I,Assassin – I,Assassin EP

I, Assassin EP Cover

I,Assassin – I,Assassin EP
Release Date: 31/05/2018
Running Time: 19:01
Review by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King

I,Assassin are a 4-piece heavy rock outfit from Shrewsbury in Shropshire, forming in 2016 from the ashes of two ill-fated bands. The band is the “coming together of four distinctly different individuals unified under a single vision,” and that is to create and perform outstanding and infectious original rock music. They perform whenever and wherever they can until either, and in their words, “the wheels fall off or they achieve world domination!

With an old-school classic rocker on guitar, a hair metalist on bass, a pop-punk drummer and a metalcore singer, and influences so broad and diverse, it’s impossible to pinpoint their sound (which, to me, is always a good thing!) but they guarantee it “will be loud, it will be fast, and it will leave you with a grin from ear to ear.”

After perfecting their undefinable sound, they made their live debut in March 2017, to instant praise and acclaim, and a strong debut year followed. They performed as finalists in both the Metallum and Soundwaves competitions, and played numerous blistering headlining shows across the West Midlands, building themselves a name as one of the best live unsigned bands in the country.

This EP is a sonic juggernaut, full of big riffs, soaring choruses and a fist pumping drive, and their diversity is definitely one of their strengths. From the groove and presence of opening track ‘Survival’, to the fast and frantic ‘The Horde’, to the classic rock ballad of ‘Another Feeling’ and, finally, to the dynamic closer ‘Anthem’ this EP has a little bit of everything. ‘The Horde’ has been played on BBC Radio, and they have also been interviewed on BBC Radio in Shropshire.

I really did like this EP. At four tracks long and lasting just over nineteen minutes, it packs a lot into such a short space of time. The guitars are heavy yet melodic and the singer’s voice is actually quite unique. There is a bit of a drone to it that gives the lyrics personality and, mixed with the growls that sneak in every now and then, it makes for some powerful stuff.

As previously mentioned, each track on this EP is different from the last and this is where the band’s diversity shines through. They can write and perform a power ballad magnificently, yet at the same time produce a balls in your face metal track.

I hope the appeal of this band starts to spread further afield than the West Midlands as I would love to see them perform in London or the surrounding area sometime soon.

Keep up the good work boys! Next stop, an album??

1 Survival
2 The Horde
3 Another Feeling
4 Anthem




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Behind The Smokescreen – Scars Within EP

Scars Within Cover

Behind The Smokescreen – Scars Within EP
Release Date: 01/06/2018
Running Time: 23:01
Review by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King

One thing we are proud of at Ever Metal is the diversity and range of music that we review. My last three reviews couldn’t have been any more different if I tried. I have gone from a progressive rock band to a 60’s/70’s influenced psychedelic band and now to this new EP from Greek band Behind The Smokescreen, an Aggressive / Groove metal outfit.

Formed in Ioannina, Greece, in 2013, the band is made up of Nikonas Tsolakos on vocals, Nasos Drougas on rhythm guitars and backing vocals, Kyriakos Magdalis on drums, Evaggelos Roukos on bass and Dimitris Lucas on lead guitars. The EP was mixed and mastered at Crown Audio Conspiracies by Achilleas Kalantzis and the cover artwork was designed by Giannis Tagmatarchis.

This is a band who wear their influences on their sleeve and have maintained a great respect and admiration for bands such as Pantera, Machinehead, Lamb of God and Black Label Society. I’m sure they would be the first to admit they are not trying to break any new ground with this EP, but it is still a stonking recording none the less.

The EP kicks off with ‘Too Ambitious’ and I absolutely loved the opening intro with its galloping guitars and heavy riffs that rumble in your belly. I was expecting really growling vocals to kick in (probably because experience has shown me that if I really love the music, I am going to hate the vocals!) but was pleasantly surprised when they didn’t. The vocals are aggressive and in your face, but at least you can still hear what the singer is singing and is even quite melodic in places.

