LVCIFYRE – Sacrament EP

Sacrement EP Cover

LVCIFYRE – Sacrament EP
Dark Descent Records
Release Date: 24/05/2019
Running Time: 22:53
Review by Mark Pritchard

A couple weeks back I asked Ever Metal about the possibility of reviewing London based Death Metal band ‘LVCIFYRE’ purely, and I will admit this, because I really like the band name. I hadn’t heard of them before, something I regret now that I have heard what they can do. But as with all bands that are new to me, I haven’t looked back, and with heavy guitar playing and hard drumming with intense vocals these guys don’t mess around.

I have been listening to this EP called ‘Sacrament’ for the last few weeks continuously with a few breaks here and there and need I say that I really like it. This EP contains a bit of a lead up to songs, something that I really like. There is a slow start before it leaps into the song really intensively and everything comes at you at 100 mph. There is no time to breathe, just complete and unstoppable headbanging and all I have to say is that thank god I had paracetamol on hand!

I can honestly say that, with Cultus on bass, Menthor on drums and T. Kaos on guitars and vocals, this band aren’t a glass half full band. They are the full glass with water still being poured in and overflowing. One thing I noticed throughout the EP is that there is an intensity in all the songs which really transmits the immense passion they have for what they do and, anyone who listens to them play, either live or via CD, can absolutely see, hear and feel that passion and dedication.

I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this awesome EP which is reflected in the score I have given it. It is such an awesome EP, with high intensity and an ‘in your face’ presence’ and I can’t get enough of it.

I do have a favourite song, ‘Shadowy Wing’ and its nice slow start before hitting into the main song really drew me in.

I want to say a huge thank you to Ever Metal for giving me the chance to review LVCIFYRE and this awesome EP, and I also want to say a huge thank you to the band, itself, for putting so much work and passion into this EP.

It really has been one hell of a listening experience.

Track Listing:
The Greater Curse
Deaths Head In Crown
Shadowy Wing



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Casket Robbery – The Ascension EP (Expanded Bonus Edition)

CD Booklet

Casket Robbery – The Ascension EP (Expanded Bonus Edition)
Release Date: 06/09/2019
Running Time: 26:00
Review by Victor Augusto

Since I became an album reviewer I have been lucky to discover many incredible bands. Some bands don’t care about my reviews, but other bands care a lot. In some cases, they not only care a lot, but create a good connection and friendship when we feel that we have the same spirit and love for Heavy Metal. What the hell am I talking about? What I mean is when both sides really want to do the best to promote Heavy Metal; you will probably have an awesome connection, as I have with Casket Robbery.

When I first heard Casket Robbery, I was an inexperienced writer trying to find the words to define them and today I still think how impressive and different they are from the typical Death Metal bands. Their music consists of a strong Metal that will rapidly explode your head. Riffs and catchy short solos create a different sonority. Cory Scheider adds some distorted melodies to increase the horror spirit from the lyrics and Megan Orvold has an insane vocal. I bet you cannot hear her screams without imagining her big eyes staring into you at a concert. The drum parts are incredibly fast, but have many different variations which mean it is not repetitive.

This EP was originally released in 2017 and this extended version has added the newest single ‘From Hell’ (2019) that has an interesting history. The members had a contest called “Evil Laugh” and their fans sent a recorded laugh to be part of this track. A few days ago I discovered that MY LAUGH is on it too. Yes, my friends! I sent my evil laugh as a fan and it is there with many other crazy people’s laugh!

The other three bonus tracks are just Megan and Cory talking about the compositions and recording process while the songs play in a background. ‘Pockets Lined With Flowers’ is still my favourite song with a killer scream from Megan opening the musical destruction. The rhythmical changes across the EP are awesome. There is a morbid atmosphere created by backing vocals or short guitar melodies similar to the keyboard and synths from Fear Factory.

“The Ascension” shows how powerful a band Casket Robbery is. It is a mix of heaviness from good Death Metal, Groove and horror stories played with huge anger, by experienced musicians.

