Firewind – Immortals

Immortals Cover

Firewind – Immortals                                                                            Century Media Records

Release Date: 20/02/2017                                                                         Running Time: 49.43

Album Review by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King



I first heard of Firewind when they were supporting Dragonforce on the Inhuman Rampage tour. As usual with support bands I had never heard of I spent most of their set in the bar and only caught the last few songs, one being Breaking the Silence from the Allegiance album. Ok, probably not one of their best songs (although I loved it) but it was enough to get me hooked and want to find out more about them. Which is why, soon after the gig I went out and bought said album.

I became a huge fan but over the years, as my interest in power metal waned, they have fallen off my radar. So, when the new album dropped into the Ever Metal inbox, I knew I had to check them out and see what, if anything, had changed.

It’s been five years since the Greek melodic power metallers released their critically acclaimed album “Few Against Many” but main man Gus G hasn’t been taking a break. He has released not one, but two solo albums, toured worldwide in support of both and has hit the road once again with Ozzy Osbourne, whose band member he had been since 2009. The rest of the band have been just as busy, each releasing solo stuff too.

If this album could be summed up in one sentence that sentence would be…..”This is the grand re-birth of Firewind.”

Now with new frontman Henne Basse (ex-Metallium, ex-Brainstorm, Sons of Season) who replaces Apollo Papathanasio (Spiritual Beggars), he is no newcomer to the band having toured with them on the 2007 Allegiance tour. As has been said of the new vocalist: “this rich, classic rock referencing vocals are the perfect foil for the wealth of material the band have been working on and he brings a re-invigorated power to the fold”. He puts in a gritty performance with a tough, hard edge and seemingly makes the euro-power inspired (some call them cheesy) songs heavy and sincere and his voice in throatier, deeper, almost growling.

So what of the album? This is the first time the band have used an outside producer, Dennis Ward (Unisonic, Pink Cream 69), who not only engineered, mixed and mastered the album but also co-wrote it with Gus G and the album is a “return to the highly infectious, catchy and anthemic origins of the band.” Which, in my opinion, is a very good thing.

Their first concept album it “has to do with ancient Greek history and more specifically the Battles of Thermopylae and Salamis in 480BC during the second Persian invasion of Greece. In Thermopylae the vastly outnumbered Greeks held off the Persians for seven days (three of which were days of battle) before the rear-guard was annihilated in one of history’s most famous last stands,” says Gus G.

It is unrelenting, inescapable, powerful, intense, straightforward, colossal and energetic…..everything a good power metal album should be, with just enough cheese that most people will be able to stomach.

One thing that does stand out on this album is the high level of individual instrumental skills. The guitars and keyboard duel fantastically with each other and the guitarwork of Gus G is simply outstanding as he rips into one solo after another. He always impresses with his guitar prowess and it is clear he is one of the best shredders around.

The album is a rollercoaster which energetically transports you between the realms of traditional heavy metal, epic hard rock and melodic power/speed metal, a journey full of pulsating keyboards, thumping riffs and euphoric choruses.

The album is solidly written and shows Gus at the peak of his writing form. He says, “the songs were written in a much slower pace this time, as it’s the longest break we ever took between albums. So we took our time writing this and concentrated on keeping ideas that were really strong.”

And it shows. Opening with the recently released single “Hands of Time”, a stonker of a track, there is not a bad song on this album. “Lady of 1,000 Sorrows” is the albums power ballad and is followed by the instrumental, title-track “Immortals” but one of the stand out tracks for me was “Ode to Leonidis.” With its spoken word intro that reeks of Manowar, it is magnificently pompous and heavy but able to catch the listener’s attention. It really is a true power metal track.

Some people are describing this as a comeback album and if that is what it is meant to be, then it’s an awesome one and the more I listen to it the better it becomes.

This is an immense return to form of a band that, for me, had probably the greatest contribution to the power metal genre, and really is a must for ANY power metal fan.



