Thrash Bombz – Master of the Dead


Thrash Bombz – Master of the Dead                                                       Iron Shield Records

                                                                                                             Pure Steel Promotions

Release Date: 03/03/2017                                                                      Running Time: 53.11

Album Review by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King

8 OUT OF 10

As much as I love the diversity of reviewing, I thought it was about time I returned to my roots and reviewed a thrash album. And with a name like Thrash Bombz, I thought this one would be right up my street.

Formed in 2007 in Sicily, Italy, Thrash Bombz are a band that does exactly what it says on the tin. They are a thrash band, a bloody good one at that, and “Master of the Dead” is their fourth studio album. Although not released until 03/03/2017 on Iron Shield Records, I have been lucky enough to hear this gem of an album in its entirety and was not in the least little bit disappointed with.

Having spent two years, writing and recording the album, there is not a bad track on it. There is no metalcore or progressiveness to this that seems to be around so much these days. This is a good old fashioned thrash metal album that is played as it should be…..loud, with energy and passion and with all the best hallmarks of traditional thrash metal.

The guitars are fast, riff heavy and the solos will certainly melt your ears off. The drumming is equally as quick, tight, packed full of double kicks and performed with such energy and gusto and the singer has the perfect voice for this type of metal, with no dirty vocals or growling anywhere on the album.

From the offset, this album will have you strumming your air guitar and bashing those air drums. I was headbanging in the car whilst tapping (quite heavily) on the steering wheel but did I care? Did I hell as like. I love albums that make you feel like that and react in such a way. To me that is the sign of a good album.

And this is a great album!

Tracks that stood out for me (all great albums should have stand out tracks!) were “Evil Witches” and “Evoking The Ghost” but as I previously said there are no fillers. The whole album totally rocks from the very start to the very end.

If you are a fan of thrash bands such as Death Angel, Exodus and Forbidden, “Master of the Dead” is an absolute must for your collection. I can’t wait until these guys come to England…..

…..I will be first in the queue for my ticket!

Absolutely thrash-tastic!

Track Listing:

  • Condemned To Kill Again
  • Ritual Violence
  •  Master Of The Dead
  •  Curse Of The Priest
  •  Black Steel
  •  Taken By Force
  •  Evil Witches
  •  Evoking The Ghost
  •  The Avenger
  •  Call Of Death

Thrash Bombz are:

  • Giuseppe “Ur” Peri – Rhythm Guitar
  • Salvatore “Skizzo” Li Causi – Lead Guitar
  • Tony “Stormer” Frenda – Vocals
  • Salvatore “Trronu” Morreale – Drums
  • Angelo “Destruktor” Bissanti (Only On This Cd) – Bass And Backing Vocals

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Hedra -Mind Dimension EP


Hedra – Mind Dimension EP                                                          The Snakes on Fire Records

Release Date: 19/01/2017                                                                        Running Time: 21.23

Album Review by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King

7 OUT OF 10


Hedra are a five piece band originating from Norwich in Norfolk, England and Mind Dimension is their debut EP. They are a live orientated metal band formed in April 2014 by Kamil Korsak who decided to seek out musicians of a “polyrhythmic & harmonic style” after he came to the UK leaving his family and friends behind. He finally found the right people in Jim Brett Marten of Ex Subvert, Pure Negative on the vocals, Tomas Mrazek on the drums, Chris Gedge of ex Astral Void as a lead guitarist and Scott Milburn on the bass.

The band have over 20 years of experience with members supporting the likes of Strapping Young Lad, Skindred, Raging Speedhorn and Sikth to name but a few and with their crushing 7-string guitar riffs, 5-string powerful bass, an outstanding style of vocals and unique electrokit drumming, they have created a sound almost exclusive to themselves.

Describing themselves as “hardcore metal/tech metal/scrawcore/djent” there are also elements of progressive metal, with high energy riffs, great drumming and a groovy mix of clean and screaming vocals. Not being a fan of screaming vocals really I prefer the clean tracks but I’m sure those who do like the style of singing will love this EP.

