Sacrilege – six6six

Sacrilege – six6six
Pure Steel Records
Release Date: 03/07/2015
Running Time: 50:55
Review by Rick Tilley

As it’s over a year since I’ve written anything about Sacrilege, and that was for a different website, I’m going to update you all briefly on their history before getting onto the latest studio album. This Sacrilege were formed in 1982 by guitarist/vocalist Bill Beadle and they should not be confused with the female fronted Thrash band of the same name who appeared in 1984! Having recorded a demo in 1983 it was sent to The David Jensen TV Show by Bill’s Dad where Sacrilege were picked from thousands of entries as one of six new bands to perform on the show and compete for best new band of 1983. Sacrilege duly turned up to record their particular episode and found themselves performing alongside U2 and The Stranglers who had also been booked to play! Their performance got plenty of exposure and Sacrilege went back into the studio to record the demo album ‘Gates Of Hell which was then followed by a UK Tour including a final date at the legendary Marquee Club in London. Unfortunately, and as was the case so many times during the 80’s, the initial interest didn’t flourish and after slogging away Sacrilege called it a day in 1987 and Bill stopped playing completely!

Twenty years later Bill decided it was time to give things another go and re-recorded much of the old material as well as writing new songs. Since then Sacrilege have released several very good but low key albums, all of which are available at the bands website and are well worth getting! There have also been several line-up changes but in 2015 they signed a deal with Pure Steel Records to release a ‘Best of’ album entitled ‘Ashes To Ashes’ and ‘six6six’ which is the new studio album. I reviewed the compilation album and was due to review this as well but my enforced layoff meant I was unable to do so when the album was originally released. I’m here now to put that record straight and tell you all what a great band Sacrilege are and how, in ‘six6six’ they’ve managed to release the best album of their career!

Ever since first hearing this band in 1983 I’ve always thought they had a unique sound. Mixing the proto Doom of early Black Sabbath, NWOBHM and 1980’s Goth is no mean feat and there isn’t another band around, whom I’ve heard, who do it as well as Sacrilege. ‘Death March six6six’ starts the album off in menacing fashion, being a short but sharp atmospheric and doom laden intro which segues into first track proper ‘Welcome To The Dragons Den’! This is thumptastically old-school Heavy Metal with great riff, chorus, and fingers flying at high speed during the solo. A great way to begin and a sweetener for next track ‘Lucifer’s Soldier’s. This is much slower and laced with doom, a chugging riff overlaid with vocals placed somewhere between Ozzy and early Candlemass. ‘In Hell’ is next and is an even more despairing and bleak tale which pays a huge homage to the song ‘Black Sabbath’ with Bill excelling in the vocal department. It is also my favourite track on the album!’six6six’continues in this fashion, switching between Doom and mid paced Metal monsters. ’I Can’t Die’ and ‘Eyes Of The Lord’ also stand out amidst an album of highlights. Closing with a reprise of the opening ‘Death March’ brings ‘six6six’full circle to a very satisfying climax!

Sacrilege have always been a fabulous live band outstripping what they do in the studio but now that this line-up has been stable for a couple of years with the band gigging regularly around the UK and further afield ‘six6six’ boasts a sound that is the nearest I’ve heard to what they recreate live. Bill, Neil Turnbull (Drums), Jeff Rolland (Bass) and Tony Vanner (Guitar) are all excellent musicians and that togetherness is really starting to pay off in a studio setting. To add to this the album is excellently produced and mixed and the cover artwork (which seems almost a companion piece to the compilation album) is brilliantly dark and once again brings to mind early Candlemass albums.

Sacrilege definitely deserve their time to shine and for you to miss out on either their albums, especially this one, or seeing them in a live setting would be a criminal offence. I’ve also been lucky enough to chat with Bill on many occasions over the last couple of years and you really couldn’t wish to meet a nicer gentleman. In 2017 if you see their name on a gig or festival poster make the effort to go and see them and say Hi! You won’t regret it. I’m also itching to see if there is going to be a new studio album because if ‘six6six’is anything to go by the next one could well be a monster!