  • Hands of Time
  • We Defy
  • Ode to Leonidas
  • Back On the Throne
  • Live and Die By the Sword
  • Wars of Ages
  • Lady of 1000 Sorrows
  • Immortals
  • Warriors and Saints
  • Rise from the Ashes




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Eclipse Prophecy – Days of Judgement

01c Days Of Judgement Front (1)


Eclipse Prophecy – Days of Judgement (2013)

Maple Metal Records          Running Time 49:35

Album Review By Rick Tilley


Even though Eclipse Prophecy have apparently been around since 2003, ‘Days of Judgement’ is their debut album. Formed in Montreal, Canada by lead vocalist/guitarist David McGregor and keyboard player Frederik Dufresne they are, at their core, a power metal band although there are elements of folk and symphonic metal as well. This diversity in their sound has led them to support the likes of Epica, Stratovarius, Gamma Ray, Pagan’s Mind and Sabaton in the Montreal area as well as some of the more well known Canadian bands such as Kemilon & Blackguard on the Quebec circuit.

This is my first brush with Eclipse Prophecy, and on the whole it’s not a bad listen. If you add some elements of Maiden, Priest and Dragonforce to the above mentioned bands then you’ll have a fair idea of their sound. For anyone who listens to the power metal genre on a regular basis you will know that it is a very over populated one and to make your mark a band has to have a certain something special to stand out. Unfortunately for Eclipse Prophecy the first six tracks on the album, whilst being adequate, don’t really do that. They are well played, sung and produced (also by David McGregor), but are missing that vital final piece of the jigsaw. However, from track seven (the title track) onwards, it’s like listening to a different band. More passionate, focussed and assured, the last four songs raise the bar considerably. I did think that a few more listens might change my mind, but every time these songs stand out as by far the best on the album. Had they been released on their own as an EP it would have been fantastic but as it stands the quality of those tracks is somewhat diluted by the average feel of the rest. There is much talent within the ranks of Eclipse Prophecy and they have shown that they can write several very good tracks, however they will need more of that on album number two if they want to regard themselves as a player in the power metal genre.


  • 1. Animus Ara
  • 2. Under Shadow’s Veil
  • 3. Through The Storm
  • 4. Circle Of Torments
  • 5. A Dying World
  • 6. Labyrinth Of Sanity
  • 7. Days Of Judgement
  • 8. Legions Of The Cross
  • 9. Inferno
  • 10. The Shattered Mirror




First published on Brutiful Metal Radio – reproduced with kind permission



Neverworld – Welcome To…Neverworld EP

01a Welcome To Neverworld Cover

Neverworld – Welcome To…Neverworld EP (2010)

Self Released                                                                                                     Running Time 16:40

EP Review By Rick Tilley


In recent years the resurgence of metal and rock acts with a more traditional sound has been a revelation, taking me back to those far flung days of my youth when Maiden, Priest and Saxon ruled the airwaves. I first became aware of UK based band Neverworld about two years ago after reading an excellent magazine review but thanks to a ridiculously long list of bands to check out it wasn’t until six months ago that I finally had the pleasure of listening to their debut EP, and what a pleasure it was! Originally released in 2010 the three tracks on ‘Welcome To…Neverworld’ (financed and recorded by themselves) showcase a band absolutely on fire and intent on bludgeoning you until you bow down into submission! It was only right, therefore, that I took the time to write this review and spread the word further.

Kicking off with the classic quote “I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and I’m all out of bubblegum” from John Carpenter’s film ‘They Live’ they launch into the massive first track, the aptly named ‘They Live (We Sleep) with a riff and scream that might even have Rob Halford quaking in his boots and the EP never lets up. Far from being a straight retread of what has gone before though, Neverworld mix up their influences superbly. From the more traditional leanings of the first song, almost Dragonforce feel of ‘Into the Heart of Chaos and the quietly building, but still extremely powerful ‘This Fire’ there is a huge progressive feel to Neverworld’s music. The quality of musicianship on offer is outstanding, with the guitars and keyboards deserving special mention, but they manage to infuse that with fantastic emotion, making this EP so much more enjoyable to listen to, and in vocalist/guitarist Ben Colton they have a star in the making. He has excellent range in his voice and you can clearly hear what he is singing about. Believe me I love a good grunted vocal but this makes a pleasant change.

