Granada – Sistema Nervioso EP

Sistema Nervioso EP Cover Art

Granada – Sistema Nervioso EP
Release Date: 20/07/2021
Running Time: 18:56
Review by Victor Augusto

Mis hermanos del Granada! Excuse my bad Spanish calling my friends as brothers. It is what I like to call these amazing guys from this killer Thrash Metal band from Argentina. Once again, they are one more incredible example of how music can connect people from all around the world, no matter their culture or how far they live from you. As a South American citizen, it is even easier for me to feel connected to everything the band want to express in their music, because we share the same anger and the same feeling after decades seeing our beautiful countries, full of cultural richness, being devastated by misfortune and chaos.

Their previous EP “Amarre” really touched me with the dense subject around the music and the lyrics. I felt that release was so phenomenal that we even did a video interview, here at Ever Metal, to understand more about what they wanted to express. Now, we have another EP full of anger. As the title suggests passion and anger are still key (Nervous system is the title in English that could be related to the human body but also about a political system that kills thousands of people with all its bad management), but things have changed a bit on this EP. The band have returned to a cleaner record production and now they have a bass player. The sound overall is still Thrash Metal with strong Hardcore/Crust influences, but the spirit of the release shows more criticism to politics with the lyrics rather than the sonority.

They still offer a thunderous punch to the face, not only with their heavy music, but also how they manage to open our eyes to see all the issues that surround us. The main change, for me, is that they do not sound as dark as on the previous EP, because they are not so focused on personal problems that hit families, within their homes, but the problems we deal with in a more overall way. At least, I guess, that this is the main change. “Amarre” is still my favorite Granada release, but the sound that you will hear from the band on this EP is, for sure, more representative of their identity.

‘Teatro de Sangre’ opens proceedings with all the pure Thrash Metal you could ask for. Fast and straight in your face. It is cool how Marcos Edwards puts some new elements, like his interesting double kicks, onto his versatile way of playing the drums. New guitarist Lucas Simcic offers amazing solos that are very well structured for the songs. Marcos Colombi makes the sound even heavier with his work on bass and brings new ideas as the intro of ‘Tiempo Muerto’ shows. By the way, this song shows how singer/guitarist Guille Estévez is exploring more clean and melodic vocal lines for this EP.

‘Los Celos del Fantasma’ also brings something heavier, even with some Classic Heavy Metal elements, but ‘En Nombre de Los Condenados’ rescues the Punk Rock/Hardcore/Crust spirit of the band. This spirit is also present on ‘Enterrate, Eliminarte, Renovarte’ until the amazing version of ‘Dig Up Her Bones’ which is a bit heavier than the original track from Misfits.

My final impression is that Granada has found the perfect match between Thrash and Crust/Hardcore influences. Maybe you will listen and have a completely different vision of what I felt, and I am happy with that. This is the magic of music and I love to see everyone’s different reactions. However, there are two things that I can assure for you. You will always have something new with each Granada release and you will always have compositions that come with strong feelings and from the heart. Maybe this is the reason that I am such a huge fan of these guys!

Aguante Granada!

“Sistema Nervioso” (Full EP Visualiser)

01. Teatro de Sangre
02. Tiempo Muerto
03. Los Celos del Fantasma
04. En Nombre de Los Condenados
05. Enterrate, Eliminarte, Renovarte
06. Dig Up Her Bones (Misfits Cover)

Guille Estévez – Vocals, Guitars
Marcos Edwards – Drums
Lucas Simcic – Guitars
Marcos Colombi – Bass


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