The guitar work is fantastic throughout the EP and the solos are out of this world. The rhythm section is solid, and everybody seems to fit together perfectly. I do think a lot of the heavier bands are accused of “just making a noise” but it takes a lot of talent to be able to make a noise and it be as good as this EP!

My head was banging, and my foot was tapping the whole way through this and I just wished it lasted longer! I think these guys would be immense in a live setting so if I hear they are visiting London town at any point I will be there, with bells on! (well ok studs and buckles but you get my drift!)

I hope these guys are going to put out a full-length album soon but, in the meantime, I will go and check out their previously released album “Age of Corruption.” I suggest you all go and do the same!

As the famous Oliver once said…. please sir, can I have some more?!

1 Too Ambitious
2 Broken Is The Word
3 Future Re-Set
4 Shelter In I (Bonus)




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Torqued – Resurgence EP

Resurgence Cover

Torqued – Resurgence EP
Self released
Release date: July 2018
Running Time: 34 mins
Review by: Alun Jones

AAARRRGGH!! Run for your lives! The machines have risen, they’ll destroy us all! Humanity can never survive the relentless, cruel onslaught of metal machinery in revolt!
Wait, no – it’s OK. It’s just the start of the first track, ‘Forgotten Soul’, on Torqued’s brutal “Resurgence” EP. Phew, thank goodness for that…

Bursting out of the gates, this “groove laden heavy metal” trio call the southern UK their home. This is their debut EP, one I was keen to review having caught them live at last year’s Pentre Fest.

Both the opening song and the follow up, ‘Follow Me’, rage with a Machine Head like power. It’s full on, crunching metal – like Robocop driving a Mustang full-pelt into a tin can factory. Lead vocals are barked by Marc, who also handles the bass duties in satisfyingly chunky fashion.

Third track, ‘Overload, I Die Inside’ changes gears with a spellbinding instrumental opening section. I really loved the slow build up, starting with Kurt’s tribal pounding as Rimmy’s melodic guitar begins to chime. It builds to an Eastern sounding riff, before settling into a huge groove that would make classic Pantera jealous.

‘Hollow Core’ then shifts the pace up a bit, with another fierce yet catchy riff. Great spooky breakdown in the middle, too!

The final two tracks are live versions of tracks 3 and 4. Usually I’m sceptical about live tracks as just filler, but here they do serve to demonstrate that Torqued can dish this stuff up in a live setting.

The “Resurgence” EP is a great introduction to a band with a hell of a lot going for them. I’d like to hear a full album rather than just an EP, but have no fear – the next EP is on its way very soon. In the meantime, enjoy this initial sampler from Torqued, before your toaster or lawnmower try to kill you.

01. Forgotten Soul
02. Follow Me
03. Overload, I Die Inside
04. Hollow Core
05. Overload, I Die Inside (Live)
06. Hollow Core (Live)



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Stew – Hot EP

Hot EP Cover

Stew – Hot EP
Release Date: 01/06/2018
Running Time: 17:13
Review by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King

Have you ever had that warm, fuzzy feeling of bliss and contentment when you stick a CD on and straight away it reminds you of times gone past? Yes? Well, that’s exactly the feeling I got when I started playing this new EP from Swedish band Stew. I didn’t really know what to expect as, once again, I hadn’t read the notes that came with the EP, but I was (very) pleasantly surprised.

Stew hail from Lindesberg / Ӧrebro in Sweden, forming in early 2017 and are made up of the power trio of Markus Asland on bass and vocals, Nicklas Jansson on guitar and Nicklas Dahlgren on drums. The music they play is a mix of classic rock, blues and soul, heavily influenced by the late 60’s and 70’s era.

The bands notes state that they play a “gritty and nostalgic fusion of classic rock and blues inspirations” and they are not wrong! You could almost have been transported back four decades as soon as this EP kicks in with the track ‘Might Be Keeping You’, which, by the way was picked for Classic Rock Magazine’s Best Of The Year in 2018!!

