounding drums and booming basslines. And I guess there is nothing wrong with the vocals really (it must take a lot out of a vocalist to growl and scream like that, so I appreciate the effort and hard work) they just do not appeal to me.

Having the crossover between thrash and death metal, however, means that Kings Will Fall should appeal to a wide range of audience and I recommend any fans of these two genres go check them out.

I am glad I listened to this album and, ending with a cover of Motörhead’s “We Are Motörhead”, I think a lot of you will be happy with it too!



  • 1.In Dead & Mud & Misery
  • 2.Toxic War
  • 3.Shots for Glory
  • 4.Burn All Fuel
  • 5.Endless Pain
  • 6.Damage Crown
  • 7.Buster
  • 8.Gängster 1948
  • 9.We Are Motörhead (Motörhead Cöver)



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Vicious Nature – VII EP




Running time: 24.51

Review by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King

9 out of 10


Being approached to review something by a band is always an honour and it was no exception when Andy Southwell of the band Vicious Nature asked me to review their new EP. I have already reviewed a single from it, so it made sense to review this too.

Formed in 2012 in the West Midlands, England, the band features former members of Cloven Hoof, Marshall Law and Cerebral Fix, all great bands in their own right, and as Jon ‘JB’ Brown, himself, states “this is no reflection on the music the band is producing, just an indication of the musicianship involved!”

So, what of the EP?

It kicks off with an atmospheric intro, aptly named The Calm Before the Storm, before launching you head first into a thrash metal onslaught with Rise Up. And it doesn’t let up! It is full on and in your face from start to finish.

I absolutely love the guitar work on this EP. Heavy, meaty riffs that gallop along have always been my favourite and this EP has them in abundance. Andy Southwell’s guitar playing is tight and concise and obviously the work of an immensely talented guy who isn’t afraid to show he’s influenced by the likes of Randy Rhoads and Eddie van Halen.

The rhythm section, comprised of drummer Brown and bass player Mark Culley, work well together. JB’s drumming is full of energy and the guy certainly knows how to hit the skins. Frantic drumming is, in my opinion, a must for any thrash metal album and JB knows how to do that with a passion. Mark’s bass playing on this EP is thumping throughout and at times comes to the forefront of a track. These two are an awesome duo and are more than just the time and beat keepers!

Andy Pyke has a typical metal singer’s voice, ranging from the highest notes to the lowest and his vocals are the icing on the top of a perfectly crafted metal machine. These guys are at the top of their game, and this EP shows that, performed with tons of anger, and a shit load of attitude, just how any great metal album should be performed.

As well as four incredibly talented guys, superb song writing and performances that are second to none, the production on this EP is fantastic too. So, what more could you want? Well, a couple more tracks would have done me just nicely!!

I usually pick out one or two tracks as my favourites on an album or EP, but I simply cannot do that with this one. All the tracks are fantastic, and I can’t pick one over any of the others.

So, if you like your music metal and your metal as it should be, then check out Vicious Nature, one of the best British metal bands around at the moment.

But don’t just take my word for it………. Grab yourself a copy of this EP, give them a listen and see for yourself!



  • The Calm Before the Storm
  • Rise Up
  • Devil Calls
  • Twisted Psychotic
  • The Silence that Kills
  • System of Disorder (recorded live at Wizzfest 2015)






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Desolation Angels – King





8 OUT OF 10


Dissonance Productions

Review by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King


Now, I have never hidden the fact that I am not the biggest New Wave of British Heavy Metal fan, but that doesn’t mean I will shy away from reviewing it. And what better NWOBHM band to review than Desolation Angels?

Formed in 1981 in London, England, they released their self-financed first single Valhalla in 1983, by which time they had established themselves as a solid pub and club band throughout London’s East End, playing alongside other NWOBHM bands such as Chariot and Elixir. Their self-titled debut album, recorded at Thameside Studios in London, was finally released in 1984 and they earned themselves a great reputation for their potent live performances.

But the band thought their true path lay elsewhere and they relocated to Los Angeles, California soon after, spending eight years there. They returned to England in the early nineties before splitting in 1994.

The release of the Feels Like Thunder boxset in 2008 prompted original guitarists Robin Brancher and Keith Sharp to reform the band and by 2012 they were playing live again. New additions of Clive Pearson on bass and Chris Takka on drums in 2013 and the acquisition of former Elixir singer Paul Taylor on vocals in 2015 complete the current line-up.