01. Pockets Lined With Flowers
02. From Hell (BONUS TRACK)
03. The Ascension
04. Lilith
05. Pockets Lined With Flowers – Commentary (BONUS TRACK)
06. From Hell – Commentary (BONUS TRACK)
07. The Ascension – Commentary (BONUS TRACK)
08. Lilith – Commentary (BONUS TRACK)

Megan Orvold – Vocals
Cory Scheider – Guitars
Jeremy Kohnmann- Guitars
Alex Simpson – Drums



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Invictus – Burst The Curse


Invictus – Burst The Curse
Release Date: 15/03/2019
Running Time: 11:09
Review by Mark Pritchard

I was recently asked to review an EP called “Burst The Curse” by German Heavy/Speed/Power Metal Band Invictus. I have actually heard of these guys but not much of their material and that is definitely something I regret. ‘Burst The Curse’ is only three songs but what a three songs they are. Being somewhat of a ‘newcomer’ to their music I am awestruck. For a first introduction they have made one hell of an impression on me. These three tracks, personally, sound completely different to each other which I really enjoy.

The first thing that pops out to me when listening is that you don’t just hear their passion but feel that passion. Their intensity and playing skill as well as the awesome vocals makes this band and my ears a ‘match made in heaven’. With the EP being short, it has allowed me to listen to them more times than I can count, most would say that I have been listening too thoroughly which isn’t the case, I just really enjoy this EP and It is one of those releases, for me, that is a hidden gem. Most fans of music look as hard as they can to find an album or EP that satisfies their craving for music from a band that they might not have had the chance to listen to before but I was lucky enough to be asked to review it and I am definitely grateful that I agreed!

Dave on Drums, Fabi on Bass Guitar, Both Andi and Fabio on Guitar and capped off with Nico with Vocals makes for an amazing combination and for a band that have been together since 2010 shows that they know what they are doing and where they want to go. To be in the game for nine years shows the dedication they have for not just making music but to push themselves onwards and upwards which is awesome and to be able to review this EP has been out of this world.

Now for the part of the review that is the toughest and that is its rating. Well I say toughest but deciding a rating for this was not close to being tough. I have listened to this EP numerous times, actually for the last three days straight it’s the only thing I have listened to and I couldn’t rate it anything but a 10/10, this EP is absolutely magnificent to listen to and I also have a favourite song out of the three which is the second song called ‘Gaia’, this song is more slow paced but I love it a lot and I rate that song a 10/10 on its own, an absolutely amazing EP.

I would like to thank Markus at METALMESSAGE PR for giving me the chance to review this awesome band and EP as well as the band members Nico, Fabi, Fabio, Andi and David for the hard work they put into this and I would suggest for any fans of metal to go and check these guys out!

01. Burst The Curse
02. Gaia
03. Someone Out There



Invictus Promo Pic


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Spudgun Assassins – Spudgun Assassins EP

Spudgun Assassins EP Cover

Spudgun Assassins – Spudgun Assassins EP
Release Date: 03/05/2018
Running Time: 30:00
Review by Vikkie Richmond

I can’t resist doing a cheeky review of a band with a silly name; I’m pretty sure that the Spudgun Assassins more than qualifies under that banner. As The Spud Boys (an affectionate term coined by themselves) have been together since 2008, I’m surprised to be seeing an EP from them now, ten years on. However, if only all bands that decide to give it a go had such longevity; in a time of bands quitting left, right and centre after six months to a year because they haven’t ‘made it’, kudos must go to the Spuds for keeping it together.

So, we know they are tenacious, but can they do a tune? Opening track, ‘Believe In Me’ could be something straight out of an 80’s film; with twanging guitar chords and echoing effects, you can imagine the original brat pack (maybe Tom Cruise, or Emilio Estevez) looking moodily at the cameras whilst a collage of rolling video plays behind them, with gelled quiffs and shoulder pads aplenty. It bounced along at a fair old pace, with some vintage vocal harmonies and clipping percussion.

