Thrashatouille – Rise Of The Bludgeonaise EP

Rise Of The Bludgeonaise EP Cover

Thrashatouille – Rise Of The Bludgeonaise EP
Self Released
Release Date: September 2018
Running Time: 13:54
Review by Beth Jones

There are many things in adult life to be uncertain of; your career choice, where you should live, if your kids will turn out ok, how the hell did you use that much electric in one month, what possessed you to think your first relationship was a good idea, you know – the kind of three in the morning insomnia inducing worries that plague us; but there are two things I couldn’t be more certain of – my love of music and my love of food! So, what better way to celebrate these two wonderful things, than with a good serving of Northwich based thrash metal chefs, Thrashatouille!

Formed in 2017, out of a drunken idea, the band features Head Chef Chris Hargreaves (Bass), Pastry Chef Rob Sutton (Lead Vocals), Sous Chef James Von Gerber (Guitar), and Pot Wash Dan Brown (Drums), coming together to make the perfect culinary thrash metal team! Their Debut EP “Rise Of The Bludgeonaise, is today’s focus for our critique! The EP has been delighting their dedicated fans, new and old, since its release, however they haven’t had a formal review of it, until now!

The foody theme is all encompassing, with even the track list written as a ‘Set Menu’. I like this – it shows that they have thought really hard about the whole package and have a good hold on who they are and what they are about. It explores the themes of love, killer food, and the unfortunate aftermath of too much chilli! On the menu we have a starter, a choice of two mains, and a dessert. As I am critiquing today, I shall be, of course, eating both mains mwahahahaha!! (Ok so I have just made a serious decision about my lack of career direction – why the hell did I not become a food critic?!)

The Starter – ‘Thrashatouille’. I rather enjoyed this dish. From the first taste, it packs quite a meaty punch, offering a host of different textures. It is quite gravelly in some places but does give you a sweet and crisp interlude somewhere in the middle. It also doesn’t outstay its welcome – there is nothing worse than an over egged starter, but thankfully this isn’t it. It is an interesting concept, the birth of an evil being. Full of all the thrashing and writhing that I would want from a good metal lite bite!

The Mains – ‘Chilli Con Carnage’. Continuing the meaty theme, this is much chunkier than the starter, and its lyrical description leaves me wondering if my bowel will survive! The accompaniments are good – fast paced and rhythmical, it has an undeniable tang, with dark and rich undertones.

The Mains – ‘Spaghetti Bludgeonaise’. This dish brings the menu to life! It is peppered with sharp top notes and fatty bass notes throughout. Its frantic mid tones and pulsing dark tones send you into a terrifying sensory party, filled with hallucinations of your food attacking you. Mid way through, it does begin to feel a little sluggish, however this may be the aftereffects of the chilli con carnage!

Dessert – ‘Red Velvet Romance’. Now I do like a good slice of Red Velvet, however this one is not as smooth as I am used to, but then it is thrash food, so that can be excused. It is still extremely tasty, and makes you want to move about. If anything, this dessert was a little small for me, and it has certainly left me wanting more!

This meal is certainly a party on the palette, and whilst there is still room for some little tweaks to the recipes, I think this is a very accomplished first menu, showing real talent and an eye for detail. It is very well seasoned and shows a range of skills in keeping with their style. I look forward to the next encounter in the Thrashatouille Bistro and hope to see a fuller range of menu options next time – may I suggest an aperitif, a fish course, and possibly end it all with coffee and a ‘wafer-thin’ mint?!

01. Thrashatouille
02. Chilli Con Carnage
03. Spaghetti Bludgeonaise
04. Red Velvet Romance



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Matt Mitchell & the Coldhearts – S/T

Matt Mitchell _ The Coldhearts Cover

Matt Mitchell & the Coldhearts – S/T
Release Date: 31/05/2019
Running Time: 53:22
Review by Paul Monkhouse

Anyone who has ever seen or heard Pride, Furyon or Colour of Noise knows that Matt Mitchell is one of the finest singers in rock. Now fronting his own band, he has the chance to be centre stage and to really flex his musical muscles, producing what is one of the very best albums you’ll hear this year. Sure, some of it does indeed rock but there’s much more to the MM&tC than that as Mitchell and the band have captured lightning in a bottle by combining elements from some of the finest songwriters of modern times whilst very much being their own men.

