Greyhawk- Keepers Of The Flame

Greyhawk- Keepers Of The Flame
Fighter Records
Release Date: 16/06/2020
Running Time: 44:05
Review by Tsarina Wilson

Monday mornings. They’re not great, are they?! They need cheering up. So, for a change, I decided to start a Monday morning with a review of the new release by American metallers, Greyhawk. I have to say, this album had me totally confused at first. I always listen to any album 2 or 3 times before I write anything down, but this one had me truly stumped! Was it a metal opera? Was it metal storytelling, with vocals as varied as the amount of beer on sale these days?! So, this review is the product of a good few re-starts! Man, these guys know how to throw a spanner in the works with their music! Incidentally, Greyhawk are so metal they even have their own beer, and let’s be honest not many can say that!

Greyhawk’s quest started in 2018, when five metal guys (featuring alumni from bands like Skelator, Aggression, Prelude to a Pistol and Prophets of Addiction) met up and brought their unique style to life. This is their debut full length album on Fighter Records, and it brings something new to the table. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but then who is these days! Adding a bit more variety into music is what its all about, and these guys certainly stand out in a crowd, and I get the feeling that was their aim.

‘Gates Of Time’ starts the album. It’s very laid back, very calm, with a hint of Manowar, and short and sweet. This was where I thought I’d got the measure of their sound, but I was wrong! So, what’s next? Well that would be crazy drumming, epic guitar riffs and ear-piercing screams, followed by a voice I just wasn’t expecting! This fast-moving track has vocal variations all over it, and makes you giddy! In some places you think the vocals don’t actually match the content, but that’s what makes this album so different, and we like to be different don’t we?

There’s a lot of storytelling throughout this album. In ‘Drop the Hammer’, you can imagine the guys on stage telling the story with visuals on a backdrop. But that element takes nothing away from some truly amazing guitar riffs that make you sit up and listen. I can only imagine how epic it must be to be able to play like that. The guys take it down a notch for ‘The Rising Sign’, where Taylor’s voice is almost haunting, but still so powerful, and the addition of nicely timed backing vocals blend well. But don’t be fooled! This track maybe slower, but the power and feeling are still very strong here. The track builds and builds until the end, with low lamenting vocal harmonies in the background, which are quite chilling.

I Think my favourite track has to be ‘Ophidian Throne’. The tone of Taylor’s voice makes the hairs on your neck stand up and gives you chills.

This is definitely a Marmite album – you’ll either love it or hate it – there’s no in between! The variations from one track to another are a little hard to get your head around, but who wants to listen to the same thing over and over? It’s storytelling, meets Manowarish (yes, I just made that word up!), with a blend of metal, operatic vocals, crazy but intense guitar riffs, and heart thumping drumming. I found it a bit like a Chinese puzzle, it looks impossible, but you just have to take time to figure it out. With ear splitting screams that catch you off guard at times, it’s also not an album that you will fall asleep listening to! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!

If this is what these guys can do for a debut album, then the future is exciting! If they grow from this, their albums will be insanely powerful and intense. With this album they have really shown what’s possible and what they’re made of. Great work guys and amazing cover artwork too!

01. Gates Of Time
02. Frozen Star
03. Drop The Hammer
04. Halls Of Insanity
05. The Rising Sign
06. R.X.R.O
07. Don’t Wait For The Wizard
08. Black Peak
09. Masters Of The Sky
10. Ophidian Throne
11. Keeper Of The Flames

Rev Taylor – Vocals
Darin Wall – Bass
Jesse Berlin – Guitars
Alika Madis – Guitars
Nate Butler – Drums


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Forged In Black – Descent Of The Serpent

Descent Of The Serpent Cover

Forged In Black – Descent Of The Serpent
Fighter Records
Release Date: 05/03/2019
Running Time: 48:00
Review by Tsarina Wilson

Having been lucky enough to review Forged In Black before, I was really looking forward to the new album and they didn’t disappoint.

This awesome new album with nine banging tracks is full on metal, led by the vocals of Chris “Stoz” Storozynski, who has one of the most versatile voices, ranging from pure growl to hypnotic power, alternating from the depths of hell to crazy high.

Chris fronts a brilliant band which also includes Andy Songhurst on guitars, Kieron Rochester on bass and vocals, Chris Bone on guitars and, last but definitely not least, Kev Rochester on drums, and together they are going from strength to strength.

The amazing artwork on the album cover is by Dan Goldsworthy (Alestorm, Hell, Accept etc) and once you get past that, what can you expect? Let me see…banging drums, crazy guitar riffs, powerful vocals and just pure pleasure!

