Ditch The Demon – Ditch The Demon EP

Ditch The Demon EP Cover

Ditch The Demon – Ditch The Demon EP
Release Date: 18/12/2020
Running Time: 08:54
Review by Chris Galea

Ditch The Demon originate from Hastings, a seaside town in the South of England. To my knowledge this EP is the band’s only recording to date.

Despite what the front artwork may suggest, Ditch The Demon are not Metal or even demonic. The band itself suggest they play a contemporary-sounding Psychedelic Rock…which is pretty much correct. I’d add to that and say they don’t sound very dissimilar to Blackmore’s Night…or to a Rock-leaning Renaissance.

‘Sigil’ and ‘Time Machine’, the two songs we have in this EP, make it clear that Ditch The Demon is primarily interested in writing great songs, at which the band seems quite adept. So, there’s no technical aggrandizement but you get the feeling that everyone is doing what he and she is supposed to be doing on these tracks.

Two songs are hard to judge a band by but at least they’ve got my attention. Check them out, you won’t regret it.

‘Time Machine’(Slideshow)

01. Sigil
02. Time Machine

Dr Amanda Brooks-Byron (aka Mandie. B) – Lead Vocals, Percussion
Vicky Tawamana – Vocals, Percussion
Karl Mee – Guitar
Terry Keen – Keyboards
Steph Bennion – Bass
Jay Maplesden – Drums


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