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Ever Metal Logo on front, Ever Metal Icon on back

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  1. Dani Maguire

    Before I bought this T-Shirt, I was shunned by my friends and family, banned from parks and permanently cold. My nipples grew a covering of fine hair just to keep them working (I get FM radio through the left one) and I was refused entry to cinemas. But one day, I noticed that other people don’t struggle with this issue. Most wore a cotton covering over their bodies. I was shocked, and strived to research the best so-called “T-Shirt” that money can buy, I want to be trend-setting, style icon and enjoy all the advantages that come from such a position. That led me to this. The deep, dark blackness of this T-Shirt reminded me of the darkness within myself, the darkness within all of us I could finally display outwardly what I feel within. And the logo was pretty good too, I suppose. Upon receipt of said luxury, I have worn it on many occasions, showing it off to passers-by, turning heads everywhere I go. Now people stare at me for a different reason, and I lift my head proudly. I have finally achieved the style-icon status I strived for, and people seem to roar their approval wherever my ample frame takes me.

    Eh? Trousers? What are they?

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