‘Fool When You Need Me’ started off with some trippy effects and harmonics; it wasn’t quite as ‘vintage’ as the first song, but it still had a whiff of ‘classic’ about it and I’m pretty sure I heard some cowbell in there too (which I wholeheartedly and thoroughly encourage). Special mention goes to ’Blind’; a gloriously cheesy affair, with key changes and heart-warming harmonies aplenty.

I have fond memories of the 80’s, so I enjoyed this EP, but it does make me think that I’m missing something; are the Spudgun Assassins some sort of ironic homage to days gone by? I’m not actually sure if that’s what they have intentionally gone for, but that’s sort of how it came across. Glibness aside and tongue firmly out of cheek, I quite liked it because although they’re not really breaking any new ground, this EP is sort of comforting, like shrugging on an old, comfy leather jacket that you’d forgotten you own.

They’re also pretty good musicians (although the intro to ‘Watch Me Fall’ is a bit clunky), so you could do a lot worse than take a listen; do it and let us know what YOU think! I’m going to leave it on repeat for a while … I might go and backcomb my hair, play some air guitar and sing into my hairbrush whilst I’m at it.

01 Believe In Me
02 Fool When You Need Me
03 Let’s Do It Again
04 What Do You Wish For?
05 Blind
06 Watch Me Fall



Live Pic1


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Callus – Through Blood,Sweat, Piss And Pain EP

Through Blood, Sweat, Piss And Pain EP Cover

Callus – Through Blood,Sweat, Piss And Pain EP
Release Date: 26/03/2017
Running Time: 15:44
Review by Beth Jones

When I hear the words ‘Thrash’, ‘Stoner’ or ‘Doom’, I can be known to pull a face of overwhelming underwhelmedness. Its not usually my bag, but then you don’t usually get the whole lot in one fell swoop! Until now!

The debut EP from our tip for the top, Lancashire based CALLUS, is a weird and whacky meld of all of the above, with added classic heavy metal, and even a bit of punk to boot! It is 3 tracks of fast paced, grove laden, bass driven, riff loveliness, with an interesting concept intro and outro to book end the main tacks.

With obvious influences of Metallica and Megadeth, the first track, ‘Chimp Militia’, kicks off big time from the outset, in classic thrash style, with over driven guitar at a pace, being joined by bass and drums after a few bars. You think you are safe in the knowledge this is a solid thrash tune, then all of a sudden, the chorus comes and slaps you with some punk, with Louis Clarke and Ben Wormwell delivering ‘call and response’ style vocals. Then, as quickly as it started, it stops! If you weren’t listen at the beginning, you will certainly be giving it your full attention now!

‘Cycloid’ is up next – this is much more classic, very early Metallica, but with an added twist of Doom with Louis’ versatile vocal style; low growls to high screams, yet again ripping up the rules in favour of something new! One thing that Callus don’t seem to fuss about is intricate solos – there is no need for them in their music – but this one does have an extra little dash of guitar noodling half way through, as the tune cycles in a repetitive loop before speeding up, as the name would suggest! The rhythms really are the back bone of their music, not just in the percussive sense, but across the whole band, and that couldn’t be truer than in this song, which has very hypnotic qualities deep within its repetitiveness.

Then just as you were getting comfortable with thrash-doom, up pops a jaunty stoner-doom-thrash-sic piece, ‘The Root Of All Evil’, to really break your mind. A full on mix of the elements with some very slow, heavy stoner doom sections that give you an eerie sense of an impending apocalypse, combined with classic and thrash metal progressions, and Ben’s ridiculously heavy vocals, again backed up by insane rhythms, making the whole thing feel like you are going down a steep hill a bit faster than you probably should be, and suddenly have no control over your legs anymore. It is sublimely mental! I AM A HUGE FAN OF IT!!!

