Outlaws & Moonshine – The Devil In The Moonshine

The Devil In The Moonshine Cover

Outlaws & Moonshine – The Devil In The Moonshine
Running Time 36.34
Release Date 24/11/2017
Nemesis Records/Vanity Music Group
Review by Tsarina Wilson

This Southern Rock band from Indianapolis were definitely not what I was expecting but I say that in a good way. After putting “The Devil In The Moonshine” on I sat, thinking “Oh, okay, what’s this then?” Then, “oh yes, I like this” and that was within the first few beats of the first song! If there is such a genre as Redneck Rock this is it, if not then we will settle for Country Rock. You will learn the tracks very quickly and be singing them loud and proud while driving along, okay, well…I certainly was!

This album, which was released in November 2017, is just so refreshing. Outlaws & Moonshine first released music in 2015 with their debut EP called “1919” which put them on the map and they went on to play shows across the Midwest gaining fans and followers as they went. In 2016 they did a short tour with Jackyl and Wayland, before going back into Red V Studios in New York in mid-October with producer Vic Rivera who the band say “is hands down the sixth member of Outlaws & Moonshine”! Front man Beau Van remarked “There were many long hours in the studio of “let’s do that again” from Vic. This producer has a lot of faith in the band and sees the vision of where they are coming from music wise. This new release contains the five tracks from the EP and five brand new tracks!

“Devil In The Moonshine” is a total toe tapping, air guitar playing, drum playing, foot stomping, singing aloud album .My favourite track is ‘(Here Comes) Bobby’ a completely laid back track with the guitars by Beau & Mike Back and awesome Slide Guitar by Travis so good to listen to. This track is about brotherhood and loyalty, – “Tell the Devil it’s me, Bobby” (the lyrics at the end of the track) just send a chill down my spine. Great drumming by Eric Piper on the track ‘My Boom’ is infectious and I bet people will be playing steering wheel drums to this while driving along, it’s so addictive.

Think Lynyrd Skynyrd meets Black Stone Cherry with a twist of redneck and you’ll be in the right area, these guys are true to their music and are definitely not trying to fit in anywhere but to their roots. ‘Redneck Me’, which could have been a 1980’s hit track, proves this completely! It takes the tempo down a little but certainly doesn’t take anything away from the thought provoking lyrics. The Whole album is full of personal stories, which I think a lot of us can identify with. Life isn’t easy but we get up and get on with it. Track 10 ‘Different Kind Of Man’ has some brilliant guitar riffs in it and you lose yourself just listening to this final cut on the album!

Title track ‘Devil In The Moonshine’ has just as much kick as a mason jar of moonshine itself, its solid and country proud and the lyrics don’t let you forget that at all. As vocalist Van Beau states “This is about the whole concept of ‘the devil made me do it,’ I’ve been bitten by this more than once so I’m describing my ten foot tall and bullet proof drunk persona”. I think many of us have been there using that excuse! Up-tempo ‘Cootie Brown’ will have you using anything to hand for drum sticks, ‘Don’t Be Scared’, a story about that one friend who is your partner in crime and allows ‘you to be you’ no matter what you are both up to, definitely got an ‘Amen’ from me! You can also get a ‘Hell Yeah’ from me for the track ‘Ride Or Die’ which is about the roller coaster ride of emotions that surface when taking the steps that are best for you!

You’ll either get this album or you won’t, but don’t write it off without listening to it all the way through first as it certainly delivers. You almost get two sides to this album. There is the Country swagger, moonshine hard drinking, he-man vibe and then suddenly you get thrown into the friendship, loyalty, soulmate and kindness side!

All in all Outlaws & Moonshine threw me at first but I can gladly say it was a country ride I am glad I’ve taken and I look forward to future music from them.


  • 01. Devil In The Moonshine
  • 02. (Here Comes) Bobby
  • 03. Don’t Be Scared
  • 04. Ride Or Die
  • 05. My Boom
  • 06. Cootie Brown
  • 07. Whiskey
  • 08. Hay Y’All
  • 09. Redneck Me
  • 10. Different Kind Of Man



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Primal Fear – Angels of Mercy

Angels Of Mercy, Live In Germany Cover

Primal Fear – Angels of Mercy
Frontiers Music
Running Time: 1.15:45
Release Date: 02/06/2017
Review By Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King

I have been a fan of Primal Fear ever since I first heard Angel in Black many moons ago, so it really was a no-brainer when asked to review it. BUT, I really should have read the blurb about the album BEFORE I listened to it. Angels of Mercy is, in fact, a live album, and really one of my pet hates.

