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BY Stephanie Stephens

Dallas, TX hard hitting, hard rocking, energy driven sensation EMPIIRES are coming in strong with their latest single and video for ‘THROUGH THE FLAMES’. Fire riffs, hooks that pull you in with ease and the catchy melodic nature that slides in and out of the track just confirms these guys are going to be excelling in the music community in no time.

They are putting excitement back into the game of music bringing a unique approach of blending modern metal and hard rock soundscapes with groovy melody and ear catching choruses and dynamic, killer guitars that will pull you in and will leave you content to stay and enjoy.

I had a chance to ask the guys about how the band became to be, what the process is for songwriting and found out some fun facts about the members. Enjoy!

Q: I’m so excited to have you guys a part of the East Coast Romper, I pride myself in helping people get to know up n coming bands and you guys have such a catchy, high energy and relatable sound that I can’t wait to promote the hell out of you. So, on that note tell me How EMPIIRES became a band and what each member brings to the overall sound of the band?

A: We all knew each other and have worked together in some capacity prior to this band. We started talking about writing and that led to working on some ideas. The next thing you know, we’re making demos. Each member of the band has their own strengths but I think it’s the chemistry of the four of us together that makes it work.

Q: Being from Dallas, TX; how has that inspired you guys as musicians and just your look into the world of art in general?

A: There are lots of rock and metal bands from Texas so it’s an inspiring environment to be in as a band.

Q: You have a special spelling for your band name; can you tell me the reasoning and what the band name means to you?

A: We were looking for something to make the name stand out. Our graphic artist friend showed us a couple of logos with this spelling and thought that looked cool.

Q: Your newest single ‘THROUGH THE FLAMES’ is addicting. I have had it on repeat since I got introduced to it. How was the writing process for it? And was it a fun song to write because the sound makes me feel like there was hi-energy and a lot of positivity when it was all coming together?

A: Thanks for checking it out, it’s always great to hear someone tell you that they connected with our song. We did have a good time writing it! The riff and the lyrics worked well together live and we were hoping that would translate in the recording process.

Q: Along with the track being just badass, the lyrical content shines with overcoming obstacles in life. How do you guys pick subject matter to write about and with a song like this does it feel cathartic when it’s written and you listen to what you came up with?

A: The lyrics and the story just kind of wrote itself about fighting through adversity. We were thinking most people could identify with the feeling of going through tough situations.

Q: If you could look back on any song the band has written and take a lyric, you’re proudest of that you wrote, what song would it be from and what is the line?

A: I think we’re really proud of the chorus in ‘Through the Flames’. It tells the story of why we can’t walk away from situations even when they are really tough.

Q: Another single you guys released prior to this new one is a song called ‘LOVE OR HATE’, a darker side of the band. Do you guys pride yourself on being diverse in your sound and if so, how do you know when to pump the brakes about being overly diverse or does it not matter?

A: We’re always trying to write the best song that we can and not repeat ourselves. We write a lot of different songs and see which ones make it through the process that a band goes through with new material. It’s kind of like a dating show, the ones that stick around make it!

Q: In your opinion what makes you really go insane? Love OR hate?

A: I think they both come with their own level of insanity, just depends on what part of the process they’re in!

Q: With the singles doing well have you guys thought about releasing a full album or EP or do you feel that singles are the way to go in this day and age of rock music?

A: We’re thinking about creating some type of package once we have enough singles to put that together. Whatever format that’s on, we just want to make our music available to the listener.

Q: Mentally how did you guys deal with the chaos we all endured the last year and half and how does it feel now that life for the music world is slowly coming back to normal?

A: We dealt with it by focusing on writing and recording. We knew things would get back to normal at some point and wanted to be prepared as a band to go out there and kick some ass when it did.

Q: Have you spoken about touring and if so any hints or info you can share with the public?

A: We’ve been playing shows and talking about doing some touring. We’re just looking for the right situation and will probably have something put together for this fall. Looking forward to getting back out there on that level!

