Angel Heart – Angel Heart

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Angel Heart – Angel Heart
Mighty Music
Release Date 18/05/2018
Running Time 48:08
Reviewer Tsarina Wilson

Most members of the band Angel Heart are part of the established Norwegian heavy metal band Highland Glory and have musical roots that go back to 1980’s hard rock such as Judas Priest and Queensryche. The group’s line up consists of the clean, crisp voice of Trine Elise Johanson, keyboards and guitars by Lars Andre’ Larsen, drums by Morten Faeovig and bass by Oystein Aaseby Pedersen, and together they make an amazing band. They released their debut album on 18th May 2018, the self-titled “Angel Heart”.

This album has lots of great qualities. Trine’s voice is just outstanding, so clean and crisp and just one of those voices you can listen to, close your eyes and drift off to another world. The guitar riffs keep you wanting more with every song and with a drum beat that has you playing air drums, what is there not to like with this album? It’s fun, it’s punchy, it’s emotional and it’s packed with energy from start to finish. Even if you’re not into rock music, this album is catchy and such a great listen.

The stereotypical rock music from Norway seems to have to an assumed persona of harsh looking and gruff sounding, but this is like night and day to what you think it is going to be. The intense lyrics of ‘She Is Strong’ chill you to the bone, and, being a mother myself this hit a chord with me. It is very much a girl power song, a real anthem to us ladies, and with power melodies “angel’s face and angel heart,” the intensity of the music brought a tear to my eye.

Then there’s ‘Rock Friends’. The guitar riffs that start this off are just amazing. And hey, we all have rock friends. I can see this being sung loud and proud at any concert about true friendships and being there for each other, and the lyrics “we’ll be friends until the end” sums up most rock friendships.

Worth the Wait? Yes, it has been as I can’t say one bad word about this album. It has everything you could want in a rock album; a knock out rock beat, amazing guitar riffs, and such outstanding vocals. The songs have so much meaning behind them, they are catchy, and you will know the words in no time. Rest assured you will soon be singing along with them at the top of your voice (and this is where I say sorry to my neighbours!)
It’s very rare to find an album where there isn’t at least one track you’re not into, not sure of or don’t like. Well, this is one such album as I love every single one of them. The listener is transported from Hard Rock to Soft in a heartbeat and without losing any of the enjoyment.

The last track ‘Sailing Against The Wind’ is very emotional, a story of loss but remembered always in dreams, compared to the rest of the album. This is an emotional roller coaster and if you have ever lost anyone special this will certainly hit home.
If this is their debut album, then I hope they are already writing new material for the next one as I will be waiting for it. Just brilliant!

01. Burning Desire
02. Run Away With Me
03. I Don’t Need Love
04. Forever Free
05. She Is Strong
06. My Spirit Will Live On
07. Rock Friends
08. Worth The Wait
09. Sailing Against The Wind


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Beth Blade and The Beautiful Disasters – Bad Habit

Bad Habit Cover

Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters – Bad Habit
Release Date: 03/04/2017
Running Time: 35:36
Review by Beth Jones

I know that this is a hotly debated topic, but I am a huge fan of ladies in rock and metal, 1. – because I love rock and metal of any kind, and 2. – because I am a lady!! Having said that, some of it can be a bit weak and whiney, however one person that couldn’t be further from that category is honorary Welsh powerhouse, Beth Blade!

Since hitting the scene a little over two years ago, Cardiff based Beth, and her ‘Beautiful Disasters’ have been making a big impression, with their debut album, “Bad Habit”, being released in April 2017. Heavily influenced by classic rockers such as KISS, AC/DC and Guns n Roses, Beth is the modern embodiment of your classic Joan Jett style Rock Chick, which for me is an instant thumbs up!

We were handed The BBATBD album at Rockwich last year (2017), and it has been on the review list ever since, and I am glad that I have finally got around to doing it – better late than never I always say! Having seen the guys live, I had very high expectations for the album and on the whole it didn’t disappoint. It is full of classic riffs, ripping vocals and face melting guitar and, as a debut album, is pretty solid. Beth has a great, powerful tone to her voice, which really sits well in their classic rock style, and is backed up competently by her merry band of musicians. The album switches between a good pacey headbanger and a slower pace ballad well, and doesn’t feel too disjointed.

Opening in classic fashion with ‘Hell Yeah’, and rocking through ‘Bad Habit’, ‘Beautiful Disease’ and ‘Down And Dirty’, the chunky guitar and solid rhythm and bass section drives the album and makes you tap your feet, nod your head and remember. One thing that I would say is this – I love a good bass sound, but in the first track the mix has the bass turned up to eleven, and I felt it might be just a touch too much. I would be interested to know if this was purposefully done like this, as the rest of the album is more well balanced. The bass player is however a giant, as illustrated in a picture of me standing next to him, with him using my head as an arm rest, which is still floating round Facebook somewhere, so maybe this has something to do with it!