Now, I know there have been plenty of fantastic live albums over the years from Kiss Alive to Queen’s Live Killers to Live and Dangerous by Thin Lizzy, but they just do not appeal to me. Having listened to the studio albums first I have learnt the words and the music of the STUDIO version and this completely goes out the window with a live album, leaving me singing words they have missed out or omitting ones they have put in. (The ONLY exception to this rule is Kiss’s Strutter as the live version is the first one I heard and therefore my favourite.)

But, having said all that, this album kicks serious ass!

First, a bit of history.

Primal Fear, for those who don’t know (and if you don’t, where have you been living for the past twenty years?) are a German power metal band formed in 1997 by Ralf Scheepers and Matt Sinner. Both men had been involved in the metal scene for a long time, Scheepers had previously been with bands Tyran Pace, FBI and internationally recognised band, Gamma Ray, before setting up his own Judas Priest tribute band Just Priest, which Matt and Tom Naumann helped him with. (Scheepers was also turned down as replacement for Rob Halford when he left Judas Priest, something I think, we, as metal fans, should be grateful for. Not only did Judas Priest gain a fantastic singer in Tim ”Ripper” Owens but we also got one of the greatest ever german metal bands.)

The band signed with Nuclear Blast in 1997 and their debut album “Primal Fear” was released on 1998, entering the German charts at number 48, one of the highest chart positions for a debut band in German metal, and they also toured with metal veterans, Running Wild and Hammerfall.

Their biggest mainstream success was with 2012’s album “Unbreakable” which entered the charts in no less than eight different countries and was the first time they hit the US Billboard Heatseekers chart, peaking at number 44.

Angels of Mercy is the band’s first live album since 2010 and is their first ever live Blu Ray dvd (I unfortunately don’t have this) and unleashes the best Primal Fear performances since the band formed, with a mix of power, ambition and enthusiasm, as well as their great talents as musicians.

Rewind a little back to 2016 which was a busy year for the band. Their eleventh studio album “Rulebreaker” was released and on the back of this, the band entered a world-wide tour that shattered all previously held records for shows played in one year by the band. And it was in a smaller venue in Stuttgart that Angels of Mercy was recorded.

With elements of pure thrash metal, traditional heavy metal and 1970’s European hard rock, the audio on this cd is clear and crisp and the production is fantastic.  If it wasn’t for the sound of the audience and Ralf Scheepers speaking in his very good English, you would be forgiven for thinking this wasn’t a live album at all.

The band’s energy is apparent, and it is clear they want the fans to have a good time just as they, themselves, do.  This is the first time I have heard them live and it has given me a hunger to actually see them perform at a gig. The set list is excellent, featuring a great mix of older stuff for the more seasoned fans and newer music for all the newbies. Gold star, also, for including my favourite Primal Fear track of all time, Rollercoaster (the first song I attached to my old Myspace page – remember them?)

The notes to the album state that “this live album offers a barrage of metal anthems in their full glory that will please any headbanger” and that is exactly what it is. It is traditional, balls in your face, heavy metal full of pounding drums and heavy guitar riffs and Scheepers voice just seems to get better and better.

This album really is a MUST for any metal fan and I, for one, am now looking forward to the new album Apocalypse, the band’s twelfth studio album, which is due for release in mid-2018.

In the words of the great band themselves….




  • 1. Countdown to Insanity
  • 2. Final Embrace
  • 3. In Metal We Trust
  • 4. Angel in Black
  • 5. Rulebreaker
  • 6. Sign of Fear
  • 7. Seven Seals
  • 8. Angels of Mercy
  • 9. The End Is Near
  • 10. Rollercoaster
  • 11. The Sky Is Burning
  • 12. Nuclear Fire
  • 13. When Death Comes Knocking
  • 14. Metal Is Forever
  • 15. Fighting the Darkness









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Black Emerald – Hell Can’t Handle All of Us

Hell Can't Handle All Of Us Cover

Black Emerald – Hell Can’t Handle All Of Us
Running Time 56.41
Release Date 10/02/2018
Independent/FATangel PR
Review by Tsarina Wilson

Black Emerald’s new album “Hell Can’t Handle All Of Us” is a high energy album which is gritty and definitely fuses many different genres together from Thrash to Hard Rock.

