Mad Spanner – Life Absurd

Life Absurd Cover

Mad Spanner – Life Absurd
Release Date: 29/03/2019
Running Time: 29:40
Review By Beth Jones

And now for something completely different!!! The crazy world of Mad Spanner has finally come to a studio recording, with the release of their debut album “Life Absurd”. It could not be more aptly titled! As I have said before, these guys are the embodiment of Monty Python, in metal. Their crazy, off the wall, observational comedy makes for a cracking live show, so I was really looking forward to hearing this album, which features some of my personal favourite songs, such as ‘Forced To Use A Shitty Drum Machine’, and ‘Get Off Your Bastard Phone (You Anti-social Dickhead)’!

The album is just as madcap and frenetic as their stage show, and makes you feel what I imagine clothes must feel in a tumble dryer! The band’s bio has it spot on: ‘Frantic, bizarre and utterly wild. Always seeking to put the absurd onstage, dedicated to delivering an intense tornado of a show with energy and passion unparalleled!’

Kicking off with ‘Wrongshade’, the album takes us at a pace through 30ish minutes of craziness, with proggy rhythm changes, grungey sludgey guitar sounds and the occasional chicken noise, all peppered over with a heavy dose of punk distortion, shouty vocals, and comedic spoken word. It is kind of like a really intense cheese dream!

Musically, what they do is not overly complicated or intricate, it is just good, solid, loud punk, but their rhythm changes, and cross timings add an extra dimension. They like a good bit of flange too – as in the effect!!!!…Honestly, filthy minded you lot are, all of you!

The thing that makes Mad Spanner different is their utter mad spannerness! Michael Randall’s crazy lyrics and expressive voice do make you feel like you are in some sort of drug influenced spell at an asylum, but in a rather pleasurable way! Dan Ashley’s guitar work is frenetic, and I was particularly impressed with his little solo in ‘Drinking The Drunk Away’. Ben Codd finishes the trio on drums, and he is probably the most stable member of the merry gang, in terms of keeping the crazy on track rhythmically (obviously I’m not qualified to discuss his mental state, I’m not medically trained)!

My personal favourite tracks from this album are ‘Drinking The Drunk Away’ and ‘Avocado Commando’, although it is very difficult to pick out a favourite track, as they are all so bonkers! I would also like to give a special mention to the spoken word track ‘Seagulls Haunt Me in My Sleep’, which is a small stroke of poetic mastery, that would not be out of place being performed at a very arty spoken word event, by someone in a Beret, a grandad shirt and silk neck tie!

All in all this is a great way to start their recorded catalogue, and a must for anyone who likes their music on the absurd side! Jolly well done chaps! Keep it up!

2.Forced To Use A Shitty Drum Machine
3.Alektorophobic Nosebleed
4.Massacre Of The Flies (ft Kieran Scott – ‘Ashen Crown’)
5.I Was Caught Shitting In A Plastic Bag
6.Get Off Your Bastard Phone (You Anti-Social Dickhead)
7.Anal Sex
8.Drinking The Drunk Away
9.Duck-Faced Selfie
10.Avocado Piano
11.Avocado Commando
12.Seagulls Haunt Me In My Sleep
13.Thinking Nothing. Feeling Nothing.
14.Escape Into Reality



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Spacetrucker – Smooth Orbit

Smooth Orbit Cover

Spacetrucker – Smooth Orbit
Release Date: 17/08/2018
Running Time: 51:00
Review by: Alun Jones

“Have a listen to Spacetrucker, I think you’ll like them!” came the recommendation from Rick at Ever Metal HQ. So I did. And he was right – the “Smooth Orbit” album is one of the most exciting listens I’ve had for a long, long time.

These psychedelic space monkeys have created a superb Stoner Rock classic that’s right up my space lane. Throw in some fuzzy Grunge and Classic Rock and Spacetrucker have achieved the almost impossible: put a huge, acid-warped grin on my ancient, grumbly mug.