1. Death March six6six
2. Welcome To The Dragon’s Den
3. Lucifer’s Soldier’s
4. In Hell
5. Sanctuary
6. Forever After
7. I Can’t Die
8. Paranoia
9. Eyes Of The Lord Prologue
10. Eyes Of The Lord
11. Death March six6six Reprise

Bill Beadle – Vocals/Guitar
Neil Turnbull – Drums
Jeff Rolland – Bass
Tony Vanner – Guitar



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Baranovich – Hyde EP

Baranovich – Hyde EP
Release Date: 2016
Running Time: 12:02
Review by Dawn King

Formed in late November 2015, Baranovich are a five piece rock band hailing from Sheffield, England and ‘Hyde’ is their new 3-track EP due for release very soon.

Having previously played one of the tracks, ‘Fire in the Sky’ on my radio show, I couldn’t wait to hear what the rest of the EP sounded like and I was not disappointed.

Describing themselves as “new wave of classic rock” I would add “with a hint of punk thrown in.” This EP is hard-hitting like a classic rock EP should be but with catchy choruses that you will be singing all day long.

With crushing riffs and a monstrous drum and bass section, this band have the makings of something big and Steve Baranovich on vocals brings the whole sound together.

I have never seen these guys live but I certainly hope to one day. They obviously play with a lot of energy and I would love to see that transferred to the stage. I have a feeling it would be a performance that would blow the roof off, and I am sure they did just that when they recently supported Toseland for a gig in Sheffield.

With just three tracks on the EP it’s hard to pick a favourite but I think I would have to say the title track Hyde is the stand out track for me. With a bouncing bass line, an awesome guitar solo mid-way through the song, heavy riffs and lyrics that attach themselves like super glue to your brain, what is there to dislike?

I hope these guys will be bringing out a lot more material in the future because I, for one, will be buying it.

Now go and grab yourself a copy of this awesome EP and bounce around the living room as you play it full-volume! That actually might have just been me who did that but you get the idea!!!

1. Have a Nice Day
2. Fire in the Sky
3. Hyde

Steve Baranovich – Lead Vocals
Emanuelle Repetto – Lead Guitar
Myke Thornton – Rhythm Guitar
John Atkinson Croad – Bass Guitar
Darren Blank – Drums



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Gravehuffer – Your Fault


Gravehuffer – Your Fault
Reality Impaired Recordings
Release Date: 30/12/2016
Running Time: 30:17
Review by Dawn King

Not one to shy away from stepping outside my comfort zone, when Ritchie Randall, guitarist with Gravehuffer, approached me to review their latest album, I said “yes” straight away. Having heard tracks played on the station I DJ for, I knew it was not the type of metal I usually go for but that in itself made the review more of a challenge. Could I be impartial about a genre of metal that wasn’t one of my favourites? The answer was simply yes!

Hailing from Joplin, Missouri, Gravehuffer officially formed in 2010, although they originally started out in August 2008 under the name of Krom and Your Fault is the latest offering from this American quartet.

Often described as NWOBHM meets early Earache Records, this is a thrash/grindcore/crust band that seems to have a bit of everything thrown in. On their Facebook page they describe themselves as a ‘Metal/Punk band’ but throw in a bit of thrash, a pinch of death, lashings of hardcore and a spoonful of punk and you’d be a lot nearer the mark.

With eleven tracks totalling just 30 minutes, giving this album a spin won’t take up too much of your time, unless, of course, you get mesmerised by the lure of the album and the songs get stuck in your head! Because they will!

Some tracks are under a minute long, short and punchy, and will make your ears bleed, but this is by no means a bad thing. Your head will be banging from the offset and if it is not rolling around the floor by the time the last track kicks in you haven’t been listening properly. They mix fast Slayer-esque tracks, with vocals even more edgy than those of the big man himself, well with slower-paced, often doomier tracks and musically these guys are awesome. The drumming is tight, and fast, an all-out physical attack on the kit, the bass lines are fantastic and the guitar work is just amazing. Vocally, it’s not something I would usually like, but James’ voice works well with the rest of the band and this helps to produce their unique sound.

This is a high energy, in your face brutal metal album and one that does not let up from start to finish. It is a total onslaught on your ears, a bombardment of drums, dirty guitars and even dirtier vocals, and if this doesn’t have you reaching for the Gravehuffer back catalogue then nothing will.