And Classic Rock, themselves, couldn’t have summed it up any better if they had tried; “spewing embers of psychedelic wonder, Stew emerged from Sweden this year with an album so far out that half of us still haven’t come back. This track is a highlight, a deep, rumbling ode to the days when metal was acid-rock and life was consistently wild.”

With groovy riffs, strong vocals (love this guy’s voice!) and swinging drums this is classic yet with a modern twist. With a little bit of blues, a little bit of rock and killer guitars, these guys have nailed the sound of the 60’s / 70’s with true musicianship.

With influences stated by the band including the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Free, Deep Purple, Grandfunk Railroad, Buddy Miles, Rory Gallagher and Spooky Tooth, these guys wouldn’t have been out of place at the great Woodstock Festival in 1969.

Despite only being around for just about two years, this band sounds like it is a seasoned veteran of the 60’s and 70’s and have decided to get back together for a reunion tour, playing all their old hits.

I loved this EP from the very moment it started and the only gripe I have with it is that’s it’s just not long enough! Just as I am really getting into it, it finishes. So, my next comment would be, I am REALLY looking forward to an album when one is done. I think that would be on my play list for a very long time to come!

The only other thing I can comment on about this EP and band is the fact that they are unsigned! Why these guys haven’t been snapped up by a record company is beyond me, but I hope they are very soon. With a little bit of support, Stew could really go places!!

1 Might Be Keeping You
2 If This Will Be
3 Tongue Tied
4 Dig For Gold




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Conception – My Dark Symphony EP

My Dark Symphony EP Cover

Conception – My Dark Symphony EP
Conception Sound Factory
Release Date: 23/11/2018
Running Time: 26:41
Review by Mark Pritchard
Intro by Rick Tilley

Hi everyone, Rick here. I wouldn’t usually write an intro to another members review but I thought it important this time because of who the band is. Mark got in touch with me last week to double check the following review which was going on his blog and my ears immediately pricked up when I heard the band’s name, especially as Mark hadn’t heard of them before. Purely down to my workload, I hadn’t seen that Conception were back, for the first time in twenty years, and even more amazingly with original Conception and ex Kamelot vocalist Roy Khan at the helm. To say I am a huge fan of this man and his voice is an understatement and when he left Kamelot EIGHT years ago it was a big shock to many people. I have Conception’s four original albums which were recorded between 1991-1997 and if, like Mark, you haven’t heard of them before then I wholeheartedly recommend you check them out. This brand new EP is a wonderful return and proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we need Roy’s stunning vocals back in the Metal world.

Read on for Mark’s full review!

Around seven days ago I was asked if there was a chance I would be interested in doing a review of an EP which was released in November 2018 called ‘My Dark Symphony’ by Norwegian Hard Rock band ‘Conception’. After being asked about the possibility of doing the review I started having a listen and thought I would happy to review the EP and I haven’t looked back. Over recent weeks I have reviewed all different types of bands which have been awesome in their own ways but these guys are nice to listen to because their music is slower than the previous bands which, after the intensity of the others, is amazing.

I will admit that I hadn’t heard of Conception before and since listening to this EP I feel stupid for not having had. Straight away this made me feel calm and relaxed which is an amazing feeling to have when listening to music and because recently my mental health has been on edge this EP made it easy to see sense and stay being myself which has been something I have struggled with. Whilst listening to these guys you can hear the elegance of all four members as one!

‘My Dark Symphony’ starts out with the song ‘re:conception’ which is an instrumental and gives you the feeling of what the rest of the EP might be like but, in my opinion, it threw me a curve ball, I have enjoyed listening to the EP thoroughly and even though the first song seemed different it also shows what they can do whether the music includes vocals or not.