First track ‘Sample Of A Sample’ warms the jets up nicely for take-off with a trippy lead and some bongos. Yes, bongos! Past the two-minute mark it erupts into a face-melter of a riff that had my cranium nodding like an Easter Island statue after some herbal refreshment.

Mike Owen (guitar/vocals), Rob Wagoner (bass/vocals) and Del Toro (drums) seem to be able to magically conjure up the grooves with uncanny ease. ‘Meat Wagon’ is another brilliant track with a pulsating, infectious riff.

In true lazy journo style (hey, I’ve had a few), Spacetrucker combine the stoner slouch of Fu Manchu and early QOTSA with classic Sabbath and Purple, mixing in some Mudhoney and Melvins fuzzy sludge on the way. Perfect, in other words. If any of those bands get your hyper drive firing, this is for you.

There are some Iommi-esque shorter numbers and experimental sounds that add a further dimension to the proceedings, constantly keeping the listener on their toes. ‘Vanishing Point, Science of Us’ has an almost Nirvana Unplugged vibe before bursting into a crushing rocker. This is followed by another monster riff with ‘Pulling Teeth’.

Plus the final track, ‘Lost In The Sauce’, is over ten minutes long! An extended jam floats in and builds beautifully, never rushing but enticing the listener along on every step…!

This might not be the most critical review I’ve composed, but I don’t care. “Smooth Orbit” is a triumph of an album and I love it. The only reason it didn’t get ten out of ten is it needs more references to skateboards and 1970’s muscle cars. Other than that, I need a vinyl version, please?

If any of the above references to sub-genre labels and other bands resonates with you, I urge you do a Boba Fett and track this album down now.

All of this “space trucking” talk reminds me my days working with Deep Purple back in the early seventies. I was working as the band’s roadie/driver when one time, in the middle of the night in the Arizona desert, we got a flat. I left the Purps partying in the back whilst I went out in to the freezing, dusty highway to change the tyre. I was distracted for a moment, and I swear blind that I saw several lights zipping about in the sky at unbelievable speeds. “UFOs!” I thought.

I rushed back onto the bus and dragged the band out to take look (all except Roger Glover, who was busy knitting). Except when we got outside, the lights had vanished. The Purps weren’t amused and blamed it on me overindulging in peyote. Gillan was very gentlemanly about it all and even gave me a hand with the tyre. Blackmore had a tantrum about the delay and docked me a day’s pay. The bastard!

01. Sample Of A Sample
02. Not As Hung
03. Breach
04. Meat Wagon
05. Fuck Up
06. Hotbox Airlock
07. Cat March
09. Vanishing Point
10. Lost In The Sauce



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Nebula State – Take Us To Your Leader EP

Take Us To Your Leader EP Cover

Nebula State – Take Us To Your Leader EP
Release Date 21/03/2019
Running Time: 23:32
Review by Mark Pritchard

On the 11th February this year I received a message asking if I would be interested in doing an EP review and I said of course I would be happy to. The EP name is “Take Us To Your Leader” and it is by Midlands based Metalcore/Electronicore band “Nebula State”!

Even though it has taken me a while to review I have been listening to this ever since I received it. I had heard of Nebula State before, not much in all fairness, but some and I thought they were alright, but listening to this has made my opinion of them increase.

There is something I really like about listening to this selection of songs and that is it’s not all just in your face screaming, it balances the amount of both screaming and singing which is awesome and a great pick-me-up. The songs are great to listen to because, in a few, the instruments are really fast and heavy whereas the singing is so calm. This makes me feel really happy because it shows that even though they are an amazing Metalcore band, the word Metalcore doesn’t mean that they are just about screaming or grunting but sing as well with such finesse.