As with solidly rocky, swinging groove of the opening track ‘Black Diamonds’ and the rest of the album, the thing that really strikes you is the richness of Mitchells voice, an instrument that can bluster or caress with the best of them. There is a fair mix of both as the band switch effortlessly between hard and heavy and much more introspective fare throughout the running time of the release. Following the dark and twisting first track, ‘Home’ is a much brighter, almost poppy, number that has a light Summery feel whilst still remaining powerful.

The album is sprinkled with echoes of Springsteen, Chris Cornell and the Stones, the songwriting really coming to the fore in the way that recent gig partners The Quireboys have mastered. The woozy Soundgarden-ish soundscape of ‘On and On’ bringing a real early 70’s sound typifies this approach, unafraid of putting the craft first and not just going for an easier all-out attack. This really is an album that keeps on giving and will bear repeat listenings over the years, eschewing any dated attempts at capturing the zeitgeist or riding trends. There is also a real honesty in the lyrics, touching on very personal subjects that are obviously very close the heart of the writer, deep whilst not being maudlin. There are hints of rocking out with your mates, beer in hand, girls, cars and fun but also a quality that is sorely missed from the combined partying output of Kiss, Motley Crue and Steel Panther.

‘Unavailable’ amazes with its zig-zagging riff and rhythm that Mick and Keef would be proud of while acoustic ballad ‘Old Enough & Ugly Enough’ is prime John Fogerty in feel, replete with a soaring but tasteful guitar solo. Rockers ‘Wave Goodbye’ and Everything to You’ are gutsy slabs of glorious guitar and driving drums and bass that really shake things up before the album closes with ‘Keep Me Safe’. This last track is a definite highlight of an already hugely accomplished record, being a slow building atmospheric treat accompanied by some peddle steel and plaintive vocals. If you manage to get your hands on the initial, special edition, copy of the album you’ll be treated to the outstanding acoustic version of ‘Home’ and the equally lovely live piano version of ‘Dare You to Watch’. In a year crammed with so many excellent albums already it would be a crime not to add this gem to your collection. I guarantee it will be something you’ll love for years to come.

01. Black Diamonds
02. Home
03. On & On
04. Dare You To Watch
05 Kings & Queens
06. Unavailable
07. Do You Wanna Be My God
08. Old Enough & Ugly Enough
09 Wave Goodbye
10. Everything To You
11. Keep Me Safe
12 Waiting For The Sun
13. Home (Acoustic Version, Special Edition Bonus Track)
14. Dare You To Watch (Piano Version, Special Edition Bonus Track)



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Corroded – Bitter

Corroded - Bitter Cover

Corroded – Bitter
Despotz Records
Release Date: 25/01/2019
Running Time: 50:15
Review by Tsarina Wilson

When first listening to this album, I went from track to track thinking “oh this is my favourite track” then the next one came on and it was “no this one is.” Then I got to the end and there wasn’t one single track I could fault or think that wasn’t quite as good.

Swedish hard rock band, Corroded’s debut album “Eleven Shades of Black” was released in 2009 and their track “Time and Again” was used in the Swedish version of ‘Survivor.’
In 2010 the band won the “Breakthrough of The Year” award at Bandit Rock Awards and their next album “Exit to Transfer” went straight to number six in the Swedish Album chart. They then went on the write ‘Age of Rage’ for EA Games, a song that would feature as the theme song for the “Battlefield Play4Free,” and it achieved its gold status with millions of streams being downloaded.

After that “Defcon Zero”, which pushed every limit, and they hit the road with both Pain and on their own successful European headline tour, which made them one of the most prominent Swedish hard rock acts, and fully deserved too.