With the recording of this EP, the band wanted to capture the atmosphere and importance of sounding as live as they could and I think they succeeded with this. The EP is raw and energetic, brutal yet melodic. This is a band I would love to see perform. Their enthusiasm and passion would really get the crowd going and I’m sure the moshpit would be a totally crazy place to be.

This is a great debut EP that should appeal to a wide range of listeners.

But don’t take my word for it, go and grab yourself a copy and let’s get moshing!!


Track Listing:

  • Mind Dimension
  •  Unspoken
  •  War Child
  •  The System
  •  Lost I Am Hate

Hedra are:

  • Chris Gedge – lead guitar
  • Kamil Korsak – guitar
  • Jim Morten – vocals
  • Scott Milburn – bass
  • Tomas Mrazek – drums

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Reproduced here with kind permission by Metal Gods TV

Existance – Breaking The Rock



Existance – Breaking the Rock                                                                   Black Viper Records

Promotion by Rock n Growl Promotions

Release Date: 15/10/2016                                                                          Running Time: 46.42

Album Review by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King

9 OUT OF 10


Although heavy metal is extremely popular in Europe in places such as Greece, Germany and the Scandinavian countries, I don’t know many metal bands that hail from France. Then along toddles Existance and I am thinking to myself WHY have I never heard of these guys before?

Originating in Clermont, Picardy in France, Existance is the 2008 creation of Julian Izard, a singer who wanted to create the metal spirit of the 1980’s alive and with the help of his fellow band members he has done just that.

If the name Izard is familiar to you, he is none other than the son of French speed metal band H-Bomb’s vocalist, Didier Izard and musical talent obviously runs in the family.

Being the third full length album released by the Frenchmen, Breaking the Rock is an absolute must for fans of bands such as Priest, Maiden, Saxon, Riot and Accept, the band obviously drawing on these giants as their influence, and I knew just three songs in that this was going to be a corker!

Opening with “Heavy Metal Fury”, an energetic opener packed full of 80’s inspired metal, the album just gets better and better with not a bad track on it, but that’s not surprising seeing as it was remastered in Los Angeles by Maor Appelbaum, who has previously worked with the likes of Halford, Malmsteen, Dokken, Anvil and Sepultura.

This is “one hell of an ass-kicking album that proves true metal is steel alive.” Packed with strong riffs, catchy rhythms and lyrics and memorable solos, this is an album that commemorates for many the glory days of heavy metal.

It has the twin guitar harmonies favorited by bands such as Judas Priest, thrilling solos that hit you right in the stomach and send your ears into aural overload, a clean, melodic vocal arrangement and a strong rhythm section that can change speed at the drop of a hat.

Two elements of metal music I absolutely love are crunching, galloping guitar riffs and double-kicking bass drums…..and luckily for me, this album has both! It’s hard to believe these guys haven’t been around since the heady days of the 1980’s as any band can play songs that sound like they have come from a by-gone age, but not everyone can play them to the standard these guys do.

The tracks are all great compositions with lots of variety, ranging from the thumping opening track previously mentioned to the more ballady “Sinner of Love” to the chanting lyrics of “Honest” (and I just love the way they pronounce the H every time they shout honest!) These are young guys who know how to write catchy songs and obviously have a love of the era they are trying to emulate.

Many people say why try to recreate a sound that happened three decades ago when there are years of musical technology and development to take advantage of? Well, my reply to that is……why the hell not?

The 1980’s was a great period for metal music and if a band as a great as these can play to the same standard that we were used to back then, then I’m all for a bit of nostalgia. It’s a great trip down memory and works wonders in making you feel young again!

I absolutely loved, loved, loved this album and the only downside to actually writing this review is I now have to take the album out of my car to make way for the next review.

If you love Riot and Accept, go out and get this album, and everything else they have ever done (I am certainly on the lookout for their back catalogue), and take a trip back in time! I guarantee you will love it as much as I did.