2014 saw the release of a new EP titled Sweeter Than Meat, while their debut, self-titled album was reissued in 2016.

King (great name by the way!) is their new album, officially released on February 23rd, 2018 by Dissonance Productions. The album was produced by the late, great Chris Tsangeridis (RIP) and is a blistering return to everything that made the band so electrifying the first-time round.

I have often touched on the subject of progression in a band’s sound while writing a review, and this time will be no different. Many bands get berated for not progressing with the times, while others are criticised for doing just that. It seems the bands just cannot win whatever they do.

I sit on the fence with this one. I love to hear a band’s sound change as they progress through their career but, at the same time, I want to hear the sound that made them in the first place. Desolation Angels have maintained their sound from the NWOBHM wave in the early 80’s but have added a huge dose of contemporary aggression to their mix of classic, heavy, chorus-driven metal that will leave necks sore everywhere they go.

I saw a quote stating they were looking for “meticulous song writing, anthemic oomph, hard rock swagger and plenty of street level heavy metal grit” and I think that is exactly what they have achieved with this album. It’s a nostalgic snapshot of the early days of classic and traditional heavy metal that will leave older listeners harping back to the “good old days” while the youngers ones will wish they had been there (me included!).

I think the album gets better the further into it you get, with the second half featuring the stronger songs. Now, when I say, “the second half”, what I mean is from track number four “Rotten to the Core” (which also happens to be my favourite song on the album…. reminds me of so many people!) so really, we are talking about most of the album!!

The first single from the album “Another Turn of the Screw” is due to be released in March 23rd, the same day as the official album launch party that is taking place at The Devonshire Arms in Camden, and, although I can see why they have chosen this as the first single (appeals more to the mainstream etc etc) I would have liked to have seen “Rotten to the Core” or “Sky of Pain” but then that’s just my opinion!!!

Overall, this is a great album (over a week in my car is testament to that!) that I think all fans, old and new, of the NWOBHM sound will love and is must to add to any collection. I am not a NWOBHM fan and I loved it. A great album from a great bunch of guys!

When’s the next album out?!



  • 01 – Doomsday
  • 02 – Another Turn Of The Screw
  • 03 – Devil Sent
  • 04 – Rotten To The Core
  • 05 – Your Blackened Heart
  • 06 – Find Your Life
  • 07 – Hellfire
  • 08 – Sky Of Pain
  • 09 – My Demon Inside






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Symetria – Symetria

Symetria Cover




7 OUT OF 10



Review by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King


“Old school metal never died, it went back to it’s home in New Jersey, where it belongs.”

Symetria are a quintet from the Garden State of New Jersey, and this is their self-titled debut album released in September 2017.

The band first got together when core members, Vince Santonastaso (vocals) and Kevin Gust (guitar) met through a Craigslist ad, and after playing covers from the likes of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Metallica, Santonastaso realised there was more to their musical life. The two of them signed up old friend Fernando Carrera on bass and Blair Smith on drums, and the initial line up of Symetria was formed.

The name Symetria derives from the Polish word for ‘symmetry’, although the literal translation would be “balanced and intelligent”, which is exactly how the members of the band see themselves and their vision for the future.

The band spent the autumn of 2016 writing and working up a live show, playing their first gig, in the November at a Toys for Tots charity show, to critical praise across the board. By now they had also been in touch with Tim McCurtie, former M.O.D guitarist, who had just formed his own label called Tripsquad Records, and Symetria were his first signing.

The band hit the studio with producers Eric Rachel (Burnt by the Sun and M.O.D) and Mcurtie, and they laid down eight tracks in seven days. Second guitarist, James Soto, also joined at around this time.

The band, themselves, are a bit of a throwback to the sound of the 80’s and 90’s, when bands such as Overkill, T,T Quick and M.O.D ruled the tri-state area. They are hard and heavy, with an underproduced, raw sound, and I have read other reviews almost berating the band for harping back to a sound of a by-gone era.

I, on the other hand, have no problem with a current band emulating a sound of the past, and even adding a little modern-day twist to it. It may have all “been done before” but I believe that is the beauty and magic of music. It can transport you back to a time and a place in the past, and bring back nostalgic memories, while still being part of the modern-day scene.