“Bitter” will leave you with no doubts as to just how good these guys are. There are crushing riffs, and vocals that sound like they come from the bowels of hell. They are powerful and explosive, but you can tell they have a passion for what they do.

Their last album was recorded 6 years ago but, due to a shift of labels it was only released in 2017, so the band spent a lot of time touring to keep the fans happy. Although touring the world was fun to play for the fans, they also knew they had to make another album sooner rather than later as not to lose momentum. This left the guys only one weekend to write material (wow no pressure then!) Once they started, though, lyrics were not hard to sort, as the break with their first record label and the political state of the world, had them all irritated and angry.

“We felt it was time to move on and there’s no better way to do it than to make a hard-hitting metal album.”

The first track ‘Bitter INTRO’ I was thinking ok, I must have got the wrong album, as the 2:21 track is almost Jean-Michel Jarre-like and not what I was expecting at all. But you must expect the unexpected from this album as you’re soon left in no mind what these guys are capable of.

If you need any more proof of it after listening to the album, then check out their videos. They are epic and seeing their lead singer Jens Westin in a silver suit body bopping on the floor in the video to their track ‘Burn’ had me in stitches.

Guys you are something else! Totally brilliant!

Talking of ‘Burn’, the manic tempo, full of anger and the emphasis on the BUUUUUURN in such a deep growl, gets to your soul and then, just as you think the track is ending, you slip into a Spanish guitar interlude. But please don’t worry, the guys haven’t suddenly gone soft, as within a short time, you are back to amazing guitar riffs and heart thumping drumming.

The band consists of Jens Westin on vocals and guitar, Thomas Anderson on guitar and backing vocals, Bjarne Elvsgar on bass and Per Solang on drums, and together give us a dark, melancholic, angry, album that is full of rage. This comes out so much in the track ‘Black’ you can really hear the anger and frustrations these guys have been through and their way of expressing it is literally music to our ears. There is no hiding away from the passion these guys have put into this album and I’m sure the crowds at their shows are crazy, with lots of fist pumping and headbanging going on.

‘Scream’ has a crazy speed, with totally insane drumming and the vocals leave you with a sore throat and those guitar riffs are just from another world.

Yes, the album is dark and angry, but you must listen to it over and over again! It’s just so damn good. It’s an album of what nightmares are made of but, wow what a nightmare!

Just epic!

01. Bitter INTRO
02. Breathing
03. Cross
04. Burn
05. Black
06. Testament
07. Scream
08. Cyanide
09. Destruction
10. Time
11. Drown
12. War


Corroded – The Official Website



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Forged In Black – Descent Of The Serpent

Descent Of The Serpent Cover

Forged In Black – Descent Of The Serpent
Fighter Records
Release Date: 05/03/2019
Running Time: 48:00
Review by Tsarina Wilson

Having been lucky enough to review Forged In Black before, I was really looking forward to the new album and they didn’t disappoint.

This awesome new album with nine banging tracks is full on metal, led by the vocals of Chris “Stoz” Storozynski, who has one of the most versatile voices, ranging from pure growl to hypnotic power, alternating from the depths of hell to crazy high.

Chris fronts a brilliant band which also includes Andy Songhurst on guitars, Kieron Rochester on bass and vocals, Chris Bone on guitars and, last but definitely not least, Kev Rochester on drums, and together they are going from strength to strength.

The amazing artwork on the album cover is by Dan Goldsworthy (Alestorm, Hell, Accept etc) and once you get past that, what can you expect? Let me see…banging drums, crazy guitar riffs, powerful vocals and just pure pleasure!

The opening song ‘Seek No Evil’ is a metal anthem in its own right, but this is just a gentle introduction of what’s ahead. The track ‘Descent Of The Serpent’ has the most immense drumming and guitar and it could surely give even Medusa a headache. These guys know how to rock, and the duelling guitars of Andy Songhurst and Chris Bone are awesome.