I will be straight up and say I really have enjoyed “Take Us To Your Leader”. It has been over a month since I received it and I can’t stop listening to it. I have listened to other albums but I have always been dragged back to this one because it’s ‘feel good; listening and as someone who has had writers block and has also been struggling with depression, listening to this cheers me up while going through the pain and I couldn’t ask much more from an EP. I, like many others enjoy listening to heavy metal, it’s what keeps me moving forward and Nebula State are the type of band which I need as part of my music listening to stay upbeat!

Now comes the toughest part which is the rating of the EP. Even though it is tough it is a key part to any review and so, with that said, the rating couldn’t be anything short of a 9/10, I love it so much but that isn’t the end of it. Within this storming collection of songs I have a favourite and that track is ‘Catch Me’. Vocally it is amazing and the song is beyond words so I couldn’t rate it any lower than a10/10. It’s one of those songs that you keep going back to even if you have the whole thing on repeat. I know that in my dark times I can turn to that song and I’ll start feeling better.

I would like to thank the members of the band Joey Grey – Vocals, Ethan Cottier – Guitar/Vocals, Aaron Sheriff – Drums and Kyle Jones – Bass Guitar. You guys have put so much work into “Take Us To Your Leader” and I am so happy to have been given the opportunity to review it.

01. This Poison
02. Your Monster
03. Catch Me
04. Black Aura
05. Darkness Descends
06. Broken Bones



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Pelugion – I

I EP Cover

Pelugion – I
Release Date: 04/08/2018
Running Time: 37:26
Review by Dawn King

On 27th July 2018, Ever Metal had the privilege and the honour to premier Pelugion’s video for the track ‘Bane Of Humanity’ and now we are proud to review their debut EP “I”.

Pelugion are a three-piece rock/metal outfit from Coventry, England and the trio, Andy Sweeney, John Pittaway and Brandon Balou, first met at college in September 2012 while they were studying music performance. They started off by doing Black Sabbath and Metallica covers at college gigs, but once the college days were over, they found new rehearsal rooms and wrote their first original track.

It was then that Pelugion was born!

The threesome gigged heavily around England, they won a slot playing the Godiva Festival, which is the UK’s biggest free family festival, and signed a management deal with FATangel Management and PR, as well as releasing a music video for the track ‘Serpent’s Mistress’. This extensive gigging gained them recognition for their energetic performances and massive sound.

In 2016, they released the song ‘Bide My Time’, which was produced, mixed and mastered at Woodworm Studio by Mike Exeter, who has worked with legends such as Black Sabbath, Dio and Judas Priest, and this grabbed the attention of Wildfire Festival in Scotland, where they performed later that year.

2017 was a busy year for them. They played the sold-out HRH Metal at the O2 Academy in Birmingham, were a special guest performer at the Mosh Against Cancer in Coventry, performed their first acoustic set at Uprising Festival in Leicester (which we also had the pleasure of reviewing) and embarked on a tour with Welsh heavyweights, Lifer!

2018 saw them head back to Wales for the popular Dementia Aware Fest and they once again appeared on the bill at Uprising. They also gained a spot at Bloodstock Festival in Derby after winning the Coventry Metal 2 The Masses and receiving worldwide radio airplay is helping them on their way to becoming an international band!

So, what of this fantastic EP? Well, I think I just said it. It’s fantastic! From the opening basslines of first track ‘Monster’ I knew this was going to be a killer EP. With influences such as Black Sabbath, Metallica, Megadeth, Soundgarden, Alterbridge, Black Label Society, Kyuss and Down, they have added their own unique twist on things to produce what can only be described as a stonking sound. Heavy, sometimes sludgy yet melodic and upbeat, if this EP doesn’t have you banging your head and throwing the horns then nothing will.

The EP is a collection of the band’s recordings to date, put together over a period of three years! Some of it has never been heard before, while some of it had only been available on digital format, but now for the first time it has all come together on CD, and really is a must for fans old and new.

This has everything a great EP should. Groove-laden, chunky riffs, melodic, powerful vocals with just the right amount of grit, funky bass lines and frantic drumming. Pelugion can seemingly turn their hand to anything, from the slow-tempo Sabbathesque type tracks to speedy and more thrash numbers.

