Geoff Tate’s Operation Mindcrime -Greatest Hits Tour – w/Gin Annie – The Underworld, Camden, London – 29/08/2019

Geoff Tate_s Operation Mindcrime Underworld Poster

Geoff Tate’s Operation Mindcrime
Greatest Hits Tour
w/Gin Annie
The Underworld, Camden, London
Review by Dawn ‘The Metal Priestess’ King

Having attended Bloodstock at the beginning of August for the first time in what seemed like an eternity (it was actually six years, but you know how time can play tricks on us!), I was in the mood for some more live music. Tickets for this had been booked well in advance so it was a gig I was really looking forward to.

Having seen Queensryche perform a stonker at Bloodstock with the fantastic Todd le Torre, I wanted to see just how Geoff Tate’s Operation Mindcrime would measure up. Would they have the magic of the “old” Queensryche (although I had only seen the “original” Queensryche once before at High Voltage Festival way back in 2011 and, if I’m honest, they were pretty dire then!) or would they just sound like a covers band, which, I guess, technically, they are!?

So, the venue? The Underworld in London’s Camden Town. I, personally, like The Underworld. Its small so you don’t get the humungous amounts of people but large enough to have a decent crowd. There are a few pillars (holding up the ceiling I’m guessing!!) so depending on where you stand, your view could be obstructed a bit, but it really is only a problem if the downstairs (half a dozen steps down) is jam-packed!

So, amazingly for me, I arrived at the venue in plenty of time, so I actually managed to watch the support band (something I very rarely do!) I must admit I hadn’t heard of them before the gig but then I was expecting a band with ‘Wolf’ in their name for some reason!! Must be the blonde in me!!

Anyway, the support were a hard rock band called ‘Gin Annie’ and I must say I was VERY impressed. Hailing from Wolverhampton in the UK they feature (and I quote this from their website) “heavy guitar driven songs whilst maintaining a melodic vocal style; hook-laden choruses, and classy melodies.” I couldn’t have put it better myself! They were absolutely fantastic and judging by the reaction they were getting from some of the crowd, I am guessing they were already pretty well known (late to the party AGAIN!!)

They had a contagious energy that just made you want to get up and dance along with them, and if I had drunk one or two vodkas, I think I probably would have done. The guitarists were awesome, and the singer’s voice just blew me away. There was nothing fancy about them. They are a good old-fashioned heavy rock band, who obviously enjoy what they do. I don’t think there was a time when all five of them weren’t up on that stage smiling! A great sign of a band that work hard but have immense pleasure in what they do.

They played nine tracks in total and I must say I was rather disappointed when they had to leave the stage! I wanted more… on my way out I bought the CD from the merch stand and had it in my car for over a week! Instead of getting bored with it each time I played it, I loved it more and more!! I would really love to see these guys as a headline

band, and I will now make it my mission to see them as such!

Outstanding work guys!!

So, after a break of what felt like forever (I don’t understand why there must be such a long break between supports and the headliners. Festivals manage a quick turnaround, so why can’t they?) it was Geoff Tate’s turn. I was looking forward to it, but I must admit I also had a bit of trepidation about the gig. Going by the previous time I had seen him perform, and reports of other gigs over the years, I wondered if it was just all going to be a waste of time.

The band came on first, playing the introduction to track ‘Neue Regel’ followed by the main man himself, to rapturous applause and cheering!

Now, I have been a Queensryche fan for as long as I can remember and to hear all of my favourite Queensryche tracks being played right there in front of me was awesome BUT….and yes there is a but….there was just a little something missing for me! I loved Geoff’s voice during his heyday, but I don’t think he can quite cut some of the notes now. And yes, before I get bombarded with messages of hate etc, I know singers can tend to lose their voice as they get older, but this is a review and I have to be honest!

Despite this, he did do the songs justice, but then he should have done, shouldn’t he? He has been singing these songs for three decades and should know them inside out and upside down. The heroes of the evening, for me, were the musicians he had backing him, Felix Bohnke, the drummer from EdGuy and Avantasia being one of them.

These guys were simply magnificent and if you closed your eyes it could quite easily have been the Queensryche of yesteryear up there on that stage. Personally, I think they are all too good to be in what could only be described as a Queensryche covers band but if that’s what they are happy doing, then good luck to them.

I had heard of Geoff being somewhat arrogant (something I really do not like), and this did come across occasionally while he was onstage and again, I am ducking to avoid anything that could be thrown at me at this point!

Overall, though, Geoff and the boys did a grand job. They played all the old Queensryche classics from ‘Operation:Mindcrime’ (the track) to ‘Empire’ to crowd favourite ‘Silent Lucidity’ and more. I am gutted I missed them on the tour when they played the whole of Operation Mindcrime 1 and 2 but this gig did make up for that.

So, Gin Annie get massive double thumbs up, for me, being the better band on the night and I WILL be going to see them again, while Operation:Mindcrime, although great, came in second!

