Worhol – The Awakening

Worhol - The Awakening

Worhol – ‘The Awakening’

Running Time 37:56

Released on 10-03-2017 via Imminence Records / WormHoleDeath

9/10 – Review by Tsarina Wilson

“The Awakening” is the debut album from Texan symphonic metal / rock band Worhol.  If the name sounds familiar that’s because guitarist / pianist / composer Larry Worhol and his daughter, vocalist / pianist / composer Ashley are related to pop art icon Andy Warhol and wanted the family name to be the band name. Larry and Ashley are both very passionate about the music they love, have music degrees and a love of classical music, which is why they decided to form this band along with bassist / visual artist Craig Malinowski and drummer Marty Naul to realise their vision. They have been together since 2013 and have gradually been writing new music and touring, releasing a music video which received much interest. After signing a record deal with Imminence Records and a publishing deal with WormHoleDeath they are now ready to unleash their first album … and what an album it is!

“The Awakening” is one of those albums that, once you’ve listened to it, you have to keep going back to it! I say that because I’ve found myself drowning in Ashley’s vocals!

“Time To Say Goodbye” is my favourite track on the album, full of haunting vocals and lyrics, the whole album is full of twists, turns and musical variation and just when you think you have heard a good track, boom! The next one is equally as punchy!

You can air guitar to the solos in your head and you get lost in another world listening to them. There are very few female singers in this genre who will give you goose bumps but Ashley definitely does this to me throughout the course of the album, it’s so powerful without being overpowering, yet in the background orchestral hints keep you listening throughout without it ever becoming boring.

I could easily see Worhol being sought after by film makers for soundtrack music, with the powerful vocals and intense music this album has, it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Guitars in track seven, “We, The Abused” are amazing … they build you up, drop you then pick you up again!

Ashley’s voice is so hypnotic yet so classical and with the background music and orchestral arrangements, you can’t help but listen to every second of the “The Awakening” in case you miss something. It truly keeps you listening and I can only imagine and can’t wait to see what Worhol would be like in concert, they would keep crowds riveted and I for one would be there to see them!

“The Awakening” is a fabulous debut album and it’s been a thrill to have this as my first ever review!


Track List –

  • Voices From Above
  • Bowing Before You
  • Time To Say Goodbye
  • Already Forgotten
  • Rage And Revenge
  • In This Town
  • We, The Abused
  • Jurisdiction
  • Is This What’s Left Of Me

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Sinheresy – Domino

Sin heresy - Domino cover

Sinheresy – Domino

Running Time 41:53

Released on 07-04-2017 via Scarlet Records

8/10 – Review by Dawn King

I always thought I knew, or had least, heard about a wide range of metal, bands and genres, but reviewing has shown me just how little I do actually know.  SinHeresY are yet another band that, I am ashamed to say, I knew nothing about until their new album dropped into my inbox ready to be reviewed.

A mix of the symphonic sounds of Nightwish and Within Temptation along with the progressiveness of Symphony X and Children of Bodom, the first thing I thought when I saw their line up was, “Oh god! Not another female fronted band!”

Now, if you have read any of my reviews before, you will know I am a great advocate for the female fronted metal band and I truly believe they have the right and the ability to be in amongst the greats of the genre. But this was the third or fourth one I had reviewed in the space of a few months and I was getting, to be honest, a little bit cheesed off with them.

Imagine my surprise then when this little gem blasted through my speakers! But a little history lesson first.

Formed in Trieste, Italy in 2009 by bassist Davide Sportiello and guitarist Lorenzo Pasullo, completing their line up in 2011 with keyboardist Daniele Girardelli, SinHeresY class themselves as ‘symphonic modern metal’ and, also in 2011, their first EP “The Spiders and the Butterfly” was released.

This was followed in 2013 by their debut full length album “Paint The World” and both releases were met with positive reactions from both fans and critics alike, enabling them to support the likes of Dream Theater, Queensrÿche, Lordi, Tarja, Anathema and Korpiklaani.

Now, four years later, they are back with their new album “Domino”, a superbly mixed album that is complex at times, yet elegant at others, a strong evolutionary step that blends new elements beautifully with old, and also earned the band third place in the iTunes Italia Metal Chart.

Engineered by Mika Jussila of the legendary Finnvox Studios, the sound is excellent, and the solid engineering also serves to highlight the strength of a female / male vocal team that, despite being a mix of deep, modern, almost punk rock-esque at times vocals from Stefano and the angelic, almost operatic voice of Cecilia, works so well. The vocals struggle to be understood at times, but this could be the fact they are not singing in their native language and their Italian accents are shining through.

This is forgiven, though, as the skull crushing guitar riffs and pulsating rhythm section more than make up for it. Says Mika, “All tracks are produced and arranged in a very cool way and the sound is modern, punchy and powerful”, and no two songs sound the same, with each track having its own melody and layout.