It is not easy to pigeonhole Neverworld into a particular genre, which is great because they have found a unique sound, but if you were to take the above mentioned bands and mix them with the power metal sounds of say Iced Earth and Blind Guardian, then further add some early Dream Theater and Pagan’s Mind you’ll be somewhere near. They are currently putting the finishing touches to their debut album ‘Visions Of Another World’ which will be released this year. With so many bands around these days, talent sometimes isn’t enough to propel you to the next level (you only have to switch on the TV to see countless examples of untalented rubbish).Neverworld not only have serious talent but they work damn hard too (check out the fabulous cover artwork and booklet for more proof of this). There is no doubt in my mind that they thoroughly deserve to be snapped up by a label and soon. If they aren’t there really is no justice! Either way Traditional Metal is in safe hands with bands of Neverworld’s quality at the helm.


  • 1. They Live(We Sleep)
  • 2. Into The Heart of Chaos
  • 3. This Fire





First published on Brutiful Metal

Legion – Bible of Stone

Bible Of Stone Cover

Legion – Bible of Stone                                                                              Arkeyn Steel Records

Release Date:  13/03/2017                                                                          Running Time: 71:51

Album Review by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King



After reviewing the previous release by this “power metal” band from the US, it felt only right that I should also review this one. Already established that, with the right promotion and manager behind them, these guys could and should have been one of the big bands of the 1980’s, possessing the right work ethic, dedication and talent to make it as big as the likes of Metal Church, Agent Steel and Exciter.

Dedication and talent are two words not lost on these guys. Formed by natural musician and multi-instrumentalist Doug Calloway in 1985, Doug was an original producer of his own material at the age of just 16 years old. He ran an ad looking for a high range metal vocalist to record and perform his music, and when Loy Mitchum, from South Carolina, answered the ad at 15 years of age, he was just the type of singer Doug had envisaged performing his songs.

Doug worked tirelessly over the years writing new material, often on the one album before the previous has been completed, and even a break in the band didn’t deter him. In fact, it fuelled his writing, recording and performing (with other bands) and this resulted in over 20 albums of original material, most of it unreleased.

The band split in 1994 but reformed in 2004 for a reunion show. This, however, wasn’t a permanent reunion but 2016 saw a re-birth of Legion and, despite 22 years apart, it sounds like Doug and Loy have never been separated. Original members Chuck Goodwin and Marvin Mitchum have also returned to the band.

Says Doug Calloway: “We have rekindled the fire in our hearts and nothing short of DEATH will separate us ever again.”

So what of this album? Produced by Doug Calloway (who has also done the cover artwork) and re-mastered by Kostas Scandalis, this is both an unreleased album from 1985 and a previously unreleased compilation spanning 1985-1990, now for the first time on cd.

At just over an hour and twenty minutes, it is 21 tracks long and, quite possibly, should have been released as two separate albums, as they were intended, but I can see the logic behind it. As most cd’s can hold 80 minutes of music, why not put two albums on the same cd? Listeners are exposed to even more music and two albums from those long lost archives see the light of day. It’s a win-win situation all around.

As with the previous release “Darkness”, which itself was also a compilation of the first album “Darkness” originally released in 1991, and the previously unreleased fourth album “For We Are Many”, this has a very retro feel to it, sounding like it was written and recorded in the 1980’s. Very much focused on the extensive vocal range of Loy Mitchum, who could, in my opinion, give the likes of Rob Halford, King Diamond and Geoff Tate a run for their money, it is actually one of those “love it or hate it” albums. Some people might think the high pitch vocals are too much on this album, used a lot more here than the previous recording. As I said in my last Legion review I love the higher range vocals in metal music, but I must admit, that I did grow a bit tired of it on “Bible of Stone”

That being said, the guitar work of Doug, along with the solid percussion section, the speed metal riffs and the thrash metal guitar and drum work, that gives this band their sound, prove there is more to them than just vocals. Each is a very talented musician and I would like to add here that I do not think Loy Mitchum is a bad singer, which is by no means the case. His vocal range can extend from the very lowest to the very highest and I think he should make more of the range he possesses.

So who should listen to this album? Well, according to their own PR notes, this is for fans of Deadly Blessing, Metal Church, Omen and Enchanter, but I think every metal lover should add it to their collection. They have described themselves on Facebook as a “power metal” band but I think they have sold themselves short. Flitting from sounding like Exciter and Agent Steel to Metal Church and King Diamond, there are also reminiscences of heavy Led Zeppelin, and even early Rush.