We recently set up a page on the Ever Metal site showcasing bands we support and Pelugion were one of the first to be added to the list. This was due to their extreme capabilities, talent and hardworking ethic.

It may have taken three years to get this EP out, but if this is an indication of what is to come from this group of lads, then we all should be very excited about the future of metal.

Just don’t let it take three years for the follow up!

1. Monster
2. Bide My Time
3. Desire
4. Bane Of Humanity
5. Remedy
6. Bury Me
7. Serpent’s Mistress
8. Believe



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Electric Revolution – Burn It Down

Electric Revolution - Burn It Down Cover

Electric Revolution – Burn It Down
Running Time: 35:00
Release Date: 01/01/2019
Review by Mark Pritchard

Recently I was approached by American based Hard Rock band Electric Revolution about the possibility of reviewing their brand new album “Burn It Down” I went on their Bandcamp page made an account and bought the album and I have listened to it ever since and I couldn’t be happier for the opportunity. When I listen to these guys it’s like when you wake up and have that first coffee in the morning and it gives you the feeling that the day can only get better.

In previous weeks I have listened to and reviewed some awesome bands who are heavier than these guys yet with Electric Revolution I don’t have to worry about injuries to my neck from headbanging. Instead I sit back in my computer chair, press play, close my eyes and let the music take me away. For the last three weeks my physical health hasn’t been the best and I have been bed bound for most of it but through all the sneezing, watering eyes and pain throughout my body, this album has taken my mind away from all of that and put me in a state of relaxation where none of that matters and I can just rest and try and recover which has been a huge help! Until I was approached about reviewing the album I hadn’t heard of the band but now I definitely won’t forget them.

Electric Revolution and “Burn It Down” remind me of AC/DC but I will say this! In my personal opinion, and as someone who likes AC/DC, this album is on the same level as them and even though it may sound bad I would pick this album to listen to over AC/DC.

As I’ve said in previous reviews I love discovering new bands that will replace the old guard! Only formed in 2014 Electric Revolution, just from this album, sound like they have been together much longer but just because they haven’t been doesn’t mean they aren’t definitely a force to be reckoned with and I can’t wait to see what they bring out next!

With Billie Pulera on Drums/Vocals, Chad Imler on Bass, Brock Betz on Lead Guitar and Dave Lawson on Vocals it makes for an amazing combination, band and music are so well balanced and such a joy to listen to! After listening to “Burn It Down” as much as I have I do have a favourite song and that is ‘God And The Devil. All the songs are good to listen to but this song is proper old school hard rock song similar to that of the 70’s and 80’s and it gives me chills to listen to.

Now it comes to rating the album and the toughest part of the whole review. “Burn It Down” is such a top album to listen to whether you’re having the best day, or like me, have been really down from being ill and for that reason I rate album 9/10, but the track ‘God And The Devil’ gets a 10/10! It is by far one of the best songs I have listened to as a reviewer.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Billie Pulera, who is also the bands General Manager, for getting in touch about reviewing this awesome album!

01. Prelude: Rise Of The Revolution (Part 1)
02. Tempted
03. God And The Devil
04. Burn It Down
05. Surrender
06. Cookie Jar
07. Runnin’ Away
08 No Time For Love (CODA)


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CAGE9 – Hypesthesia

Hypesthesia Cover

CAGE9 – Hypesthesia
Release Date: 22/01/2019
Running Time: 43:18
Review by Stephanie Stevens

In 2016 I was introduced to a mastermind. Evan Rodaniche has a craft for making creative alluring music with his band CAGE9. The band was introduced to me with their album “Illuminator”. An experimental, ambitious, gut driven rock induced album.

Now 2019 is upon us and all the quietness from the band had me worried but with one listen to the bands newest album “Hypesthesia” I know all the downtime the band had was put to good use.