It’s such a shame that the smaller female fronted bands like this are not given the airplay and exposure that the bigger bands such as Nightwish, Within Temptation, Sirenia, Lacuna Coil and After Forever (to name a few!) are given. They are just as good, if not better, and deserve for their name to be out there among the big boys (girls?!)

I was more than pleasantly surprised with this album and I will certainly be giving the EP and first full-length album a listen.

This is a must have album for any symphonic metal lover, especially those who may have become disillusioned with the genre’s predictability, or those looking for something “a bit different.”

Sinheresy pic

Track List –

  • Domino
  • Star Dome
  • Without A Reason
  • My Only Faith
  • Unspoken Words
  • Under Your Skin
  • The Island of Salt and Grass
  • Ocean of Deception
  • Believe
  • Another Life

Stand out track: My Only Faith

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Execration – Return To The Void

Execration return to the void cover

Execration – Return To The Void

Running Time 42:11

Released on 14-07-2017 via Metal Blade Records

6/10 – Review by Lee Preston

The fourth album from Norwegian death metallers, Execration has finally arrived. Clocking in at a concise 42 minutes, its short run time shouldn’t over stay its welcome. Unfortunately for every good thing there is something to annoy; it’s a shame as there are some great ideas which, when realised to their full potential, have some moments of brilliance, the case in point being the third track ‘Nekrocosm’ and fourth track ‘Cephalic Transmissions’.  Eerie guitar soundscapes give an uneasy oppressive vibe before the black metal influenced riffs kick in.

Unfortunately the rest of the album isn’t as convincing, the changing moods from quiet to loud don’t last long enough to make an impression and ideas seem unfinished and rushed without going anywhere. The vocals are the same, some varied styles from Chuck Schuldiner-esque growls and some black metal influenced screaming are functionary and get the job done.

Production-wise the bass has a great full, warm sound and is prominent in the mix without being overpowering, the guitars have a nice caustic cold tone similar to a lot of blackened thrash bands such as Aura Noir and Destroyer 666 and the drums are clear, albeit a bit thin and tinny sounding when things get a bit hectic on the faster material.

Overall, three great tracks, four potentially good tracks and two interludes. If you enjoy eclectic albums with a bit of prog, death metal and some black metal there is a lot to enjoy, if you want a straight head banging, aggressive release you’d be best looking elsewhere.

Execration promo pic

Track List –

  • Eternal Recurrence
  • Hammers Of Vulcan
  • Nekrocosm
  • Cephalic Transmissions
  • Blood Moon Eclipse
  • Unicursal Horrorscope
  • Through The Oculus
  • Return To The Void
  • Det Uransakelige Dyp

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Dirty Thrills – Heavy Living

Heavy Living Cover

Dirty Thrills – Heavy Living

Running time 45:00

Released on 15-09-2017 via Frontiers Music srl

8/10 – Review by Vikkie “Queen of Rock” Richmond

It’s no secret that blues rockers Dirty Thrills have long since been a favourite of mine; I found them through twitter some time back and have followed their journey with interest.  Most noted for front man Louis James’ trademark soaring vocals and bassist Aaron Plows’ gurning, bendy performances on stage, the Thrills’ could be described as a modern-day Led Zeppelin.  However, they have a style all of their own so I was interested to hear this, their second full length offering.

Opening track “I’ll Be With You” kicks off with a heavy bass line and a dirty riff, with James’ vocals slinking in.  This is instant gratification if you’re a fan of bands such as Rival Sons, Deep Purple et al, but don’t think for a minute that Dirty Thrills don’t have a unique sound – this track gave me goosebumps when I first heard it.

“Go Slow” has a similar, almost seedy feel to it but features some epic vocals and sweet riffs, not to mention some pretty cool harmonica work.

From the slow and sexy tempo of “Hanging Around” to the thoughtful and rather lovely “Lonely Soul” and the semi instrumental interlude of, well, “Interlude”, this album exudes a smutty charm that is rarely seen these days. If I had a physical LP, it would be smouldering in my hands. From the big, big sounds of “The Brave” and back to picking up the pace with the very vocal “Rabbit Hole”, this does have something for everyone, although I can’t help but make comparisons with bands such as Rival Sons.  It’s inevitable, the style is comparable and these days, it is hard to be completely individual or ground breaking.

So, basically what we have here is a triumphant third release for the London quartet.  There is certainly evidence of a maturing sound, although I am surprised that “No Resolve” is featured again, having made its debut on the eponymously titled first album; perhaps it’s because it’s probably one of their most recognisable tracks as well as being a great song.