These three tracks, coupled with the soundbites from public information broadcasts of the cold war era, really take you on a journey into some odd, hallucinogenic, nuclear armageddon of the mind in a way that I am not sure I have seen a band of their young years do before. They are certainly musically very wise and create pieces to a standard way beyond that which the relative infancy of their band would suggest. I have to remind myself sometimes when I listen to Callus that they are a very new band, with this EP only being released last year, and them having been basically Louis and Ben with a succession of drummers for pretty much the entire of their five year old career. The percussion on this self-produced EP, as well as the mixing, was provided by Mark Johnson, however he has since left the line-up and new drummer, Ryan Ormerod, has more than filled his shoes.

Personally, I am pretty much convinced that they are all wizards, as none of the above should work at all, let alone as brilliantly as they have made it work on this EP, and in the live performances we have seen of them. As a debut EP, this is stunning. They have really set the bar. Their song writing is superb, their musicianship sublime and complete, and their production values intelligent and thoughtful, making them the full package; the real deal. They are a breath of fresh air in a saturated market and I really hope that their hard work and individuality pays off, and they carve out a brilliant career for themselves, as they thoroughly deserve it!

01. Intro
02. The Chimp Militia
03. Cycloid
04. The Root Of All Evil
05. Outro


Promo by Beth Jones

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Rock Goddess – It’s More Than Rock and Roll EP

It's More Than Rock And Roll EP Cover

Rock Goddess – It’s More Than Rock And Roll EP
Bite You To Death Records
Running Time: 13:27
Release Date: 19/05/2017
Bite You To Death Records
Review by Beth Jones

Here’s where I make some of you feel old! Rock Goddess where originally formed in 1977, two years before I was born, and had success in the 80’s as part of the NWOBHM movement. Hailing from London, sisters Jodie and Julie Turner, and their friend Tracey Lamb, became a three piece with a good cult following. The band had a decade of success, before life got in the way and they disbanded. They gave it a couple more shots in the 90’s and 2000’s, but it didn’t amount to much, however the fans were desperate for them to all come back together as the original line up, which finally happened in 2013. Since then, fans have been waiting with bated breath for the appearance of their new album.

Well… they haven’t quite got that far yet, but in March 2017 they did give us this 3 track EP! It’s a start!

Now, the press release for this says, ‘If you are nestling down for a comfortable trip into the borough of Nostalgia, South London, then you had better prepare to have that notion scrambled’, however, I couldn’t disagree more. If you are a fan of classic 80’s nostalgic Rock, then this is the EP for you! If music was an outfit, this would have more tassels, leather, and spandex than Alice Cooper’s wardrobe!! It is laden with solid, chunky, headbanging riffs, tonnes of overdrive, and classic Rock vocal harmonies, which makes it straightforward listening – there are no hidden meanings, no interesting little twiddles that you weren’t expecting – just good, salt of the earth, meat and two veg, ROCK! And for me, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and to be brutally honest, making it ‘current’ would have totally missed the point and spoiled it in my eyes! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

The EP kicks off with ‘It’s More Than Rock And Roll’. Maybe it is if you look at is symbolically, on a Tuesday, whilst leaning slightly to one side, and eating blue Smarties, but to me it isn’t anything more than Rock & Roll! A catchy repetitive hook draws the song along, with a very distinct Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Middle 8, Solo, Chorus X2 formula which means you can toe-tap and sing along instantly, and it doesn’t outstay its welcome. My biggest criticism of this track is the production – things don’t seem to sit right in it for me – the guitar and vocals are too far back, the bass guitar and snare too far forwards and it’s all a bit muddy. I have listened to it on a couple of different devices and have still drawn the same conclusion. Maybe this is how the band wanted it to sound, maybe I am missing some deep symbolic meaning signifying the struggle through the mud of the music industry, and life, and how sometimes things can’t always be at the forefront of our minds……But for me it just sounds not quite as balanced as I would have liked. I am a simple girl, with simple tastes and this track didn’t entirely wet my appetite.