This three piece band has all the energy of much larger bands with strong vocals from Edd Higgs who also supplies some epic guitar riffs, more vocals from bass guitarist Simon Hall which are just as gritty and some brilliant drumming from Connor Shortt. Black Emerald are from Reading in the UK and after multiple line-up changes over the years have become one of the most successful bands in the area, and plan on playing in their home town on the same day as the album is released.

“Hell Can’t Handle All Of Us” certainly delivers on all fronts, it was mixed and mastered by Matt Bew and James Billinge of Whitehouse Studios in their home town of Reading (the sound is huge) and also has some special guest appearances with Craig McBrearty of Gutlocker providing guest vocals on the track ‘Life Of Anxiety’ and Andy Gunn of Remnant playing guest guitar on ‘Voodoo Princess’. The artwork for the album has been created by, the ever in demand, Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art!

The opening track ‘Hell Can’t Handle All Of Us’ leads you into a false sense of security with the almost doom like opening couple of minutes, then it  blasts into a brilliant guitar riff with great drumming and ‘BANG’ we are off and running and the energy is sustained throughout the album. Black Emerald give it 100% with numerous twists and turns and the gruffness of some of the vocals are brutal but certainly work for the band as is also shown in ‘Life Of Anxiety’ which stops so abruptly mid-song you think the track is over but no…it returns  with just as much power as before.

‘Voodoo Princess’ is certainly a story within a song as well as having a brilliant Funk Rock/Hendrix feel to it and with an awesome guitar solo this track keeps you wanting more. The nearly 10 minutes of ‘Jonestown’ shows all the bands abilities and energy, starting off with quiet and brooding vocals which build to a crescendo and then drop back again. It’s a very dark, slower track but with a strong message (If you’re familiar with the Jonestown Massacre of 1978 then it’ll make a lot of sense) and for me is one of the best tracks on the album; everything about it is just so gritty but strangely refreshing. Black Emerald don’t try to be like anyone else, they have a unique style and I hope they keep true to it. Final track ‘Revelations’ is almost the calm after the storm, after all the energy of the whole album this track is like a big exhalation of breath to calm you down!

Black Emerald and “Hell Can’t Handle All Of Us” won’t be to everyone’s taste but they are true to themselves which is what it’s all about! They are very powerful and I think if they keep this style then we will be hearing a lot more from them in the future. This band is unique and whilst each member of the band is individually so good, blending them together creates an epic sound, which I can only imagine must be immense on stage!



  • 01. Hell Can’t Handle All Of Us
  • 02. Life Of Anxiety (featuring Craig McBrearty of Gutlocker)
  • 03. Dr. Stein
  • 04. B.O.D.
  • 05. One For The Road
  • 06. Voodoo Princess (featuring Andy Gunn of Remnant)
  • 07. Drown In The River
  • 08. Sculptures To The Sky
  • 09. Figure On A Barbed Wire Cross
  • 10. Jonestown
  • 11. Revelations



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Mason Hill – Mason Hill EP

Mason Hill EP Cover

Mason Hill – Mason Hill EP
Running Time: 18:02
Release Date – December 2015
Review by Beth Jones
9.5 / 10

Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Mason Hill are, in my opinion, one of the most exciting new bands to hit the scene in a very long time. Their classic heavy rock style, combined with their talent and professionalism on stage give them the full package. Their debut EP is just a brief snippet of their skills and a very tasty bite of what is to come.

Showing off a range of their musical styles very succinctly, the four tracks on the EP develop through the chunky, toe tapping riffs of ‘Survive’ to the classic power Ballad of ‘Where I Belong’, visiting the influences of Country, AOR and classic heavy metal along the way. Their chunky riffs, driven bass, intricate guitar solos and tight drum fills give the EP a real pace and snap. But for me, the thing that makes it is the vocal range of Scott Taylor – this man has some pipes!!! Back that up with some great harmonies and it all comes together to form a very neat, but very exciting little package that definitely leaves you wanting more!