Forged In Black started in 2013 and the band released their eponymous debut album the same year, followed by the EP “The Tide” and a single ‘Exodus’, which was produced by Romesh Dodangoda, famed for his work with Motorhead, Bring Me The Horizon and Bullet For My Valentine. At this point in their career, the band struck up a great working relationship with the legendary, much missed producer Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath etc) and this really raised the bands profile. Chris and Forged In Black, together, created two excellent EP’s “Fear Reflection Fear” and 2017’s “Sinner Sanctorum”. After Chris’s sad passing at the beginning of 2018, Forged in Black sought, once again, the help of Romesh Dodangoda and the producer guided the band through the recording of this brilliant album.

Ok, let’s be honest there is only one way to listen to this album and that’s with the volume turned to high and to just let the power flow out. The passion in Chris’s voice is such that you almost get moments of false security. ‘Palm of Silver’ starts with drums and an evil laugh and then, BOOM off we go with heart thumping drumming and the non-stop energy is breathtaking. And we can’t forget to mention the growling vocals of Kieron Rochester who adds so much to the already great vocals of Chris.

Yes, this album “Descent of the Serpent” is a definite mix of old school metal with a twist of doom metal, but without a doubt, it is just pure enjoyable metal. There are brilliant vocals delivered in such a way you can still understand the lyrics but with power and passion, the additional vocals are the twist that adds to the bands diversity, and as the band grows with every release, I think these guys are set for bigger and better things to come. I certainly think they are a band we are going to hear more and more about in the future. They are a force to be reckoned with.

Very few bands put this much power and passion into an album but wow lads you blow the roof off!

1. Seek No Evil
2. One in The Chamber
3. Shadowcaster
4. Descent Of The Serpent
5. One Last Sign
6. Palm Of Silver
7. Aphelion Tormentor
8. Vendetta
9. When Hell Is Done



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Left For Red – Human Complex

Human Complex Cover

Left For Red – Human Complex
FATangel Records
Release Date: 06/04/2019
Running Time: 56:35
Review by ‘Dark Juan’

Greetings and salutations, my fiendish hordes! Hopefully you have all been following my true word and way and destroying effigies of Christ and defiling His house in unspeakable and indecent ways. If you haven’t, then I hope you have enjoyed a sumptuous Sunday lunch and are now struggling to stay awake because of the rigours of digestion… I myself have opted to cock a snook at the so called day of rest and have been busy painting stuff, inventing a quite astonishing breakfast food involving lashings of chipotle chillies and vegetarian bacon and am now drinking beer and experiencing the stylings of Black Country metallers Left For Red. This bunch of remarkably hirsute and impeccably coiffed gentlemen have been playing together for 10 years and I am casting a slightly drunken eye over their latest offering, “Human Complex”.

“For fans of Tool, Deftones, Iron Maiden, Pantera and Rage Against The Machine.” This is how the band describe themselves. I disagree somewhat. But this is not a bad thing. I don’t hear too much RATM in their sound. Instead I hear quite a lot of Mastodon in some of their musical arrangements, especially in the twin guitar lines and the backing vocals. Opening track ‘Dancing With Misery’ opens with some perfectly apt miserable, minor guitar chords before opening out into the kind of melodic metal I was not expecting, which I must admit is a welcome and refreshing change from the roaring speed of much modern metal. There’s a lot to be said for melody and allowing the music you play to breathe and become an organic thing. It is a fine tune. Also, and this is another thing to LFR’s credit, there is a concept behind “Human Complex” and its songs. The record focuses on different emotions and also on how negative metal health can change your decision making ability. Now, believe it or not, but Dark Juan struggles with issues of brain chemistry and other disorders of personality (difficult to believe, I know, what with my jocularity and general sunny demeanour when defiling virgins and their mothers, daubing atheistic/ Satanic slogans on church altars, or repeatedly making Mrs. Dark Juan’s life a misery by variously ruining furniture/ underwear/ curtains or all of the above with excitement when I review a new record) and to have a band tackle the issue head on is a GREAT fucking thing and earns them some bonus points for being dudes and understanding about it all, man.