Track Listing:

  • Heavy Metal Fury
  • Honest
  • We Are Restless
  • All Is on Fire
  • Deserve Your Love
  • Sinner of Love
  • Marilyn (Icon of Desire)
  • In the Name of Revenge
  • Pain in Paradise
  • Breaking the Rock


Existance are:

  • Julian Izard – vocals/guitars
  • Antoine Poiret – guitars
  • Nicolas Martineau – drums
  • Julien Robilliard – bass


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Demise – Knives and Lint


Demise – Knives and Lint EP                                                                                                           Unsigned

Release Date: November 2016                                                                                    Running Time: 29.00

Album Review by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King

8 OUT OF 10 


One of the best things about reviewing albums is I never know what I am going to get. A band will submit their album and without knowing what they sound like I jump straight in. I sometimes try to make an (educated) guess as to what sort of music they play by their name, maybe their logo and sometimes the actual album cover (not sure what it is with the chicken, or is that a hen, on the cover of this one but at least it’s something different!) and NINE times out of TEN I’m usually wrong!

Demise was, to me, the name of a death metal band, ready to rip the head of that chicken on their album cover, but, yet again, my instincts were way off!

Formed in 2008, Demise are a “riff heavy” band from Cannock in West Midlands in the UK “Knives and Lint” is their latest recording. And far from being a death metal band, Demise are actually really very good.

With four tracks (five if you include the bonus live track) lasting for around 29 minutes, this album is full of crunching guitars riffs, pounding drums and great bass lines. The vocals are in the main clean, albeit with a little bit of gruffness here and there, a balance that proves the singer can actually sing. At times, they reminded me a little of Pantera and this is by no means a bad thing.

This is the sort of album that will have you strumming your air guitar or thumping your imaginary drums around the living room. It’s brutal and in your face, yet keeps structure and composition. The tracks are well laid out, featuring guitar riffs that will melt your ears and solos that can rival any guitar solo I have ever heard. The vocals are strong and powerful, and I imagine the frontman would be able to captivate any crowd. The rhythm section is solid and the drummer must have been going ten to the dozen with some of the drum work.

This is a well-produced album and the bonus live track proves they are just as good on the stage as they are in the studio. These guys are as yet unsigned but with what they have put out with this EP I can’t imagine they would stay that way for long.

I loved this EP, the tracks still playing in my ears three hours after I first played it. I, for one, would love to see these guys live and I will certainly be looking out for anything else they do.

A must for any metal (and chicken) fan!!


Track listing:

  • The Contender
  • Sweat on Me
  • Deconstructing Harvey
  • The Ritual
  • Take It Til Dawn (bonus live track) 


Demise are:

  • Mike Hatton – vocals
  • Craig Williamson – lead guitar
  • Leigh Gittus – rhythm guitar
  • Dan Whitehouse – bass guitar
  • Richie Rogers – drums 


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Suicide By Tigers – Suicide By Tigers


Suicide By Tigers – Suicide By Tigers                                 Smilodon Records (Sound Pollution)

                                                                                      (Promotion by Rock n Growl Promotion)

Release Date: 02/09/2016                                                                          Running Time: 45.00

Album Review by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King

8 OUT OF 10


Being a thrash, heavy metal type of girl at heart, it’s not very often I listen to something that is a bit softer, a bit mellower or a bit bluesier (is that even a word??) but that’s what I did when I listened to this album.

Released on Smilodon Records on 02/09/2016, the self-titled album is the debut recording for Swedish band Suicide By Tigers and has been hailed by European rock media as one of last year’s best debut albums.

Influenced by classic rock giants such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy and Jimi Hendrix, Suicide By Tigers are “a rock band with a passion for hard-hitting yet dynamic classic rock, and strong melodies which captures the essence of loud rock.”

The four musicians became friends throughout the 1990’s while on the club scene in Malmö, Sweden, and although they continued to hang out, professionally they headed in different directions.