Dirty Thrills are clearly in their ascendancy; with a plethora of live shows under their collective belts, including very successful slots at this year’s Ramblin’ Man and Camden Rocks Festivals, the slow burn is starting to flare into something altogether more hot and out of control.  I say best of luck to them – they’re perky, hard-working chaps who deserve their break.

Dirty Thrills band pic


Track List –

  • I’ll Be With You
  • Go Slow
  • Law Man
  • Hanging Around
  • Lonely Soul
  • No Resolve
  • Interlude
  • The Brave
  • Rabbit Hole
  • Drunk Words
  • Get Loose

Stand out tracks:  Go Slow, Drunk Words, Get Loose

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Freakings – Toxic End

Freakings cover

Freakings – Toxic End

Running Time 36:39

Independently released on 6 March 2017

7/10 – Review by Dawn King

I must admit that I was a virgin where Freakings are concerned, having never heard of them before being assigned their new album “Toxic End” to review. Thinking they were a new band on the scene, you can imagine my surprise when I discovered during my research that they already have two albums under their belt, and that this was, in fact, their third full length release.

Formed in Basel, Switzerland, in 2008, the band is made up of axemen/speedfreak/shouter Jonathan Brutschin, and brothers, Toby Straumann on the bass and Simon Straumann on the drums, and thrash metal is the last genre of music that you would expect to come out of this county.

But, Freakings “whip up the eardrums with ecstatic, wild, damn precise thrash metal” and are proud to be old school to the bone.

Influenced by bands such as Deliverance, Tourniquet, Vengeance Rising, Mortification and Violator, they spent the first three years of their career working hard and eventually found their own style. Their debut album “No Way Out” was released in 2011 and was based on the Sodom / Venom style of slower, heavier thrash with growling vocals.

By the time their second album “Gladiator” was released in 2014, they had adopted a more vigorous, Slayer-esque sound, which has been retained in this new album, albeit, it is heavier, and the riffs are more dominant.

There is only one way to describe this album really and that is this….

If the world was coming to an end and Armageddon was a foregone conclusion, then THIS is the soundtrack you want playing.

Raw, powerful, fast and heavy modern thrash! I say modern, it harks back to the sound of the mid 2000’s but then compared to the origins of thrash metal, this is modern.

This album has everything that a modern-day thrash album needs, lightning speed strumming, break neck drumming and the dirty vocals to go over the top. The guitar solos are solid, and the drumming is crisp, my two favourite elements of thrash, and it is relentless from start to finish. This is full on pedal to the metal stuff that doesn’t give you time to breathe, let alone do anything else!

This is a brief yet full on thrash attack and I am surprised these guys are still an independent with two albums already to their name and awesome production on this, their third. They have little regard for musicianship, opting for power and noise but to play at the speed they do takes some energy and stamina, so commitment to their art is not a problem.

The stand out song for me is “Violent Disaster”, where the pulsing drums slow to half pace while the guitars remain at rocket speed, before quickening back up again. Definitely a highlight of the album for me.

This album doesn’t bring anything new to the genre and can sound a bit ‘samey’ with each track sounding much like the previous, but I think all thrash metal sounds like this at first! But it is a fun album and at just 36 minutes long, anyone can cope with thrash for that amount of time.

I will certainly go and check out their previous offerings and will be keeping an eye out for any gigs they might do.

I am a thrash girl through and through and in the words of track number four “TxWxNxD” – THRASH WILL NEVER DIE!!


Track List –

  • 1 Hell On Earth
  • 2 Future Vision
  • 3 Violent Disaster
  • 4 TxWxNxD
  • 5 Toxic End
  • 6 Friendly Fire
  • 7 Brain Dead
  • 8 Price Of Freedom
  • 9 Wave Of Pain
  • 10 Beer Attack
  • 11 No More Excuses

Stand out track: Violent Disaster

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Gothminister – The Other Side

Gothminister_The Other Side Cover

Gothminister – The Other Side

Running Time 34:09

Released on 13-10-2017 via AFM Records

7/10 – Review by Mike Tasak

By no means a stranger on the industrial scene, Norway’s favourite electronic noisemakers, Gothminister, are back with ‘The Other Side’, their sixth and latest album.

Fans of the band know what to expect by now; lashings of industrial mayhem spliced with heavy doses of melody across the board. This is the path the band have trodden since their inception and ‘The Other Side’ doesn’t really deviate from that path. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, Gothminister have become extremely adept at their brand of industrial metal and certainly do it better than most. Opening track ‘Ich Will Alles’ sets the tone perfectly and there are elements through the album that do harken to the heavier melodic elements of fellow countrymen Apoptygma Berzerk.

The only track that truly deviates from their normal approach is the pseudo-ballad ‘Aegir’, a surprisingly emotive and melodic track that, while different, meshes perfectly with the surrounding tracks. The tempo heads up a couple of notches with ‘We Are The Ones Who Rule The World’, a definite stand out banger of a song.

