Skinflick – Self Harm Smiley Face EP

Self Harm Smiley Face EP Cover Art

Skinflick – Self Harm Smiley Face EP
Release Date: 27/03/2021
Running Time: 26:02
Review by Beth Jones

You know those days where your brain falls into the blackness, and you need a soundtrack to accompany your trip down the rabbit hole. Well, that soundtrack is here, in the shape of another EP from the dangerously seedy uncle of Industrial Electronica, Skinflick. The deprived brainchild of Lullaby for a Unicorn’s frontman, Justin Williams, “Self Harm Smiley Face” is another trip into the night, where the depraved do play. Littered with noises, echoes, and part-whispered, part-growling vocals, it will create an uncomfortable fear in the sane, and manic appreciation in everyone else.

Opening with the title track, this 6 track EP’s ambient sounds and pulsing beats take your mind’s eye on a journey of debauchery and filth. You’ll find yourself instantly transported through a beaded curtain into a musty back room, the air acrid with thick, sickly-sweet smoke, lit only by a malfunctioning pink neon light, with some dubious stains on the wall, and a fraying couch that’s gone even further than seeing better days. It’s a dangerously exciting place, the world of the depraved, right?

Musically, this is by far and away my favourite release from Skinflick to date. It’s catchy, well structured, and ominous. It creates a presence, which melds heavy sounds with floating violins, and ethereal synth, layered with ambient effects, and synth backing vocals that give it an extra chill factor. And, as I’ve now come to expect from Justin’s solo work, it’s very well produced. There’s some brilliant panning early on, which acclimatize you to the new surroundings you find your mind in. And the positioning of each sound gives it a massive depth, which adds to the horror of it. Like staring into the void. It’s clever, and I simply can’t stop listening to it. I’ve had it on repeat for days. Proceed with caution into the world of Skinflick because it’s very addictive.

01. Self Harm Smiley Face
02. The Thin White Puke
03. Cock Botox
04. Puritanical Satanical
05. Rise Of The Incels
06. Fat Fleshlight

Justin Williams – Synths/ Vocals/ Depravity


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