Q: What is one thing about live shows you feel will be the hardest to get the rust off personally for you?

A: Pacing ourselves and not getting too excited from the beginning of the show. That was the hardest thing about our first few shows. We’re ready to go out there and slay it because we’re excited about what we have to deliver.

Q:Three fun facts that people may not know about the band or band members you would love to share?

A: We worked on a TV show together. Toured in other bands together. Have written and recorded together for film and television.

Q: What inspires you guys when you think about the fans of EMPIIRES and has there been one highlight from a fan interaction that stands out for you?

A: When anyone tells you they identify or connect with your music, that’s really cool. Probably the best ones are when people tell you that they put on your music for workout motivation or to deal with a tough day.

Q: Anything I missed touching upon you guys are working on you want to share before we end this? (Plus, I just want to wish you all the best of luck, you have something really motivating and powerful in these tracks I heard)

A: We’re working on a video for our next single release, looking forward to that and playing more shows! We want to thank everyone who helped us put out our music and the people listening. Thank you all!


‘Through The Flames’ (Official Lyric Video)

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Interview with Christian Liljegren

Christian Liljegren Logo

Interview with Christian Liljegren
The Passion Within
By Chris Galea

While I consider myself to have a very eclectic taste in music, I’ve always had a soft spot for melodic White Metal bands, particularly Stryper. So, when bands such as Narnia and Golden Resurrection came along, I lapped them all up with the eagerness of an overexcited puppy. Swedish singer Christian Liljegren has been at the helm of many of these bands but it was only a few months ago that he released his first solo album, the excellent “Melodic Passion”.

Curious to find out more about this album and about what makes Christian tick, I fired a few questions in his direction. Here’s what came back…

CG: Who were the singers that inspired you to sing?

Christian: My biggest vocal influences are Brian Connolly (The Sweet), Ronnie James Dio (Rainbow, Dio, Black Sabbath), David Byron (Uriah Heep) and Joey Tempest (Europe).

CG: “Melodic Passion” is your first solo album. In what ways was the approach to writing and recording this album different from others you’ve done before?

Christian: This is the first solo album where I am involved in all aspects of the songs both music and lyrics and as one of the producers.

CG: The promotional video for ‘Salute For The King’ seems to be autobiographical…it contains footage taken from throughout your career. How did this idea come about?

Christian: The idea for this album is really go back to my roots where it all started both as a listener and as performer so the video was perfect to include the different phases of my music career.

‘Salute For The King’ (Official Video)

CG: The line-up for your solo album is a very strong one so it’s no surprise that “Melodic Passion” sounds quite tight. How easy was it to get Stephen, Per, Habo and Olov on board?

Christian: I have been close to these guys for many years so I know what I got. Stephen and I have only known each other for a couple of years but it seems like a lifetime as we clicked so perfect in music and I am very proud of the songs and how my dear friends delivered on the album.

CG: There’s an obvious thematic thread linking “Melodic Passion” to albums you’ve recorded with bands such as Narnia and Golden Resurrection. How important is Christianity in the music you make? Would you consider exploring entirely different or darker themes in future?

Christian: In my perspective, my faith has always been a natural thing for me in my lyrics as I breathe the air and I share different lyrics on both lighter and heavier subjects. For example, the song ‘History’ is a very serious and heavy matter on how we deal and have learned from our history.

CG: Do you view the Black Metal genre as your antagonist?

Christian: I don´t see it that way. Every person has a personal choice, what they take in or not, in their lives.

CG: What do you remember of the time you supported Stryper on tour?

Christian: It was a fantastic tour, to really get to know these people personally, and at the same time hear these wonderful songs. I am a huge fan, since 1985, and they are also the reason I wanted to form a band with a Christian message in the lyrics.

The tour was the 2nd time I supported Stryper. I did it with Audiovision in 2010 as well.

CG: How challenging was it to sing The Waymaker’s version of ‘Soldiers Under Command’?