The second track, ‘Back Off’, is better. Crisper, cleaner sounding, and in general a better song, whilst still just being straightforward. The vocals are more raw (or roarrr!!, whichever way you want to look at it!) but it works – it still has the trademark harmonies, and over-driven guitar riffs, however the solo is more impressive than the first track, and the rhythm changes and use of more dynamics make it a bit more exciting. It is more lyrically substantial than the first track, which makes a big difference. For me, the best of the three tracks by a good margin.

Track three, ‘We’re All Metal’, is back to the classic rock solid anthem. Chunky, down-tuned and dare I say a bit predictable – nothing wrong with that – it does exactly what it says on the tin. The fact it fades out at the end (which you will soon come to learn is one of my biggest bug bears) ​is a disappointment and takes away from what is a pretty good song and leaves you a bit non-plus– it’s just lazy – please for the love of music, work out a way to finish the song!

All in all, this EP is…..OK. It is a bit like your comfy knickers – when you wear them, you know exactly what to expect, and they make you feel secure, but you wouldn’t wear them on a hot date! If you prefer comfy knickers to a crotchless thong, then you will feel safe with this EP! I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it, because I did, but it didn’t blow me away. However, it is nice to see the ladies back and still kicking it like the good old days!


01. It’s More Than Rock And Roll
02. Back Off
03. We’re All Metal


Rock Goddess Promo Pic1

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Vicious Nature – VII EP

VII EP Cover Art

Vicious Nature – VII EP
Confidential Records
Release Date: 11/05/2018

Running Time: 24:51
Review by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King

Being approached to review something by a band is always an honour and it was no exception when Andy Southwell of the band Vicious Nature asked me to review their new EP. I have already reviewed a single from it, so it made sense to review this too.

Formed in 2012 in the West Midlands, England, the band features former members of Cloven Hoof, Marshall Law and Cerebral Fix, all great bands in their own right, and as Jon ‘JB’ Brown, himself, states “this is no reflection on the music the band is producing, just an indication of the musicianship involved!”

So, what of the EP?

It kicks off with an atmospheric intro, aptly named The Calm Before the Storm, before launching you head first into a thrash metal onslaught with Rise Up. And it doesn’t let up! It is full on and in your face from start to finish.

I absolutely love the guitar work on this EP. Heavy, meaty riffs that gallop along have always been my favourite and this EP has them in abundance. Andy Southwell’s guitar playing is tight and concise and obviously the work of an immensely talented guy who isn’t afraid to show he’s influenced by the likes of Randy Rhoads and Eddie van Halen.

The rhythm section, comprised of drummer Brown and bass player Mark Culley, work well together. JB’s drumming is full of energy and the guy certainly knows how to hit the skins. Frantic drumming is, in my opinion, a must for any thrash metal album and JB knows how to do that with a passion. Mark’s bass playing on this EP is thumping throughout and at times comes to the forefront of a track. These two are an awesome duo and are more than just the time and beat keepers!

Andy Pyke has a typical metal singer’s voice, ranging from the highest notes to the lowest and his vocals are the icing on the top of a perfectly crafted metal machine. These guys are at the top of their game, and this EP shows that, performed with tons of anger, and a shit load of attitude, just how any great metal album should be performed.

As well as four incredibly talented guys, superb song writing and performances that are second to none, the production on this EP is fantastic too. So, what more could you want? Well, a couple more tracks would have done me just nicely!!

I usually pick out one or two tracks as my favourites on an album or EP, but I simply cannot do that with this one. All the tracks are fantastic, and I can’t pick one over any of the others.

So, if you like your music metal and your metal as it should be, then check out Vicious Nature, one of the best British metal bands around at the moment.

But don’t just take my word for it………. Grab yourself a copy of this EP, give them a listen and see for yourself!

