EMQ’s with Misanthropik Torment


EMQ’s with Misanthropik Torment

Hi Everyone. Welcome to our new EMQ’s interview with Lexington, Kentucky Metal band Misanthropik Torment. Huge thanks to Erick for taking part! He answered the questions differently from most so rather than change everything to fit, I have just left his answers here. His story is an extremely interesting one and deserves to be heard!

My name is Erick Leviathan Scarlet. I am vocalist, lyricist and founder of MISANTHROPIK TORMENT.

Coming up with the name MISANTHROPIK TORMENT was quite easy. I mean, I just spent the past 16 years of my life in prison for stabbing a pedophile and mutilating his genitals! So needless to say I have a lot of built-up rage due to the Injustices that I have seen in my 37 years of existence. By my nature I am not a hateful person, however I have a lot of hatred for most of humanity, because of what we are doing to this planet, because of the Injustices that go on in this world not to mention the abuse that children suffer from, so I am tormented by my own hatred, by my own misanthropy, thus the name Misanthropik Torment.

Misanthropik Torment has a simple message. Stand against all that is wrong in this world! If you’re not part of the solution you are part of the problem. The sole purpose of Misanthropik Torment is to stand against tyranny, as an advocate for the execution of all domestic terrorists alongside of pedophiles, rapists and those who would prey upon the weak, WE MUST KILL THEM! I for one will no longer sit back in the shadows quietly observing the sickness of humanity!

Misanthropik Torment is based out of Lexington, Kentucky. The underground metal scene is pretty badass out here and there are a lot of good underground metal bands who don’t get enough exposure and don’t get the recognition that they deserve. It is also my goal to help other underground bands get that recognition and exposure because, I myself, know how hard it is to kick this fucking door open.

I have to say that I am influenced by old school black/death metal bands like DEATH, DEICIDE, CANNIBAL CORPSE, KING DIAMOND & MORBID ANGEL etc. I mean the list goes on I could sit here and list off so many bands but what’s the point I think you all get the point. But my goal is to bring back the sound of old school black/death metal with my own unique twist to it.

At the moment I am independent but I would love to get endorsed by Roadrunner or Metal Blade. I have worked with several social media Outlets and at the moment I am working strong with METAL COFFEE PR in the hopes that one of these record labels will hear me and come swoop me up LOL one can only dream though right.

When I first started my goal was to just get a CD made and get on the radio, get my music out there for other people to hear and all, that was my first goal. I have to say that yes I have accomplished that goal but my ultimate goal at the end of the day, after I have met all of my smaller goals in my music, is to be signed by Roadrunner Records, Metal Blade or another label that is keeping the true sound of metal alive not the mainstream crap that is all over the radio. I understand that there are a lot of mainstream metal bands signed with Roadrunner and maybe some with Metal Blade but those record labels still keep the underground alive as well.

I really don’t have an answer to this question the digital age is new to me I mean I just spent over half my life Behind Bars and all this technology came out while I was there so I’m barely learning how to use any of this. The best thing I can say is remain undeterred and keep knocking your head against that wall until the wall cracks or your head does!
I myself have a goal to sound the same on a CD as I do live. I do not allow my producer to do any weird shit with my voice if I can’t pull it off live. So yeah, I do lose some respect for those bands who are putting autotone and all kinds of other crazy shit on themselves! I mean I don’t like it but everybody’s got their own tastes!

I am metal and I tell you what I despise… being divided in different genres. I believe that metal is metal and in my music I preach about the division that the government puts upon us down to the music that we listen to, to the shoes that we wear! It’s causing the division to keep us all distracted from what’s really going on out there in the world. Everybody’s so focused on fighting over what genre & what sub-genre and what belongs where and what box they fit into and while we’re all paying attention to that crap we’re not looking at what’s happening, slowly how the government is coming in and twisting shit and creating the Panic the profit from The Cure. So I subscribe to nothing I say metal is metal and leave it be!

I believe that I am good I mean a lot of people say I am. There’s 3,000 fans on my Reverbnation that say I am and I’ve only been doing this for four or five months, I mean I’m not sure if I’m the best and I don’t want to be the best I just want to be up there with the best if that makes any sense but no I would not like to be the new in thing I want to be the original thing I want to be the sound of metal and that’s it I don’t want to be another fucking Nickelback!

What people can expect from Misanthropik Torment is pure, raw, extreme aggression and other ways of evoking that raw emotion from people that might even make you fucking cry with anger. You know I say this shit, that everybody else is thinking but they’re too scared to say. When you come to a Misanthropik Torment show you will know that you are at a Misanthropik Torment show not some fucking carbon copy of some other band that did it first!

I haven’t put anything out yet as far as releases but I do have three albums done already. My first album It’s called rebelled Against The Establishment power belongs to the people. My second album is called “Purification”. And my third is a single titled ‘E.1.L.3.S.2.10PER10’. All three of these albums will be released in the middle of March. I want to come out swinging I wanted to do something that no other band has done before and I believe that I am accomplishing that cuz I don’t believe any other band has come out with three albums as their first approach., shortly after these albums come out misanthropik torment will be going back into the studio to record a “Decade of Endurance” which is an album diving into the psyche of the convict in prison life. Also there will be a book in the near future.

Currently there is one video on YouTube titled ‘The Devil Made Me Do It .There will be future videos those are in the works at the moment.

I’m not sure how I feel about this you know I’m not doing music for the money although it would be nice to make some money for doing what I love. This is kind of a hard question to answer because Bandcamp, Reverbnation and SoundCloud etc, these help underground artists get their music out there as otherwise they wouldn’t be heard and the same thing with YouTube however nobody’s getting paid for it and we’re putting a lot of money into what we do I myself put a lot of money into this and not seen a dime back and I’m not complaining you know I’m just saying that at some point we all have to support our families or not just a bunch of crazy motherfuckers hanging from chandeliers that have loads of cash on standby.

Best moment in my career so far is being in the studio being free and out of prison and able to pursue my dream!

My message to the fans is I cherish each and every one of you. I get my music for myself, it is therapeutic and it helps me, however, I would not have a reason to continue to do it. I would get bored very quickly if I could not have you guys to enjoy what I do so thank you very much for giving me the opportunity taking the time to give me a shot and listen to what I do. With that I say eat sleep and breathe Metal!!!


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