Christian: It was a musical vision I have had for a long time, as this song started it all for me, so it was very emotional to do it but I am very happy with the result and I am happy how our vocals worked out and Jani Stefanovic did a marvelous production.

CG: What is the situation with Narnia? Are you hoping to tour or record a successor to “From Darkness To Light” (2019 album)?

Christian: Everything is fine with Narnia and we are working on the next studio album. We have two shows booked in November in Netherlands and Belgium and we hope it will happen. All depends on the pandemic situation with Covid-19.

The album is planned to be out springtime 2022.

CG: How optimistic are you about the live scene emerging from the Coronavirus pandemic?

Christian: I hope and pray all will be better and I am optimistic the live scene will open in autumn 2021.

CG: I’ve read interviews with you where you mention Children of Bodom and Uriah Heep. Two musicians who have passed away in recent months are Alexi Laiho and Ken Hensley…what memories do you have of them and their music?

Christian: I have done concerts with both bands and met Ken Hensley several times. Uriah Heep have a special place in my heart. One of my favourite bands ever. Regarding Alexi it is sad he passed away too early. I had only met him once.

CG: How do you keep your voice in shape?

Christian: I am working out my voice with a voice pipe, an invention from Sweden, that strengthens my vocals chords and I sing nearly 3-4 times a week to keep my voice in good condition. I also keep my body in good condition and run 15-30 kms per week.

CG: From all the albums you have recorded (“Melodic Passion” aside) which one is closest to your heart? Why?

Christian: I think “Melodic Passion” is the closest as it really shows the passion and the musical roots but I am deeply proud of Narnia´s album Long Live The King & From Darkness To Light, The Waymaker, Audiovision – Focus, Modest Attraction albums and Flagship as I am a man who loves to sing different and I am trying to separate the albums and I am blessed to have been doing 40+ releases until this day.

CG: Thank you for your time in answering these questions!!

Christian: Thank you so much for your support and I wish you a great year. Let the musical passion run your life!!! Long Live The King!

‘History’ (Official Video)

Christian Liljegren – “Melodic Passion” (2021)
The Waymaker – “The Waymaker” (2020)
Narnia – “From Darkness To Light” (2019)
Narnia – “Enter The Gate” (2006)
Narnia – “The Great Fall” (2003)
Narnia – “Desert Land “ (2000)
Narnia – “Long Live The King” (1998)
Narnia – “Awakening” (1997)
7days – “Into Forever” (2010)
Wisdom Call – “Wisdom Call” (2001)
Golden Resurrection – “One Voice For The Kingdom” (2013)
Golden Resurrection – “Man With A Mission” (2011)
Golden Resurrection – “Glory To My King” (2010)
Audiovision – “Focus” (2010)
Audiovision – “The Calling” (2005)
DivineFire – “Eye Of The Storm” (2011)
DivineFire – “Farewell” (2008)
DivineFire – “Into A New Dimension” (2006)
DivineFire – “Hero” (2005)
DivineFire – “Glory Thy Name” (2004)

Christian Liljegren:

The Waymaker:



Original Review of Christian Liljegren – “Melodic Passion”

Christian_Liljegren Promo Pic (Credit Mats Vassfjord)
Photo by Mats Vassfjord

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S.A.M. - Remedy (Feat. Danny Worsnop)

By Stephanie Stevens

Welcome to the world of S.A.M. (SAVAGE AFTER MIDNIGHT), a band that came storming into 2019 with a ton of fire and intention. “11:59” was the EP that drove the band into the ears, hearts and mouths of the rock world. With singles like ‘10 FEET TALL’ and ‘UNLEASH’, songs that penetrated with so much melody, elaborate groove and vocals that made you understand what diversity is! It was no wonder this band was gaining a fanbase at a powerful rate!