I have listened to ‘My Darkest Symphony’ more times than I count and I would suggest to anyone who likes Hard Rock or Metal in general to listen to these guys because they know what they are doing. Each song on this EP draws you in and that is always something I enjoy when listening to a release for review. I will say this is one of my favourites because of the dedication the band has put in. Since forming all the way back in 1989, a year after I was born, Conception have not released anything since 1997 but they have not lost any of their talent which is something most bands might worry about.

love this EP and each song I enjoy in each own way but for me there is a stand out song and that song is the title track ‘My Dark Symphony’. I don’t know what it is but this song stands out so much and I could listen to it a million times and would still enjoy it.

I would like to thank the friend who asked me if I would be interested in reviewing ‘My Darkest Symphony’ and would also like to thank the band itself, Roy Khan – Vocals, Tore Østby – guitar, Ingar Amlien – bass, and Arve Heimdal – drums, the dedication you have put into this after all these years is absolutely magnificent.

1. re:conception (Instrumental)
2. Grand Again
3. Into the Wild
4. Quite Alright
5. The Moment
6. My Dark Symphony



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Corrosion of Conformity – The Gramercy Theatre, New York City -13/02/2019


A full review of the gig can be found here:



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Corrosion of Conformity – The Gramercy Theatre, New York City -13/02/2019

COC Gramercy Theatre 13-02-2019 Poster

Corrosion of Conformity
The Gramercy Theatre, New York City
Review and Pictures by Andy Jansons

More than thirty years on from their formation, legendary North Carolina Heavy Metal band Corrosion of Conformity are still going strong and drawing sold out crowds. They are currently on tour throughout the US supporting their most recent album “No Cross No Crown”, which was released on January 12th 2018 via Nuclear Blast. They are being supported on the current tour with the excellent Metal bands Crowbar, Mothership and Weedeater. After February 13th show they will be replaced by The Obsessed. New York Cities, The Gramercy Theatre was almost filled to capacity, with very little room left to move around.

All the support bands did their job perfectly and got the crowd going, with Louisiana rockers Crowbar playing just before C.O.C. giving us that Southern Metal vibe readying everyone for what was to come!

Corrosion of Conformity started their set with ‘The Stonebreaker’ from their seventh studio album “In The Arms of God”, followed by ‘Wiseblood’ and the only song from the “No Cross No Crown” album called ‘Wolf Named Crow’.

They were amazing! COC’s longtime vocalist Pepper Keenan delivered an excellent performance and sounded just like he did in his youth, with a deep southern voice.

Bassist Mike Dean brought full energy to the show with his relentless running around the stage. Another long time band member Reed Mullin was flawless on the drum set whilst the only original band member and founder Woody Weatherman who has been in the lineup throughout the bands existence, delivered a perfect performance on the lead guitar.

The assembled crowd embraced all their songs with excitement, but COC’s hits ‘Albatross’ and ‘Clean My Wounds’ were the pinnacle the of the show!





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All photos courtesy of Andy Jansons.


The Paradox Twin – The Importance Of Mr Bedlam


The Paradox Twin – The Importance Of Mr Bedlam
White Star Records
Release Date: 29/06/2018
Running Time: 51:10
Review by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King

Being a reviewer, I have learnt, is not just about picking the bands that you think you will like, giving them a listen and popping an 8 or 9 out of 10 at the top of a review. It’s about taking a step out of your comfort zone and listening to some bands that you may not have normally listened to and really listening to the musicianship. If you can appreciate this in something that is “not your thing” then you are halfway there.

Now, stepping out of my comfort zone would be reviewing a Black or Death Metal band or, in this case, a Progressive Rock band. In recent times, I have come to appreciate the Progressive Metal genre more than I used to but the idea of Progressive Rock (and yes there is a difference) is still a bit daunting to me.

I have never been a big fan of bands such as Pink Floyd, Yes or Rush (sacrilege some might say but that’s just the way I am!) as they were never heavy enough for me. Progressive Metal, on the other hand, features the heaviness that I like, hence why my love for the genre has grown. So, when a Prog Rock band appeared on the reviews to do list I thought why not?