With CAGE9 having 15 plus years in the business, 8 albums and over 100 songs released the guys never cease to amaze me. This album, start to finish, is even more defining and illuminating than in the past.

“Hypesthesia” hits you hard with a sonically diverse rundown of tracks. ‘3arthquake’, the opening track and platform single/video, has a lullaby introduction which smoothly takes you into the adventure of heavier driven ambience of rock. The allure of the transitions just makes you feel alive!

‘The Vertigo’ brings thought of being lost in an asylum and trying to find your way out. With driving rhythmic guitar work it will be appealing to anyone into a modern rock sound.

‘Dance The Macabre is moody, dark and electrifying! The chorus pops because the verses are more subdued and eerie yet it brilliantly meshes. It is probably one of my top songs on the album.

‘Monsters +Vultures’ just warms my heart because this is one of the bands heavier tracks. Add that uplifting energy in the chorus and you have a piece of beauty in my eyes.

‘Ice Aege’ and ‘Hypesthesia’ are unforgettable due to the vocal patterns which take both songs to new heights.

‘Parallel Universe’ lays out that modern alternative rock vibe. Truthful lyrics and easy progression from verse to chorus makes it bleed with beauty.

‘Wasteland’ has a more punk ‘n’ metal attitude. It is a nice change of pace and shows the versatility of the band as creators.

Their rendition of ‘Rooster’ by Alice in Chains is dark, captivating and has elegance to it.
They finish the album with the unbelievable ‘Expectations’, a six minute song full of monotony but one that is so hypnotic, beautifully laid out and seductively alluring that you just fall into the mood and vibe of it!

CAGE9, in my opinion, have an amazing, most talented and creative passion for making art and I am honoured to be able to be a part of it with this new listen to “Hypesthesia”!

01. 3arthquake
02. Monsters + Vultures
03. The Vertigo
04. Hypesthesia
05. Dance The Macabre
06. 1984
07. Ice Aege
08. Parallel Universe
09. Wasteland
10. Rooster
11. Expectations



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Powderhead – Don’t Let Them Win

Don_t Let Them Win Cover

Powderhead – Don’t Let Them Win
Running Time: 40:10
Release Date: 14/04/2018
Review by Paul Monkhouse

One of the great things about writing for a site like this very one is that we absolutely love supporting the many underground bands in the country alongside the many established bands. It’s seems as though every week a new talent pops up and is ready and raring to compete with the big boys. Far from rock being dead (as some naysayers have it) I believe that the scene has some incredible bands coming through. Sure, things have changed seismically over the past few years but that hasn’t stopped the hungry young guns hitting their local pubs, clubs and festivals forging a name for themselves the hard way. Every town in the country has some incredible new artists absolutely ripping it up on the live scene and vying for that one big breakthrough. Social media might have killed record sales as they were known but it’s such a force for good as by the click of a mouse you can discover amazing talent on your own doorstep. Such is the case with Powderhead…

Formed in Cambridge, Powderhead have just released their first album “Don’t Let Them Win” and it’s a rough-edged gem full of snotty attitude and firey riffs. Reminding me of some of the more D.I.Y. releases of the NWOBHM (but with better production) it snaps and snarls through ten tracks of hard rock that is given a bit of a punk feel by lead singer Helen Johnson. Like the brilliant Pearler, here is another band that has a very ‘street’ feel to it that takes the best elements of primal hard rock and mixes with it with a real swagger.

Opening track ‘Mad Phil’ sets out their intent from the off with its punk feel that changes just before the chorus as it throws into the mix some classic rock guitar that has a touch of Metallica. The sinewy twists in the tracks are a thread that runs through the album as each track throws in the odd tempo change which shows more of a freewheeling style of writing rather than a contrived attempt to do something different. Admittedly some of the little turns don’t pay off in the way they should, particularly in a couple of the chorus’s where it tends to lean heavily of melodies that are meant to catch the ear but rather seem a little out of place but it’s a small criticism. ‘Take It’ starts off with a hook laden chant before ripping into some furious fretwork accompanied by a banshee scream as it charges into a confrontational statement that takes no prisoners.