Just about the time that an explosion for the band was on the edge of hitting, a pandemic of the world hit and everything came to a standstill. The members of S.A.M. didn’t let this hinder or halt them from continuing to interact with fans and grow the bands fanbase more! They also created and, when I say creating, they did an outstanding job as they worked with friends Jack Fowler of Sleeping With Sirens and the one and only Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria to put together a new single that not only blows away their older work but showcases the strength in songwriting and growth this new band is achieving on a daily basis. ‘REMEDY’ fires on all cylinders; intricate, ballsy, energy packed and melodically enticing, It’s a track that’s addictive. This Memphis quintet is ready to hit it even harder in 2021 and I am absolutely stoked to be part of the mix supporting them for their future.

I had a chance to chat with band member JT about future tour plans, the new EP they have in the works, how ‘REMEDY’ took shape and the fun they had making the action packed video for the single.

Q: Welcome new fans of your band into the world that is S.A.M.! How did you guys form and what makes your band members stellar people to work with?

A: What’s up everyone, we always love adding new members to the S.A.M Fam! We formed a number of years ago and have evolved through a few different name changes through the years before settling on S.A.M. This current line-up of the band is pretty awesome! Most of us have a long history with each other from playing in various bands around Memphis – so it’s been pretty smooth to transition into this latest version of the project.

Q: You had some massive momentum going before Covid hit with your amazing EP “11:59”. With all the hype with the release did that keep you guys energized and positive during quarantine or was it an emotional time for you all?

A: Thank You for the kind words on “11:59”! Yeah, we kept positive through the pandemic, despite the pause in touring. We took the time to take stock and write a ton of new material with a killer group of collaborators! I think it was emotional in the sense that no musicians had the chance for over a year to connect with their live audience. That part was certainly challenging.

Q: During 2020 did you stay active on social media to stay close with fans? Or did you take the downtime to focus on making new music?

A: A little of both, the entire world had plenty of time to sit at home and do nothing, and we tried to stay as active on social media as we could. I think the hard part was we had nothing to promote – so at times it can be difficult to stay connected.

Q: The new single ‘Remedy’ is brilliant! How did the song take shape in your mind and how did both Jack Fowler of Sleeping With Sirens and Danny Worsnop from Asking Alexandria come into the fold?

A: Thank You!!! We’ve been blown away at the response ‘Remedy’ has gotten and we’re truly grateful. Both those guys are family to the band, so putting those collaborations together was actually sooth despite the pandemic. They both did such a killer job making the song what it came to be.

Q: With having both Jack & Danny work with you on the song – how did that change the creative process for S.A.M. and what was the biggest thing you learned from working with them?

A: Our process is a bit different and really works for us in the sense that none of the band ever gets too personal or territorial with the writing process, in fact we ADORE having other people come in and contribute to our music. We think that it adds to the diversity and growth of the band’s sound. As far as what we learned, we learned Danny can sing his ASS off!!! And Jack absolutely rips when push comes to shove. It was crazy how naturally that song came together!

Q: Most people ask band members what motivated them to be in a band. I want to know what motivated you or inspired you to compose and write songs? And do you feel you grow in knowledge with every song you create?

A: We’ve always been inspired by the song writing process in general. I think in the beginning stages for any songwriter, you call upon personal experience to create the song. Many years ago, we changed our approach to songwriting, and started writing based on characters of a story rather than what’s happening in our own lives. We found that approach has opened up a whole universe of concepts we can touch on now. Of course, you’ll always derive material from personal experiences, but we don’t feel as tied up with that as we used to.

Q: Lyrically with ‘Remedy’ what do you hope people take away after hearing this track?

A: To cut out those toxic people in your life that bring no joy, and serve no purpose other than to hinder your personal growth.

Q: Another cool aspect of your band is the amazing videos you put out. Do you feel making videos is as important as songwriting?

A: It’s certainly a different art form, it’s strange because you never want to assume that your version of the song means the same thing to every type of person, you always want to leave the door open for fans to create their own experiences and interpretations of your music…I think that’s part of the magic in art. With the video to ‘Remedy’, we swear Shi & Danny just wanted an excuse to make a 4 minute action film!! 😉

Q: How did making the ‘Remedy’ video test your creativity? How fun was it having Danny onboard for it?