The music on offer is intriguing. It is a kind of cross between Maiden, Deftones and Mastodon and makes for a most interesting listen although in my opinion the lead vocal is too high in the mix. The guitar and bass work is very groovy indeed and has occasioned me to have a response that has caused my underpants elastic to snap and catapult them across the room to land on Hodgson The Incredible Canine Fart Machine’s head, to his chagrin and probable disgust, considering the look I’m currently getting off him. The drums are difficult to hear at times as they are buried at the back of the production and the general balance of the sound is just a bit off, which is a shame as the music is fucking well written, exciting and interesting. LC’s voice is also of interest as it is a mix of various Mastodon singers (I know I keep coming back to them but it’s true, I hear a lot of them in Left For Red) and Klaus Meine of German trad metallers Scorpions. I SOOOOOOOOOOO want to hear Left For Red cover Rock You Like A Hurricane! That would cause me to instantly suffer trouser area explosions of joy and increase my laundry bill exponentially. As far as this album and the music goes though, my favourite tracks are ‘Switchblade Romance’ with very Deftonesy, almost hip hop vibes at points, ‘The Circus’, which is a hairy fucking beast of a track going straight for your throat (it’s about the horrors of social media and how life is distorted through it) with fangs dripping venom and your imminent murder on its mind. I really like ‘Leech’ as well, which has a more muscular sound than my other favourites. ‘Leech’ makes me want to go and do animal, shocking things to attractive ladies so I hope it doesn’t come on at any clubs I’m at. That could make my evening not go quite the way I planned.

So, then, I like Left For Red. “Human Complex” is a very good album that’s going to take many listening to get the full measure of, but I have problems with the production on it, the occasional dodgy note and the fact I feel that there is a LOT more to come from LFR and this record is just a stepping stone to what they are truly capable of. If they reach their full potential, they could be a gigantic, heavily armed metal colossus with a very uncertain temper. We should all support them by buying their shit, boys and girls. This is top class British metal and I want more of it.

The Patented Dark Juan Blood Splat Rating System is feeling all patriotic and shit and flying a union jack from the garden shed. Next to the skull and crossbones. I award Left For Red 8/10 for a damned good record that has caused distress to one of my dogs and given me underwear trauma. Fine work, gentlemen. Fine work. And I managed to get through the entire review without calling you yam yams once! Oh, wait… Fuck.

01. Dancing With Misery
02. Switchblade Romance
03. Slaves To Causality
04. Leech
05. The Circus
06. Hand Of God
07. The Storm
08. Journey Within
09. Tame The Tides
10. Sunrise, Bring Serenity



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Amon Amarth – Berserker

Beserker Cover

Amon Amarth – Berserker
Metal Blade Records (North America)/Sony Music (International)
Release Date: 03/05/2019
Running Time: 56:35
Review by Tsarina Wilson

Amon Amarth’s eleventh full-length “Berserker” is a non-stop beast of an album with killer riffs, growling vocals and more energy than ten well known energy drinks and if you’re not headbanging by the end, I think you need to look into your choice of musical taste!

The band, which consists of Johan Hegg on vocals, Ted Lundstrom on bass, Johan Soderberg on guitar, Olavi Mikkonen also on guitar and Jocke Wallgren on Drums definitely knows how to pack a punch into an album.

Each track is its own mini story with awesome drumming and guitar riffs. Hegg’s gravel voice is epic, yet, unlike a lot of bands of this genre, you can still understand him which is a blessing as the power that goes into all the tracks would be lost and that would be a shame. These fast and heavy songs have brutal melodies whilst not missing a beat and go into some of the craziest riffs I have heard in a while.

The Swedish band recorded the album in Los Angeles with renowned studio guru Jay Ruston (Anthrax/Stone Sour) manning the controls and it was after recording several rounds for the new songs (initially with fellow Swedish metal icon Peter Tagtgren and later with Ruston himself) the band crossed the Atlantic to make the final recording in LA.