Gin Annie – Setlist:
New Bad Habit
All I Want
Next 2 Me
Dying To Live Again
Love Ain’t Here
Born To Rock n Roll

Gin Annie Links:


Geoff Tate’s Operation Mindcrime – Setlist:
Neue Regel
Screaming In Digital
Spreading The Disease
The Mission
Take Hold Of The Flame
I Dream In Infrared
The Lady Wore Black
Walk In The Shadows
Breaking The Silence
I Don’t Believe In Love
Silent Lucidity
Jet City Woman
Eyes Of A Stranger

Geoff Tate’s Operation Mindcrime Links:

Operation Mindcrime Tour


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Graham Bonnet Band – Live In Tokyo 2017

Live In Tokyo 2017 Cover

Graham Bonnet Band – Live In Tokyo 2017
Frontiers Music s.r.l
Release Date: 12/07/2019
Running Time: 72:15
Review by ‘Dark Juan’

Good evening, my flock of the disaffected, the vain, wall eyed and insane. Tonight you are going to witness a man totally lose his shit about a woman. Possibly..!

It is well known I am not a fan of live albums, because the live experience requires a visual component. Thankfully, Graham had this covered for me and has kindly provided me with the footage that goes along with this record, so I hereby offer my thanks and salutations to this mighty and puissant stalwart of metal. The man is a fucking legend…
So, yeah, this is a live recording of Graham and the guys (and gal. Oh, Beth-Ami, be mine. Even your name is perfect. My twisted, shrivelled black heart beats only for you, my proud beauty… sigh) playing some of the more unusual and rare tunes from his days with Alcatrazz, MSG, Impellitteri and Rainbow as well as his stuff with the Graham Bonnet Band. And fuck me crossways, this is good…

I’d even go as far as to say this is fucking classic. This is how metal should sound in the live setting. Alright it’s as Trad Metal as it gets, but nothing touches Trad Metal for riffs and hooks and anthemic choruses. Metal’s most famous accountant’s haircut has assembled a band of uncommonly high talent and it shows through in every single sublime guitar lick from Conrado Pesinato (complete with array of highly amusing guitar solo faces), in Mark Benquchea’s ultra-metronomic drumming (complete with array of highly amusing focused drummer faces) and the legendary Jimmy Waldo hitting the keys like a man possessed (I really don’t want to talk about his face). At the front of it all there’s the Skeggy Boy. A man in command of himself, and his audience! A living legend at the fucking greatest, mightiest height of his powers! A man that makes Corey Taylor look like an amateurish fucking chancer who shouts a lot! A man who demands your attention and your loyalty, and does it so effortlessly you don’t even notice yourself falling to your knees and offering supplication in the form of opening your own veins and spilling your lifeblood at his impeccably shod feet…

And then there is the fragrant, beautiful, heart stopping Beth-Ami Heavenstone. A woman so perfect my heart breaks every time I even look at her. Dark Juan lost his soul to her years ago, but she never even noticed such is the level of her perfection. An angel on Earth with a bass guitar and a smile that makes this hellpriest nearly believe in God. A woman of such magnificence, she makes every other woman within 500 yards of her utterly insignificant. I am not worthy of her attention… No one is, so how did that Lincolnshire howler do it? The absolute bastard! I’ll find out. I will fucking find out and then I’ll bottle it and go and find her…

Sorry, I might have slightly digressed. Yes, the record. Oh my fucking god, the record. This is the best live album I have ever heard. There is not a dropped note in the entire performance and Graham is absolutely at the peak of his powers, effortlessly soaring through his vocal range and reminding us all just what a mighty influence he has been for decades. He looks and sounds like he is enjoying the fuck out of what he is doing and that is infectious. Even I, a notoriously hard and critical man to please with music, have been caterwauling along with every single chorus of every single song. Hodgson Fartpants (one of Dark Juan’s Hellhounds. So named because I could make a fortune out of renting him to dodgy Middle Eastern regimes for chemical warfare purposes…) immediately showed his displeasure with my off key shrieking by fucking off upstairs and going to sleep on my pillows. Plus, the man is a genius level songwriter. Not so much for content, but for the ease with which he crafts such exquisite choruses. You only have to hear Night Games or Samurai once to understand what I’m talking about. And another thing while I am frothing with such incredible enthusiasm… the backing vocals! The harmonies! Oh, the motherfucking harmonies. They hit you at the base of your spine.

And the utterly desirable and simply jawdropping Beth-Ami Heavenstone (have I told you how amazing she is yet? No? How remiss of me) has a gutwrenchingly sweet alto that reduced me to a quivering mass of pathetically lovestruck goo within seconds of her singing the backing vocal to the chorus of S.O.S. There are some voices that give you goosebumps. She has one, on top of all her other sublime qualities. WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO MAKE YOU NOTICE YOUR MOST ARDENT ADMIRER, BETH-AMI? TELL ME, TELL ME, I IMPLORE! NOTICE ME, SENPAI, NOTICE ME!

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to need to take a cold shower in Antarctica after this one, boys and girls.