Much of the album features some terrific hard rock that takes elements from the 80’s and 90’s bands like Saxon, Pantera and Megadeth and injects it with the venom of 70’s punk. It’s not all fury though as one of the outstanding tracks happens half way through the album giving a real change of pace in ‘Forgotten Line’, the album’s sole ballad. Far from being something that is thrown in just for the sake of it, the track is a welcome change from the full-on tempos and adds some real colour to the CD. Not only does it really let Helen’s vocals shine but contains an epic and soaring guitar solo by Jack Lawson.

The album finishes in fine style with the real ‘one two punch’ of ‘Kick and Scream’ and ‘The Butcher’ that are powered by some sterling work on the drums and bass topped by some more vicious fretwork and grab you by the throat vocals. As a debut it’s not perfect but time will mean the band continue to grow in their song writing and arranging skills, adding more razor-sharp edges to their material as indicated by what is an impressive full-length debut.

01. Mad Phil
02. Take It or Leave It
03. Cut it Loose
04. Super-Sized Stoner
05. Toxicate
06. Forgotten Line
07. Sycophant
08. Wrapped
09. Kick and Scream
10. The Butcher



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Oh. – Metallia

Metallia Cover

Oh. – Metallia
Release Date: 28/07/2018
Running Time: 25:13
Review by Dawn King

I don’t know if this is true for everybody, but there comes a time every now and then that I get bored of listening to the same ol’ music and want to find something “different.” Well, you can’t get much different than Oh.

Oh. is Greek progressive metal multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer, Olivia Hadjiioannou who arrived onto the international music scene in 2013, with her award-winning debut EP, “Sleeping World”. She has since released a prog-metal album “Synemotion” on vinyl and four avant-garde progressive ballads and her latest project is this album “Metallia” released in July of 2018.

Since her appearance on the music scene, she has accumulated many honours including, but not limited to, three international music video awards, most recently at the London Greek Festival for single ‘Deserted Eyes’, semi-finalist in the 2017 International Songwriters Competition and she had been added to the Prog Archives in the Crossover Prog Category.

Driven by a passion to musically reveal an “inner-story”, she can play the guitar (electric and acoustic), bass, drums, violin, piano and percussion and her voice has been compared to the likes of Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Happy Rhodes, Céline Dion, Melissa auf der Maur, Sharon den Adel and Anneke van Giesbergen (impressive list eh?). She composes, produces, mixes and masters her music in Athens, Greece.

Playing all those instruments, Oh. is a true do-it-yourself artist but she says; “I never felt as if there were a question of whether I can play music or not. Music is always a question of whether you have something to say.”

And she certainly does have something to say. Her music “evokes intense imagery, entices the listener to journey into epic sonic landscapes and finally escape into intense ecstatic oblivion!” She wants to touch the soul with her music, whether that be in “the dark recesses of sorrow or the heights of elation.”

But you need to listen carefully to her music because there is so much more to her than first appears. Combining frenetic, harmonic guitar solos, multi-layered vocals, head-banging riffs, fantastical violins, groovy bass lines and furious drumming, there are many twists and turns to her progressive rock and metal style. And let’s not forget, this lady plays ALL of the instruments herself!

Since its release in 2018, the album has had 32 different reviews from thirteen countries worldwide, was in the top 10 of the 2018 Progressive Metal EP Chart and was listed as one of the best albums of the year in 2018 by Metal Nation Radio!

Described by the lady herself, the album is an “epical prog-metal compilation in 6 parts – a multi-layered sonic piece of ravishing solo electric guitars, time-bending tempo shifts, grooving bass lines and deranged drums” and she is not far wrong!