The track “The Berserker At Stamford Bridge” is a visceral but vivid historical tale, recounting the Vikings last stand against the English army in 1066 and with epic lyrics such as “Englishmen, I am waiting here, in my heart I know not one ounce of fear”, it conjures images in your head of a Viking stood tall and strong, wielding a axe not scared of death one bit.

Johan Hegg says that this is Amon Amarth 2.0 and I must agree. This album is so intense and powerful. Why would a band want to just keep going over and over the same things? Fans would soon wander off, so the fact they plan to explore themselves musically is only going to benefit us fans and they certainly are a band who wants to please the fans as well as themselves.

Hegg admits he has (and I quote) “the best fucking job in the word” and you can tell this by the album. They are not a band who just put lyrics to music and bang out album after album. There is a definite vibe in the album, a passion, a dynamic which has the hairs on the back of your neck on edge. It’s like listening to a metal story book and you need to keep listening to find out the next chapter.

Amon Amarth give it 100% and it shows, even the album cover is epic.

What can I say? Impressed? Yes! Love it? Hell yes! These guys give it hell.

01. Fafner’s Gold
02. Crack The Sky
03. Mjolner, Hammer Of Thor
04. Shield Wall
05. Valkyria
06. Ravens Flight
07. Ironside
08. The Berserker At Stamford Bridge
09. When Once Again We Can Set Our Sails
10. Skoll ans Hati
11. Wings Of Eagles
12. Into The Darkness



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Various Artists – Brown Acid: The Eighth Trip

Brown Acid - The Eighth Trip Cover

Various Artists – Brown Acid: The Eighth Trip
RidingEasy Records
Release date: 20/04/2019
Running time: 29 mins
Review by: Alun Jones

Back in ’68, I believe it was, though a lot of my memory remains hazy. It was a small London jazz club, in Chelsea I think, and Hendrix spontaneously got up to jam. Moon was on drums, John Paul Jones picked up the bass, and Clapton and Pagey jumped up to run through a few blues numbers. I was in the audience, somewhat refreshed, with a quality geezer who worked as a roadie for Hendrix. His name was Ian, though everyone called him “Lemmy”.

Anyway, I might have overindulged in something or other, but it was a fantastic night. I mean, musicians of that calibre sharing the same stage! Incredible! Until, that was, Jagger decided he wanted to join in on vocals. Brian Jones decided to bring his bandmate down a peg or two, and lobbed a huge quiche at old rubber lips. Bosh, hit him straight in the mush. Jagger was not happy. The next thing you know, Moon chucks his sticks at Mickey Dolenz and all hell breaks loose!

There was cake and vol-au-vents everywhere. It took me days to clean the sausage rolls out of Pagey’s pick-ups. But that was the sixties, you know? All good fun!

“Brown Acid: The Eighth Trip” does a great job of bringing back the vibes from that time. Compiled by RidingEasy Records and Permanent Records, it consists of ten rare shots of proto-metal and stoner rock from the late 60’s and early 70’s. These tracks are so long lost, whoever raided the tombs they were in probably received an ancient curse for disturbing them.

The songs on offer aren’t really of the sheer riff heavy variety that Black Sabbath would perfect, but if you’re interested in hearing how Rock’n’Roll was deep fried in LSD and pushed to the limit, there are some fine nuggets here.

The first track, ‘School Daze’ by Attack! has a real MC5 hell-for-leather Rock’n’Roll feel. That greasy, take-no-prisoners Detroit approach serves them well. Up next is White Rock with ‘Please Don’t Run Away’, a glorious fuzzed out, scuzzy rocker. The brilliantly named Luke and the Apostles give us ‘Not Far Off’, featuring fabulous throaty vocals over a dynamite slab of blues rock.

There’s plenty more psychedelic, acid drenched fare that will resonate with fans of Hendrix, Cream, Mountain and even early Alice Cooper. ‘I Need My Music’ by the Tourists is another highlight, along with Moloch’s ‘Cocaine Katy’. There’s a reassuring low-fi sound to the whole thing, with occasional faint vinyl crackles even, that gives the enterprise some charm.