…As we wrench ourselves back into the business of actually being useful to you readers and telling you about the record, then. The production and sound quality are far beyond adequate. Every instrument and cymbal is easily heard and the lead vocal, although to the fore of the mix, is not overpowering the rest of the music. The backing vocals are similarly high in the mix but again are not blanketing the instruments. The song choices for this gig are equally inspired. Everything from the ultra-classic Since You’ve Been Gone through to MSG’s Dancer through to the absolute highlight of the record – an extraordinarily sleazy, sexual, filthily orgasmic rendition of All Night Long! The record ends, somewhat bizarrely, with an alternate lyric studio version of The Crying Chair, which, although interesting and a damned fine rock and roll record, jars somewhat with the fucking awesome night we have just had listening to Graham fucking Bonnet live. Yes, I know I am swearing a lot. No, I don’t care. I am expressing joy. Fuck you. It seems like it was almost bunged on there as an afterthought, you know? Kind of like that last sentence!

Ladies, gentlemen and people of all other genders (I’m nothing if not inclusive. I hate everyone equally) we have on our hands here a perfect storm of a live album – superbly played by the musicians, sublime lead vocals from a living metal legend, well produced, well mixed, with inspired song choices, the biggest ever choruses in metal, and Beth-Ami Heavenstone. Have I told you how much she turns me into a quivering schoolboy every time I set eyes on her? How my heart does little flip flops as I gaze at her magnificent bass playing prowess? How I wish those long, elegant fingers were touching me and her cool gaze and tinkling laugh were for my eyes and ears only? No? We could be here for some time, then….

The Patented Dark Juan Blood Splat Rating System is cross-eyed with desire right now and actually really needs to take a shower in liquid nitrogen, but has struggled manfully on to award the Graham Bonnet Band 10/10 for an utterly fucking brilliant live record. It really should be like 150/10. It is the finest live album I have ever heard. And Graham Bonnet is a musical hero of mine. And Beth-Ami, I adore you.

01. Eyes Of The World
02. California Air
03. S.O.S.
04. Night Games
05. Stand In Line
06. Into The Night
07. Love’s No Friend
08. Dancer
09. Samurai
10. Desert Song
11. Rider
12. Since You’ve Been Gone
13. Assault Attack
14. All Night Long
15. Lost In Hollywood
16. The Crying Chair (Intended Lyric Version)

Graham Bonnet – Vocals
Conrado Pesinato – Guitar
Beth-Ami Heavenstone – Bass (You’re going to be hearing quite a lot about her. Sorry, not sorry.)
Jimmy Waldo – Keyboards
Mark Benquchea – Drums



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Rabidfest 2019



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Papa Roach “Who Do You Trust?” USA Tour W/Asking Alexandria, Bad Wolves – Stone Pony Summer Stage, Asbury Park, NJ – 09/08/2019

00 Tour Poster

Papa Roach
Who Do You Trust? USA Tour
W/Asking Alexandria, Bad Wolves
Stone Pony Summer Stage, Asbury Park, NJ
Review and Pictures by Andy Jansons

There are a lot of bands that have already lost their relevancy in recent years and cannot live up to their previous glory, but not Papa Roach. Since their meteoric rise to stardom in the early 2000’s they have maintained their popularity and since the release of their ninth album “Crooked Teeth” in May 2017 have regained new life in mainstream rock. They continued to build on Crooked Teeth’s success releasing tenth album “Who Do You Trust?” in January of this year so they are taking this summer to tour across the US with British Hard Rock (formerly Metalcore) band Asking Alexandria and American rising stars Bad Wolves.

On a beautiful summer evening in popular New Jersey shore town Asbury Park, which is known as rock legend Bruce Springsteen’s hometown, the tour came to the Open Air Summer Stage at the legendary Stone Pony venue. After Bad Wolves set a fantastic mood, British rockers Asking Alexandria came on to ignite the crowd. Vocalist Danny Worsnop was dressed in an elegant suit and vest to go along with expensive loafers. His outfit may not exactly have been made for a hot summer night, but it was his performance that made it count!

They opened the set with a brand new song called ‘The Violence’ and followed that up with two songs from their latest self-titled album ‘Into The Fire’ and ‘Where Did it Go?’ After those Danny took some time to talk with the audience and asked if there were any fans who have never heard of them. Surprisingly many hands went up. Using the situation he cracked a joke by saying that their next song would be a new one that the band had never played before. Well, it was one of their biggest hits ‘Run Free’ off of third studio album “From Death To Destiny”.

There was no swearing coming from Danny this evening though, as he said, those words were just simmering inside of him to come out. The Stone Pony stage is located by the Ocean boardwalk, where many families were enjoying their vacation with kids, and because only thing that separated them from this rock concert was a simple fence, the venue made a request for artists to mind their language. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. What’s a rock concert without a few F- bombs?

While a majority of their songs came from latest self titled album, none of them came from their 2016 work called “Black”. At the time Danny was not with the band and they had eccentric Dennis Stoff as vocalist. Although the album was popular they haven’t played anything that was not made with Danny in the lineup so the set was wrapped up with their last biggest hit ‘Alone In The Room’.

I’ve seen Asking Alexandria three times already and they never disappoint. Their performance was absolutely electrifying. James Cassells on drums, Sam Bentley on bass and Cameron Liddell with Ben Bruce on guitars were full of energy and all had a great show!