To me, they have such a wide appeal, that to try and pigeon-hole them would be wrong and insulting to them as musicians. And why do we need to categorise bands anyway? Let bands play the music THEY want to, how THEY want to.

That way, we, the fans, get to listen to a whole range of metal music and, like me, we get to find a little gem that we otherwise might not have found!



  • 1. Bible of Stone
  • 2. Running Away
  • 3. Out Of The Blue
  • 4. Chalice
  • 5. Warrior
  • 6. Eye of the Beholder
  • 7. Destiny
  • 8. Red and Black
  • 9. We’ve Been Watching
  • 10. Welcome the Storm
  • 11. Go to Sleep
  • 12. Memories
  • 13. Tonight
  • 14. Broken Pieces
  • 15. Marie Mary
  • 16. T-total Destruction
  • 17. The Keeper
  • 18. Monsters
  • 19. Tiny Acoustics
  • 20. Endless Nights
  • 21. No Place to Go




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NonHuman Era – NonHuman Era

NonHuman Era Cover

NonHuman Era – NonHuman Era                                                           Running Time 53:34

Release Date 27-11-2015                                                                                 Self-Released

Album Review by Rick Tilley


I really think I’m going have to reduce my enthusiasm for all the music we listen to at Ever Metal otherwise you lot out there are going to think I’m in love with everything I review or I’m just giving it a positive score to please the band. Believe me, there is plenty that never gets reviewed for one reason or another and there is plenty that I’m not keen on but with the amount of music we receive I’m itching to get, what I think, are the best of the best releases some publicity, and with that in mind, you aren’t going to see any muted enthusiasm for the next band on my list because they are fantastic!

NonHuman Era are from Montreal, Canada and were originally conceived by drummer Rick Dessi and guitarist Carlo Zappavigna , who are also cousins, back in 2007. It took several years for them to get the pieces they wanted put into place but once keyboardist Marek Krowicki was found things started to move forward. It was then that vocalist Piere St-Jean and bassist Jean-Francois Vincenti (both from the band Alcoholica) completed the lineup and these five started in earnest to bring the sound of NonHuman Era to the masses! Their debut, self-titled album, released at the tail end of 2015, is the result and I really want to thank the band for contacting us and sending the album over for a review because it is a masterclass of Progressive Metal that has given me the same feelings I got when first listening to Symphony X, Threshold, Pagan’s Mind and Dream Theater. Yes, if you are into any of those big hitters then NonHuman Era are going to blow your socks off, in fact possibly a lot more than your socks!

When it comes to brilliant Progressive Metal I like to hear a good mix of experimentation (without things going all Frank Zappa on me), shades of light and dark, great guitar work, vocals and keyboards and soft, beautiful melodies, but above all I want it to be METAL and, by the gods, NonHuman Era deliver on all fronts and present a beautifully produced, mixed and mastered album to boot!

Another band that I’m reminded of when listening to NonHuman Era is Adrenaline Mob and you may think that’s an odd choice considering the other bands I’ve mentioned, but of course there is a connection as Russell Allen sings for both them and Symphony X and Piere St-Jean bears more than a passing vocal likeness to Allen. In fact it’s almost uncanny how much they sound alike at times, but I’m not complaining because Russell Allen is, in my opinion, one of the best Metal vocalists around at present. That gives you some idea of the quality in the NonHuman Era ranks. All the musicians in this band are amazing and they have crafted some of the catchiest and most groove laden riffs that I’ve heard for a while, check out the stunning neck shaking riff that hits you just before the amazing guitar and keyboard solo in ‘Hollow Point’ for proof. However, as good as they all are, it’s Marek Krowicki that, to me, comes across as the stand out person here. His keyboard work is exemplary and the inclusion of piano entwined with the heaviness of riffs is absolute beauty to behold! This is another band that has a myriad of ideas and influences meaning that the twists, turns, time and tempo changes could come across as messy in lesser hands but they manage them effortlessly. No one person tries to be heard above any other meaning that what comes across most is the quality of the composition!