A: Wayyy too much fun! The making of ‘Remedy’ didn’t necessarily test our creativity like a normal video concept would, I think it was more that we wanted to capture the essence of the moment. Danny and Shi were in the moment and doing things on the fly. I think that’s why the video came out so well, it was natural and just flowed.

Q: You have an EP in the works for later this year – how would you compare the vibe of it to “11:59”?

A: The vibe is different because we’ve grown as a band and as songwriters. We think we’ve also taken the production to another level. We’re excited to share more as the year goes on – because it shows the natural growth of the band.

Q: Being in Memphis/Nashville – have you been able to play locally yet? I’m sure you’re excited to get back to playing live!

A: Other than a live stream show we did for Amazon Music on Twitch a couple of weeks ago, we haven’t yet. But we hope to soon.

Q: Will you be touring in 2021? Any hints on who you may tour with?

A: There’s a lot of discussions in the works – but we can’t make any announcements just yet. Follow us on our Socials so you can see when we’ll be coming to your town! I think it’s safe to say that in 2022 we should be back in full swing again on the touring front.

Q: Any special words to your fans and the new people who will be hearing ‘Remedy’ for the first time and becoming fans?

A: Check out our stuff, and connect with us everywhere – we always love hearing from the fans. Be sure to go listen to ‘Remedy’ on Spotify and all the other streaming platforms. Most importantly – Keep your heads up, we’re almost past this Pandemic mess. Thanks everyone!!


S.A.M. feat. Danny Worsnop – ‘Remedy’ (Official Music Video)

S.A.M PR Photo  - Credit Matt Bender @TheBenderMatt
Photo by Matt Bender @TheBenderMatt

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Video Interview with Paul Mazurkiewicz of CANNIBAL CORPSE

Violence Unimagined Album Cover Art

Video Interview with Paul Mazurkiewicz of CANNIBAL CORPSE
By Sheri Bicheno

Hi all, Sheri here…

I am back and ohhhhh man, I was so excited for this opportunity!

Cannibal Corpse need no introduction. The renowned veterans of Death Metal released their 15th studio album, “Violence Unimagined”, on 16th April and thus, a speed shifting, hard hitting and unapologetic creation has been born. You will note that this album displays all of the distinctive flavour that Cannibal Corpse have previously offered, however I feel this album has more elements of brutality and speed laced throughout the tracks.

I had a chat with drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz about this album and some of the tracks that give us a taste of sheer force that drives “Violence Unimagined” and is going to rip the heads off of its listeners…

CANNIBAL CORPSE Video Interview by Sheri Bicheno

Cannibal Corpse are:
George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher – Vocals
Alex Webster – Bass
Paul Mazurkiewicz – Drums
Erik Rutan – Lead Guitaris
Rob Barrett – Rhythm Guitar

Label: Metal Blade Records


‘Inhumane Harvest’ (Official Video)

‘Murderous Rampage’ (Official Video)

Cannibal Corpse Promo Pic

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Video Interview with Tuomas Saukkonen of WOLFHEART

Skull Soldiers Album Cover Art

Video Interview with Tuomas Saukkonen of WOLFHEART
By Sheri Bicheno

Hi all! Sheri here…

I’m back, with an interview that I actually thought I was going to be so nervous about – but instead, Tuomas made it so easy and calming to chat to him.

Wolfheart…one of my very favourites in the Melodic Death Metal genre…are not to be underestimated.

Combining themes; Winter, Apocalypse, Nature, Battle – Wolfheart paint a beautiful vision with their themes and different depths of sound and emotion. A touch upon Pagan Metal at its finest, from Finland!

Tuomas Saukkonen created Wolfheart in 2013 and was the sole musician and creator of the project – he released Wolfheart’s first full-length album, “Winterborn”, in 2014 and this has increasingly become as popular over the years as it was when it was first released. This saw Wolfheart playing stages at the likes of 70000 Tons of Metal, Brutal Assault, Hellfest and Summer Breeze OA, amongst others.