01 Asking Alexandria

Papa Roach seem like they have taken the rule book and thrown it in the fire. Every album they do is something new with a fresh approach to their style. Many bands claim this but rarely deliver the goods; on the other hand Papa Roach succeed. Ten studio albums to date and every one of them have something special. “F.E.A.R.” was Traditional Hard Rock “Crooked Teeth” incorporated new electronic sounds and there are even more of those on “Who Do You Trust”? One thing is certain; Papa Roach enjoy making new music and do not shy away from invention!

Their set for the night was mostly made up of their two latest albums with a sprinkle of classics. Opening track was the latest album’s title track ‘Who Do You Trust?’ followed by ‘Help’ and ‘American Dreams’. They then followed this with their fifteen year old mega hit ‘Getting Away With Murder’. They also played ‘She Loves Me Not’, ‘Between Angels And Insects’ and ‘Last Resort’. Notably the band and vocalist Jacoby Shaddix made a tribute to the late British music legend Keith Flint from The Prodigy who took his life earlier this year. They played a Rock version of The Prodigy hit ‘Firestarter’ and, oh boy, did that start the fire with the assembled crowd absolutely loving it. Somewhat fittingly the next song Papa Roach played was Born For Greatness!

Jerry Horton on guitar, Tobin Esperance on bass and Tony Palermo on drums delivered the same greatness that they do every night. Also, an integral part of the band is Anthony Esperance who joins Papa Roach on on tours and does a little bit of everything playing rhythm guitar, keyboards and percussion!

Last time I saw Papa Roach they played a two hour set so for tonight their hour and a half set felt far too short. We all needed more of their music. What an amazing band they are to see live.

02 Papa Roach



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Photograph reproduced here with kind permission from Andy Jansons


Atomic Kavemen Logo


Hi Everyone. Welcome to our new EMQ’s interview with California based Hard Rock/Punk/Metal band Atomic Kavemen! Huge thanks to drummer James Kilpatrick for taking part!

What is your name, what do you play and can you tell us a little bit about the history of the band?

I’m James and I am the drummer and producer of Atomic Kavemen. All of the members in this band are friends of mine; Morey (vocals) from 25 + years ago, Todd (bass) 10 years ago and our newest member Dustin (guitar) from 8-ish years ago…Morey reached out and found me on Facebook through an old band that I was in called Muk. I hadn’t seen Morey in probably 25 years. He was a good friend but somehow we lost contact. Don’t ask me what we did together cuz I don’t remember. I just remember he was a great guy and I always wondered what happened to him. I had some tracks that I had recorded with George (our previous guitar player) and asked if Morey would be interested in working on them and he said yes. That’s how the band started.

How did you come up with your band name?

I came up with the name Atomic Kavemen. We’re a bunch of old rockers so the name just kind of evolved from that. Our newest member Dustin is our youngest member I call him Kave Kid.

What country are you from and what is the metal scene like there?

We’re from California in the USA. The metal scene is somewhat underground here but I feel it’s making a comeback. Although we border between rock, metal and punk and other genres, we consider ourselves unique by today’s standards.

What is your latest release (Album, EP, Single, Video)?

Our latest EP release is called “Everyone Loves a Dead Man”. We also have a self-titled EP that’s still relatively new.

Who have been your greatest influences?

I have been accused of being an arena rock junkie. Outside of that I do like old-school R&B and a lot of the old 70’s rock bands. I would say 90’s rock bands were pretty cool too – like Soundgarden and Alice in Chains.

What first got you into music?

I guess my brother was the one who got me started in listening to rock and roll and heavy metal starting with Black Sabbath. From there I ventured on to other hard rock and metal bands.

If you could collaborate with a current band or musician who would it be?

I’m just not really star-struck by anybody that’s coming out these days with screamo and other oversaturated music scenes. But it would be pretty cool to hang out with guys like Dave Grohl and other like talents but it seems that some of my favourites have taken their lives. So I won’t be getting a chance to meet them until much later, I hope.

If you could play any festival in the world, which would you choose and why?

I’d like to play at Oz Fest. Is that still happening?

What’s the weirdest gift you have ever received from a fan?

I think it would be the fact that they showed up to our gig.

If you had one message for your fans, what would it be?

I’d like to tell our fans and potential fans to just keep spreading the word and enjoy our music. I hope you appreciate my recording and producing efforts from Fearfield Studio.

If you could bring one rock star back from the dead, who would it be?

It would definitely be Chris Cornell. He was an amazing talent and his life was cut short way too soon for a guy that seemed to be still on top of the world and his game..!

What do you enjoy the most about being a musician? And what do you hate?

I enjoy being a musician because I love making music and hearing my creation and being a part of working with friends. I like being in a band however it can become very stressful and you can lose focus very easily on why you’re actually a musician to begin with. It’s about you being an artist and the medium that you create with. When I was young in to music it was all about being famous. Today, it’s about just doing what I love and not caring about what is going to happen as a result of what I do.

If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

I guess I don’t like the pressure that the industry puts on artist. It’s tough to try to keep up to the flow of things these days and the internet and the consumption of music seems to be disposed of rather quickly. Also no time to enjoy your efforts before it’s time to move on to the next song, things are moving really fast and for an old guy like myself it’s hard to keep up.

Name one of your all-time favourite albums?