Great job!

1. Gravehuffer (4:27)
2. Of Fish and Men (1:42)
3. Kill For Sport (3:12)
4. Dead Peace (0:49)
5. Shut Up and Skate (2:04)
6. Powers That Be (3:14)
7. Destroyer of Worlds (3:43)
8. Death Caprice (1:10)
9. Worms Of God (2:22)
10. Prince with a Thousand Enemies (2:16)
11. Chains Around You (5:37)

Larry Deardoff – drums
James Hiser – vocals
Mike Jilge – bass
Ritchie Randall – guitar


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Quartz – Fear No Evil

Quartz – Fear No Evil
High Roller Records
Release Date: 28/10/2016
Running Time: 48:52
Review by Dawn King

Having never really been a fan of The New Way of British Heavy Metal era of metal music, what better test of my abilities as a reviewer, than to review a NWOBHM album?

Released on High Roller Records in October 2016, “Fear No Evil” is the latest album from Quartz, their first since 1983’s “Against All Odds.”

Originally classed as one of the forerunners of the NWOBHM movement, the band were actually formed in 1974 under the name of Bandy Legs. They changed their name to Quartz in 1977 for the release of their self-titled debut, an album that was produced by Tony Iommi, featured Queen guitarist Brian May on one of the tracks and had backing vocals supplied by Ozzy Osbourne himself. Criticised in the past as being a Sabbath clone, the band played Reading festival three times, supporting the likes of Black Sabbath and AC/DC, and released three albums before disbanding in 1983.

But, now a great name from the past are back. Featuring four out the five original members, after the recent death of singer Mike Taylor, the band have reformed with new singer David Garner and what a fantastic comeback album!

The band are obviously influenced by bands of the seventies, such as Black Sabbath as previously mentioned, but this does nothing to take away from the bands own talents. Singer, David Garner, has a strong voice, almost Ozzy-esque in places, but this is by no means a bad thing.

The album as a whole is traditional NWOBHM. It has a solid sound and the production is great, unlike a lot of previous NWOBHM albums, which I think is why I never liked the genre. Most of it sounded like it was being played inside a bucket, and although this was probably the charm for a lot of people, it wasn’t for me. This album, however, has an “old-school” vibe and feels like it could have come straight from the early 1980’s but in no way feels out-dated. That, in itself, is a contradictory of terms but this is a sign of how well the authenticity of the album has been produced.

The album is dotted with heavy, infectious riffs, fine melodies and kick-arse solos. The guitars are dirty, the drumming is tight and the keyboards add an atmospheric tone to the whole record. The vocals and song writing is melodic and, together with catchy choruses, will have you humming for the rest of the day.

The band seem to work better on the faster songs but, apart from “Rock Bottom”, a catchy heavy metal song with great bass and drum work, my other favourites on the album are “The Stalker” and “Zombie Resurrection”, two of the slower-paced tracks often criticised by other reviewers.

But I guess that’s the whole point of reviewing. No one person’s opinion of an album is the right one.

What I suggest you do, is go get yourself a copy and judge for yourself. This won’t be breaking any new ground or setting the metal music scene alight BUT it is a great album by a great band and will easily keep you entertained for nearly fifty minutes.

Quartz are BACK!

01. Fear No Evil
02. Rock Bottom
03. The Stalker
04. Rapture
05. Zombie Resurrection
06. Barren Land
07. Walking on Holy Water
08. Dangerous Game
09. Born to Rock the Nation
10. Riot in the City
11. Dead Man’s World
12. Scream at the Devil

Derek Arnold – Bass
Malcolm Cope – Drums
Mick Hopkins – Guitars
Geoff Nicholls – Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
David Garner – Vocals



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Evergrey – The Storm Within

Evergrey – The Storm Within
AFM Records
Release Date: 09/09/2016
Running Time:58:27
Review by Dawn King

Having previously owned just one Evergrey album, 2008’s Torn, getting the chance to review their latest offering was too good to turn down.

Released on AFM Records on 9th September 2016, The Storm Within is the Swedish quintet’s 10th studio album and is one of the most progressive records they have produced to date. Inadvertently coinciding with their 20th year anniversary, The Storm Within, is considered by some to be their strongest album ever.