With some added members now in Wolfheart, as a full band, their fifth studio album “Wolves of Karelia” was released in 2020, followed by their most recent EP release; “Skull Soldiers”.

You’ll find that “Skull Soldiers” and “Wolves of Karelia” are linked…have a watch below to find out why…

WOLFHEART Video Interview by Sheri Bicheno

Wolfheart are:
Tuomas Saukkonen – Vocals, Guitars
Lauri Silvonen – Bass, Backing Vocals
Joonas Krauppinen – Drums
Vagelis Karzis – Lead Guitar

Label: Napalm Records


‘Aeon Of Cold’ (Acoustic) (Official Video)

‘Hereditary’ (Official Band Playthrough)

Wolfheart Promo Pic

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Video Interview with AKKADIAN

Akkadian Logo

Video Interview with AKKADIAN
By Sheri Bicheno

Hello guys!

Sheri here, I hope everyone is keeping safe!

I bring another Interview for your eyes and ears – this time I got to chat to the lovely lads of Akkadian. Cambridge, UK based Akkadian are one of my very favourite newcomers in the underground world of Metal. By chance, I happened to see them play in Norwich, where I had gone to see a friend’s band play who were on the same line up. I was immediately blown away by Akkadian. The raw energy and ambience these guys present to their audience is pretty breathtaking and I don’t believe they can be put into a box when it comes to labelling their genre. If you’re a fan of Gojira, Deftones and Slipknot then chances are that you are gonna get what these guys are about.

Ambient but heavy.

Akkadian formed in 2018 with their debut show booked at the beginning of 2019. Their first releases ‘Black Sand’ and ‘Emanation’ were released in 2019 amidst a surge of positive reviews! During the first lockdown in 2020, Akkadian released their own take on Lamb of God’s ‘Memento Mori’ and unleashed this with a lockdown video. Again, it was well received and gave Akkadian fans something to chew on whilst in the midst of Covid-19 restrictions.

Akkadian’s new single ‘Agenda’ was released in February 2021 and I feel this offers further depth to what the band can do.

I hope you all enjoy the interview…

AKKADIAN Video Interview by Sheri Bicheno

Akkadian are:
Danny Thurston – Vocals
Harry Newberry – Drums
Chris Kontos – Bass
Aaron Wright – Drums
Florian Fize – Guitar


‘Agenda’ (Official Video)

Akkadian Promo Pic

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Video Interview with Johnny Ray of THE MOURNING

The Mourning Logo

Video Interview with Johnny Ray of THE MOURNING
By Sheri Bicheno

Hello Everyone! Sheri here…

I am back with another new 2021 interview – and this time I had the wonderful opportunity to have a chat with vocalist/keyboardist Johnny Ray of Florida based Progressive Rockers The Mourning.

Johnny Ray will also be recognised by fans of the band 3 Headed Snake.

As for The Mourning well, I feel, these guys are wonderfully different. They blend Progressive Rock with elements of Jazz, Metal and, what I would call, a Spooky Alternative sound. I find this interesting as there are not too many Prog Rock bands that would enter the realm of mixing Jazz with their music and creating something so soothingly melodic whilst taking you down a Tim Burton style staircase at the same time.

The Mourning formed in 2017 with Johnny Ray recruiting Drummer Jason Berlin, Bassist Spence Howard and Guitarist Thomas Griggs, and together they released the 2018 EP “Theosis”. They then added Keyboardist John Richardson and Guitarist Andrew Stout during live sessions and are now creating their first full length album, due to be released for the Summer of 2021!