There are just so many great albums that I grew up with hearing stuff to pick one out. When it’s jumping out of me would be Queensryche’s Operation Mindcrime.

What’s best? Vinyl, Cassettes, CD’s or Downloads?

I prefer CD’s but there are very few places to get them locally these days.

What’s the best gig that you have played to date?

Our best gig that we played was at the Sacramento Convention Center. We have video of that on our Facebook page.

If you weren’t a musician, what else would you be doing?

I guess if I wasn’t a musician I think that I would be just a slave to society. My escape from the mundane things in life is music. I try to get my 9 year old daughter interested in rock and roll but it’s real tough with the bullshit pop stuff that’s on the internet. How does she like that stuff?

Which five people would you invite to a dinner party?

I’d like to invite Tim Brown from the Raiders, Bill Romanowski from the Raiders, Jerry Rice from the San Francisco 49ers and Raiders, and the President of the United States.

What’s next for the band?

We’re just going to keep on rocking and writing and good music and remain friends above all…

What Social Media/Website links do you use to get your music out to people?

Jaffa Cakes? Are they a cake or a biscuit?

What the hell is a Jaffa Cake? Sounds like a rock band.

Thank you for your time. Is there anything else that you would like to add?

I’d just like to add to any of our fans and potential fans to please enjoy our music, reach out to us and tell your friends about us – we love to hear feedback! If you want some free stickers reach out to us on social media, or just come to our shows if you’re near the SF Bay Area!


Atomic Kavemen Pic


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Severenth, In Depths & Lullaby For A Unicorn – The Live Rooms Chester – 05/07/2019

00 Severenth Comeback Gig Poster

Severenth, In Depths & Lullaby For A Unicorn
The Live Rooms Chester – 05/07/2019
Review by Beth Jones

I have to be honest; I don’t really remember Severenth in their original incarnation, which ended six years ago, but I do remember the name (I know, I’m sorry). I was looking forward to discovering what they were all about and was also looking forward to seeing one of our Ever Metal favourites, Lullaby For A Unicorn, and catching the formidable In Depths again. OMV had also been on the bill, but they pulled out at the last minute, so it meant we got a little bit extra from Lullaby and In Depths, which is always welcome.

Lullaby For A Unicorn
Last time we saw these guys was at the M2TM Final. On that night, they overthought their performance way too much, and it stole some of the endearing unicorn magic that we are used to. However, here they were back to their old selves, but minus all the mess! They looked comfortable on the stage and sounded fantastic, there was a good-sized crowd gathering and they all seemed to enjoy the unhinged sounds of the Unicorn, even chanting ‘SHED, SHED, SHED!’ at one point!

The acoustics in the big room at the Live Rooms are really good, and the sound man had got it spot on, making every note crystal clear for the performance – this was something that continued for the whole night – big love to the sound guy!

01 Lullaby For A Unicorn

In Depths
Wow! These guys were fired up for this gig, and it came through in their performance. It was brilliant! They are modern metal, with a djenty sound, but lots of nods to classic metal. They are all superbly talented musicians, and vocalist Callum Smith cut a striking figure as he roared, and absolutely owned the crowd, which was now the biggest crowd I have seen at a local gig for a long time.

They played with a terrific pace and ferocity, all kept in check by drummer Aaron Furnival, who is absolutely superb. This was the best we have seen them, very definitely, and I can’t wait to see them again.

02 In Depths

Playing to an almost sell-out crowd is how you want a comeback gig to be, but not something you see often, so Severenth have to be applauded for pulling that off to start with – the room was absolutely packed, and for a local band that takes some doing, but this was their first outing for six years! They built up the atmosphere with some dark entrance music, and then hammered straight into their first song.

What a sound! Made up of Ben Jones on Bass, Jack Somers and Adam Sidor on Guitar, Dave Roberts on Drums and Front Man Peet Bailey, they ripped into a thrashing show of 90’s inspired modern metal, which was completely flawless. They all looked like they were having so much fun – like being back was the best feeling in the world. With skilled guitar work, insanely tight drumming, rumbling bass riffs and an all-round vocal powerhouse, it begs the question why they haven’t come back sooner?! Peet also has potentially world record breaking dreadlocks, which amazed me! I reckon the longest one was a good five foot!! It has taken me forty years to be that tall!!

The whole crowd was loving every minute of the performance and were dancing and pitting all over the place. Sadly, Rick took an elbow to the back as a pit started up near him, which wasn’t great, and we had to cut our night slightly short to get him home to his pain meds. I have no doubt that those who stayed until the end of the set were treated to more of the same great, commanding performance we had already seen. That is how to do a show everybody! Storming, enthralling and utterly brilliant! I am so glad that they are now a thing again, as it meant I got to find out what I was missing the first time. We are really looking forward to seeing them again very soon, at the Alma Inn in Bolton on 20th July.

03 Severenth




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Warrior Soul – ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Disease’

Rock _n_ Roll Disease Cover

Warrior Soul – ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Disease’
Livewire/Cargo Records UK
Release Date: 07/06/2019
Running Time: 30:35
Review by ‘Dark Juan’
0/10 (Minus 100,000,000 According to our reviewer)

Rick Here. I have two reviewers who have massively different views on the band Warrior Soul and both wanted to review their latest album, so I thought why not let them both write one. Here is the Anti Warrior Soul review!

