Hi everyone! Welcome to our new EMQ’s interview with Bangkok, Thailand based Power/NWOTHM Metal band, Nacarbide. Huge thanks to bassist Hassy for taking part.

What is your name, what do you play, and can you tell us a little bit about the history of the band?

Hassy; I play bass guitar in NACARBIDE. This project was formed in the summer of 2016 in Bangkok Thailand. This first era, we had 4 Japanese players and 1 Thai guitarist. We tried to compose our original songs but not many ideas at that time, so we played songs by Loudness, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Dio (including RAINBOW) at the show.

How did you come up with your band name?

NACARBIDE is a kind of coined word. NAC means “Heavy” in the Thai language หนัก.

CARBIDE is a kind of hard metal in English. We named it with the hope that our work could compete in the world. Regarding Japaneseness, we thought that I could express it with music itself and visuals, so I dared not put Japanese in the name.

What Country/Region are you from and what is the Metal/Rock scene like there?

All of us are from Japan. Between Osaka to Nagoya, the West-mid area of Japan. I probably don’t need to explain about the Japanese metal scene, but they are pretty mature listeners, audiences. So, our music is familiar than the latest mainstream of metal. This means average age is higher than other Asian countries.

On the other hand, In southeast Asia, we are a complete minority and an endangered species. Listeners are young and they like more extreme sounds.

What is your latest release? (Album, EP, Single, Video)

Lyric Video ‘UNDISCLOSED’ taken from our second full album “IRON LOTUS” which was released in April 2020.

Official Lyric Video

Who have been your greatest influences?

As a composer, ANTHEM and LOUDNESS from Japan.

What first got you into music?

Beatles, Stones, The Who and Eagles. Because my mom listened every day.

If you could collaborate with a current band or musician who would it be?


If you could play any festival in the world, which would you choose and why?

Anywhere if we can go there by LCC lol but if open air, warm weather is preferable!

What’s the weirdest gift you have ever received from a fan?

Handmade dolls in the shape of band members!

If you had one message for your fans, what would it be?

Stay Safe, Stay Metal \m/

If you could bring one rock star back from the dead, who would it be?

Ronnie James Dio, Gary Moore, Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Entwistle, Munetaka Higuchi, Randy Rhodes and KING Edward Van Helen.

What do you enjoy the most about being a musician? And what do you hate?

Response on new release from supporters. We don’t like to see on SNS posts in discussions about which metal to categorize our music into. Streaming services suck.

If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

It is unavoidable that the industrial structure would change due to the evolution of technology, and if we can do something, it is requesting that the streaming service providers increase the return rate to performers.

Otherwise, there is no cost for high-quality recordings, and I think that only computer music that can be created at low cost can survive.

Therefore, we are always thinking about whether we can create works that do not deteriorate the quality while keeping costs down as much as possible.

Our heroes gave Rock a dream, but unfortunately, I don’t think we can do it…

Name one of your all-time favourite albums?

“Saints of Los Angeles” by Mötley Crüe

What’s best? Vinyl, Cassettes, CD’s or Downloads?

If I have enough space to stock and listen loud then Vinyl but current status is possible to download (not stream)!

What’s the best gig that you have played to date?

14th Dec 2019 at Bangkok Metal Festival.

If you weren’t a musician, what else would you be doing?

Backpacker. Anyway, I want to do a world tour Haha.

Which five people would you invite to a dinner party?

Scarlett Johansson, Nikki Sixx, Tilda Swinton, Carla Harvey, Hugh Jackman

What’s next for the band?

New album release tour in Asia but it has been postponed by COVID-19 So we will join 2 of Metal Fest in Thailand in 2020. Also, of course, composing for 3rd album too.

What Social Media/Website links do you use to get your music out to people?


Jaffa Cakes! Are they a cake or a biscuit?

Trash. Don’t eat.

Thank you for your time. Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Everyone in the world, metal heads, let’s listen to metal and boost your immunity!

After this pandemic, we are constantly gathering information so that we can meet you in person and deliver the Physical goods to your city. I’m looking forward to seeing you all!

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