So, let me give you a bit of background on The Paradox Twin. They are a quartet from Reading in Berkshire, formed sometime in 2012 and are fronted by main songwriter Danny Sorrell. “The Importance Of Mr Bedlam” is their debut album. The band were named unsigned artist of the year in 2014, under the former name of Formby, and were nominated for the best video in the Progress Music Awards in 2018.

The band consists of Danny on guitars/keyboards and vocals, Leland Freeman on guitars, Diane Fox on bass and Rob McGregor on drums.

This is an album of just 7 tracks, ranging from 6 to 10 minutes long each, and the lyrical content can be linked to various alien conspiracy theories (again, not my thing, but each to their own!) Danny explains that he is “influenced and inspired by the conspiracy theories and the idea that humans on earth are being controlled by extra-terrestrial beings.” It seems a good subject, then, to base a piece of Progressive Rock on and “other ideas on the topics of other worldly seers are gradually unveiled throughout this fine piece of progressive work.”

The album features subliminal messages and samples of speeches throughout from the likes of Lloyd Pye, who was renowned for his theories on extra-terrestrial beings, in which he claims that aliens do exist.

The album was produced by John Mitchell, who also features as a special guest along with Kim Seviour, keeping up the White Star Records cross-collaboration ethos. The artwork was created by Paul Tippett of Vitamin P, who has also done artwork for the likes of Kino, Lonely Robot, Black Star Liner, Kepler Ten, Europe and more.

Danny says he is a fan of the works of Steve Wilson, Opeth and My Dying Bride and the “poetic artistry that comes with these bands,” but he tries not to listen to other music during the song writing process, fully immersing himself, so as not to have too many obvious influences creeping into the band’s sound. Now, that’s dedication!

One of the things I could never get my head around with progressive music is the use of keyboards/piano, but I can see from this album, which features them a lot, why they are used. Combining electro synths with Rock gives the album soul and emotion throughout yet gives the band the chance and ability to “rock it up” when they want to.

Danny has a very unique voice, both gruff and melodic at the same time, adding to the atmospheric vibe to the album. Although I could hear a tinge of James Labrie to his voice, there isn’t really anyone else that he sounds like, and being one for distinctive vocals, this only added to the appeal for me.

The guitar solos are haunting yet melodic and sometimes heavy (just how I like them!) and the rhythm section holds it all together superbly. I seem to be able to pick bass lines up a lot more since my son started playing and Diane is a fantastic bassist.

This is the sort of album that I could imagine listening to in a darkened room, the volume turned up loud and really chilling out. I can hear elements of Dream Theater and Porcupine Tree but the band these guys remind me the most of is Cosmograf and their fantastic album “The Man Left In Space.”

There has obviously been a lot of hard work, tears and sweat gone into producing this album as this definitely does not sound like the work of a newly established band. These guys (and gal) sound like they have been doing this for years and have been building up to this, the greatest album they have ever written!

This is a fantastic debut from a very talented group of people (and this is from a thrash girl!) but as with all great debut’s, the question is will they be able to keep it up!? I for one, and as a non-prog fan, certainly hope so! They could undoubtedly give some of the more established Progressive Rock bands a run for their money……and probably win!!

1. The Mir
2. The Importance Of Mr Bedlam
3. Cycles
4. Earthbound
5. Moonblood
6. Planeta
7. Gravity Time Dilation



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Inglorious – Ride To Nowhere

Ride To Nowhere Cover

Inglorious – Ride To Nowhere
Frontiers Music
Running time: 43:00
Release Date 25/01/2019
Review by Lotty Whittingham

To those who say rock is dead clearly haven’t given Hard Rock outfit Inglorious a spin. Over the past couple of years, their presence has become well known amongst the music sphere. They have quite rightly been hailed the future of British Rock by Classic Rock Magazine and the belters on their latest album “Ride To Nowhere” provide concrete evidence of this statement.