At this point I would normally name a few tracks and talk a little about each one but, invariably, the reader then thinks they are the songs that stand out the most so I’m not going down that route. This album is nearly 55 minutes, although the quality means it feels shorter so, in an age when many people download their favourite two or three tracks, I’d like you to do something for me. Put on your headphones, sit next to your stereo or wind down the window in your car and put the whole album on from start to finish because this album deserves uninterrupted and full concentration. There is no ‘best track’ because there is absolutely no filler here and each song glides so smoothly into the next one it’s important to appreciate the ‘whole’

This sounds way too professional to be a debut so goodness knows what NonHuman Era have got up their collective sleeves next. All I know is I cannot wait to hear whatever it might be because this is a band with a huge future! I’m going to say it again but anyone out there who says the Rock and Metal genres are dying and we don’t have talented bands around anymore needs to take a long, hard look at themselves because bands like NonHuman Era will prove you wrong every single time! This is sublime!


  • 1. A New Breed
  • 2. Elements Of Chaos
  • 3. Hollow Point
  • 4. Damage Over Time
  • 5. Awakening
  • 6. Continuum
  • 7. The Destiny Machine
  • 8. Night Bleeds Into Day
  • 9. Shattered Icon


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Vermithrax – Volume 1 EP

Volume 1 EP

Vermithrax – Volume 1 EP                                                           Running Time 31:00 Minutes

Release Date 01/08/2013                                                                         Independent Release

EP Review by Rick Tilley


With the amount of new albums and EP’s being released on a weekly basis I wouldn’t usually review something that is approaching four years old but Vermithrax have very much piqued my interest with their ‘Volume 1 EP’. Add to that the fact that they are currently putting the finishing touches to an album and it make sense to reappraise what has gone before, especially as you can download this wonderful EP for free!

Vermithrax were formed six years ago in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and are described on their Facebook page as ’American True Thrash Metal’ and whilst that genre would appeal to me in a big way it does do Vermithrax a massive injustice because there is so much more to them than just basic Thrash Metal! Without a doubt, the influences of Testament, latter day Exodus, Metal Church and King Diamond looms large over their music but the two bands that really spring to mind when listening are Sanctuary and Nevermore. I am a big fan of all six mentioned bands so to hear this combination of Thrash and more Progressive Metal on the five tracks contained here is an absolute pleasure. It is also played by five men that are seriously talented musicians, and along with a thunderous production job, hits you like a fistful of nails hammered into your head. This is just over thirty minutes of music that will appeal to US and European audiences alike and I very much look forward to the day when Vermithrax get some gigs on this side of the Atlantic.

Averaging six to seven minutes each track is perfectly formed, so even though there is a lot going on, none feel overlong or tedious. There are plenty of time and tempo changes that will keep you guessing but it all fits together wonderfully well and along with some really powerful vocals and fabulous guitar work you’ll be head banging from start to finish. As a former drummer I also want to point out the superb rhythm section with special mention going to founder member and sticksman J.R. Jameson (Icarus Witch) who appears to be an octopus in disguise and who uses the drums as a proper instrument, with some excellent double bass and ride cymbal work, that adds substance to each track, rather than just as a time keeping device. It also helps that the drums themselves sound so good production wise.

‘Volume 1’ is an EP that gets regular listening in this house when I have the chance, last track ‘Final Feast’ is a veritable gem and if Vermithrax can carry this quality through to the full length album then they are going to make a name for themselves. I urge any fan of quality Heavy Metal to go over the Vermithrax Bandcamp page and grab a FREE copy of this. You really won’t be disappointed.


  • 1. Extinction Event
  • 2. Architect Of Fear
  • 3. Submersus (Drowned In Blood)
  • 4. The Summoning
  • 5. Final Feast




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Marching Out – Rock Will Never Die

Rock Will Never Die Cover

Marching Out – Rock Will Never Die                                                        Running Time: 45:19

Release Date 11-12-2015                                                                                       Independent

Album Review by Rick Tilley


One of the things that I love about being part owner of Ever Metal is that bands and musicians get in touch with me directly about coverage or reviews. This is not only a huge honour but it also means I get to decide who I’m going to feature on the site rather than someone else. With that in mind, when Marching Out vocalist Kazu Rock got in touch with me from Japan to ask if we would review their debut album ‘Rock Will Never Die’ I jumped at the chance for two reasons. Firstly, Marching Out are not going to get huge amounts of coverage in the UK and we want to give those smaller unsigned bands plus those from different countries the chance to get some well-deserved publicity and secondly because, as a fan of Japanese Metal/Rock bands such as Loudness and Vow Wow back in the 1980’s, I’ve been absolutely blown away by the quality of Marching Out!