Album closer ‘Somewhere In Time’, fuses Dimmu Borgir-esque orchestral manoeuvres (in the dark) with the standard Gothminister formula, though Bjorn’s vocals have never felt as strong as they do here.

All in all, ‘The Other Side’ doesn’t reinvent the industrial wheel but then, I don’t think that was ever the intention. What you get is a stunningly strong album that might leave industrial purists a little put out but a strong album that has definite crossover appeal. Another highly successful addition to a successful career and an album well worth giving a few spins.


Track List –

  • 1. Ich Will Alles
  • 2. The Sun
  • 3. Der Fliegende Mann
  • 4. Aegir
  • 5. Red Christ
  • 6. We Are The Ones Who Rule The World
  • 7. All This Time
  • 8. Day Of Reckoning
  • 9. Taking Over
  • 10. Somewhere In Time

Stand out Tracks: Aegir, We Are The Ones Who Rule The World

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Fractions – Forces EP

Fractions – Forces EP

Running Time 26:14

Release Date 28-07-2017

Self-Released / Enso Music Management

EP Review By Rick Tilley


Forces EP Cover

When I saw Fractions open the show, as part of the Leicester,  Bloodstock M2TM Final at the second ‘Uprising’ event in May this year, I felt their performance, as energetic as it was, was somewhat hampered by a messy sound and, as I hadn’t heard any of their material up until that point, it was difficult for me to really engage with them, especially as they describe themselves as Progressive Metalcore, and as you’ll probably know by now, Metalcore is a genre I have difficulty with, primarily because a majority of the screamers/shouters, in these types of bands, all sound the same and I feel like I want to supply them with throat pastilles and a sick bag!

Of course, being the person I am, I still wanted to hear their debut EP when it was released a couple of months later, because I didn’t want that live performance to be how I remembered the band, so I was very pleased when “Forces” arrived on my review pile!  Formed from the ashes of two other bands Phat Jerusalem and Method In Madness, Fractions formed in 2011 and after a few of the usual line-up changes have been gigging all around the UK building a fan base and reputation!

“Forces” contains six tracks (if you include the just over one minute guitar piece ‘Interlude’) and comes in at around 26 minutes in total. Before pressing play the first thing you will notice, hopefully, is the superb cover art designed by the, ever in demand, Andy Pilkington at Very Metal Art. Andy has given the packaging a very professional look and, even though I think he has a very distinctive style, manages to make every piece of artwork or video he creates extremely distinctive to each band he works with!

‘Wolf Inside’ kicks the EP off and it starts in a fashion you may not expect, and I’m not talking about the thunder! It’s haunting but beautiful piano work and it lulls you into a false sense of security because when the riff and thunderous double bass drumming hits it takes your breath away and what you get is extremely heavy BUT extremely melodic as well. This is something that hadn’t come across very well at the gig so was an extremely pleasant surprise. I’m not going to tell you I’ve fallen in love with the harsh/screamed vocals, because I haven’t, and it’s never going to happen but the clean singing is excellent, Chris Hare has a superb vocal range and you would swear there are two singers providing the vocals, the band are ridiculously tight, the guitar work, courtesy of Chris Johnson and Lee Geary is beautiful and the more you hear the songs the more they develop and grow. ‘Beyond Infinity’ is an excellent track with a hugely catchy chorus, thanks to great clean vocals and ‘Radiant Wings’ slows things down a bit before erupting into restrained chaos as the song progresses.

After the aforementioned ‘Interlude’ the next track ‘The Owls Are Not What They Seem’ is my favourite here. It starts as if you are underwater and gradually reaching the surface, the music getting clearer and louder before thumping you right round the proverbials. What makes this song so good are the various passages and riffs which bring the progressive nature of Fractions to the fore and stamps on your forehead what this band can really achieve. Again the guitar solos are absolute perfection and Steve Humphrey’s drumming leaves me in awe of his talent. Title track ‘Forces’ is the final song on the EP and whilst it doesn’t reach the quality of ‘Owls’ it’s a tremendously quirky and catchy affair and ends, once again, with the piano refrain, although it has been edited to sound broken and mismatched.

All in all this is a quite fabulous debut, especially as it’s self-produced and self-released and, before long, plenty of people will be talking about Fractions.  I may not be a fan of the harsh vocals or this genre in general but it would be very wrong of me to mark down an EP which has really made me sit up and think. If they can carry this quality into their first album then I shall look forward to it tremendously…and that’s something I never thought I would say!!

  • 1. Wolf Inside
  • 2. Beyond Infinity
  • 3. Radiant Wings
  • 4. Interlude
  • 5. The Owls Are Not What They Seem

6. Forces




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awHEQrSTy6Q&t=13s  ‘Forces’ (Official Audio)

Promo Pic1

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