My feature track would have to be ‘Where I Belong’. This track for me is the classic ‘lighters in the air’ song that finishes off a gig perfectly and leaves you welling up with tears of joy. Starting acoustically with just Scott’s vocals and a beautiful guitar line provided by James Bird, the song floats into full band mode with a skillfully understated Rhythm section provided by Craig McFetridge on percussion and Matthew Ward on bass. It is lilting and melancholy and has the feel of a Pink Floyd epic of yesteryear, especially with the guitar solo, which I think would impress the great Mr Gilmour himself. The song gathers intensity throughout, building to its climax of defined rhythms, power vocals and twiddly solos working in perfect harmony and it is almost a shame when it finishes! Every time I listen to this track I notice something new. It makes me smile, it makes me cry, and it makes me want to listen to more – I simply cannot wait for the album and I will be first in the queue to buy it!

My only criticism, and the reason why the score is just off a perfect 10 is because the third track, ‘Now You See Me’ fades out at the end. This is one of my biggest bug bares in music – BOYS YOU ARE MORE TALENTED THAN THAT, THINK OF A WAY TO FINISH IT!!!! But seeing as this was one of their earliest recordings, and they are a new band, I will let them off for now – just don’t do it again!!!

That aside though, this is an exciting first EP from a very exciting young band. I am excited, and I am rarely excited by anything, so that is an achievement!


  • 01 Survive
  • 02 Your Memory
  • 03 Now You See Me
  • 04 Where I Belong




Mason Hill Pic2


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Silent Descent – Turn to Grey


Silent Descent – Turn To Grey
Running time: 47:14
Self-released/Domino PR
Release Date: 30/11/2017
Reviewed by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King

You know that feeling when you have been given an album to review and it’s been sitting in the “awaiting review” folder on your laptop for too long and then when you do finally review it, you think to yourself why didn’t I review this before now? No? Well, that’s exactly how I felt when I listened to this for the first time. Why the hell did I leave it so long?

Formed in Dartford (just down the road from me really) in 2005, this sextet has a back catalogue and a background that is more than impressive. In 2007, they entered the TotalRock Radio global unsigned bands awards, winning the “Symphonic Rock/Metal” category (coming 4th overall in the competition) and in 2008, after the release of their debut full length album, Duplicity, the guys won Kerrang’s Unsigned Live Competition. On top of all this, they have played slots at Download, Full Force and Bloodstock Festivals and have sold out shows up and down the country.

Once described as “Enter Shikari for sweaty goths,” Silent Descent embrace the sounds that were present when the post-hardcore metal genre was most popular. With bands such as Enter Shikari, Asking Alexandria, The Devil Wears Prada and Bring Me The Horizon as role models, Silent Descent supersede all of these by not only including the synth-heavy hooks and growling vocals but taking it one step further. They combine the bounce of Nu-Metal and the energy of electronicore and have produced a sound individual to them.

Says the band: “Our teenage years were arguably one of the most interesting periods for the alternative scene. Silent Descent is by no means a Nu-Metal band, but we wanted to capture that vibe of a signature sound, a vibe that listeners get instantly when listening to one of our tracks.”

Transcending multiple genres, “Turn To Grey” is the band’s third full length album, and although it may have taken four years for this record to be made, it is definitely worth the wait. The guys have the approach of a band keen to move forward and have, this time, made a record not only for their loyal fans but also for themselves, and it is a record that represent the depths and diversity of their influences and catches the essence of the band more than any of their previous releases.

With heavy guitar riffs combined with the sounds of synths, the band are slightly heavier than some of their predecessors, but this is by no means a bad thing. The rough vocals mix well with the smooth and it is obvious this is a band with an amazing talent. I was never really a fan of the post-hardcore genre at the time, although I am being slowly influenced by my sixteen-year-old son, who is a huge Bring Me The Horizon fan, and, when I started out on my reviewing journey, I dreaded the thought of reviewing such an band!

I must say now, that I greatly underestimated the genre. I absolutely loved this album, and a week in my car is testament to that. One of the traits that drew me to BMTH (after being dragged to a gig by afore-mentioned son) was the addictive, catchy, almost melodic choruses that broke up the harshness of the songs. Silent Descent have mastered this trait almost to perfection, and I must also add their keyboardist/synths guy is just amazing.

Stand out songs for me were the title track, Vortex, which features Björn “Speed” Strid of Soilwork fame, and Rob Rodda.

If you are a fan of the post-hardcore genre then go get this album straight away. I will guarantee you will love it….even my teenage son gave this album the thumbs up!



