Conception – My Dark Symphony EP

My Dark Symphony EP Cover

Conception – My Dark Symphony EP
Conception Sound Factory
Release Date: 23/11/2018
Running Time: 26:41
Review by Mark Pritchard
Intro by Rick Tilley

Hi everyone, Rick here. I wouldn’t usually write an intro to another members review but I thought it important this time because of who the band is. Mark got in touch with me last week to double check the following review which was going on his blog and my ears immediately pricked up when I heard the band’s name, especially as Mark hadn’t heard of them before. Purely down to my workload, I hadn’t seen that Conception were back, for the first time in twenty years, and even more amazingly with original Conception and ex Kamelot vocalist Roy Khan at the helm. To say I am a huge fan of this man and his voice is an understatement and when he left Kamelot EIGHT years ago it was a big shock to many people. I have Conception’s four original albums which were recorded between 1991-1997 and if, like Mark, you haven’t heard of them before then I wholeheartedly recommend you check them out. This brand new EP is a wonderful return and proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we need Roy’s stunning vocals back in the Metal world.

Read on for Mark’s full review!

Around seven days ago I was asked if there was a chance I would be interested in doing a review of an EP which was released in November 2018 called ‘My Dark Symphony’ by Norwegian Hard Rock band ‘Conception’. After being asked about the possibility of doing the review I started having a listen and thought I would happy to review the EP and I haven’t looked back. Over recent weeks I have reviewed all different types of bands which have been awesome in their own ways but these guys are nice to listen to because their music is slower than the previous bands which, after the intensity of the others, is amazing.

I will admit that I hadn’t heard of Conception before and since listening to this EP I feel stupid for not having had. Straight away this made me feel calm and relaxed which is an amazing feeling to have when listening to music and because recently my mental health has been on edge this EP made it easy to see sense and stay being myself which has been something I have struggled with. Whilst listening to these guys you can hear the elegance of all four members as one!

‘My Dark Symphony’ starts out with the song ‘re:conception’ which is an instrumental and gives you the feeling of what the rest of the EP might be like but, in my opinion, it threw me a curve ball, I have enjoyed listening to the EP thoroughly and even though the first song seemed different it also shows what they can do whether the music includes vocals or not.

I have listened to ‘My Darkest Symphony’ more times than I count and I would suggest to anyone who likes Hard Rock or Metal in general to listen to these guys because they know what they are doing. Each song on this EP draws you in and that is always something I enjoy when listening to a release for review. I will say this is one of my favourites because of the dedication the band has put in. Since forming all the way back in 1989, a year after I was born, Conception have not released anything since 1997 but they have not lost any of their talent which is something most bands might worry about.

love this EP and each song I enjoy in each own way but for me there is a stand out song and that song is the title track ‘My Dark Symphony’. I don’t know what it is but this song stands out so much and I could listen to it a million times and would still enjoy it.

I would like to thank the friend who asked me if I would be interested in reviewing ‘My Darkest Symphony’ and would also like to thank the band itself, Roy Khan – Vocals, Tore Østby – guitar, Ingar Amlien – bass, and Arve Heimdal – drums, the dedication you have put into this after all these years is absolutely magnificent.

1. re:conception (Instrumental)
2. Grand Again
3. Into the Wild
4. Quite Alright
5. The Moment
6. My Dark Symphony


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Gothminister – The Other Side

Gothminister_The Other Side Cover

Gothminister – The Other Side

Running Time 34:09

Released on 13-10-2017 via AFM Records

7/10 – Review by Mike Tasak

By no means a stranger on the industrial scene, Norway’s favourite electronic noisemakers, Gothminister, are back with ‘The Other Side’, their sixth and latest album.

Fans of the band know what to expect by now; lashings of industrial mayhem spliced with heavy doses of melody across the board. This is the path the band have trodden since their inception and ‘The Other Side’ doesn’t really deviate from that path. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, Gothminister have become extremely adept at their brand of industrial metal and certainly do it better than most. Opening track ‘Ich Will Alles’ sets the tone perfectly and there are elements through the album that do harken to the heavier melodic elements of fellow countrymen Apoptygma Berzerk.

The only track that truly deviates from their normal approach is the pseudo-ballad ‘Aegir’, a surprisingly emotive and melodic track that, while different, meshes perfectly with the surrounding tracks. The tempo heads up a couple of notches with ‘We Are The Ones Who Rule The World’, a definite stand out banger of a song.

Album closer ‘Somewhere In Time’, fuses Dimmu Borgir-esque orchestral manoeuvres (in the dark) with the standard Gothminister formula, though Bjorn’s vocals have never felt as strong as they do here.

All in all, ‘The Other Side’ doesn’t reinvent the industrial wheel but then, I don’t think that was ever the intention. What you get is a stunningly strong album that might leave industrial purists a little put out but a strong album that has definite crossover appeal. Another highly successful addition to a successful career and an album well worth giving a few spins.


Track List –

  • 1. Ich Will Alles
  • 2. The Sun
  • 3. Der Fliegende Mann
  • 4. Aegir
  • 5. Red Christ
  • 6. We Are The Ones Who Rule The World
  • 7. All This Time
  • 8. Day Of Reckoning
  • 9. Taking Over
  • 10. Somewhere In Time

Stand out Tracks: Aegir, We Are The Ones Who Rule The World

Links –

  • (We Are The Ones Who Rule The World Video


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