Formed in 2012 ‘Marching Out’ (perhaps a nod to the Yngwie Malmsteen album) have taken me back thirty years and made me feel young again. We know that the Japanese love their Metal and Rock and ‘Rock Will Never Die’ (perhaps a nod to the MSG song and album) is about as close to a perfect Japanese Metal/Rock album as you are likely to get. Originally released in December 2015 this is a mixture of the aforementioned Loudness and Vow Wow together with a huge Neo-Classical dose of Malmsteen, Becker and Friedman. Top it off with some Michael Schenker/MSG and a smattering of 1980’s Whitesnake and I’m personally living a Heavy Metal wet dream.

‘Prelude’ kicks the album off and it’s essentially a riff leading into some beautiful Neo-Classical guitar work. This leads straight into first track proper ‘The Cross’ a classic sounding fast song that screams Vow Wow and immediately got my neck snapping. I’ve always loved Japanese Heavy Metal vocals and Kazu has a great set of pipes with all the nasally vibrato and grit you expect. He hits a couple of insane high notes as well and his voice alone is worth the price of admission. However you also get some stunning guitar work from Tsuyoshi Hayashi. You get the feeling he was probably brought up on the Mike Varney Shrapnel Record releases of the 1980’s as well as Accept and Wolf Hoffmann. This is Neo-Classical of the highest order. Keyboardist Akira Ishiguro also plays a massive part on the album playing some of his own awesome solos and duelling with the guitars on several songs. Backing them all up are Keiichiro Fujita on Bass and Kozo Suganuma on Drums who provide a thoroughly rock-solid rhythm section! This isn’t all about fast guitar and keyboard work though. There are many bands around, Japanese or otherwise, that rely on speed without thinking about song structure but Marching Out have crafted some very catchy tunes with great choruses!

‘Burnin’ Fire’ and ‘Fire In The Sky’ pass far too quickly, probably because I feel so immediately comfortable with them, within a couple of listens I was singing along like they were old favourites! ‘Let Me Feel You For A While’ (apart from probably losing something in translation) is a very Whitesnake sounding ballad and is placed on the album in exactly the right place to bring everything down a notch. It certainly proves that Marching Out can mix things up. ‘No One Can Stop We Rock’ picks the pace up again and the main riff is one I certainly want to witness live! ‘The Resurrection’ has a modern Deep Purple meets Ozzy feel and ‘The Sign Of Southern Cross’ is a medium pace shining star.

Title Track ‘Rock Will Never Die’ appears twice on the album in different versions. An original version appears about half way through and is another great song, however it is also presented as a bonus track and the bar is raised further with the inclusion of some guest musicians, namely Minoru Niihara and Masayoshi Yamashita of Loudness and none other than Doogie White (ex Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen and Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock’)! Together this particular track takes on a more epic feel with the inclusion of further vocalists and finishes the album off in fine style!

I had hoped that Marching Out would be good but I wasn’t prepared for them to be this good. They may not appeal to a modern day Metal fan who has been brought up on a diet of screamed vocals but for those of us that were weaned on 80’s Metal and Heavy Rock, especially of the Neo-Classical variety, then ‘Rock Will Never Die’ is a gem of an album. It may be a bit cheesy but it’s been done so well that I don’t give a fig! Bring on album number two and let’s get Marching Out over to Europe and the UK to do some gigs. I’ll be there like a shot!


  • 1. Prelude
  • 2. The Cross
  • 3. Burnin’ Fire
  • 4. Rock Will Never Die
  • 5. Fire In The Sky
  • 6. Let Me Feel You For A While
  • 7. No One Can Stop We Rock
  • 8. The Resurrection
  • 9. The Sign Of Southern Cross
  • 10. Rock Will Never Die (Featuring Minoru Niihara, Masayoshi Yamashita of LOUDNESS and Doogie White) (Bonus Track)




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