The opening song ‘Seek No Evil’ is a metal anthem in its own right, but this is just a gentle introduction of what’s ahead. The track ‘Descent Of The Serpent’ has the most immense drumming and guitar and it could surely give even Medusa a headache. These guys know how to rock, and the duelling guitars of Andy Songhurst and Chris Bone are awesome.

Forged In Black started in 2013 and the band released their eponymous debut album the same year, followed by the EP “The Tide” and a single ‘Exodus’, which was produced by Romesh Dodangoda, famed for his work with Motorhead, Bring Me The Horizon and Bullet For My Valentine. At this point in their career, the band struck up a great working relationship with the legendary, much missed producer Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath etc) and this really raised the bands profile. Chris and Forged In Black, together, created two excellent EP’s “Fear Reflection Fear” and 2017’s “Sinner Sanctorum”. After Chris’s sad passing at the beginning of 2018, Forged in Black sought, once again, the help of Romesh Dodangoda and the producer guided the band through the recording of this brilliant album.

Ok, let’s be honest there is only one way to listen to this album and that’s with the volume turned to high and to just let the power flow out. The passion in Chris’s voice is such that you almost get moments of false security. ‘Palm of Silver’ starts with drums and an evil laugh and then, BOOM off we go with heart thumping drumming and the non-stop energy is breathtaking. And we can’t forget to mention the growling vocals of Kieron Rochester who adds so much to the already great vocals of Chris.

Yes, this album “Descent of the Serpent” is a definite mix of old school metal with a twist of doom metal, but without a doubt, it is just pure enjoyable metal. There are brilliant vocals delivered in such a way you can still understand the lyrics but with power and passion, the additional vocals are the twist that adds to the bands diversity, and as the band grows with every release, I think these guys are set for bigger and better things to come. I certainly think they are a band we are going to hear more and more about in the future. They are a force to be reckoned with.

Very few bands put this much power and passion into an album but wow lads you blow the roof off!

1. Seek No Evil
2. One in The Chamber
3. Shadowcaster
4. Descent Of The Serpent
5. One Last Sign
6. Palm Of Silver
7. Aphelion Tormentor
8. Vendetta
9. When Hell Is Done



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Valkyria – Tierra Hostil

Tierra Hostil Cover

Valkyria – Tierra Hostil
Fighter Records
Release Date: 10/10/2019
Running Time: 46:30
Review by Mark Pritchard

Back in March I received Spanish Melodic Heavy Metal band Valkyria’s second album “Tierra Hostil” to review. I am going to be totally honest; I had heard of them but had never actually heard their music. After listening to “Tierra Hostil” as much as I have I regret that. I have taken longer than usual to write this review but I have been listening to the album ever since I received it. I don’t speak Spanish so not knowing what they are saying was a problem but, nevertheless, I don’t see it as much of a hindrance because if the lyrics were in English it could take away from how good the vocals are!

Comprising of Jon Romero (Drums), Gorka Pérez (Bass), Borja Aguirre (Guitar) and Yeray Hernández (Guitar / Vocals), Valkyria are a great band, the four members combine really well, and they have produced some really great songs on “Tierra Hostil”. I might not know what they are saying but the music, the rhythms and Yeray’s nice vocals are really hard not to like and influences such as Iron Maiden and Warcry shine through in the songs. “Tierra Hostil” contains ten tracks which are all really good and a great listen. One of my favourite tracks is ‘Selenelion’ and the reason for this is because it’s a slower song within an album of heavy, intense songs! The beat, the pace and the awesome voice of Yeray Hernandez makes the song really standout to me. Another song I really like is album opener ‘Codigo de Honor’. It starts nice and slowly with only the guitars and then just comes at you full force with no relenting!

(Check out the video on YouTube -

“Tierra Hostil” on the whole is really good, hard hitting and fast paced. Headbanging along to this was a must and with that I rate it 8/10. It’s a great album which I would readily share with friends. As for my favourite song, well that is the aforementioned ‘Selenelion’. I enjoy listening to it so much that I sometimes click on the song again after it has finished. That gets a 9/10 rating!

Valkyria are an awesome band and you should definitely check them out on the links below.

01. Codigo de Honor
02. Abatido
03. Tierra Hostil
04. Rencor
05. Selenelion
06. Identidad Perdida
07. Vida Eterna
08. Ecos del Manana
09. Dunas de Sal
10. Tuareg



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