01. The Calm Before the Storm
02. Rise Up
03. Devil Calls
04. Twisted Psychotic
05. The Silence that Kills
06. System of Disorder (recorded live at Wizzfest 2015)


Vicious Nature band

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Luke Appleton – How Does It Feel To Be Alive? EP

How Does It Feel To Be Alive EP Cover

Luke Appleton – How Does It Feel To Be Alive? EP
Rocksector Records
Release Date: 09/03/2018

Running Time: 14:39
Review by Beth Jones

If it were possible to look up the Appleton family in the dictionary, the definition would read; ‘verb – to keep going and going and going, see also Duracell!’, and Luke is certainly no exception to that rule! Not content with a massive tour schedule, both as Bassist for Iced Earth, promoting their “Incorruptible” album, and Rhythm Guitarist with Absolva promoting their “Defiance” Album, Luke has now recorded a 4 track acoustic EP, “How Does It Feel To Be Alive?”, which he will be promoting as special guest on a 37 date up and coming European Tour with Blaze Bayley. I need a sit down just thinking about it!

Produced by Luke’s brother, Chris, singer and lead guitarist with Absolva and Blaze Bayley, the EP was recorded at their studio in Manchester and shows off the depths of Luke’s talent, passion and love of music.

With an almost folk – rock feel, Luke has laid down some beautiful melodies and harmonies, but has managed to keep a good pace to each track, which makes it easy to listen to but not an atmosphere killer. It makes me think of carefree summer evenings sat around a campfire with friends having a jam with a guitar and few beers.

I actually hate Luke right now for being so irritatingly talented! His obvious passion drives his talent, which in turn drives his passion, creating a technically complete musician. His vocals are great, well controlled and pleasingly wide ranging in dynamics – he isn’t too timid, but he doesn’t shout too much, and he still maintains a raw edge that lets you feel his inner rocker! His chord progressions and melody lines sit nicely, if a little safely at some points, and nothing is too frilly or over – done.

If I had to pick a favourite track, it would be ‘Three Eyed Crow’. For me this is the most technically complicated track, with lots of changes, overlapping rhythms and more interesting vocal harmonies. It has a largely different feel to the other three tracks. It feels like a full on acoustic song and is, for me, the most ‘complete’ track on the record.

It is this that would be my one criticism of the EP. Apart from ‘Three Eyed Crow’, the tracks feel like there is something missing; that they should actually be full on, whole band songs, but they have just been stripped down for an acoustic gig. I can’t listen to them and not put full on ‘Rock Band’ orchestration to them in my head. The vocals and guitar echo each other a lot and the same riffs are revisited a little too often – for me this detracts slightly from what are essentially really good, solid tunes. But in the grand scheme of things, he is nowt but a nipper and things like this will become more refined with experience, especially with the dedication that he throws in to everything he does.

01. How Does It Feel To Be Alive?
02. The Fear Is A Lie
03. Three Eyed Crow
04. The Sound Of Liberty


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Ignys – Vestigium EP


Ignys – Vestigium EP
Release Date: 16/12/2017

Running Time: 20:31
Review by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King

It seems that I have become the unofficial reviewer of female fronted bands at Ever Metal (which is absolutely NOT a problem as I love the genre) and here is yet another one to join the ever-growing list, IGNYS.

Ignys hail from Asuncion in Paraguay (the first Paraguayan metal band I, personally, have ever heard of) and were formed at the end of 2013, after founders Caro Henry and Albert Jiminez first met at a metal concert. They soon discovered they not only shared their favourite music genres but also their visions for a band, which both had been thinking of doing for some time.

They started off by playing with metal cover acts to see how their chemistry developed and, after several musicians came and left again, their final, solid line up was completed in 2016. They teamed up with Aldo Benegas, who started to produce, engineer, mix and write with the band and soon work commenced on the concept and songs for the debut EP.

It’s hard to categorise where this band fit in on the heavy metal spectrum. They class themselves as symphonic metal, and while its true that most of the sound is symphonic, they do also combine the heavier, stronger elements of classic heavy metal along with the delicate harmonies of Celtic, Baroque and Classical music, displaying their vast musical diversity. The more aggressive components of symphonic metal are there, but their music also borders on classic power metal and traditional heavy metal.