The album, itself, is played with the confidence and power of a band who have built up many years’ experience, with many of the tracks dealing with modern day themes and topics. The track “Flying High” deals with the ugliness of addiction (Kevin Gust’s addiction and recovery), “Too Late” calls for the immediate action for whatever it is you intend to do in life because tomorrow is never guaranteed, while “Venial Sin” is about the Seven Deadly Sins. Says Santonastaso: “a vinial sin is a lesser sin. I chose the name because I wanted to draw attention to the sad truth that so much of our lives have become trivial now, and so little really has meaning anymore.”

Ok, so this album is not going to win any major awards for originality, or break any new ground, but for a debut, I think this is a solid album that shows the band have a lot of potential.

Go and check them out, you may just like what you hear!



  • 01 – Wakening
  • 02 – Flying High
  • 03 – Vinial Sin
  • 04 – All The Same
  • 05 – Stomp
  • 06 – Time
  • 07 – Too Late
  • 08 – Symetria



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Beth Blade and The Beautiful Disasters – Bad Habit

Bad Habit Cover

Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters – Bad Habit

Running Time: 35:36

Release Date: 03/04/2017


Review by Beth Jones



I know that this is a hotly debated topic, but I am a huge fan of ladies in rock and metal, 1. – because I love rock and metal of any kind, and 2. – because I am a lady!! Having said that, some of it can be a bit weak and whiney, however one person that couldn’t be further from that category is honorary Welsh powerhouse, Beth Blade!

Since hitting the scene a little over two years ago, Cardiff based Beth, and her ‘Beautiful Disasters’ have been making a big impression, with their debut album, “Bad Habit”, being released in April 2017. Heavily influenced by classic rockers such as KISS, AC/DC and Guns n Roses, Beth is the modern embodiment of your classic Joan Jett style Rock Chick, which for me is an instant thumbs up!

We were handed The BBATBD album at Rockwich last year (2017), and it has been on the review list ever since, and I am glad that I have finally got around to doing it – better late than never I always say! Having seen the guys live, I had very high expectations for the album and on the whole it didn’t disappoint. It is full of classic riffs, ripping vocals and face melting guitar and, as a debut album, is pretty solid. Beth has a great, powerful tone to her voice, which really sits well in their classic rock style, and is backed up competently by her merry band of musicians. The album switches between a good pacey headbanger and a slower pace ballad well, and doesn’t feel too disjointed.

Opening in classic fashion with ‘Hell Yeah’, and rocking through ‘Bad Habit’, ‘Beautiful Disease’ and ‘Down And Dirty’, the chunky guitar and solid rhythm and bass section drives the album and makes you tap your feet, nod your head and remember. One thing that I would say is this – I love a good bass sound, but in the first track the mix has the bass turned up to eleven, and I felt it might be just a touch too much. I would be interested to know if this was purposefully done like this, as the rest of the album is more well balanced. The bass player is however a giant, as illustrated in a picture of me standing next to him, with him using my head as an arm rest, which is still floating round Facebook somewhere, so maybe this has something to do with it!

That aside, after a couple of listens I was singing along to the infectious melodies and I found myself humming them round the house for a good while afterwards, which is always the mark of a good song for me.

My favourite track on the album is ‘Poster Girl For Pain’, but not necessarily for its musical qualities, more for its lyrical meanings, which I feel are very current. The song itself is almost 90s Grunge, which I know is a bit like Marmite, but I think it works – it is sleazy, melancholy and scathing, but for me it is the stand out track on the album – the raw emotion of it slaps you in the face! Hard!

The tempo of the album picks up again after this mid – session break, with ‘This Bitch Bites’, to which my answer would be, ‘Yup, judging by this I am pretty sure she does’!! Again, it is punchy, solid, classic rock which continues through to the end of the album.

By the last track I was daydreaming about being back in the late 80s/ early 90s, eating a 20p mix, nursing BMX wounds and listening to the soundtracks for ‘Bill & Ted’ and ‘Wayne’s World’ – so much so I very nearly shouted ‘PARTY ON WAYNE’ at the top of my voice. I was sat in a traffic jam at the time listening to it in my car, so it is probably a good job I supressed the urge!

But for me that sums up the feel of the album. If you liked that era and musical style then; then you are going to love this album now! It is catchy, infectious, punchy and rocky, and a very good start on the road for Beth and her Beautiful Disasters. Some of the album feels a little tentative – like they are holding back a bit, or are not completely confident that they have found their sound, but essentially, they are a very good band, and with a few little tweaks, I am sure they will be a great band. I can’t wait to see what they do next. PARTY ON BETH!!!!


