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Ever Metal Logo on front, Ever Metal Icon on back

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T-Shirts! A staple of every music fan ever! And this is the T-shirt you’ve been looking for! Catering for an array of shapes, our Tees not only offer comfort, but style too. Created from the finest quality cotton, and printed with our logo, icon, and web address, these Tees let you feel good, while also helping others to feel good, by discovering our website (disclaimer: again this is not scientifically proven, but it sounds like an ad for posh shampoo, and if it works for them, it can work for us too)!

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Weight 350 g

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  1. Dani Maguire

    Before I bought this T-Shirt, I was shunned by my friends and family, banned from parks and permanently cold. My nipples grew a covering of fine hair just to keep them working (I get FM radio through the left one) and I was refused entry to cinemas. But one day, I noticed that other people don’t struggle with this issue. Most wore a cotton covering over their bodies. I was shocked, and strived to research the best so-called “T-Shirt” that money can buy, I want to be trend-setting, style icon and enjoy all the advantages that come from such a position. That led me to this. The deep, dark blackness of this T-Shirt reminded me of the darkness within myself, the darkness within all of us I could finally display outwardly what I feel within. And the logo was pretty good too, I suppose. Upon receipt of said luxury, I have worn it on many occasions, showing it off to passers-by, turning heads everywhere I go. Now people stare at me for a different reason, and I lift my head proudly. I have finally achieved the style-icon status I strived for, and people seem to roar their approval wherever my ample frame takes me.

    Eh? Trousers? What are they?

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