Have a watch and see what’s in store…

THE MOURNING Video Interview by Sheri Bicheno

The Mourning are:
Johnny Ray – Vocals/Keyboards
Jason Berlin – Drums
Spence Howard – Bass
Thomas Griggs – Guitars
John Richardson – Keyboards
Andrew Stout – Guitars


‘Hush’ (Audio)

The Mourning Promo Pic

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Video Interview with Christoffer Holm of VENGEANT

Vengeant Logo

Video Interview with Christoffer Holm of VENGEANT
By Sheri Bicheno

Hello all! Sheri here…

This time, I am sharing with you a lovely and deep chat I had with the equally nice Christoffer Holm of Swedish Symphonic Metal band Vengeant!

Vengeant are a brand-new International band, with their vocalist Danae Komodromou hailing from Greece! Currently, they are working on their forthcoming, debut, EP, with their first single ‘Angels Battle Cry’ released in February 2021. Their second single ‘The Unreal’ will follow on 23rd April. Both will be available on all major platforms!

I discover that there is a particular and interesting theme to the much anticipated, forthcoming album with Vengeant and one that will delight many fans of collectible and tradable card games.

Watch this space…

VENGEANT Video Interview by Sheri Bicheno

Vengeant are:
Danae Komodromou – Vocals
Christoffer Holm – Lead Guitar and Bass
Dennis Eriksson – Rhythm Guitar
Alfred Fridhagen – Drums


‘Angels Battle Cry’ (Visualiser)

Vengeant Promo Painting (Artwork by Sanjin Halimic)
Artwork by Sanjin Halimic

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Video Interview with RAPHAEL OLMOS

Raphael Olmos Make Riff, Not War EP Cover Art

Video Interview with RAPHAEL OLMOS
By Victor Augusto

Hello Everyone, It’s Victor!

I’m incredibly pleased to share with you my recent interview with Raphael Olmos!

Raphael, the founder/guitarist of Brazilian Thrash Metal band Kamala, is about to release his first solo EP “Make Riff, Not War”. I talked to him about this new EP and how the constant tours by Kamala, in Europe, are helping him and the band reach new heights outside of Brazil.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Raphael very much for his time!

I hope you all enjoy the interview.

RAPHAEL OLMOS Video Interview by Victor Augusto

Background songs by Kamala and Raphael Olmos. All Rights Reserved.

Kamala – Eyes of Creation
Kamala – My Religion
Kamala – Wake Up
Kamala – Believe
Raphael Olmos – Dealing With Pain
Raphael Olmos – Jacaré
Raphael Olmos – A Fake Leader In A Real Chaos
Raphael Olmos – Riffle
Raphael Olmos – Hope



Raphael Olmos – ‘Riffle’ (Official Video)

Kamala – ‘Internal Peace’ (Official Video)

Original Review of Kamala – “Live In France”

Previous Text Interview with Kamala’s Raphael Olmos and Isabela Moraes.

Previous EMQ’s Interview with Kamala

Raphael Olmos Promo Pic

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Video Interview with EMPYRE

Empyre Logo

Video Interview with EMPYRE
By Sheri Bicheno

Hi all! Miss Bicheno here! I am back with another interview…and this time I had a really insightful and lengthy video chat with Did Coles (Lead Guitar) and Henrik Steenholdt (Vocals) of Northampton, UK based Rock band Empyre.

After playing in a successful cover band and wanting to expand on creating their own music, Empyre formed in 2016, catapulting into creating a range of ballads with atmospheric and hard rock layers. Due to play Planet Rock’s Rockstock this year and with more gigs being announced all the time (including a support slot on Mason Hill’s upcoming 2021 UK Tour in September) and all subject to Covid restrictions being lifted, Empyre have a string of stages they have frequented around the UK over the years and if you listen to their stunning offerings with added Acoustic versions, you will see why!

After my Skype cut out our introductions (doh!), have a watch of the interview below with these brilliant guys!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

EMPYRE Video Interview by Sheri Bicheno

Empyre are:
Did Coles – Lead Guitar
Henrik Steenholdt – Vocals
Elliot Bale – Drums
Grant Hockley – Bass


‘Only Way Out’ (Official Video)

Empyre Promo Pic

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