Deadglow – Machine Skin/Your Blood (Parts 1-3) Dual Singles

Machine Skin, Your Blood (Parts 1-3) Dual Singles Cover Art

Deadglow – Machine Skin/Your Blood (Parts 1-3) Dual Singles
Release Date: 01/10/2021
Running Time: 17:02
Review by Beth Jones

Hello, my lovelies, I’m here voicing my opinion again. Now, we don’t usually review singles, but today’s subject is slightly different. It’s a dual single release – what would have been a double A side in the good old days – and it’s prog, so is just over 17 minutes long. In my book, that counts as an EP, and I co-own this site and make the rules, so there!

Disclaimer out of the way, let’s talk music! Deadglow are a Progressive Rock/Alternative Metal trio from Oulu in Finland, an area of the world that has a habit of producing some pretty epic musicians. This dual single release is a precursor to the release of their debut album, “Machine Skin”, on 29th October. I have to say, that listening to these two tracks has whet my appetite for the upcoming release, which I will be gladly snaffling off our review pile! So, what are Deadglow all about?

Well, instantly, I’m getting Pink Floyd vibes – the soaring guitar solos, steeped in echo and sumptuousness. But that’s melded with a darker, and more modern tone on percussion, and a more gothic element in the vocals.

‘Machine Skin’ begins with some very 80’s prog synth, with a pulsing rhythm. Then, without warning, it drops into a complete rhythm change, melding 80’s anthemic rock ballad with Floyd-esque guitars. It’s straightforward from this point, and a nice listen. Great vocals, and vocal harmonies, bags of echo, but a strong rhythm holding everything together. There is some impressive guitar work here too, from soring solos to dual harmonised sections.

‘Your Blood (Parts 1-3)’ is much darker. Beginning with a single, Hammond style, synth chord, joined by guitar (this really couldn’t get any more Pink Floyd influenced if it tried). But then along comes the heavier toned drums, giving it a modern twist. And when the vocals hit, it’s very 90’s gothic. Think Nick Cave doing a guest spot with Pink Floyd, and you’re somewhere in the right area. Personally, I think that would be spectacular!

I like this a lot. It’s different, yet familiar, all in the same breath.

We are very much looking forward to the videos that accompany these tracks and to reviewing the album.

01. Machine Skin
02. Your Blood (Parts 1-3)

Simo Lukkari – Lead, Rhythm & Bass Guitar
Juho Mikkonen – Drums, Percussion
Jukka Ruottinen – Vocals

With Guests:
Sami Perttunen – Co-Lead guitar on ‘Machine Skin’
Mika Pohjola – Keyboards



Deadglow Promo Pic (Credit Sami Perttunen)
Photo by Sami Perttunen

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