Bearfist – Smile You Son Of A Bitch EP

smile you son of a bitch ep cover

Bearfist – Smile You Son Of A Bitch EP
Independent Release
Release Date: 18/01/2019
Running Time: 20:54
Review by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King

As I was also preparing an interview for Essex based band, Bearfist, I had already done a bit of research before listening to the EP, something which I never do! But even then, I wasn’t prepared for the sonic onslaught that my ears were about to suffer, and I do not mean that in a bad way!

Screaming vocals have never really been my bag, but one thing that reviewing has taught me is to never judge a band or their music based on one aspect of them alone!

Bearfist are a four-piece band hailing from Chelmsford, Essex (so essentially a local band for me!) and were formed in late 2014. The band’s heavy groove laden songs and intense live shows earnt them a reputation that saw them grace the stage at some of the UK’s favourite festivals. To note, they have played at Bloodstock in 2016, after winning the London region of Metal to the Masses, HRH Metal in 2017 and Hammerfest in 2018.

The band, itself, was an idea that started off as a chat over a few beers between mates (let’s face it, we have all been there after a few alcoholic beverages, just most of us never actually bring it to fruition) and ended up as the “groove laden wall of noise that you hear today.”

Says the band, “we originally just jumped in a rehearsal room with a bucket load of riff ideas to see what sort of animal we had on our hands.”

They didn’t just produce an animal, they produced a monster and they have press quotes to back that up!

Says Metal Hammer, “combining weighty riffs with throat-shredding vocals, Bearfist are just metal AF.” “One of the most complete acts to play the New Blood Stage,” said Virtual Festivals, regarding Bloodstock, 2016 and Overdrive also stated of the Bloodstock performance, “Bearfist just destroy it. If we were to gauge the future of metal on today’s performance from Bearfist, it is safe to say we have nothing to worry about.”

So, what is it about the band that has produced this level of praise?

“Smile You Son Of A Bitch EP” is the third EP from the beast that is Bearfist, after the releases of “The Fifteenth Day” in 2015 and “Foundations” in 2016, and was produced, mixed and mastered by Justin Hill (ex-Sikth vocalist). The cover photographs were taken by Loki Films and the final layout of the cd had been designed and edited by band member Jon Holland.

The one thing that stands out to me about this four track EP is the sheer amount of energy that emits from it. Even with it playing through the earphones on my laptop (and the earphones not actually being in my ears!) the power is there to be heard.

The guitars are heavy, with riffs that hit you right in the stomach, and in my mind, there is nothing better than heavy guitars. The drumming is tight and frantic, with double kicks popping up all over the place and in a live setting this guy must work up a real sweat! Musically, these guys are top notch and even the vocals, which as I said are not my cup of tea, are first class, performed with a raw intensity that you just cannot but admire.

This is a raw and brutal EP that will have you banging your head from start to finish and I would love to the see the mosh pit at a Bearfist gig as I think it would be mental (I wouldn’t, however, want to be IN it though!!)

If you like your metal fierce and right there in your face, then this is an EP for you. And even if you don’t, give it a try. It will blow away some cobwebs and you might just find yourself moshing along with the rest of us!

01 Death’s Emissary
02 Destroy The Magnet
03 I’m Your God
04 Bleed The Wrong Way



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Symetria – Symetria

Symetria Cover

Symetria – Symetria
Running time: 38:43
Tripsquad Records / Head First Entertainment
Review by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King

“Old school metal never died, it went back to it’s home in New Jersey, where it belongs.”

Symetria are a quintet from the Garden State of New Jersey, and this is their self-titled debut album released in September 2017.

The band first got together when core members, Vince Santonastaso (vocals) and Kevin Gust (guitar) met through a Craigslist ad, and after playing covers from the likes of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Metallica, Santonastaso realised there was more to their musical life. The two of them signed up old friend Fernando Carrera on bass and Blair Smith on drums, and the initial line up of Symetria was formed.

The name Symetria derives from the Polish word for ‘symmetry’, although the literal translation would be “balanced and intelligent”, which is exactly how the members of the band see themselves and their vision for the future.

The band spent the autumn of 2016 writing and working up a live show, playing their first gig, in the November at a Toys for Tots charity show, to critical praise across the board. By now they had also been in touch with Tim McCurtie, former M.O.D guitarist, who had just formed his own label called Tripsquad Records, and Symetria were his first signing.

The band hit the studio with producers Eric Rachel (Burnt by the Sun and M.O.D) and Mcurtie, and they laid down eight tracks in seven days. Second guitarist, James Soto, also joined at around this time.

The band, themselves, are a bit of a throwback to the sound of the 80’s and 90’s, when bands such as Overkill, T,T Quick and M.O.D ruled the tri-state area. They are hard and heavy, with an underproduced, raw sound, and I have read other reviews almost berating the band for harping back to a sound of a by-gone era.

I, on the other hand, have no problem with a current band emulating a sound of the past, and even adding a little modern-day twist to it. It may have all “been done before” but I believe that is the beauty and magic of music. It can transport you back to a time and a place in the past, and bring back nostalgic memories, while still being part of the modern-day scene.

The album, itself, is played with the confidence and power of a band who have built up many years’ experience, with many of the tracks dealing with modern day themes and topics. The track “Flying High” deals with the ugliness of addiction (Kevin Gust’s addiction and recovery), “Too Late” calls for the immediate action for whatever it is you intend to do in life because tomorrow is never guaranteed, while “Venial Sin” is about the Seven Deadly Sins. Says Santonastaso: “a vinial sin is a lesser sin. I chose the name because I wanted to draw attention to the sad truth that so much of our lives have become trivial now, and so little really has meaning anymore.”

Ok, so this album is not going to win any major awards for originality, or break any new ground, but for a debut, I think this is a solid album that shows the band have a lot of potential.

Go and check them out, you may just like what you hear!



  • 01 – Wakening
  • 02 – Flying High
  • 03 – Vinial Sin
  • 04 – All The Same
  • 05 – Stomp
  • 06 – Time
  • 07 – Too Late
  • 08 – Symetria



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