Featuring just six tracks and lasting a little over 25 minutes, this album goes against everything that should be considered ‘epic’ but that is the only word I can think of to describe it. It is eccentric (I can see where the Kate Bush and Tori Amos references come in!), atmospheric and really does conjure up all sorts of images in your head while you are listening to it. The guitars whisper of Satriani and Vai and there is a whole host of musical sounds (wails, screams, bongos to name a few) to take you on your journey which Oh. describes as a spiritual one that will “transmute your subliminal mind map.”

‘Experimental’, ‘eclectic’, ‘strong’, ‘packs a punch’ are just a few of the words and phrases I have seen to describe this album and I would agree with every single one of them. Although instrumental (how the album is described by Olivia herself!) prog-metal is not really my thing, I can recognise talent where I see it. And this is one extremely talented woman!

This album won’t appeal to everyone, but anyone with a love of progressive music in general should really check it out!

But be prepared to be gob-smacked, bowled-over and totally amazed all at the same time!

1. Red Lion
2. Bee
3. Androgyny
4. Resurrection
5. Dragon’s Kiss
6. Triumph



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Devils Playground – The Collector

CD Booklet

Devils Playground – The Collector
Running Time: 40:31
Release Date: 21/01/2019
Review by Mark Pritchard
Intro by Richard Tilley

Hi Everyone, Rick here and another short intro for this review. Mark had already published a version of this review on his own blog a few weeks before he joined us as a reviewer. When he saw that it was also on our list he kindly offered it to us for publishing. It has been slightly adapted to fit our template. I wholeheartedly agree with many of his comments. Devils Playground are a great band and “The Collector” is a fine album. Happy reading!

Recently I have been listening to Birmingham based Heavy Metal band Devil’s Playground’s new album “The Collector”! When a good friend of mine tagged me on the bands post about possible reviewers I have been intrigued by them and couldn’t be happier to review them. I will be completely honest and say that until that point I hadn’t heard of the band or their music and I am gutted that I hadn’t because these guys and girl are absolutely awesome and the band is amazing to listen to.

The songs on this album are all quite different and each has its own meaning a bit like if you picked up a variety of food at a buffet. From start to finish this album is of the highest calibre. Devils Playground were only founded in 2015 but, from the sounds of this album, it feels like they have been around much longer. Immediately I can say that the combination of screaming/grunting of Vocalist Matt Pointon alongside the beautiful voice of Vocalist Leanne Nardone is out of this world!

The album begins with the track ‘Mr. Afterdark’ This starts with what sounds like an alarm and after about 45 in come the heavy instruments with the singing of both vocalists and I tell you what, the track instantly gives you an insight to what the rest of the album will be like with heavy playing and top notch vocals which causes immediate headbanging. I don’t usually do that because headbanging gives me the biggest of headaches but I couldn’t help doing it because this album doesn’t let up at all.

As “The Collector” continues playing I feel bound to it. I haven’t been able to listen to anything different, not by choice, but because it has grabbed hold of me and won’t let go which I think is brilliant. This really shows you the hard work and dedication that Devils Playground have put into the album. Even though a few tracks have really deep meanings just listening to them makes me happy and puts a smile on my face. When you feel down and music gives you that feeling then you can definitely say there will be a silver lining on the horizon.

On the bands profile on Facebook it says that they are influenced by the likes of Hatebreed, Bullet For My Valentine and Arch Enemy, all bands that I like to listen to and yes, when you listen to “The Collector” you can hear those influences but honestly I would listen to Devils Playground more than any of those bands because you can hear them anywhere and everywhere, whereas this bunch are a proper local band, fighting to show everyone what they are made of and proving themselves wherever they go. They did this in a big way in 2017 by entering and winning their regions Metal 2 The Masses which enabled them to play Bloodstock Festival.

I know I haven’t mentioned individual songs but, if I did that, it would make me feel as if those were the highlights off the whole album but “The Collector is brilliant throughout and one of the best albums I have ever listened to. I know people all have their favourites but this album is mine and I will be listening to it for a long time to come.

Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise to say that I rate it 10 out of 10. Personally, I couldn’t find anything at all wrong with it and, as such “The Collector’ is nigh on perfect!

I would like to thank the members of Devil’s Playground Leanne Nardone-Vocals, Matt Pointon-Vocals, Dan Nardone-bass Guitar, Ian Hiseman-Guitar, Luke Neath-Lead Guitar and both former drummer Bez and current drummer Jack Skilton, you guys are awesome and I thank you for giving me the chance to review the album. I would suggest to anyone to have a listen to Devils Playground because you won’t regret it!

01. Mr Afterdark
02. Epilogue
03. Are You Ready To Play?
04. Cross The Line
05. Time To Die
06. Reason One
07 Devil’s Playground
08. Unlost
09. Emergency
10 The Masque
11. Fortunes Hand


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Wreck-Defy – Remnants Of Pain

Remnants Of Pain Cover

Wreck-Defy – Remnants Of Pain
Release Date: 01/02/2019
Running Time: 44:58
Review by Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King

When Rick asked me to do him a favour and squeeze a review in for him, there were six words in his message that stood out to me – “former members of Annihilator and Testament.” That was all I needed to say yes as I am a mahoosive fan of both, especially Testament, and I always love coming back to my roots.

Wreck-Defy are a thrash band from Thunder Bay, Ontario in Canada and as previously mentioned features former members of Annihilator, Testament and Demolition Hammer. They were formed in 2016 when Matt Hanchuck got together with his friend Justin Steer, who had agreed to do the vocals on the debut record “Fragments Of Anger”, which was released in 2017. Shawn Drover from Megadeth was brought in to play drums, and his brother Glen, also ex-Megadeth, agreed to mix and master the album.

Fast forward to 2019 and 1st February saw the release of their latest offering “Remnants Of Pain.” With a new line-up featuring Matt on guitars, Aaron Randall, ex-Annihilator, on vocals, and Greg Christian, formerly of Testament, on bass, they used studio session drummer Dave O’Neal for the album, but have since been able to recruit the amazing Alex Marquez from Demolition Hammer and Solstice for future shows and tours.

The album has been mixed, mastered and edited by Juan Urteaga, who has also produced for Testament, Heathen, Vicious Rumors and Dragonlord, to name a few!

So, what of the new album? Well, this is nothing short of a thrash-fest that will have you banging your head from start to finish!

It has all the hallmarks of a great thrash album, from the rumbling, frantic drums, to the faster than lightning guitars and raw, aggressive vocals. Says Matt; “the new record has a street level sound that is a throwback to the burgeoning thrash movement from the mid 1980’s with a more modern-day production value,” and this is exactly the reason why I love it so much.

I always said I was born too late as a lot of the music I listen to now was around before I was old enough to appreciate it, but I love the fact there are bands out there who want to bring this sound back again. For the young ones like me (!) it gives us the chance to live through something we would otherwise have missed and I, for one, would love to see a full thrash revolution happen now.

The album deals with a lot of social issues, says Matt; “lyrically, it’s about many of the negative aspects in life, such as war, addiction, tyranny etc,” and I would be keen to sit down with a copy of the lyrics as I listened to it. There are a lot of concerns that need dealing with in society these days, and if we can’t get these dealt with through other means, what better way than through music?

The two stand out songs on the album for me were ‘Broken Peace’, a track FULL of fast, frantic riffs and drumming, and ‘Looking Back’ which has a strong Testament feel to it, but there really are no bad tracks on the album. With nine tracks lasting just under three quarters of an hour, this truly is a feast for your ears!

If you love your thrash metal, as I do, then I highly recommend you go and buy this album. You would be missing out on a right little gem!

01 Killing the Children
02 Broken Peace
03 Riverview
04 Looking Back
05 18oz of Chrome
06 The Divide
07 Art Of Addiction
08 Angels and Demons
09 Blackend Cloth



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