  • 1. X
  • 2. Turn to Grey
  • 3. Vortex
  • 4. Rob Rodda
  • 5. Sticky Fingers
  • 6. Voices
  • 7. Gravesend
  • 8. Under the Eagle
  • 9. Paths Winding
  • 10. Hurt Like You’ve Never Been Loved
  • 11. Back to Where I Belong
  • 12. Break the Skies




Photo: www.joebrady.co.uk


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Forged In Black – Sinner Sanctorum EP


Forged In Black – Sinner Sanctorum EP
Running Tine 26:19
Release Date 02-09-2017
Independent/Imperative PR
Album Review Tsarina Wilson

Forged In Black have been around since 2013 (when they changed their name from Merciless Fail) and released their self-titled debut album that year (which was a re-release of the Merciless Fail material, with new tracks and artwork). They have worked with some epic producers who have worked with bands from Motorhead to Black Sabbath but have their own unique, high quality sound.

Their first EP proper “The Tide” was also released in 2013, as was the single ‘The Exodus’ which was produced by Romesh Dodangoda (Motorhead, Bullet For My Valentine, Sylosis) These releases proved that Forged In Black were the real deal.

After teaming up with legendary producer Chris Tsangarides for 2016 EP “Fear Reflecting Fear” they decided that they didn’t want to mess about with a winning partnership and went back into the studio with Chris for this new EP “Sinner Sanctorum”. Let’s face it, Chris Tsangarides has worked with everyone (Judas Priest, Ozzy, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, UFO…the list is endless) and, once again, he has guided this band superbly with “Sinner Sanctorum” easily being the best material Forged In Black have released.

To start with the lead vocals of Chris ‘Stoz’ Storozynski are amazing and leave you in no doubt about this bands ability. His voice is both sharp and gritty and he possesses great range. Guitar work from Andy Songhurst and Chris Bone is awesome, playing riffs that are almost hypnotic and will have you playing air guitar wherever you are! Add to that the powerful drumming of Kev Rochester and bass of Kieron Rochester keep the boundless energy going throughout the duration of the EP.

Forged In Black have been on the road with likes of The Deep, Breed 77, Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens, Savage Messiah, Neverworld and Praying Mantis, to name but a few, and the confidence of this band shows through in their music! My favourite track is ‘Crimson Echoes ’with the beautiful guitar work at the beginning leading you into a false sense of security. Just when you think it’s going to be a gentle song BOOM a huge riff kicks in and vocals that have you reaching for the volume button to crank it up a bit louder!

I don’t see Forged In Black being on the road supporting other bands for much longer, they will be the headliner and the go to band for many metal fans filling concert venues wherever they go. They are the complete package… powerful and entertaining yet full of fury!

Forged In Black need to get a full length album released as they are just so good and I for one will be at the front of the queue to get my copy when it happens.



  • 01 There’s Always Time
  • 02 Pay The Price
  • 03 Sinner Sanctorum
  • 04 Crimson Echoes



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Twelve Noon – Saints and Sinners

Twelve Noon - Saints And Sinners Cover

Twelve Noon – Saints and Sinners
Running Time 45:02
Release date – 09/06/2017
Eclipse Records
Album Review by Tsarina Wilson

Listening to “Saints And Sinners”, the debut album from Pittsburgh based Twelve Noon, you get the feeling you are listening to a compilation album of great metal bands, Metallica and Slipknot to name just a couple, with Michael Loew’s amazing vocals going from strong to raw it’s refreshing to hear and a pleasure to listen too.

Twelve Noon were formed in 2015 by Rob Heil (Guitar) and Michael Loew (Vocals) and they began by performing in bars performing cover songs but gradually added their own material into the set. It became obvious, very quickly, that people were really enjoying the new songs, so Twelve Noon gave up the covers and concentrated on their own music.

In 2016 the band had amassed enough of their own songs to be able to go into the studio with Bobby Balow who took them to his studio Raytown Productions. There they recorded ten of their own tracks. The album was named “Saints And Sinners”. Soon after, they independently released the album and sent it to various labels and promoters in the industry,

The band then started gigging throughout Western Pennsylvania as a support band with such bands as We Are Harlot and Texas Hippie Coalition, then in January 2017 A&R Executive Chris Poland heard their music and quickly signed them to Eclipse Records, which Rob Heil has described as a “pleasure and experience” because of Chris’s hard work and passion for the industry.

When listening to “Saints And Sinners” you hear a lot of personal experiences coming through in the lyrics, ‘Bottom Of A Bottle’ and ‘Hope In Tragedy’ being two examples. There is a lot of raw emotion within this album but also love, healing and positivity, and within these songs there is much you can relate to yourself. The honesty within the lyrics makes it refreshing to know that others can go through such things yet come out the other side stronger than ever.