Written, arranged, recorded and mixed at Blind Owl Studios, Vestigium is an atmospheric and dark EP, yet profound and intimate. The EP opens with the instrumental track, The Missing Page, and this sets the scene for the story that ensues. Themes such as hate, betrayal, lies and ultimately closure and truth, along with unconscious regret, the spiritual ties between innocence and evil and damnation and forgiveness all feature throughout the EP, and the intro to Rag Doll reminds me of a speaking haunted doll!!

The musicianship on this EP is second to none, these guys are all extremely talented, but the aspect that sets them aside from other female fronted bands, is the female fronting the band! She has a very powerful voice, although one which I don’t think she uses to its full potential, and can sing a wide range of vocals, from the operatic to full on, balls in your face, metal. I, personally, prefer her voice when she is not singing operatic vocals, but that’s just my individual preference as I am not much of a fan of these anyway (even from the likes of Tarja Turenen and Simone Simons!)

For an EP, this has a good range of slow and fast paced tracks, showing they can do it all, and I really liked it. Eventually, these guys could be up there with the best symphonic, female fronted bands. I don’t think they are there just yet, but they are well on their way!

I am waiting with anticipation for their next release, now. Don’t make me wait too long guys!

01. The Missing Page
02. From Shadows
03. Frozen Stone
04. Rag Doll
05. Vestigium
06. The One With The Empty Shell


Promo Pic1

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Mason Hill – Mason Hill EP

Mason Hill EP Cover

Mason Hill – Mason Hill EP
Release Date – December 2015
Running Time: 18:02
Review by Beth Jones

Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Mason Hill are, in my opinion, one of the most exciting new bands to hit the scene in a very long time. Their classic heavy rock style, combined with their talent and professionalism on stage give them the full package. Their debut EP is just a brief snippet of their skills and a very tasty bite of what is to come.

Showing off a range of their musical styles very succinctly, the four tracks on the EP develop through the chunky, toe tapping riffs of ‘Survive’ to the classic power Ballad of ‘Where I Belong’, visiting the influences of Country, AOR and classic heavy metal along the way. Their chunky riffs, driven bass, intricate guitar solos and tight drum fills give the EP a real pace and snap. But for me, the thing that makes it is the vocal range of Scott Taylor – this man has some pipes!!! Back that up with some great harmonies and it all comes together to form a very neat, but very exciting little package that definitely leaves you wanting more!

My feature track would have to be ‘Where I Belong’. This track for me is the classic ‘lighters in the air’ song that finishes off a gig perfectly and leaves you welling up with tears of joy. Starting acoustically with just Scott’s vocals and a beautiful guitar line provided by James Bird, the song floats into full band mode with a skillfully understated Rhythm section provided by Craig McFetridge on percussion and Matthew Ward on bass. It is lilting and melancholy and has the feel of a Pink Floyd epic of yesteryear, especially with the guitar solo, which I think would impress the great Mr Gilmour himself. The song gathers intensity throughout, building to its climax of defined rhythms, power vocals and twiddly solos working in perfect harmony and it is almost a shame when it finishes! Every time I listen to this track I notice something new. It makes me smile, it makes me cry, and it makes me want to listen to more – I simply cannot wait for the album and I will be first in the queue to buy it!

My only criticism, and the reason why the score is just off a perfect 10 is because the third track, ‘Now You See Me’ fades out at the end. This is one of my biggest bug bares in music – BOYS YOU ARE MORE TALENTED THAN THAT, THINK OF A WAY TO FINISH IT!!!! But seeing as this was one of their earliest recordings, and they are a new band, I will let them off for now – just don’t do it again!!!

That aside though, this is an exciting first EP from a very exciting young band. I am excited, and I am rarely excited by anything, so that is an achievement!

01. Survive
02. Your Memory
03. Now You See Me
04. Where I Belong


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