It wasn’t until vocalist Nils Lindström and guitarist Petter Rudnert joined forces in 2012 to work on some songs, that Suicide By Tigers was born, and they were joined by bassist Peter Broch or drummer Johan Helgesson in 2014, completing their lineup.

Produced by the award winning Berno Paulsson (The Haunted, Amon Amarth, Spiritual Beggars) Suicide by Tigers is a fantastic debut of classic rock infused with soul, a great mix of rock and blues all set to the back drop of superb musicianship.

Petter Rudner’s guitar riffs are thumping and heavy, even opening the last track Karma with a solo, Lindström’s vocals are strong, often reminding me of many of the rock vocalists of the 1980’s, and there is a solid rhythm section in both Broch and Helgesson.

Looking like they should play classic rock, this is exactly what Suicide By Tigers do, and they do it well. Not liked by some for playing music of a by-gone age, I think this is what adds to their appeal. As I was unable to live through those periods of classic rock myself (I’m far too young for that!) it’s nice to be transported back to an era when rock was rock, even if it is just for 45 minutes. That retro feeling of not actually knowing what time zone you are in only heightens the pull this album has. I could listen to this album over and over again and not tire of it, each track throwing up things I hadn’t noticed before.

This band should expect big things and, with the release of their first single “Vicious Malicious” earlier this year along with a video directed by Björn Wahlström, they certainly are on their way.

This is a must listen to for any classic rock fan and an ideal addition to any classic rock collection.


Track Listing:

Death on Your Trail

Beautiful Nights

Pack of Wolves

True Believers

Vicious Malicious

Fox in a Hole

Ball of Fire

Keep You Smiling


Suicide By Tigers are:

Nils Lindström – vocals

Petter Rudnert – guitar

Peter Broch – bass

Johan Helgesson – drums and percussion

Social Media:

Also available on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube



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Legion – Darkness


Legion – Darkness                                                                                                      Arkeyn Steel Records

Release Date: 23/01/2017                                                                                        Running Time: 76.51

Album Review by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King

8 OUT OF 10 

Finding information about the band Legion is not easy. One of the bands lost somewhere in the late 80’s / early 90’s, they had no big record deal, budget or promoters/managers to help spread the word about them or their music. Which is a real shame as they had the work ethic, dedication and talent to make it as big as the likes of Metal Church, Agent Steel and Exciter.

But let’s start at the beginning.

Legion were originally formed in 1985 by multi-instrumentalist Doug Calloway and hail from Augusta, Georgia in the US. Described on their own Facebook page as ‘power metal’ this doesn’t really do justice to the full scope of their talents. Mixing in speed metal riffs and thrash metal guitar and drum work, with the extensive vocal range of singer Loy Mitchum, they could be considered the ultimate all round metal band.

But I digress.

Between 1985 and 1994 Legion worked tirelessly and recorded lots of material but due to various difficulties only one independent LP-Tape, “Darkness,” was ever released, back in 1991.

But now, with the help of Arkeyn Records, “Darkness”, one of the rarest and most obscure LP-Tape’s of the 1980’s, along with the band’s previously unreleased fourth album “For We are Many”, have been remastered and both are released together on an epic 21 track cd!

And what a cd! With songs averaging at just about three and a half minutes each, there are no marathon tracks, no complicated and intricate guitar work and no massive drum solos that add no significance to the songs whatsoever (for those who do not know me, I am NOT a big fan of drum solos, on cd or live!)

This is a record of pure, unadulterated metal. It sounds like it was written in the 1980’s but that is in no way a bad thing. I love metal from that decade and if you are a fan of bands such as Metal Church, Agent Steel, King Diamond, Nazareth, Judas Priest, (the list can go on and on), then you will love this album.