The track ‘No Way Out’ (this was the debut single from the album) is almost a way of telling their fans they are in this for the long haul, which in this day and age of bands that come and go is good to hear as their music is brilliant. The video to it shows just how good the whole band are with guitar playing that will keep you mesmerized and some awesome drumming

Along with Rob and Michael there is Tim Clark on bass, John Devlin on guitar and Justin Runkel on drums and together they make up an epic Modern Rock/Metal band. They have a way of getting so many emotions into their songs, from the heavy rawness of the title track to amazing riffs in ‘Carry On’. “Saints And Sinners” is an album that you will listen to over and over again. It just has that feel good factor and is so impressive, especially for a debut!


  • 01 Change My Ways
  • 02 Breaking Down
  • 03 Saints And Sinners
  • 04 Hope In Tragedy
  • 05 Better Side
  • 06 Carry On
  • 07 No Way Out
  • 08 Back For More
  • 09 Bottom Of A Bottle
  • 10 The End




Twelve Noon Promo Pic1


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Homerik – Homerik

Homerik Cover

Homerik – Homerik
Running time: 46:33
Homerik Productions
Release Date: Halloween 2017
Reviewed by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King

I always knew when Rick at Ever Metal asked me to do him a favour and review a band for him that it was not going to be a run of the mill band. I knew there was going to be diversity and that there was a very good chance that I wouldn’t like the album. I think Rick assumed that too, and how I love proving him wrong.

Homerik are an American band formed in New York City but after listening to the album, you could assume that they had, in fact, come from anywhere in the world, and this is where the diversity comes in.

A trio comprising of composer and lyricist, Kenneth Candelas and two further lyricists, Andrew Petriske and Obed Gonzalez, they are a melting pot of different cultures and musicianships.  Unsatisfied with mainstream metal and the amount of “regurgitated” stuff around at the moment, they wanted people to look into the possibilities of metal and how such a brutal genre could be made into something beautiful and unique.

Andrew and Ken both derive their inspiration from the many genres of metal the band are influenced by, but, as a whole, they are not shy of exploring other genres of music.

Swayed by their interests which include (to name a few) Ancient Egypt, Dark Fantasy, Lord of the Rings, Norse Mythology and Game of Thrones, they have orchestrated a force of guitars, drums, bassoon (how often do you hear of one of those in metal music!?) piano, brass and strings, that would be worthy of the inclusion into any film score. All this is complemented by the mystifying and alto vocal work of Carla Candelas and Nilsa Astacio, who, combined together, make a chillingly beautiful narrative of a little girl who suffers reoccurring nightmares of abuse and neglect.

Classed by themselves on their Facebook page as Symphonic, Progressive Death Metal, I would also like to add “atmospheric.” With influences such as (deep breath here) Nightwish, Wintersun, Nile, Deicide, Behemoth, Symphony X, Children of Bodom, King Diamond, Opeth, Epica and Kamelot (and that wasn’t all of them!) it is easy to see elements of every one of these bands showing throughout the music and the band can easily switch from one sound to the next, showing great diversity and, above all, talent!

Says Obed Gonzalez: “what you are about to listen to is a project made by people, for people, and for it to unify the world and their peoples.” If any band could manage to unify the world with their music, then this band could. With classic death metal vocals to accompany the symphonic aspects of the band, there are also the sounds of Asia and the Middle East all thrown in for good measure.

This album is not going to appeal to everyone, but even then, it has an approachability to all music listeners whether they are devout music fans or not!

If you like your metal straight forward and in your face then don’t buy this album, but if you like something a bit different, a bit atmospheric and a bit eccentric even, then this is the album for you.

I liked it, proving Rick and, probably myself, wrong…..you might just do!