Formed in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1995, the band have undergone various personnel changes, their current line-up undoubtedly being their best as 2014 saw the triumphant returns of both Henrik Danhage and Jonas Ekdahl on the album, Hymns For The Broken and The Storm Within picks up where Hymns left off.

In true Evergrey style, the album has a melancholy concept and is one that everyone can relate to. Described by frontman/founder Tom S Englund as the band’s first “love” album, it portrays the processes and emotions of having someone, losing them and having to pick yourself up and move on and incorporates the Evergrey trademark progressive, dark and melancholic elements.

The album is packed with elaborate guitar work, remarkable solos and killer rhythms and the combination of melodies, progressive tendencies and a heaviness only a metal band could produce along with haunting lyrics and vocals, means the band connect with their listeners on both a musical and emotional level. On a personal note, I can relate to the distinctive poignant vocals but with plenty of beefy guitars and galloping heavy riffs, which recently had been pointed out to be a favourite of mine, the album offers a delightful treat for my ears too.

We start with a haunting piano intro that steers us into Distance, the lead single and first video off the album, and the melodically and lyrically stunning Passing Through is set to become a fan favourite. My Allied Ocean is undeniably the heaviest track on the album, and The Impossible is a nice change of pace, with just the main vocal, piano work and some lovely string ambience, the band paying for real stringed instruments. The duet with Floor Jansen from Nightwish on In Orbit is the icing on the cake, the two complimenting each other perfectly and Englund is also joined by his wife Carina on The Paradox of the Flame.

Says Englund of the album: “The Storm Within is a massive album. There are no fillers on it and we’ve never been about that. I think the inspiration speaks for itself.”

I couldn’t have said it any better myself, Mr Englund. A cracking album, and one I will continue to listen to for a good while to come.

1. Distance
2. Passing Through
3. Someday
4. Astray
5. The Impossible
6. My Allied Ocean
7. In Orbit (feat Floor Jansen)
8. The Lonely Monarch
9. The Paradox of the Flame
10. Disconnect
11. The Storm Within

Tom S Englund – vocals, guitar
Henrik Danhage – guitar, backing vocals
Rikard Zander – keyboards, backing vocals
Jonas Ekdahl – drums
Johan Niemann – bass, backing vocals



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Catastrophe – Terror Campaign EP


Catastrophe – Terror Campaign EP
Release Date: 30/08/2016
Running Time: 23:28
Review by Dawn King

One of the things I love about reviewing albums is I never know what I am going to get. A new upcoming band, or a more established band who I have never heard of, could approach me to write a review for them and until I plug that USB stick into the stereo in my car, I never know what I am going to hear. This, in itself, can be a blessing or a curse.

In the case of Catastrophe, it was definitely a blessing.

Hailing from Dublin in Ireland, Catastrophe are a thrash metal band formed in 2015 and within a week, the band had written “Propaganda”, the first track on the recently released EP “Terror Campaign”, a sure sign of how well the five members fitted together.

Siting bands such as Slayer, Testament, Exodus, Destruction and Annihilator as influences, Catastrophe have mixed elements of thrash, NWOBHM, punk and hard rock to create their own sound and it really is hard to believe that these guys have only been together for a year.

The EP is a pretty intensive experience from start to finish with a hard and fast energy the driving force behind it. The vocals are typical of the thrash genre, shouted with a few growls thrown in for good measure. The guitars, almost punky at times, are heavy with some blistering solos and the basswork is fantastic, most notable on the bass-lead intro to “God Is Gone.”

And lastly, if the drumming is anything to go by, these guys certainly don’t need to go to the gym to work out!

This is great thrash EP that couples the charm and chemistry of early 80’s trash metal with the vigour of more contemporary bands and it has undoubtedly reignited my love for the thrash genre.

If there was ever a band that could be described as rawer than early Slayer, then Catastrophe would be that band!

I will be on tenterhooks now waiting for the next release from this terrific band. I just hope it comes sooner rather than later.