The band spent most of 2018 locked away creating and recording the album. It was mixed by Kevin Shirley. With credits such as Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith on his portfolio, the album could not have been in better hands in terms of mixing. It’s clear from listening to the record that the band are a strong team, you can hear the music working well together which is what is great to listen to.

It starts off with a great number in the form of ‘Where Are You Now?’ One of the elements that strikes you first is the clean, crisp vocal work that also packs a punch. Alongside the slick riffs and infectious rhythm, this makes for an excellent album opening. To be honest, to say this ‘sets up a tone for the rest of the album’ would be a cliché but in this case this cliché rings true. It’s the opening act that paves the way for an excellent portfolio of Hard Rock mayhem.

Another given cliché that applies to this record is that no song sounds the same. Each song has a story to tell and will suit different moods.

The second track ‘Freak Show’ demonstrates that instantly. This track packs a punch and will encourage you to let out that inner doppelganger. That side of you that you wish to show but can’t.

The beginning of the track ‘Liar’ shows an interesting guitar riff. It sounds messy, but it’s done on purpose so in this case it works. Given that lying creates mess and destruction to people’s lives, that guitar technique is perfect. The lyrical content provides an inciteful layer, particularly the ending of the chorus about the truth setting you free. This pumping track will get audiences going at live shows.

Even the ballads ‘I Don’t Know You’ and ‘Glory Days’ contain the same amount of passion and sass as previous, faster tracks. The first song that comes to mind is Alter Bridge’s ‘Blackbird’. It contains the same impact and power. It’s a sweeping track that is deep and profound.

It ends on a beautiful note with ‘Glory Days’. It’s been stated before that tracks stripped of the distortion and heaviness showcase the vocals at their best. In this case that is certainly true. The prominent vocal work was a highlight of this record. It’s worth waiting for the ending track to hear these at their best. You can hear the full range.

If this album is anything to go by, it’s no wonder Inglorious have earnt a sterling reputation over the past couple of years. It’s an eclectic portfolio of songs that will bring forth a range of emotions. For Hard Rock fans, this is a gem you ought to find and never let go.

01 Where Are You Now?
02 Freak Show
03 Never Alone
04 Tomorrow
05 Queen
06 Liar
07 Time To Go
08 I Don’t Know You
09 While She Sleeps
10 Ride To Nowhere
11 Glory Days




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Full House Brew Crew – Me Against You

Me Against You Cover

Full House Brew Crew – Me Against You
ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records
Running Time: 40.19
Release Date: 16/11/2018
Review by Tsarina Wilson

Full House Brew Crew return after many years of absence, due to Vagelis’ duties as the bass player with the legendary Rotting Christ, but now they are back and making one hell of an entrance. There is no tiptoeing here, they are straight in with some headbanging crazy music from the off.

These rockers from Greece have lots of experience with performances and live shows in their home country, and with Spiros on bass, George on guitars, Alex on drums and Van on vocals and guitar, this a strong statement of an album, with influences from Slipknot, Five Finger Death Punch and Metallica.

This album is a combination of aggressive riffs, addictive drumming yet combines melody with a gruffness in Van’s voice and it seems to be the perfect mix. Track 8 ‘Not Again’ has a mix of his talented voice and an almost calming (for a few seconds anyway) chorus but it doesn’t last for long and you’re thrown straight back into the darkness.

They definitely have their own unique sound and yet a couple of tracks almost have a Nickelback hint to them, which was a surprise after the heaviness of the other tracks. I think this will be a Marmite album for many. You will either love it or hate it, there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground.

The guitar riffs make up for a lot of things on this album and I’m not sure about the way they keep changing direction but maybe the more you listen to it the clearer it becomes.

1-Cannot Be Judged
2-Me Against You
3- No-one’s Safe
4- Hollow God
5- Bury Me
6- When I Crossed That Door
7- Hard To Tell
8-Not Again
9- Bury The Chaos
10- Another Life
11- The Undisputed




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