Hell Yeah!
Bad Habit
Beautiful Disease
Down And Dirty
Poster Girl For Pain
This Bitch Bites
Hell In High Heels
If You’re Ready To Rock
Angel With A Dirty Face
Legends Never Die


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Pink Cream 69 – Headstrong

Headstrong Cover

Pink Cream 69 – Headstrong

Frontiers Music SRL

Running time : 44:24

Release Date: November 10th 2017

Reviewer Tsarina Wilson



Wow, Wow just Wow! Not the usual start to a review but there are not many other words I can use. Talk about being blown away by both the album plus the live album recorded in Ludwigsburg in 2013. This band are just totally amazing, from vocals to guitar riffs to brilliant drums. They are the whole package.

David Readman (vocals), Alfred Koffler (guitars), Uwe Rietenauer (guitars), Dennis Ward (bass) and Chris Schmidt (drums) will have you headbanging wherever you listen to this album. Headstrong marks the 30th anniversary of Pink Cream 69 and you get a treat of a live album to listen to as well.

Pink Cream 69, a German based band were founded in 1987 by Andi Deris, Alfred Koffler and Kosta Zafiriou. They were later joined by Dennis Ward on bass and when then singer Andi Deris left the band in 1994 auditions resulted in the addition of Englishman David Readman. In 2001 guitarist Alfred Koffler was diagnosed with Focal Dystonia which effects his left hand, so Uwe Rietenauer was recruited to help Alfred on their live shows before becoming a full-time member of the band. Chris Schmidt would later become the drummer when Zafiriou departed in 2012.

Headstrong is the 12th studio album from the band and I have no doubt there are many more to come. Everything from hard rock to slower ballads, from crazy drums to totally mad guitar riffs that keep you wanting more and more. Vagrant Of The Night starts with some beautiful guitar playing which will remind you of Stairway To Heaven. You could just imagine a whole stadium of people holding up lighters and singing along at the top of their voices, then to add some brilliant guitar. My favourite has to be Walls Come Down. It is just brilliant, bang into it and none stop all the way through. The vocals and harmonies are just brilliant, guitar riffs to play air guitar to and a solid drum beat all the way though just make this track for me. I have to love the lyrics in Bloodsucker though, “back stabbing dirty rotten double-crossing mastermind“, mmmm, kinda think someone upset one of them, but again the guitar riffs in this are just brilliant.

Dennis Ward, an American bassist, also associated with Unisonic and Sunstorm amongst a few, is also the producer on this album and is obviously a perfectionist in what he does. Taking the album and listening to it in his car for weeks to make sure the listener gets the sound and feel of what this band is about, is important to him. Calling it “their new baby” it shows a level of perfection this man credits to in his work.

David Readman who is from Burnley in Lancashire in England and has many projects before becoming part of Pink Cream 69 including Voodoo Circle and Tank

This is a rock band that you can listen to all day and never get bored of, clear lyrics, great music and brilliant harmonies. There is just nothing to dislike about this album and I actually changed my review number. I’ll be honest, it was originally a 9.5 but have changed it to 10/10 mainly because I can’t give it 11/10. These guys have a wealth of experience between them, not to mention a whole lot of talent and I, for one, are hoping they come to the UK. I would love for them to put together a dvd of their videos as they are just pure entertainment.

Studio Album – Track Listing

  • Track 1: We Bow To None
  • Track 2: Walls Come Down
  • Track 3: Unite And Divide
  • Track 4 : No More Fear
  • Track 5 : Man Of Sorrow
  • Track 6 : Path Of Destiny
  • Track 7 : Vagrant Of The Night
  • Track 8 : Bloodsucker
  • Track 9 : Whistleblower
  • Track 10 : The Other Man

Bonus Live Album (Recorded In Ludwigsburg 2013) – Track Listing

  • Track 1 : Special
  • Track 2: Talk To The Moon
  • Track 3: Break The Silence
  • Track 4 :Do You Like It Like That
  • Track 5 : The Spirit
  • Track 6 : Livin My Life For You
  • Track 7 : Wasted Years
  • Track 8 : Welcome to Night
  • Track 9 : Shame




Disclaimer: This review is solely the property of Tsarina Wilson and Ever Metal. It is strictly forbidden to copy any part of this interview, unless you have the strict permission of both parties. Failure to do adhere to this will be treated as plagiarism and will be reported to the relevant authorities