Shallow Side – Saints & Sinners

Saints _ Sinners Cover

Shallow Side – Saints & Sinners
Thermal Entertainment LLC
Release Date: 29/03/2019
Running Time: 35:09
Review by Stephanie Stevens

Rick here – As I was getting ready to send this over for publication it became apparent that the album, which had been on all the major streaming/download sites was being recalled. Shallow Side have made an announcement on Facebook Live that some things are happening behind the scenes which necessitates the recall. I’m not going to speculate on what is happening, but you may not be able to buy or stream the album by the time this review goes live. Keep an eye on Shallow Side’s social media links for updates!

Shallow Side caught my attention back in 2016 when they won best new artist by Loudwire. The band comes from Alabama and consists of a bunch of musicians who have the passion, love and dedication to write, record and create a dynamic show for their fans. Just from following them it’s easy to see they care and appreciate everyone that supports and enjoys the rock music they love making.

The addiction I have to songs like ‘Can You Hear Me’, ‘Try To Fight It’ and their cover of ‘Renegade’ by Styx has made me a huge fan and I was overly excited to finally enjoy new music when Shallow Side’s latest album “Saints & Sinners” landed in my mailbox.

One thing is for sure, these guys have grown immensely and it showcases depth and an overall sense of the band edging towards their ultimate sound just with one listen to this new disc.

Shallow Side begin the album with a song call ‘Revival’ that is jaw dropping and refreshing to hear from them. That old-school down south rock vibe jabs you right from the beginning. That low bass vocal just grabs you. It is potent and shows they can get down ‘n’ dirty when needed and I think an opener like this just breathes new light for the fans of this band.

The title track continues the Southern Rock feel and just oozes with melodic beauty and good n lively rock attitude.

‘Sound The Alarm’, the band’s first single, is sassy, sultry and wins you over with charm. You will be addicted to the melodic driven antics of this track!

‘Temptations’ is soulful and the playful vocal pattern just takes this track to new heights. I knew vocalist Eric Boatright had depth and talent but on this song he showcases diversity and perfection throughout.

‘No More’ is guitar sass! It’s pumped with hard rock grit and at times pulled me back into an 80’s soundscape but then bungees you back into the modern rock world. I love the energy and the playfulness from the musical ambience and vocal patterns.

‘Not Alone’ gives me piano and a voice. With these you have the beauty in a ballad and Shallow Side have hit a homerun with this. Delicate and pretty with an air of soft rock ambience. Two thumbs up for this you southern gentleman.

Lastly, my favourite song off this album is called ‘Hallelujah’. You want attitude? You want Rock ‘n’ Roll creativity? You want stripped down Rock? Do you need melody that drives you to get up and move? This song is just a straight forward beautiful ball of ‘fuck ya’!! Words don’t do it enough justice; you just gotta hit play and feel it in your soul.

Shallow Side IS Rock ‘n’ Roll! They are a band that leaves their hearts on the stage every night, writes real music with real meaning and just encompasses the future of Rock.

01. Revival
02. Saints & Sinners
03. Sound The Alarm
04. Drugs&Lust
05. Temptations
06. Hallelujah
07. No More
08. All Rise
09. Not Alone
10. Carry On



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The Swamp Born Assassins – Smell The Mud

Smell The Mud Cover

The Swamp Born Assassins – Smell The Mud
Carnivora Records
Running Time: 49:38
Release Date: 19/03/2017
Review by Paul Monkhouse

It’s hard to believe that these guys come from Scotland, such is the skill and lovingly crafted paeon of love to the best of Southern Rock, albeit it with a much dirtier edge on this, their latest album. The Glasgow based five-piece have captured the spirit of their many influences and infused the album with their heroes whilst very much retaining an identity all of their own.

The moment that the slide guitar comes in on ‘Out in the Rain’ you know that this is going to be a big slice of gritty rock that Lynyrd Skynyrd would play at their heaviest. With the opening line of ‘’Ever had one of those days when nothing goes right?’’ seeming like a snarling challenge, these guys come out swinging and you know you’ve going to have to hold on tight as they take off like a Nascar champion.

‘Never Ever Never’ starts off with the riff from ‘Peter Gunn’ passed through an ancient and overdriven amplifier and is another brutal, pounding belter. In the shape of Black Stone Cherry, this song is meant to be heard from tiny bars to huge festival stages and is brimming with some real old-style R&B fire. ‘Walk Tall’ is another track that somehow brings together the trio of Pantera, AC/DC and Aerosmith to produce an unholy lovechild that has parts of all three huge acts but is also distinctly their own creation.

There is such a great gumbo of sludge and fire in their material that is matched by power and subtlety. All the way through the album there are some truly nice little touches that add some incredible colour to what could have been potentially been just a straight-ahead rock/metal album. Successfully combining balls and brains, The Swamp Born Assassins have approached both the material and performances with real intelligence that certainly pays dividends.

The stomping ‘Crawl’ would be something that you get the feeling that the late, great Lemmy would love and is a later highlight of the album. All rock ‘n’ roll attitude and spirit it demands to be heard, as does the garage rock madness of the title cut, ‘Smell The Mud’, a track you can easily imagine in the soundtrack of a Rob Zombie movie. Sinewy and prowling the song is full of menace and features a great bit of guitarwork and gang harmony vocals.

Equally sinister is the haunting and haunted ‘Clara Bella Lee’, a blues duet that finishes the album in style. It’s also the longest and most expansive track of this release. Underpinned with a real swing, the interplay of male and female vocals works masterfully in a call and response where you don’t really know who the victim is. All the members of the band really bring things together in a truly epic slice of American Gothic, the superb arrangement of voices and some outstanding musicianship mark this as the highpoint of “Smell The Mud” and provides a real contrast to all the other balls to the wall tracks. A really great listen and one certainly worth seeking out and adding to your collection.

01. Out In The Rain
02.Never Ever Never
03.Walk Tall
04.Dead Man Walking
05.Land Of The Six Gun
07.Smell The Mud
08.The Gator
09.Clara Belle Lee



Disclaimer: This review is solely the property of Paul Monkhouse and Ever Metal. It is strictly forbidden to copy any part of this review, unless you have the strict permission of both parties. Failure to adhere to this will be treated as plagiarism and will be reported to the relevant authorities.