1. Propaganda
2. God Is Gone
3. Terror Campaign
4. Septic Society
5. Kill Or Be Killed

Jamie Murphy – Vocals
Adam Treacy – Lead Guitar
Gordo Casey – Guitar
Darragh O’Connor – Bass
Connor Middleton – Drums


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Heaven Below – Good Morning Apocalypse

Heaven Below – Good Morning Apocalypse
Broken Halo Media
Release Date: 14/10/2016
Running Time: 60:41
Review by Dawn King

I must admit I hadn’t heard of Heaven Below when I was presented with their album to review and all I can say to that now is, WHY THE HELL HADN’T I HEARD OF THEM?

But let’s start at the beginning shall we?

Heaven Below are a four piece hard rock band hailing from Los Angeles who formed in late 2007. As with many bands still trying to find their feet, they underwent several personnel changes, before completing the current line up in 2014.

The band’s debut album “Countdown to Devil” was released in March 2009, reaching no 1 on and no 15 in Amazon’s New Release chart and single “When Daylight Dies” made waves on the US rock stations in the winter of 2012 leading Hard Rock Haven to hail them as “the next Guns N Roses” with The New York Examiner describing their live performance as “unbridled balls to the wall ferocity.”

It was around this time that the band started work on what be their third album. Says lead singer Patrick Kennison “nearly 4 years ago the band and I decided that we’d like to start working on a concept record. We knew how ambitious it sounded to even consider that but once several legendary artists offered to help make it become a reality, we knew we had something.”

And what better legendary artists than Dirk Schneider himself (U.D.O and Accept), Jason McMaster (Dangerous Toys / Broken Teeth / Watchtower), Lita Ford and Kobra Paige (Kobra and the Lotus)

“Good Morning Apocalypse” is a concept album, although what the concept itself is remains a bit of a mystery. Personally, I made it the story of a soldier undergoing medical experiments which results in global apocalypse. Of course, I could be so far off target with that I would be in a different stratosphere but that’s just my take on it. (Bear in mind I had no lyrics in front of me to read through as I listened!)

Anyway on with the review.

The band, it seems, are very much inspired by classic hard rock and metal, featuring the twin guitar set up that this genre favourites, but they have added their own modern twist. There are heavy riffs and guitar sounds influenced by the thrash period, fiery guitar solos and a strong and solid rhythm section resulting in a late 80’s sound that has been mixed perfectly with something more powerful and raw, while maintaining the melody.

The choruses are big and loud, complete with powerful “in your face” vocals from Kennison, whose coarseness is softened at times by dueting with the female guest singers and also, the surprise element of this album maybe, the operatic talents of Mary Whitman, giving the band, at times, an almost Nightwish / Within Temptation feel about them.

The album has been written, performed and recorded with such passion and emotion, it brought me out in goosebumps at times, and the production is absolutely perfect.

With a running time of 56 and a half minutes, this twelve track album, is due for release on October 14th 2016 on Dave Ellefson’s EMP Label, and, if I didn’t have it already, I would be first in the queue.

I absolutely loved this album and despite having listened through it at least half a dozen times, I have not got bored with it, I don’t think I ever will do, and I am actually quite sad to be taking it out of my car now.

This album is a must for any metal listener and I would list it as my joint favourite album of this year.

I loved it…….and I am sure you will too.

1. Nefarious Angels (feat. Jason McMaster)
2. Renegade Protest Movement
3. Follow Me Under
4. Devilina And The Damage Done (feat. Kobra Paige)
5. Nightfall Comes To Life
6. Killing The Deadman
7. Running Under Satan’s Hand (feat. Lita Ford)
8. Death Battalion
9. Bonded By Blood
10. Black Sunrise/War Of The Gods (feat. Udo Dirkschneider)
11. Among The Wolves/Worldwide Suicide (feat. Mary Whitman[6])
12. I Would Do It All Again/Burials At Sunset

Patrick Kennison – Vocals and Guitar (Union Underground / Lita Ford)
Lucas Kanopa – Guitars
John Younger – Bass
Shad Wilhelm – Drums
(Guest vocalists – Udo Dirkschneider, Jason McMaster, Lita Ford and Kobra Paige)



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Reproduced here with kind permission by Loud Stuff.