  • 1. Into the Pits of Oblivion 01:53
  •  2. Unforgotten Kin 03:14
  •  3. An Angel of Darkness 04:49
  •  4. Curse of the Black Nile 05:45
  •  5. The “Ire” of Green 03:58
  •  6. Wendigo 05:00
  •  7. The Balance of Power 05:39
  •  8. Bread and Circuses 03:22
  •  9. A Song of the Night: Part I 07:15
  •  10. The Legion 05:35




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Ten – Gothica

Gothica Cover

Ten – Gothica
Running time 58:00
Released on 07/07/2017
Frontiers Music s.r.l
Review by Vikkie Richmond

British hard rockers Ten are turning out to be stalwarts of the melodic rock scene; in a career spanning over 22 years, “Gothica” is their thirteenth studio album and their history reads like a novel – far too many twists and turns in the plot to go into here!  Suffice to say that “Gothica”, mixed by Ten favourite Dennis Ward, is described as, “A web of musically elaborate spells, evoking embers that spark the imagination.”  I don’t know about that, but feel free to read on for my humble opinion …

Whether by coincidence, design or happy fluke, there are ten tracks on this album.  I was looking forward to listening to it, but I did find the whole thing, well … slightly odd.  It kicked off innocently enough, with a little bit of incantation and some sterling, power guitar chords on the opening track, “The Grail”. This is a vaguely cinematic-sounding track, not surprising then that the accompanying bio states that, “Gothica is cinematic in every sense”.  I tend to agree, I think.

“Jekyll and Hyde” contains some sweet little tricks to give it a ‘spooky’ feel and again, there are some power chords in evidence, running through the track.  “A Man For All Seasons” has a folky feel to the start of the song which is proof of how diverse Ten are; make sure you check out “La Luna Dra-Cu-La” for a bit of fun laced drama.

There is a more rocky feel on most of the tracks, but they all have a vaguely cheesy feel to them; that’s not to say that they aren’t good songs, but I think you have to like a certain type of music (not that we like to pigeon-hole, once again) to fully appreciate Ten’s work.  I understand the concept of the album and for the most part, I think it’s very good musically; in places it sounds a little dated, like something you would find on an 80s movie soundtrack (see “Travellers” as exhibit ‘A’).

Having said that, Ten are all the richer for utilising so many different musical talents – there are eight vocalists and musicians that feature on this album.  It’s not really for me, but it’s an interesting one that has cross-genre appeal.  Ten have many fans around the globe and I’m confident that they will adore “Gothica” just as much as the other albums that Ten have produced, as “Gothica” is a feel good, bouncy offering that is a little dark in places, featuring some superb skill and musical talent.  I’ll leave you to make your own minds up – let us know if you agree!

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Track List – 

  • The Grail
  • Jekyll and Hyde
  • Travellers
  • A Man For All Seasons
  • In My Dreams
  • The Wild King Of Winter
  • Paragon
  • Welcome To The Freak Show
  • La Luna Dra-Cu-La
  • Into Darkness

Stand out tracks:  Jekyll and Hyde, The Wild King of Winter, Welcome To The Freak Show

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Spreading The Disease – Insurrection

Insurrection Cover

Spreading The Disease – Insurrection
Running Time 47:29
Release – September 2017
Independent/Motivated Music Management
Album Review by Lee Preston

This has been an album I’ve been looking forward to hearing after hearing the debut EP “Viral” by Kent based metallers Spreading the Disease late in 2016, who continuously tour the length and breadth of the country. And I’m pleased to say it surpasses everything the debut promised.

The album starts quite subdued on opening track ‘Find My Path’ before hitting some huge riffs acting as an extended intro before the rest of the albums tracks bludgeon you with razor sharp riffs, varied songwriting and cleverly laid out pacing. This is an album in the true sense, its varied without sounding like a band unsure where to go, quite the opposite, sounding more like a gig with peaks and troughs to give it some pacing, air and a sense of purpose.

Songs vary between groovy metal with an early 90’s vibe bringing Pantera and Prong riffs to a modern abrasive guitar as the basis of song structure, and then going into alt metal in later songs such as ‘Can’t Let Go’ which is an acoustic driven number that has a Tool vibe about it. The vocals are another strong point on this album, the main vocals being an aggressive but clear modern bark with a clear delivery of the lyrical content, which is very direct about modern life. Then there’s the backing vocals which are melodic in a 90s alt rock style, clear but edgy.

All in all, this is a rip roaring album from start to finish. Anyone who likes mid 90s metal, alt rock and modern metalcore will find a lot to enjoy here. Highly recommended!



  • 01 Find My Path
  • 02 Words Unspoken
  • 03 Dischord
  • 04 Spreading The Disease
  • 05 Greed
  • 06 Save Me
  • 07 Whores Of War
  • 08 Method To My Madness
  • 09 Can’t Let Go
  • 10 Brexit Wounds
  • 11 Last Goodbye




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