Doug Calloway’s guitar work can rival any of the leading guitarists from that day, the percussion section of Marvin Mitchum on drums and Chuck Goodwin on bass are tight and they hold the rest of the band together well, and, as previously mentioned, the vocal range of singer Loy Mitchum easily equals that of Rob Halford, King Diamond and Geoff Tate. I, personally, love the high range vocals in metal music but some people might think he uses it a little bit too much on some of the tracks. This, however, does not extend throughout the whole album, and he does prove he has more strings to his bow that just his high-pitched voice.

This really is a gem that should never have been lost in time. If this album is anything to go by, with the right promotion and manager behind them, Legion could and should have been one of the big bands of the 1980’s.

I hope Arkeyn continue to remaster the rest of the material recorded by Legion as this band is a vital addition to any metal lovers collection.


1. Dream

2. Watching the Sky

3. Eternal Life

4. Living Free

5. Lo the Star

6. All Become One

7. Evil Mind

8. Darkness

9. Wake the Dead

10. Simple Rhyme

11. River Song

12. The Spirit

13. Where is the Laughter

14. Everybody Wants To Be

15. Within Your Eyes

16. Empty Graves

17. Message Intro

18. Message

19. Judgement Day

20. Memories

21. Sunday Shoes

Legion are:

Doug Calloway – songwriter, guitar, backing vocals

Marvin Mitchum – drums

Chuck Goodwin – bass

Loy Mitchum – vocals

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Jenovese – Love U to Death EP


JENOVESE – LOVE U TO DEATH EP                                                                                             Unsigned

Release Date: 23/06/2016                                                                                        Running Time: 17.05

Album Review by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King


Where are all the female fronted bands? I asked myself, just as this little gem from band, Jenovese, landed in my inbox. Admittedly, it remained downloaded onto my computer, waiting patiently in the “awaiting review” folder on my desktop, until I transferred it onto my little USB stick and put it my car.

Immediately, I kicked myself for leaving it so long!

Jenovese are a female fronted band hailing from Cardiff, South Wales and the “Love U to Death EP” is their debut recording released on 23rd June 2016. And, wow, what a way to start? With crunching guitar work, heavy riffs (which I oh so love!) and the strong voice of singer Emma Rees, it’s hard to believe these guys had only been together six months when this EP was recorded.

The two guitarists, James Rees and Lee Jones, complement each other perfectly, drummer Jack Pritchard works his little socks off and bassist Jason Sims slots in between them all rather nicely.

The sound is tight and the tracks are all well written. Describing themselves as an “anthemic rock/melodic metal band” on their Facebook page, they have produced songs that have that singalong-ability, clean vocals so you actually hear what Emma is singing and epic choruses, while still maintaining that edginess that all good (nay, great!) rock bands have.

Says the band themselves: “Despite not being together very long, we are all friends that decided to come together to form Jenovese. We are all very excited with how the EP has turned out and thinks it’s a really good representation of who we are and what we are about.”

My favourite track on the EP is (probably) I Love U to Death but there really is not a bad track on there. Each one leads seamlessly onto the next and the whole EP will have to jumping around your living room, strumming on your air guitar or singing into your hairbrush. This would be my ideal soundtrack as I got myself ready for a night out.

It’s fresh, it’s funky and it totally rocks!

I really do think big things could happen to this band and I will certainly be waiting for their next release to add to my collection.

Jenovese will be playing at the Metal 2 The Masses competition in Cardiff so go out, grab this EP, and give them a vote.

Let’s get these guys (and gal) to Bloodstock!

Track Listing:

  • Nothing Left To Say
  • Despair
  • Love U to Death
  • It Doesn’t Matter

Jenovese are:

  • Emma Rees – vocals
  • James Rees – guitar
  • Lee Jones – guitar
  • Jason Sims – bass guitar
  • Jack Pritchard – drums

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Disclaimer: This review is solely the property of Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King and Ever Metal. It is strictly forbidden to copy any part of this review, unless you have the strict permission of both parties. Failure to do adhere to this will be treated as plagiarism and will be reported to the relevant authorities.