Voivod – Post Society EP

Voivod – Post Society EP
Release Date: 26/02/2016
Running Time: 30:24
Review by Dawn King

Never before have I heard a band with such diversity as Voivod. Formed in the early 1980’s by Michel “Away” Langevin and Denis “Piggy” d’Amour they have undergone a succession of sound and line-up changes but are still a band that cannot really be classified under any one particular genre.

Hailing from Jonqiuère, Québec in Canada, the band started out playing speed metal but influenced by NWOBHM, hardcore punk and 70’s progressive rock they have, over the years, mixed in progressive and thrash traits to give them the unique sound they have today.

The “Post Society EP” is the first recording from the band since 2013’s “Target Earth”, the first to feature guitarist Daniel “Chewy” Mongrain after the death of “Piggy” in 2005 from colon cancer, and introduces new bassist Dominique “Rocky” Laroche, who seems to have had no difficulties slotting into the band.

Release by Century Media in February 2016, the ep’s five tracks, with a running time of 31 minutes, include two brand new songs, two songs released in 2015 as split 7” singles, one with Napalm Death and one with At The Gates, and a cover of Hawkwind’s “Silver Machine”, a fitting tribute to the great Lemmy.

The EP opens with the self-titled track “Post Society”, a punk influenced beast of a song, and sets the bar for the rest. Langevin’s drumming is tight and precise, new boy Laroche’s bass playing is distinctive and technical, coming into his own on “Fall”, where he simply shines playing melodic runs as well as heavy riffs.

Singer Denis “Snake” Bélanger’s vocals, far from being the best in the music business, are distinct as always, showing he does know how to sing, adding to the uniqueness of the band and the virtuosity and breathtaking guitar solos of Mongrain more than adequately live up to those of his predecessor’s.

Some people say if you are going to do a cover song, then at least put your own slant on it, but this cover of “Silver Machine,” sounding, to me, as if Lemmy from Motorhead was singing it rather than Lemmy from Hawkwind, has been done well and the great man himself, should be raising his JD and coke in respect.

Overall, I enjoyed this ep, the tempo changes, something I usually steer away from, in all songs between fast thrash and slower, doomier sounds giving it a more intricate feel, and if I had to classify it under a particular genre, I would say it was technical thrash, with progressive tendencies….and a little punk thrown in.

I would imagine this is a must have for all Voivod fans but even if you are not a big fan, I would still recommend you check it out. Voivod are back!!

1. Post Society
2. Forever Mountain
3. Fall
4. We are Connected
5. Silver Machine

Michel Langevin (Away) – drums
Denis Belanger (Snake) – vocals
Daniel Mongrain (Chewy) – guitar
Dominique Laroche (Rocky) – bass



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Visions of Atlantis – Old Routes, New Waters EP

Visions of Atlantis – Old Routes, New Waters EP
Napalm Records
Release Date: 29/04/2016
Running Time: 25:37
Review by Dawn King

Visions of Atlantis, founded in 2000, are a symphonic power metal band from Styria in Austria, and “Old Routes, New Waters” is their latest EP, released in 2016 by Napalm records.

Drawing influence from the success of fellow symphonic power metal band, Nightwish, and fascinated by the myth of Atlantis, Werner Fiedler, Thomas Caser, Christian Stani and Chris Kamper decided to work together to create a concept based on the secret of the lost city and along with vocalist Nicole Bogner, Visions of Atlantis was born.

The equal combination of male and female vocals distinguished them from Nightwish and they became more reminiscent of bands such as Lacuna Coil, producing six recordings up until 2013.

The band experienced many line up changes over the years, including the premature death of singer Bogner in 2005 at the age of just 27, and 2013 saw the return of many of the original members after the band started to drift back to their early sound.

“Old Routes, New Waters” is the re-recording of five of the bands previous songs, four of them stemming from Bogner’s tenure with the band, and it almost a trial run recording for the duo of new singers.

Clementine Delauney, formerly of Serenity and Siegfried Samer, who also sings for Dragony, work very well together. Delauney hits slightly higher notes than her predecessors but she harmonizes at mid range with Samer, and I must confess, I prefer her singing when she does so. They both have clear and commanding voices, complimenting each other beautifully.