Good evening. This is Dark Juan and I have just returned from my nightly invocations. This is why I am still in my Third Invocation Robes (Summer Weight) and looking mighty fine, if I do say so myself. Anyway, our mighty, puissant and apparently indestructible Rick has invited me to share my thoughts in a review of two halves, this time. This should be interesting…

You should be made aware that I reviewed Warrior Soul’s previous (apparently critically acclaimed, according to the blurb I was sent… Not as far as I was concerned, it wasn’t. It was a steaming pile of diseased elephant turds covered in monkey vomit) album and I did not like it very much. To reduce it to specifics, it was fucking awful and I had to purge myself for several months afterwards. With bleach and sharp knives…

Just looking at the title of this album by Warrior Soul is challenging my intelligence. What is a rock and roll disease? Rampant egotism? Alcohol and drug issues? A dose of the clap? A man so far up his own arse he can lick his own tonsils from the bottom end up? What a load of shite, mate. It’s just banging a word after rock and roll. What was wrong with rock and roll turkey? Rock and roll reasonably priced automobile? I can think of many MANY more rock and roll things than disease. Girls, guitars, friends, hellhounds… These are just a few of the words that go after rock and roll and are acceptable and aren’t fucking boneheadedly stupid. Hopefully, the title of the album will not be a reflection of the music within…

Oh, my god. Oh my good fucking god…

It sounds like it was recorded in a submarine several miles from the nearest microphone whilst it was being torpedoed by the entire US Navy. The bass guitar is far too prominent, lending the listening experience the impression of having one’s head placed in a honey filled helmet and playing the record through speakers on the outside. It’s woolly and deeply unpleasant. The drums fade in and out of the mix in an alarming fashion, apart from the snare drum which sounds like someone has made it themselves out of a bin lid, some guitar strings and their leather trousers and then there is Kory motherfucking Clarke’s godawful, cracked voice. He is fucking incapable of hitting the correct notes in the right order and he still sounds like he has flayed his own vocal cords with a cheese grater. I can’t even call it singing. He’s just doing some bizarre howling at the microphone which has no real relationship to the music behind him. He’s also pretty breathless in delivery a lot of the time. It’s especially noticeable because Kory has made sure you know Warrior Soul is his band by pushing his voice so far up in the mix that it just overpowers every other instrument being played. Which is a shame because the rest of the band are good players. And he simply doesn’t have the chops to make it stick and it’s a clear case of ego outstripping talent, once again. So far, so perpetrating all the mistakes of his last travesty of a record. I haven’t even begun on the lyrics yet… I shall allow you to read a selection of some of the lyrical gems on offer here.

Up the dose, coast to coast, I’m pedal to the metal when I’m on the road. (Probably fleeing his drug dealer.)

Like Hitler on E. Oh, what a movie! (Just what? Have you been on another heroin binge, Kory? Drugs are for losers, kids!)

I gotta feel good and feel nice so I can do to you what I please. (Misogyny 101. Unless he is not into ladies… In which case I applaud his sexuality and openness.)

You get the idea. He’s still (and bear in mind this man is now in his fifties at least) swimming in a turgid sea of drug and booze clichés, retarded sexuality and his own overweening, inflated sense of self importance. Kory Clarke offends me on a cellular level. I hate this record so much I want to drown its kittens in a curiously misplaced act of vengeance. I want to use a CD copy of it as a projectile and cut his head off with it so he will fucking well SHUT UP! The only problem being I’d be afraid of what I might catch from the resulting blood spatter.

There isn’t a single fucking song on this record I can find a redeeming quality on. It perpetrates the worst excesses of heavy rock music, when it was a joke and people used to laugh at rockers with poodle hair and spandex. This record is a fucking bad joke even for back then and nowadays is about as relevant as steam technology and middens.
Kory, JUST FUCKING GIVE UP FOR CHRIST’S SAKE! There’s nothing rebellious about singing about drugs and booze and shagging anymore. Also, the word “rock” is not a euphemism for fucking. Dammit. It makes you sound like a clown, man.

Truly, truly awful, third rate rock and roll for old men with receding hair, but still mulleted, denim waistcoats, and massive beer guts chasing young skirt in the same corner of the same bar they have frequented for 40 years and getting pissed off when said young skirt tells them to fuck right off. You know the type, the people in rock bars who think they are royalty because they were around when Iron Maiden released their debut album in 1980…

I’m going to be sick. I have had to turn it off. This record mutilates everything I hold dear about rock and metal and leaves it violated and bleeding on the floor.

The Patented Dark Juan Blood Splat Rating System does not give a flying fuck about Warrior Soul and awards them a truly magnificent MINUS 100,000,000 out of 10. Zero just does not cut it when you listen to the horrors of this record. I am feeling dirty because of Warrior Soul.