That aside, after a couple of listens I was singing along to the infectious melodies and I found myself humming them round the house for a good while afterwards, which is always the mark of a good song for me.

My favourite track on the album is ‘Poster Girl For Pain’, but not necessarily for its musical qualities, more for its lyrical meanings, which I feel are very current. The song itself is almost 90s Grunge, which I know is a bit like Marmite, but I think it works – it is sleazy, melancholy and scathing, but for me it is the stand out track on the album – the raw emotion of it slaps you in the face! Hard!

The tempo of the album picks up again after this mid – session break, with ‘This Bitch Bites’, to which my answer would be, ‘Yup, judging by this I am pretty sure she does’!! Again, it is punchy, solid, classic rock which continues through to the end of the album.

By the last track I was daydreaming about being back in the late 80s/ early 90s, eating a 20p mix, nursing BMX wounds and listening to the soundtracks for ‘Bill & Ted’ and ‘Wayne’s World’ – so much so I very nearly shouted ‘PARTY ON WAYNE’ at the top of my voice. I was sat in a traffic jam at the time listening to it in my car, so it is probably a good job I supressed the urge!

But for me that sums up the feel of the album. If you liked that era and musical style then; then you are going to love this album now! It is catchy, infectious, punchy and rocky, and a very good start on the road for Beth and her Beautiful Disasters. Some of the album feels a little tentative – like they are holding back a bit, or are not completely confident that they have found their sound, but essentially, they are a very good band, and with a few little tweaks, I am sure they will be a great band. I can’t wait to see what they do next. PARTY ON BETH!!!!


01. Hell Yeah!
02. Bad Habit
03. Beautiful Disease
04. Down And Dirty
05. Poster Girl For Pain
06. This Bitch Bites
07. Hell In High Heels
08. If You’re Ready To Rock
09. Angel With A Dirty Face
10. Legends Never Die


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Ignys – Vestigium EP


Ignys – Vestigium EP
Release Date: 16/12/2017

Running Time: 20:31
Review by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King

It seems that I have become the unofficial reviewer of female fronted bands at Ever Metal (which is absolutely NOT a problem as I love the genre) and here is yet another one to join the ever-growing list, IGNYS.

Ignys hail from Asuncion in Paraguay (the first Paraguayan metal band I, personally, have ever heard of) and were formed at the end of 2013, after founders Caro Henry and Albert Jiminez first met at a metal concert. They soon discovered they not only shared their favourite music genres but also their visions for a band, which both had been thinking of doing for some time.

They started off by playing with metal cover acts to see how their chemistry developed and, after several musicians came and left again, their final, solid line up was completed in 2016. They teamed up with Aldo Benegas, who started to produce, engineer, mix and write with the band and soon work commenced on the concept and songs for the debut EP.

It’s hard to categorise where this band fit in on the heavy metal spectrum. They class themselves as symphonic metal, and while its true that most of the sound is symphonic, they do also combine the heavier, stronger elements of classic heavy metal along with the delicate harmonies of Celtic, Baroque and Classical music, displaying their vast musical diversity. The more aggressive components of symphonic metal are there, but their music also borders on classic power metal and traditional heavy metal.

Written, arranged, recorded and mixed at Blind Owl Studios, Vestigium is an atmospheric and dark EP, yet profound and intimate. The EP opens with the instrumental track, The Missing Page, and this sets the scene for the story that ensues. Themes such as hate, betrayal, lies and ultimately closure and truth, along with unconscious regret, the spiritual ties between innocence and evil and damnation and forgiveness all feature throughout the EP, and the intro to Rag Doll reminds me of a speaking haunted doll!!

The musicianship on this EP is second to none, these guys are all extremely talented, but the aspect that sets them aside from other female fronted bands, is the female fronting the band! She has a very powerful voice, although one which I don’t think she uses to its full potential, and can sing a wide range of vocals, from the operatic to full on, balls in your face, metal. I, personally, prefer her voice when she is not singing operatic vocals, but that’s just my individual preference as I am not much of a fan of these anyway (even from the likes of Tarja Turenen and Simone Simons!)

For an EP, this has a good range of slow and fast paced tracks, showing they can do it all, and I really liked it. Eventually, these guys could be up there with the best symphonic, female fronted bands. I don’t think they are there just yet, but they are well on their way!

I am waiting with anticipation for their next release, now. Don’t make me wait too long guys!

01. The Missing Page
02. From Shadows
03. Frozen Stone
04. Rag Doll
05. Vestigium
06. The One With The Empty Shell


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Disclaimer: This review is solely the property of Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King and Ever Metal. It is strictly forbidden to copy any part of this review, unless you have the strict permission of both parties. Failure to do adhere to this will be treated as plagiarism and will be reported to the relevant authorities