Riveting Truth – Riveting Truth EP

Riveting Truth – Riveting Truth EP
Roxx Records
Release Date: 13/11/2020
Running Time: 16:09
Review by Chris Palmer

Riveting Truth is a two-piece Christian Metal outfit from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The band, which is completed by Dave Bentley (Vocals & Guitars) and Andrew Rudd (Bass), was formed in 2017 as the duo drew from their musical influences of Melodic Groove Heavy Metal.

Having worked together in the 1990’s, Dave and Andrew released an independent album with the band Legacy. Touring throughout southern Ontario and its surrounding areas for several years, Legacy also opened for bands such as Whitecross, as the duo learned their musical chops before taking a hiatus in order to pursue different career paths.

As the duo’s paths crossed again, Riveting Truth was born. Serving as an avenue for the musicians to share their influences of Melodic Groove Heavy Metal, Riveting Truth also delivers a profound message to listeners. The band name alone serves as a double-edged concept that Jesus Christ is the Riveting Truth (John 14:6) that can fasten the gospel to our hearts, souls, and minds. How fitting it is then, that the duo have signed to Christian Rock ‘N’ Metal specialists Roxx Records for the release of their debut EP.

The EP is self-titled and contains four slabs of Melodic Groove Heavy Metal. Released last month, it certainly lives up to Roxx Records’ statement of intent, because it really is one of the loudest and boldest releases from within the Christian Rock ‘N’ Metal scene. Whether it’s perceived as being one of the best, however, is a question of personal choice. The duo are certainly taking this project seriously though, because this release features guest solos from two guitar legends of the Christian Metal scene: Namely, Dennis Cameron (Angelica) and Rex Carroll (Whitecross)!

The EP kicks off in epic, heavy fashion, with the rumbling ‘The Prison’. With its message of drawing strength from God during difficult times of temptation, etc…, ‘The Prison’ is a thunderous opening and features exquisite guitar solos by Dennis Cameron. Swiftly following is the equally heavy ‘Stand Trial’, which announces itself with an impressive rhythm. The heavy riffs will pound the eardrums, while the screaming guitar solos from Rex Carroll are a joy to the ears.

A beautiful rumbling bassline from Andrew drags you into the opening sections of ‘Skeletons In The Closet’, before Dave’s guitar enters the frame and the song settles into a nice heavy rhythm. You’ll feel the urge to bang your head to the infectious grooves, before smiling to the delightful little bass solo during the song’s second half. Just as you’re getting used to the band’s sound, a harsh vocal attack from Dave announces the arrival of the fourth and final offering on this E.P., ‘Give Up The Ghost’. While this number contains a good rhythm, chugging riffs, and a terrific guitar solo, the vocal attack takes some time to get used to, and if I’m being honest, I’m quite relieved when the song comes to an end.

Overall, “Riveting Truth” is a captivating release. It is worth the admission price based on the opening three songs alone. However, Dave’s vocal style does take a little getting used to, but once it hits you, the repeat button will get pressed numerous times…except for the final number, ‘Give Up The Ghost’. I’m sure there are those of you who will dig this song, no question, and I accept/respect that. Unfortunately, it just didn’t do anything for me, no matter how many times I try to listen to it.

However, I won’t let such a minor, personal preference affect my rating here because, with “Riveting Truth”, what you get is sixteen minutes of great Melodic Heavy Groove Metal which delivers a profound Christian Message. I look forward to a full-length offering from this Canadian duo, who are definitely worthy of your attention.

01. The Prison (Featuring Dennis Cameron)
02. Stand Trial (Featuring Rex Carroll)
03. Skeletons In The Closet
04. Give Up The Ghost

Dave Bentley – Vocals & Guitars
Andrew Rudd – Bass


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‘The Prison’ (Lyric Video)

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