01. Up The Dose (Of antibiotics because you have been sticking your cock where I wouldn’t put the ferrule of an umbrella, Kory?)
02. Rock N Roll Disease (Just shut up, you spectacular bellend. Rock and roll is life, not a disease.)
03. Off My Face (As I will be on Saturday, in order to forget this travesty.)
04. Melt Down (What I suffered about five tracks in. I need therapy.)
05. Rock On (Aye, lad. Go on. Rock on off over there. Preferably over several seas.)
06. War Ride Children (I hate titles that make no sense and this is just word salad.)
07. Going Mental (Yes, I was! And not in a good way by the time I reached this song. I have been deeply traumatised.)
08. After The Show (Kory gets back into his rock and roll koffin, hooks up the Jack Daniels, cocaine and virgin blood drips and falls into deep unconsciousness until the next show, whereupon he is woken by electric shocks and the promise of hot chicks, all of whom are wise enough to stay out of arm’s reach.)

Kory Clarke – Vocals/Drums
Adam Arling – Guitar/Bass/Vocals
John Polachek – Guitar
Dennis “El Guapo” Post – Guitar/Vocals
Christian Kimmett – Bass/Vocals
Ivan Tambac – Drums/Vocals
John Besser – Drums



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Warrior Soul – ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Disease’

Rock _n_ Roll Disease Cover

Warrior Soul – ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Disease’
Livewire/Cargo Records UK
Release Date: 07/06/2019
Running Time: 30:35
Review by Paul Monkhouse

Rick Here. I have two reviewers who have massively different views on the band Warrior Soul and both wanted to review their latest album, so I thought why not let them both write one. Here is the Pro Warrior Soul review!

Easily hands down, Warrior Soul were one of the outstanding bands at last year’s Stone Free Festival at the O2 and put on a truly ferocious show that was high on power and total devoid of b/s or posturing. Main man Kory Clarke dominated the stage and is a total original who’s only real contemporary is Iggy Pop, his unhinged persona filled with both a true punk spirit and a social conscience that challenges as much as it entertains during their incendiary gigs. The rest of the band are certainly no slouches though and provide the perfect back for their wild leader.

Given the absolute fire and electricity of their live shows it would seem impossible to capture that in the relatively sterile atmosphere of a recording studio but with this release they have done just that and it’s an album that crackles with life, practically tearing out of the speakers and smashing you round the face whilst making you dance like an idiot. Whilst the previous album ‘Back on the Lash’ was superb, this one is another massive step and should be part of the soundtrack to every metalhead and punks Summer.

‘Up the Dose’ is a rip-roaring opener, full on boogie that brings to mind same dirty rock ‘n’ roll as the early Bon Scott years of AC/DC. Clarkes sore-throated vocals are the perfect accompaniment to the rawness of this beast and have an honesty and (say it quietly) class that many try to fake but never achieve. As well as bringing the boogie of the Young brothers to the table there is a real kinship to Motorhead here in its no nonsense delivery and commitment. This really does deserve to be played very loudly.

The title track is next up and continues the mood with a really live feel that places the listener into the confines of a dark and sweaty punk gig or, conversely, in a battered car going on a road trip absolutely anywhere in the world. This is music to make you feel alive and Warrior Soul are unafraid to refuse to bend to trends or outside influences and remain very much their own men. The aptly titled ‘Off My Face’ scorches and the guitar solo absolutely screams, whilst ‘Melt Down’ is a brutal rant against the system and a slap-in-the-face call to arms. These two tracks perfectly illustrate one of Warrior Soul’s greatest strengths with the balance of music for partying with drunk friends and a much more serious, cerebral edge to the band. Time and again it’s down to the listener to get what they want from it and that’s never a bad thing, but the hope is that it’s the lyrics that provide the strongest emotional response.

‘Rock On’ is musically much more in the mould of a goodtime track with its chant along chorus but most certainly isn’t a throw away cut and displays a real ear for melody. The same is true for ‘War Ride Children’, a song that has real elements of a NWOBHM style than has been scuffed up with a filthy sandblaster. Clarke snarls and sarcasm drips like venom as the guitars of Adam Arling, John Polachek and Dennis Post roll and boil behind him. Whilst totally eschewing any sort of ballad, there is much to enjoy in the album and it’s full of musical highs and lows that give the release textures rather than just being a one pace sprint for its duration. But, again, there is an honesty here that is unlike virtually every band you could name that’s on the circuit today and carries on baton from the much missed Lemmy.

Rounding off the album, ‘Going Mental’ and ‘After the Show’ are two more blasts of punky hard rock that bring up a delicious gumbo of AC/DC, Andrew WK and the Stooges, leaving you unsure whether you should just press play and listen to the album straight through again or go for a much needed recuperative lie down.

If you have ever loved AC/DC, Motorhead or just some truly great visceral rock music you need to get this album. If you don’t love it, you should probably check your pulse.

01. Up The Dose
02. Rock N Roll Disease
03. Off My Face
04. Melt Down
05. Rock On
06. War Ride Children
07. Going Mental
08. After the Show

Kory Clarke – Vocals/Drums
Adam Arling – Guitar/Bass/Vocals
John Polachek – Guitar
Dennis “El Guapo” Post – Guitar/Vocals
Christian Kimmett – Bass/Vocals
Ivan Tambac – Drums/Vocals
John Besser – Drums



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Forlorn Hope – Over The Hills

Over The Hills Cover

Forlorn Hope – Over The Hills
Release Date 26/07/2019
Running Time: 49:00
Review by Tsarina Wilson

I happen to come across Forlorn Hope on a certain social network site and was instantly hooked so when I had the opportunity to review the album “Over The Hills” I jumped at it. I couldn’t wait to hear the entire album and I was not disappointed. In fact, I haven’t stopped listening to it since.