Of the two covers on offer here, Inside Experience’s ‘Tales of Brave Ulysses’ is fine but doesn’t challenge the original. On the other hand, the wonderfully named Grump take the King’s ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ out on a glorious, whiskey fuelled Leo Sayer and don’t hand it back till it’s puked it’s kebab up in the back of the taxi.

The tracks compiled for “Brown Acid: The Eighth Trip” may not change your life, but there’s plenty to enjoy. If you’re not already a fan of rock music from this period, then think of this as a history lesson and indulge yourself. Just be careful what you indulge yourself in, eh?

Right then, gin and tonic, anyone?

01. Attack! – “School Daze”
02. White Rock – “Please Don’t Run Away”
03. River Side – “Wayfarer”
04. Luke and the Apostles – “Not Far Off”
05. Tourists – “I Need My Music”
06. Bartos Brothers Band – “Gambler”
07. Inside Experience – “Tales of Brave Ulysses”
08. Karma – “New Mexico”
09. Moloch – “Cocaine Katy”
10. Grump – “Heartbreak Hotel”



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Captain Obvious – Let It Burn EP

Adobe Photoshop PDF

Captain Obvious – Let It Burn EP
Release Date: 01/03/2019
Running Time: 15:10
Review by Tsarina Wilson

Captain Obvious are two brothers from Paris. They are 19 and 21 years old and are called Joseph and Angus. They spent all of 2018 writing and recording this EP, it was finally recorded in Nashville (USA) in the Sputnik Sound Studios (The Raconteurs, Black Motorcycle Club) and mastered by Brian Lucey (Royal Blood, The Black Keys, Artic Monkeys) for a more professional and polished sound.

The young brothers have been playing music for almost 10 years, which is dedication in itself, and this EP proves their dedication to their music. Self-belief goes a long way in today’s music, and once you hear the tracks you will be surprised to realise there are only the two of them; Joseph is the guitarist, bassist and vocalist and Angus is the drummer.

The EP may only be five tracks long but I’m sure the amount of work that went into them will prove popular to many. With almost a psychedelic rock feel and an anarchist outlook, it has a real rebel vibe and I think the younger generation will find their appeal more so than I did.

Saying that, the tracks are edgy and punchy if a little short but with some great guitar riffs and with the energy that comes across you can tell the lads put their heart and soul into every note.

01. Let It Burn
02. Head
03. Shadows
04. Pop Songs
05. Psycho Dance



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Black Alice – Sons Of Steel

Sons Of Steel Cover

Black Alice – Sons Of Steel
Karthago Records
Release Date: 12/10/2018
Running Time: 54:20
Review by Mark Pritchard

This is my review of the Remastered album “Sons Of Steel” by Australian Old-School Heavy Metal/Heavy Rock band Black Alice. When I saw that it was originally released in 1988, the year I was born, it made me even more intrigued to have this opportunity to write about it. This is the first time I have heard the band and I can’t tell you how much of an honour it has been to have the chance to review such an Old-School band. Just so everyone knows, when I say the term “Old-School” what I mean is that they have the same kind of sound as Rock/Metal legends AC/DC, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath of which I am a huge fan of as I grew up listening to them.

First and foremost listening to these guys really takes me back to when I was younger, with the radio on rocking along to the legends and every time I have listened to “Sons Of Steel” it has been with a smile on my face! Everything about this album, the instrumentation, awesome guitar riffs and smooth vocals has been a beautiful experience. This album has lifted my spirits when there have been times I have felt down. I love it when music does this!

I’m not sure how this remaster compares to the original but the passion and dedication of Scott Johnston (Drums), Andy Cichon (Bass), Jamie Page (Guitars) and Rob Hartley (Vocals) shines through. That also goes for guest vocalist Jeff Dunn who appears on the track ‘The Burn’. “Sons Of Steel” was originally released in very small numbers so almost no-one has heard it. Well it has been a joy to listen to and I will continue to return to it!