The EP opens with the 7-minute epic, Love Bearing Storm, which has a very operatic-metal feel, Delauney’s voice at times a little shrill for me, but this does not take away from the sheer power it possesses.

The obligatory ballad, Winternight, a haunting and emotional song, features no male vocals at all, Delauney accompanied by just a piano, and Last Shut of Your Eyes, probably my favourite on the EP, is a beautiful mix of piano work, guitar melodies and heavy riffs.

This is classic European styled power metal, with lots of guitar solos and leads that work well alongside the inspired keyboards and excellent vocals.

This line up have taken some already great songs and injected new life into them, playing with vigour and enthusiasm. This EP gives fans a taste of what they are capable of, and also of what is to come.

I certainly will be buying the next album when it is released…

1. Lovebearing Storm
2. Lost
3. Winternight
4. Seven Seas
5. Last Shut Of Your Eyes

Clementine Delauney – vocals
Siegfried Samer – vocals
Werner Fiedler – guitars
Chris Kamper – keys
Mike Koren – bass
Tom Caser – drums



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Vicious Rumors – Concussion Protocol

Vicious Rumors – Concussion Protocol
Release Date: 26/08/2016
Running Time: 49:44
Review by Dawn King

Being a fan of Vicious Rumors for as long as I can remember, I jumped at the chance to review their forthcoming album “Concussion Protocol.”

Due for release on 26th August 2016 by SPV/Steamhammer, “Concussion Protocol” is the band’s twelfth studio album and marks a return to form for the California based heavy metallers.

The brainchild of guitarist Geoff Thorpe, who would hand out business cards in the name of Vicious Rumors at gigs and clubs before he had even brought together any musicians, the band formed in 1979 in the San Francisco Bay area, and have undergone several line-up changes over the years, none more so that the passing of vocalist Carl Albert in 1995.

But, as has been said many times about this awesome band, Vicious Rumors do not follow trends, they create them.

Their first two albums, 1985’s “Soldiers of the Night” and “Digital Dictator” from 1988, have become classic metal albums, full of hunger, passion and desire that helped formed heavy metal as we know it, and, although often classed as a thrash band, they were, in fact, pioneers of the power metal movement.

“Concussion Protocol” sees them return to their trademark sound of those first two classic albums and promises a “roller coaster ride of pure, unadulterated, cutting edge metal.”

As Thorpe, himself, states “the album is relentless and crushing in true, classic Vicious Rumors style but with many twists and turns. Believe me, you’re in for a treat!”

And what a treat this album is. The first concept album from the band, it tells the chilling story of an armageddon by a global killer asteroid and how humanity unravels in its wake. It is full of fast blazing guitar solos, pummelling drum sounds from Larry Howe, the only other surviving member of the original band, thick and heavy bass lines and a vocal range of singer Nick Holleman that could rival that of Halford, Tate and even King Diamond.

Nick, who joined the band in 2013, puts in a stunning performance, giving the already immense display of musicianship and talent something extra with his passion and conviction, and, along with thundery beats, fantastic guitar playing and drum assaults, this album really kicks you in the head, making your ears bleed.

This is old school, headbanging, brainwashing metal at its finest and is delivered at a break neck speed throughout, with just a temporary break in tempo with “Circle of Life”, at track number seven, before throwing you headlong back into an oncoming metal assault.

The stand out track for me was “Chasing The Priest”, its swirling guitar work, full on drumming and gritty vocals, reminding me just how damn good this band are, and always have been.

Vicious Rumors should be bigger than what they are and I would recommend them to any metal fan, young and old.

Go and buy this album, and then go and buy everything else they have ever done. If you like your music metal, and your metal heavy….then this is the band for you!

1. Concussion Protocol
2. Chemical Slaves
3. Victims Of A Digital World
4. Chasing The Priest
5. Last Of Our Kind
6. 1000 Years
7. Circle Of Secrets
8. Take It Or Leave It
9. Bastards
10.Every Blessing Is A Curse
11. Life For A Life

Geoff Thorpe – guitars, vocals
Larry Howe – drums, vocals
Tilen H – bass, vocals
Thaen Rasmussen – guitars
Nick H. – lead vocals



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