The five-piece metal band from Merseyside combines history and metal with amazing results. The band members consist of Chris Simpson on vocals/rhythm guitars, Alexander Bishop on lead guitar/additional vocals, Jade Mckenna on keyboards, Danny Kell on drums and John Roughly on bass guitar and together they are out of this world.

Ok I have to say, as a fan of the drama series Sharpe, if they ever did a stage play these guys would have to do the music as they would blow the roof off. Chris has a turbo voice and an immense range which can go from pure rock with songs like ‘Rifles’ and ‘War in the Shadows’ to one of my favourites ‘Over The Hills and Far Away’. And not only are the guitar riffs powerful, the drumming is enough to make even the listener shattered, let alone poor Danny who plays them.

This is Forlorn Hope’s debut album and is a collection of stories of horror and heroism from the Peninsular War of 1807-1814. Chris remarks about the album: “This is a blazing, heavy metal tribute to one of the most fascinating chapters in military history, it represents the realisation of a concept several years in the making and the culmination of countless hours of work To see it finally complete is an absolute joy” and I can understand why.

Each song gives an account of a different part of the war, and maybe if this is how they taught it in schools, history would be much more fun. ‘Badajoz’ slows things down for a bit, but not for long as two minutes in and we are back to metal riffs united with crazy drumming. It’s so intense, you will be breathless.

In March 2018, Forlorn Hope released their self-titled debut EP, and throughout that year the band played a series of stand out sets, performing at the “Northern Symphony Festival” and in the Merseyside heat of the national Metal 2 The Masses competition. The quintet also went on to support NWOBHM legends and Swedish symphonic heavyweights “Eleine.

There is so much going on in this album. ‘Man Of Secrets, Man Of War’ shows just what varied vocals Chris’s voice can achieve. Jade’s keyboard throughout is such a powerful bonus and adds just that little something else to the mix and the track ‘Over The Hills and Far Away’ proves this.

The final track ‘Forlorn Hope’ is a stomping track and I was sad it was the last song, I could have just carried on listening for hours. These guys are talented, giving metal a whole new direction and have been an absolute joy to listen to and review.

Their music is infectious, and you will want to hear more.

01. Introduction
02. Vive L’Empereur
03. Rifles
04. Talavera
05. War In The Shadows
06. The Eagle Hunters
07. Die Hard
08. Badajoz
09. Man Of Secrets, Man Of Honour
10. Masterstrike
11. Vitoria
12. Over The Hills And Far Away
13. Forlorn Hope



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Hollow Crown – Garuda EP

Garuda EP Cover Top

Hollow Crown – Garuda EP
H.C Music Holding Ltd
Release Date: 31/05/2019
Running Time: 25:17
Review by Tsarina Wilson

Ok, so who are Hollow Crown? Well, they are four guys from Bristol (near my hometown), who got together and released a six song EP.

“Garuda” may be short but what the guys pack into it is just pure craziness and energy. The band consists of Iain Eccleston on guitars, Tom Pepper on vocals, Ben Wilshire on bass and, last but definitely not least, Josh Armitage on drums and they are also the creators of the game LFDR coming to an app soon.

Iain and Tom met about 5 years ago while Iain was playing at a disabled people’s home. Eventually they met up to do some writing and wrote a whole album in a month, which included most of the songs for the EP. After developing the sound and doing some recording sessions, they got Josh involved and after putting out an advert for a bassist, Ben became the final member, as he was the perfect choice. They have now been together for just almost a year now and not only are these four guys very talented, they also have fun doing what they do.

This metal grunge band certainly know how to pack a lot into six tracks. The first couple of songs are fast and furious and track two ‘Hate Your Leaders’ which now has a video on YouTube, certainly shows how much talent these guys have. This track goes from total madness to almost hypnotic in the middle section and this certainly gives you a chance to hear Tom’s epic voice. Then no sooner as you start to take a breath, Iain’s impressive guitar riffs blast your eardrums once again.

The music and lyrics are written by Iain and Tom and the artwork was produced by Mateusz “The Executor” Lejman. The band’s logo was what first drew them to my attention and, after hearing the guys, they were a breath of fresh air of a band who seem to have so much talent coming onto the scene.

They won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, having a “parental Advisory explicit content” warning on the cd, but hey not everyone has good taste! Tom’s voice goes from full metal grunge to almost soothing but don’t be fooled, these guys are not for the faint hearted. I can imagine their gigs are non-stop crazy and, with a growing fan base, I think this isn’t all we are going to hear from them. They are loud, they are crazy, they are talented, and I think they have a lot to offer.

One thing I did have a little giggle about was the back of the cd cover has “Unauthorised reproduction of this recording will result in an untimely death!!” printed on it.

01. 7th Gate
02. Hate Your Leaders
03. Step By Step
04. You Weren’t There Man
05. White Whale
06. Rise Up



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