Now comes the hard part of any review and that is the rating. My favourite song on “Sons Of Steel” is the title track. From a good intro to a great up-tempo track with really good vocals this is probably the song I have listened to most. As for the album itself well I have to give it 9/10. Great band, amazing album and I definitely suggest checking Black Alice out if you get the opportunity because you won’t regret it!

I’d like to thank the band, Karthago Records for releasing a rarely heard gem of an album and to Ever Metal for giving me the chance to review “Sons Of Steel” Check out the links below!

01. Something In The Air
02. Sons Of Steel
03. There’s Hope
04. Hard Lover
05. You And Me (Bonus Track)
06. Fighting For You
07. Mr. System
08. I’m With You
09. The Burn (Bonus Track)
10. Reck
11. Walk In The Blues
12. The Burn (instrumental)





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Pythia – The Solace Of Ancient Earth

The Solace Of Ancient Earth Cover

Pythia – The Solace Of Ancient Earth
Golden Axe Records
Release Date: 17/05/2019
Running Time: 54:23
Review by Lotty Whittingham

As a fan of Symphonic Metal, I have come across the name Pythia several times. It’s a band I am familiar with, I have caught them live with their previous line-up. Their latest album “The Solace Of Ancient Earth” provided the perfect opportunity to start listening to them again. It’s been four years since the release of their last album “Shadows Of A Broken Past” and given the strong content on “The Solace Of Ancient Earth”, it’s easy to see why it has been an anticipated release.

For those who don’t know Pythia, they are a Symphonic Metal act from the UK and they formed in 2007. Since their debut live show supporting Tarja, their fan base has grown significantly and continues to do so. “The Solace Of Ancient Earth” will ensure fans stay in Camp Pythia and will draw in new listeners.

From the opening track ‘An Earthen Lament’ you can already hear the strength within the enchanting melody. Throughout the album, Pythia take you on a journey of soaring melodies with grand symphonic keyboards, flawless soprano vocals and that much needed escapism that’s needed in today’s fast paced world.

This is the first album with new vocalist Sophie Dorman who has taken over from long time vocalist Emily Ovenden. When this happens, the pressure is high to live up to the previous singer. Given that Sophie’s impeccable vocal work was one the first things I noticed when I started to listen to the album, it’s more than safe to say she is a great fit to the band.

The album contains a beautiful portfolio of stunning and passionate melodies that provide an escape from whatever stressful reality you are living in. Below are just some of the examples of what this brilliant album has to offer.

‘Ancient Soul’ was the song I included on my own blog’s Spotify playlist. The reason? I felt this track was a great example of what Pythia offer up as a band. The song has a stunning melody that consists of angelic vocal work, soaring symphonic keyboards and great guitar work. The mix of tempos in the track work very well too. The faster arrangements suit the verses well and soaring beats suit the chorus nicely.

‘Dawn Will Come’ starts off strong. The swaying rhythms and smooth guitar solo get the track off to a great start. It also shows the versatility of Sophie’s vocal range. She can hit the low notes as well as those high notes. Both of these work for the dynamics in the song. The hint of bagpipes is also a brilliant touch.

‘Soul To The Sea’ ends the album on a truly mesmerising note. The beginning of the track reminds me of Delain and Evergrey, the melody on the keyboard and the guitar riff echoing are the elements that remind me of these bands. The chorus of this song has got to be a new favourite of mine, it’s very hypnotic and reminds me of the sirens drawing the sailors to their deaths.

The album is a wonderful work of art. This is a Symphonic Metal gem; one that should be treasured and valued for a long time. Not to mention it requires extra care and attention. Highly recommended for fans of Nightwish, Delain and Evergrey.

01. An Earthen Lament
02. Spirits Of The Trees
03. Ancient Soul
04. Black Wings
05. Your Dark Reign
06. Dawn Will Come
07. Hold Of Winter
08. Ghost In The Woods
09. Crumble To Dust
10. Soul To The Sea



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